July 10th, 2016


Laguna Beach cast members reunite for 10-year reunion

(And by cast, I mean the B-list characters on the show no one really cares about)

In the video, Jason Wahler (on/off relationship with Jesscah and then Lauren), Alex M. (got into it with Jessica over Jason), Taylor (who?), Morgan (only applied to one college), and Christina (horrendous Broadway addition) get together to play a game called "Real or Fake," where they confirm if certain storylines on Laguna Beach were real or not.

Takeaway points:
- People randomly come up to Morgan and start saying "Jess-cah" to her
- The epic Kristen/Ste-vaann Cabo fight was real!
- The love triangle was fake - Kristen and Stephen actually dated for a long time, but LC and Stephen were always just good friends
- Kristen's bad girl persona was real, but it was a product of her being manipulated by MTV producers
- When asked if Lo is a "good girl" like LC, everyone puts up a "Real" sign except for Christina, who puts up "Fake," only to awkwardly switch it when she realizes no one else put up "Fake"
- Morgan didn't really apply to only one college! What they showed was her rejection from BYU Hawaii, but she actually applied and got into BYU Utah where she ended up going
- Christina/Morgan's mini-feud with Lauren/Lo regarding not being invited to Christina's birthday party was fake
- Jason really kissed Jessica in front of Lauren at the fashion show
- Talan really loved Taylor

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Gretchen Carlson Sues Fox for Sexual Harassment

Gretchen Carlson, former co-host of Fox News's "Fox & Friends," filed suit against Fox News for sexual harassment. She specially named CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment and her co-host Steve Doocy (from now on known as Steve Douchey) for creating a hostile work environment. Bloomberg Media put together a clip package of her co-hosts being gross:

You can read the full complaint via Politico, but here's a few key points:

  • When Carlson went to CEO Roger Ailes to complain about a discriminatory atmosphere, he allegedly said, "I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better," and that "sometimes problems are easier to solve that way."

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Activist Deray Mckesson arrested in Baton Rouge; Celebs react

“I’m under arrest y’all”: Periscope video shows @deray’s arrest in #BatonRouge pic.twitter.com/pkIprGg1mf

— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) July 10, 2016

Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson live streamed his own arrest last night while peacefully protesting in Louisiana.

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THR Full Emmys Drama Actor and Actress Roundtables 2016

Participants: Sarah Paulson, Constance Zimmer, Kerry Washington, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lopez, Regina King, Julianna Margulies

Some things to expect:

  • There is talk about being a woman in the business, working with or lack of female directors, etc.

  • There is talk about how it's hard to work on TV because everything moves so fast compared to working on a film

  • Lopez talks about how men get away with unprofessional behaviour on set while she can be late once for 15 mins and get berated; women also can't be passionate and opinionated

  • King talks about her experience directing and acting

  • Paulson and Washington talk about portraying a real-life person and how they are 'defensive' about their characters (can't think of a better word right now)

  • Zimmer talks about how horrific her character on Unreal is, yet how refreshing it is that a female character can get away with that kind of behaviour

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Drama actress excerpts have been posted before, but not the whole thing(s).

Sources: 1, 2

It only took 9 years to make my first post here! I watched the videos late last night so some notes may be a bit off.
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Lin-Manuel Miranda got a haircut

Lin-Manuel Miranda posted a picture of his chopped-off ponytail last night, following his final performance of Hamilton. See his new haircut after the cut:

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Sources: Twitter 1 + Twitter 2

Have you ever cut your hair after a breakup?
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Save the date: 7/15. Tinashe's 'Super Love' is coming this friday!

tinashenow 7/15

- Tinashe's new (lead?) single 'Super Love' is coming this friday, 7/15.
- The song is composed by the same team that did Rihanna's 'Umbrella' and Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies'.
- There's a rumour that the album is coming in September.

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she's coming to stay

Tom Hiddleston Plays Coy When Asked About Taylor Swift

Plus Hiddleswift on a night out in Oz

Tom is in the Gold Coast with Taylor to shoot Thor: Ragnarok. They were last pictured having dinner Sunday night.

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Second hand embarrassment for everyone in the video.

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Are Kylie and "her husband" on a Honeymoon?

Kylie and Chicken of The Sea are on a romantic weekend getaway that looks suspiciously like a honeymoon. She showed off a new diamond ring on her right hand that doesn't fit... Looks like she switched it from her ring finger.

Kylie also referred to him as "her husband" in a snap chat a few days ago.

Ja Rule

ONTD Original™: Best Rappers of the Last 20 Years.

I was exposed to many genres of music as a child and Rap/Hip Hop is definitely one of my favorites. I loved east coast, west coast, dirty south, even the midwest. It helped having an older brother who was deep into the hip hop culture of the mid-late 90s to expand my horizons. I've compiled a list of what I feel are some of the best rappers of the last 20 years.



Years Active: 1986 - present
Album(s) of note: Adrenaline Rush (1997) & Kamikaze (2004)
Best Songs: Adrenaline Rush, Get it Wet, Emotions, Overnight Celebrity, Kill Us All, Slow Jamz, Wetter

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How wrong are my rap faves, ONTD?

ONTD Original — Best Beach Bodies: 2016 Edition [RESULTS POST]

After counting the votes, the results are in! Here are the best beach bodies according to you:


#5 — Maria Borges

Age: 23
From: Angola
Profession: Model

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#5 — Michael B. Jordan

Age: 29
From: USA
Profession: Actor

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TK and Kari

Pokemon Trainers beware! Armed muggers use Pokemon Go's "Lure" to attract and mug people

Pokémon Go's Wednesday launch on iOS and Android has proven a rousing success for franchise creator Nintendo and app developer Niantic, with the app rocketing (Team Rocketing?) up every major download and top-grossing chart. With arguably the biggest augmented-reality gaming audience ever in the West, the game is attracting a lot of attention, including good stock-related news for Nintendo—but it has also already proven ripe for exploitation of its players.

In particular, one major social aspect of the game—its "beacon" function—has already been taken advantage of in the city of O'Fallon, Missouri. That city's police department made a statement on Sunday morning confirming that a group of four armed men had used the app to lure victims to a specific place, at which point they mugged the unknowing Pokémon Go players.

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Hollywood Didn't Learn S#@! from Terminator 3: First Look of Sofia Boutella As the Mummy (Reboot)

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I love female villains, I just don't like when they do this trope.

ONTD Original — Best Beauty Gurus to Watch on YouTube

In no particular order.

Lisa Eldridge - A professional makeup artist whose worked with celebs like Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She's the creative director for Lancôme and she used to be the creative director for Boots No7. She has a book out called Face Paint: The Story of Makeup. Plus, her voice is soothing AF.

Kimberly Clark - Her Anti-Haul videos are everything and encourage you to save money. Too many channels focus on what's trendy and what you should buy. Kimberly puts things in perspective and reminds you that regular people don't need to buy that much makeup!

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Beauty post!

Cintia cute smile

Ariana Grande & Victoria Monet release song "Better Days" in tribute to #BLM

Ariana also posted this message on instagram:
During this challenging time, we have to remember that the only way we will progress is if the overruling force is #Love. “Music is a universal language that all of us can feel regardless of color lines, gender, sexuality, age, race, religion…. it unifies us. We believe we can not fight hate with hate, only love. Just as we can not fight darkness with more darkness. Only Light.” Too many precious lives were taken from us this week, this month, this year. Rest in peace #AltonSterling. Rest in peace #PhilandoCastile #BlackLivesMatter.
And the police that were peacefully guarding the #BlackLivesMatter rally in Dallas…. Rest in peace.
#LorneAhrens, #MichaelKrol, #MichaelJSmith, #BrentThompson & #PatrickZamarripa.

Stay strong and know that better days are coming…
#BetterDays by Victoria + Ariana
..listen on @VictoriaMonet's soundcloud ♩

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Kiely Williams (3LW, Cheetah Girl & "Spectacular" Sex Haver) Working with New Girl Group?

boom boom kack! FOR YOUR LIFE!
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i found this out from looking her up after watching this video about 3lw's shadiest moments lmao
|| cassidy ||

AMC - PREACHER Promo 1x08 'El Valero' + Sneak Peek

[Synopsis]Jesse protects his church in a vicious gun battle against Quincannon and the Meat Men; Tulip hopes to save a friend.

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I keep forgetting to say this, but I love that Nathan Darrow plays John in the flashbacks. Also, [Spoiler (click to open)]damn, now we know what happened between Eugene and Tracy. Not sure how I feel about this change in his story, but he has been trying his best to make up for his sins... Still, brings the whole exchange between Jesse and Eugene in a different light. Damn. Cass and Tulip remain flawless. So, have you ever said things you've regretted?

ldr :O

Lana Del Rey Serves Choreography at the TW Classic Music Festival!!

Lana put together a little 70's girl group recently for her show in Belgium where two dancers/back up singers joined her on stage.

Performing Lolita:

She even busted out some Spanish while performing Carmen!

what do you think ontd?? are you slayed by all this choreography?

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The Russo Brothers are adapting Cult Classic "The Warriors" into a Hulu TV Series

  • The new series will do justice to the original film

  • It will have it's own style of grit, violence and sex

  • The Russo Brothers will direct the pilot

Can you dig it?


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Wendy Williams: "Britney Spears doesn't have the best judgment when it comes to a lot of things."

Wendy Williams commented on rumors that Britney Spears would be the next Bachelorette.

Wendy said that Flava Flav and Bret Michaels weren't really looking for love when they did their reality shows, but she says that Britney is naive enough to actually think she'll find a husband on a dating show.

Wendy also said that Britney is very vulnerable and that men would probably take advantage of her and only use her for her fame and money.

Wendy says that only 20% of guys in the world would fall in love with Britney for her personality, while the other 80% would take advantage of her.

Wendy Williams said that Britney doesn't have the best judgment when it comes to a lot of things.

She continued, saying that although a lot of people have slipped up in life, they haven't shaved their heads or attacked cars with umbrellas.

Source: YouTube

How good is your judgment?
[DU] Calvin Candie

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Living Together Already?

* “Taylor and Tom are not moving in together despite reports. They might as well be living together as they have been inseparable since they first started dating. They both are enjoying summer breaks from work which will be coming to an end soon."
* Tom’s next project has already begun shooting again in Australia (Thor: Ragnarok)
* Taylor has joined her beau down under at the Gold Coast
* "Taylor is trying not to think far into the future about what will happen with their relationship when Tom has to spend time on set. She is already talking to friends about the idea of spending a few months in Australia to be with her new man while he has to work. "
* Taylor will spends some time in Australia on writing and recording new music

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James Norton (aka sexy vicar/future James Bond) covers Glamour UK Magazine, attends Wimbledon

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Getty Images #1#2Telegraph.co.uk

Canadian Prince Shawn Mendes Releases New Song "Ruin"

Shawn Mendes's Handwritten tour is showing no signs of slowing down, and he just announced that his new album, Illuminate, is headed our way in September. And while his new song, "Treat You Better," debuted in early June, Shawn already knows that one new track isn't enough. That's why he just released another song, "Ruin," (which he's been teasing live on tour).

The slow track builds to a wave of instrumentals and emotion as Shawn taps into what might just be his most John-Mayer-esque song ever. "Do I ever cross your mind?" he asks a former flame, while asserting that he's "not trying to ruin your happiness / but darling, don't you know that I'm the only one for you?"

source 1 / 2

Sounds so good, very John Mayer. Super talented kid.

Yoochun cleared of all four sexual assault charges

The Seoul Gangnam District Police stated that it was difficult to determine that there was force involved in the sex from the accounts given by the women, Yoochun, and witnesses, because there was no violence or threatening involved.


Women's Gymnastics Olympic Team Announced

After 2 days of competition at the Olympic Trials, the 5-woman team was announced: Laurie Hernandez, Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, and Madison Kocian. The alternates are Ashton Locklear, Mykyla Skinner, and Ragan Smith.

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well deserved and 100% here for a team that includes three women of color!!!

ONTD Original™: The Videos We Deserved, But Never Got

Time and again we've fallen in love with a song and have inevitably built up that song to not only be asuccessful single, but to have an iconic video... Unfortunately, more often than not, we've been disappointed when the single performs well, but ends up getting a terrible video treatment.

The following is a list of songs in recent memory whose videos, in my opinion, ended up being less than spectacular:

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Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

OP Note: My first ONTD original! I hope it's okay! Mods, I think I did the cut right... I'm not sure.

ONTD, did I miss any videos?