July 18th, 2016

Courtney Stodden suffers a misscarraige

In a statement released to Entertainment Tonight, Courtney Stodden's representative has confirmed that the reality star has miscarried her first child.

“Courtney and her husband, Doug, are at an emotional loss for words and are using this time to grieve with their close family and friends. Please respect their privacy as the couple try to cope with losing their precious baby and seek the support they both need.”

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Poor Courtney. My heart goes out to her.

Chris Brown has something to say about Taylor Swift

In response to Taylor's statement on the Kimye situation, Chris Brown had this to say in a comment on Instagram:
"Oh NO... Someone said something I don't like,, OUCH, MY PUSSY HURT. Make music and shut the fuck up."

Harry Potter; DH1

Taylor Swift -- Threatened Kanye with Criminal Prosecution

-Taylor threatened Kanye she would pursue legal action months ago
-TMZ has a copy of the letter sent to Kanye
-The recording was done in California, a two-party consent state and is a felony
-The letter demanded Kanye to destroy the video immediately
-Taylor legally can file a law suit...to be continued

Professor Chaos

Netflix Gains Rights To Star Trek Airing The New Show & The Entire Star Trek Catalog

Each episode of the new series will be available 24 hours after its premiere on the CBS app in all countries EXCEPT THE US & CANADA. Netflix has also gotten the rights to air every episode of the original Star Trek and all of its spinoffs to be available by the end of this year (though they are all currently on U.S. Netflix)


Taylor Swift's Godson Turns One, Gets Ignored on Social Media by Everyone But Jaime and Sarah Hyland

therealsarahhyland Happy first birthday to this little miracle bundle of joy! Love you so much LT ❤️ thank you @jaime_king & @kyle_newman for bringing this sassy pants in to this world

jaime_king HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL BABY LEO THAMES! I can't believe you are one today. My 💜 my miracle. 📷 @vanityfair @pamela_hanson

Jaime King named Taylor Swift the godmother to her son, Leo, during her pregnancy last year. You may remember all the OTT posts from both Jaime and Taylor.

However, when the cute bb turned one this past weekend there was not a single post from his godmother, who was previously so vocal about her important role in his life.

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Was Taylor too busy putting out fires about her new relationship or the Kardashian-West empire exposing her for fraudulent ways? idk idk.


Ngl, Sarah comes off looking like a winner here. It's no secret her friendship with Tay went to the way side to make room for the #squad, and she's done her best to make sure that it's known she's a better friend.

Promo, Stills and Synopsis for Killjoys 2 x 04 'Schooled'

A simple escort mission takes a frightening turn when the Killjoys discover students have mysteriously disappeared from a school for gifted Westerly children.

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Are you ready for the return of everyone's favorite designated asshole?
naomi letterman

Lady Gaga sings for ha LIFE @ Mexico foster home

While she’s currently on vacation following a comeback year and work on a new album, Lady Gaga seemingly can’t pull herself away from charitable causes. She stopped by the Casa Hogar home for boys in Cabo San Lucas, belting out a stripped, spirited rendition of her hit single, "Born This Way."

The visit comes on the heels of Gaga’s joint presentation with the Dalai Lama at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in June, where she spoke to the nation’s city leaders about issues of humanity, self-esteem, and striving for peace. “Caring for others and having compassion, it gives you a sense of purpose, so it helps you to feel less alone and alienated so you know we all belong together,” Gaga said during the event.

Does your fave never take a break from using their platform to spread compassion, ONTD?
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Magneto puppet
  • drbat

Catty humor got left out of ‘The Secret Life of Pets'

While all the dogs in the film are lovable, "the cats in 'The Secret Life of Pets' are either cruel thugs or fat slugs."

Talks about the scene early on in the film where the two main dogs are attacked by stray cats and have their collars torn off.

Describes Chloe, the movie's leading domesticated feline, as "gluttonous, self-centered and lazy. Worst of all, she’s boring. Sure, she can’t resist chasing the red dot from a laser pointer but that’s not really a revealing personality detail, is it?"

Says "there is a wealth of material to exploit when it comes to cat behavior." "Cats are weird, complicated and foolish critters. No two are alike."


I wish they gave the cat Chloe more to do, but I think he's a little harsh in his description of her. The film could have been better, but if you were already planning on seeing it I wouldn't let this article stop you.
Harry - the Chosen One

Game of Thrones' 7th season confirmed to be 7 episodes long, airing summer 2017

From HBO press release email (sent at noon EST today, Monday July 18):

The Emmy®- and Golden Globe-winning series GAME OF THRONES will begin shooting its next season later this summer, it was announced today by Casey Bloys, president, HBO programming. Production of the seven-episode seventh season will be based in Northern Ireland, while additional portions will be filmed in Spain and Iceland, with debut slated for summer 2017 on HBO.

“Now that winter has arrived on GAME OF THRONES, executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss felt that the storylines of the next season would be better served by starting production a little later than usual, when the weather is changing,” said Bloys. “Instead of the show’s traditional spring debut, we’re moving the debut to summer to accommodate the shooting schedule.”

Source: https://twitter.com/JamesHibberd/status/755070465278930944

Khloé Kardashian Wants You to Stop Commenting on her Business

Khloé Kardashian has taken to Facebook to ask you to stop commenting on her family and her business after her sister exposed Taylor Swift in front of the entire world. The chanteuse of peace, after making derogatory comments to Chloe Grace Moretz, says she is the last person to bully - it was simply just animal instinct.


Selena Gomez Reacts on #KimExposedTaylorParty

Plus more celebs join in

UPDATE: The internet didn't respond too kindly and #GoToSleepSelena is trending worldwide. Selena has also hit back on criticism that she hasn't been vocal on current social issues. She has since deleted her response.

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Demi Lovato, Pharrell Williams, and Zendaya liked shady tweets which implied they were Team Kimye.Collapse )

Chloe Grace Moretz also jumped in with Khloe Kardashian clapping back with gross tweets.
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Ruby Rose couldn't help but have her say but claims her writing is zero percent about Taylor.
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She is not the OG squad member for nothing. Squad, let's volt in!
Thanks Taylor! You are the gift that keeps on giving.

Taylor Officially Adds Herself as Songwriter for TIWYCF

Taylor Swift has officially taken writing credits for Calvin Harris' hit song, "This is What You Came For." Previously, the star used the pseudonym "Nils Sköberg" on the writing credits, but now the BMI has been updated with Taylor's name directly.

The use of the pseudonym originally was to detract from Tayvin's relationship. They didn't want their ~love overshadowing the song.


Too many scandals going on at a time. How is this the most pertinent item on her list? Or is this like the only thing she can do rn?

Piers Morgan says #BlackLivesMatter movement must be stopped

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More on his TL

Denzel Washington's Fences is coming for those Oscars

Paramount will release the film adaptation of the play Fences on December 16, with a wider release scheduled for Christmas Day. The film, directed by Denzel Washington and written by Tony Kushner, stars Washington, Viola Davis, Mykelti Williamson, Stephen Henderson and Russell Hornsby, all five reprising their roles of the plays 2010 Broadway revival -- roles that won both Denzel and Viola the Tony. Fences examines race relations in 1950s Pittsburgh as a father struggles to provide for his family after his baseball career goes south. The play, written by August Wilson, won the Pulitzer in 1987.


Viola and Tony are finally getting those Oscars. Bye @ their competition.

Adele has another Top 10 Hit on Billboard Hot 100, Drake Coming for Mariah's Record

10. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
7. Needed Me
4. This is What You Came For (Feat. Rihanna & Taylor Swift)
3. Cheap Thrills
1. One Dance -- Coming for Messiah's 16 week record w/o a music video


Slay future EGOT winner Adele, will Katy snatch next week?

Video of "I made that b**** famous" line exists

West’s team is ready to dispute Swift’s claims, however, another source tells PEOPLE. The insider says that the rapper always records his entire album-creation process for his archives, and that Swift was made aware she was on tape.

The source adds that Swift is on video approving all the verse lyrics, including “I made that **** famous,” which wasn’t mentioned in the clips released Sunday.


The statement from the source above was removed but many people caught it before it was taken down.

ning zetao

Australian TV personality thinks Australian borders should be closed off for Muslims


  • Sonia Kruger, She is a co-host on a morning talk show

  • During a segment they were discussing the co-relation between the number of migrants and terror attacks, she refered to an article that showed the example of France and its muslim immigrants and its recent terror attacks

  • "Andrew Bolt (the article author) has a point here, that there is a correlation between the number of people who are Muslim in a country and the number of terrorist attacks,"

  • she continued "I have a lot of very good friends who are Muslim, who are peace-loving, who are beautiful, but there are fanatics."

  • She wants an end to muslim migration into Australian, citing that she wants to feel safe

  • She keeps talking ' "I would like to see it stopped now for Australia because I want to feel safe, as all our citizens do, when they go out to celebrate Australia Day and I'd like to see freedom of speech as well,'

  • Australia doesn't really have freedom of speech btw

  • Her co-host cited that he also wants freedom of religion but states that the article breeds hate

  • Another co-host asks her to clarify, questioning if she wants the borders closed to Muslims, Sonia agrees

  • Her co-host then goes "Which is the Donald Trump approach"

  • Sonia then says '"I think we have something like 500,000 (Muslims in Australia) now in our country, and perhaps it is, but for the safety of the citizens here, I think it is important."



I expect nothing less from a woman who joked about asian sweatshops (click here to find out more tbh)
cindy pon

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Have Split After 10 Years Together

- Kruger, 39 and Jackson, 37, started dating after Kruger left her husband of five years, French director Guillaume Canet.

- Kruger and Jackson own houses in Paris and Vancouver, and lived together in New York.

- Last seen out together in February for the opening of Jackson's Broadway play.

Source: https://twitter.com/people/status/755128022605369345

Reviews are in for Britney's #MakeMe + Going to Emmys? + more


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#MakeMe is now available for purchase and streaming

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The Taylor/Kanye feud is racist

In an online article, Cosmo Magazine went in on the true racist intentions behind Taylor Swift's racially charged victim complex

- "The image of a hulking black man terrorizing a young, innocent, Southern white girl is hardly new in American pop culture."
- Compares Taylor claiming she's been bullied & feels unsafe by a black man to cops feeling unsafe when shooting unarmed black men.
- Kanye is threatening because he jumped on stage in 2008 after a poor white girl won over Beyonce?
- Kim is battling racism because she's shedding light on our "country's macro social problems on a micro scale"

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Celebs tweet about day one of the Republican Convention

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I'll add more as I find them, I guess. This is really just an excuse to have a live post. Thanks to bluestoplights for providing me with some tweets.

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SWIFTMAS IN JULY '16: Instagram bans Snake Emoji on Taylor's comments.

-Since last week the snake emoji has been invading La Diabla's account.
-They have been mysteriously disappearing in the past few days.
-After someone on Twitter posted Instagram gave them a warning, the writer tried it himself and said it limits to "26 snake emojis".
-Seems that Swift's team is manually deleting the comments that go through as of right now.

Where the Swiftmas in July '16 tag tho?


Mark Rylance on Harry Styles

Plus more pics from the Dunkirk set

Oscar winner Mark Rylance was asked about his Dunkirk co-star Harry Styles during the BFG premiere in London. He had this to say:
- Handsome Harry is witty, funny, and has a lovely character.
- Added that Harry is brave and not making any fuss on the set.
- Seems remarkable with a kind of panache that reminds him of Sean Penn.
- Thinks that Harry doesn't need acting tips as he's shaping up.

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[actress] Grace Kelly

Taylor Swift 'furious' Calvin Harris refused to attend Grammy Awards

* cracks in Taylor and Calvin's relationship started to appear after the DJ didn't accompany her to this year's Grammy's
* "Taylor was furious and hated the way he never wanted to attend award shows and big music industry events with her."
* Calvin have also suggested Taylor was moving in on her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston while the DJ was in hospital following a car crash

tv: Underground Noah&Rosalee

Courteney Cox directs Foy Vance music video - "Coco"

Foy just released the new music video for “Coco”, directed by Courteney Cox. The song, inspired by and named after Courteney's daughter Coco, follows the track’s heroine throughout a simple day in her life, showcasing the beauty in the mundane and the simplicity of childlike innocence.

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Harry Hands

Louis Tomlinson to be Guest Judge on 'America's Got Talent' This Week

louist91 Not long now 🙃 #AGT #judgecuts

Louis Tomlinson, 1/4 of One Direction and 1/2 of Larry, will be a guest judge on 'America's Got Talent' this week. Surely he got the gig though Simon Cowell, the man who has single handedly ruined millions of fan fiction writer's lives.


 photo tumblr_meuisgHyl61rta5mjo3_r1_250_zps9witfi0t.gif  photo tumblr_meuisgHyl61rta5mjo4_250_zpsbx8qjpti.gif

not even going to lie, this is a post to lure Louis into posting his tea on Taylor. don't fail me google alerts
furiosa pic

Rumor: Batman movie to take place in Arkham Asylum

- Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie may take place in Arkham Asylum
- won't be a straight up adaptation of Arkham Asylum video games since Affleck has said it will be an original story
- will feature a lot of his iconic villains

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