July 7th, 2016

Taylor Swift Hired Pro Photog for 4th of July Pics

- Pictures Taylor posted on Instagram appear polished.
- Pap photos show that the pro photographer followed Taylor's crew throughout the weekend.
- Appears that Taylor discussed shots with the photog when they hit the beach.
- Some believe that Taylor and Tom are just shooting a music video, which explains the OTT pics we are getting.

furiosa pic

Idris Elba to make directing debut with Yardie

- Idris Elba will direct Yardie, adapted from Victor Headley's novel of the same name
- D, a courier carrying cocaine from Jamaica to London, decides to go it alone and disappears into the mean streets of Hackney carrying a kilo of white powder that his erstwhile friends are anxious to recover. But D's treachery will never be forgotten - or forgiven.

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G-Eazy says today's "melting pot" music climate influenced his hip-hop collab with Britney Spears

G-Eazy visited LA's 102.7 KIIS FM to reveal some details about his new collab with Britney Spears.

In the video, much like how Britney Spears previously reached out to Iggy Azalea, G-Eazy reveals that Britney's people reached out to him because she was a fan of his work.

Just like Iggy Azalea said that their collab was "undeniably great," G-Eazy said that his collab with Britney Spears is "big" and "huge" and that it'll "go off in the clubs" and "sound good on the radio."

G-Eazy went on, describing how today's music climate allowed him to create a hip-hop song with Britney: "I just think the walls of genre have been broken down and everything's kind of a melting pot of a lot of different influences. I guess it leans hip-hop."

Source: YouTube
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Sulu is Canonically Gay in Star Trek Beyond

Sulu has a male partner and child -- possibly Demora? -- in the new Star Trek movie. It's a tribute to George Takei, the originator of the role of Sulu who is gay and an LGBTQ+ advocate. Mr. Takei recently raised money to support transgender rights in North Carolina by selling tee shirts benefitting EqualityNC.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, the Choverload said, "I liked the approach, which was not to make a big thing out it, which is where I hope we are going as a species, to not politicize one’s personal orientations."

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Obsessed fan shows up @ Taylor's house to marry her

-Guy drove to her Rhode Island house on Wednesday and said he was scheduled to see Taylor.

-Witnesses say the guy was crying and told officers Taylor was supposed to marry him, but now she's with Tom.

-Taylor's security team first stopped him at her gate and called police, who transported him to a hospital for mental evaluation. His car was towed from the scene.

-Unclear if Tay was home at the time. She hopped a flight to Australia late on Wednesday.

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Hiddleswift Jetting Off to Australia

*After their 4th of July celebrations, they were spotted at the airport once again

*They're headed to Australia where Thor 3 began filming,

*Hoping for a Tswift appearance on set with Loki <3

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People were correct in assuming he would take her to the filming lmao
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British Pop Prince Olly Murs Has A New Single To Soothe Your Hearts

Olly Murs has released a new single and he's ready to take himslef back to #1 tugging at your heart strings. Listen to the bop below.

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I know I made some bad decisions, But my last one was you
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Mila Kunis interviewed by Glamour

- Talks about her parents' move to America due to the wave of anti-Semitism in Europe, criticising You-Know-Who and the people who are scared of immigrants.
- Discusses her movie Bad Moms and the expectations put on mothers and women in general.
- Says she doesn't wear make-up and doesn't agree with image manipulation but she admires women who wake up early to do eyeliner despite the fact that she's not that person.
- Discusses the experiences of being a mother, saying you can only control so much because your kids are not going to be what you taught them to be.
- Ashton and her have no secrets and can't bullshit each other because they know each other so well, saying she got mad at him at the height of his career when he thought he was hot shit and how they had friendship breakups.
- Talks about Ashton's desire to fix everything, how he doesn't care about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but she loves it.
- Says she apologised to her mom for being such a bitch during her teenage years after her hormones settled at 21.


C.I.V.A debut with "Why do you call me?" MV

The unit C.I.V.A from The God of Music 2 have made their debut with a cover of the DIVA song of the same name!

The members are Chaekyung (long hair, no bangs) who is in charge of scandals, Sohee (long hair, bangs) who is in charge of taming fans, and Soomin (short hair) who is the group's main vocalist, dance machine, visual, actress, model, nation's first love, it girl, CF queen, fashion icon and leader.

You may recognize Chaekyung and Sohee from Produce101, almost making it into tragic flop I.O.I.

Source: Sony Music Korea

Edited to put a higher quality (but still official) upload if that's okay!

Prince Jackson Believes All Lives Matter

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Honestly, I feel bad for the kid. He's almost there and he means well but he just doesn't get it.

BREAKING: NBC reports on Asian Twitter phenomenon #UnderratedAsian

Today NBC Asian America is reporting on #UnderratedAsian. This hashtag is really popular with Asian Twitter and has over 50,000 tweets about Asians since it was launched.

Unlike other Asian Twitter hashtags, #UnderratedAsian is not about racism but has feminism.

The Asians featured in the hashtag include Constance Wu, DEAN, ONTD token Godfrey Gao, Lucy Liu, fashion designers and 1000s of other Asians and KPOP stars.

Source: NBC News

Have you participated in #UnderratedAsian yet ONTD?
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Mutants and Inhumans will collide in Marvel's Death of X

Will be a four issue miniseries, with two issues in October and two in November, co-written by Extraordinary X-Men writer Jeff Lemire and Inhuman’s Charles Soule, with art by Aaron Kuder.

Takes place during the eight-month gap that followed Secret Wars.

Will reveal what happened to Cyclops, who in the present comics is apparently dead after going to war with the Inhumans for releasing the terrigen mists into the atmosphere that are killing and sterilizing the mutants, and  who did something so bad that he's now blamed for mutants being hated more than ever before. What happened to Emma Frost, who has also been MIA, will presumably be revealed as well.

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JT tweets about #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile + Black and WhiteRepublican Twitter reacts.

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he just can't win. his mentions are a mess.

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Utada Hikaru's first Japanese album in 8 years is coming out on Sept. 28

Queen of J-pop Utada Hikaru has announced that her first Japanese album in 8 years will be coming out on September 28, 2016. The album will feature previously released tracks "Sakura Nagashi," "Hanataba Wo Kimini," and "Manatsu No Tooriame," as well as newly written works. The album's title and full tracklisting are to be announced.

Source: Utada Hikaru's Official Website
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Harry Styles sells his $4 Mil LA house at a major loss

* He sold the house he bought in 2014 for $4 Mil at $ 3,125,000 with a 875 K loss.
* Larries think it's because he's moving in with Louis Tomlinson (I can't) as Louis has been spotted outside his ex's house (what #2)
* A celebrity real estate blogger Yolanda came up with the rumours (she also reported Louis buying a house in Calabasas for $10 Mil and Niall Horan $4 Mil house in Hollywood) (She also sounds like a larry)

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Little People Big World's Jacob Roloff explains why he left his family's reality show

I get comments on here all the time about how people 'miss me on the show' or telling me I should 'do a few more episodes' with the family; I'm posting this to say that that will never happen. For the sake of 'the episode' and ratings I've seen a lot of STORYLINES drawn up (loosely) about our lives, and when I was standing here, behind the scenes and watching it from an outside perspective I just couldn't stop laughing. Laughing at how hard the producers have to try to get us to follow the talking points, and at how ridiculous the talking points are.

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Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran do Baby One More Time Karaoke + Britney as the next Bachelorette? + more

Calvin Harris to Drop Cheating Song About Hiddleswift?

- Calvin Harris is set to release a cheating song on Friday called Ole.
- Song is said to be written in the POV of Tom Hiddleston, whom Calvin believed hooked up with Taylor Swift before they broke up.
- Choice lyrics include:
"I see online that you begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend. Being attentive, continue to pretend."
"You've hidden my name in your phone so you can call me to tell me you've been going through hell. Left him alone and you booked in a hotel.
"Low key you won't tell none of your friends about me."
- Calvin supposedly isn't mad at Tom bec. he is under Taylor's spell and it's Taylor who is running the show.

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Original Blue Ranger Accuses Bryan Cranston of Homophobia

Amy Jo Johnston (original pink ranger) asked David Yost (original Blue Ranger) what he thought of Cranston's casting. Yost is not happy.

In an interview from 2009 with IGN, they asked Cranston about his former ties with the franchise since he did some voicework for the show. This lead to the following exchange.

Cranston: One of my jobs as a young actor starting out was voiceover. I also did dubbing. A lot of dubbing and a lot of voiceover. [...] I had already been there for a number of years, just as a freelance guy coming in and coming out. [...] So I had been there for awhile already and then the Power Rangers came in . They actually named one of the Power Rangers after me.

Vince Gilligan: Yeah?!

Cranston: The Blue Power Ranger's last name is Cranston.

IGN: [Laughs] Wow, that's pretty funny.

Vince Gilligan: That's an awesome story!

Cranston: He's the fey one, that's the problem.

It's the last line of the interview so there's no follow-up, and it's essentially used as a "punchline" for the end of the article. Yost's problems with it are understandable given his own history wrestling with his sexuality, and the treatment he received on the set of the show because of it.

When IGN reused the excerpt about him doing voicework in a 2013 article, that last line was omitted.


In other Power Rangers news, instead of just admitting he got some nice, fat check to play Zordon, Bryan Cranston said the script is what won him into signing onto the film. He was initially reluctant because he remembered it as "kind of farcical and silly and ‘pow’ and ‘zow’ — weird movements and things like that.”

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He clarifies that he doesn't think it'll be quite as dark as The Dark Knight since you're dealing with teenagers.

he tweeted about this last week, but sites are just picking up on it now
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Normani & Lauren from Fifth Harmony Post About #AltonSterling & #BlackLivesMatter

... While dragging Trump in the process

"I also believe that those who are non black should take action and be vocal about these tragedies taking place regardless of fear".

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my woke faves. glad they are using their influence for the good. action needs to be taken.

source: Normani x Lauren
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Beyoncé writes open letter about Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and police brutality

"We all have the power to channel our anger and frustration into action. We must use our voices to contact the politicians and legislators in our districts and demand social and judicial changes."

To contact your Congressman or woman click here.

To voice protest for Alton Sterling, click here.

To voice protest for Philando Castile, click here.

Emma Watson sees & reviews 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' plays

Emma Watson (from her official Facebook page): Yesterday I went to see the Cursed Child. I came in with no idea what to expect and it was AMAZING. Some things about the play were, I think, possibly even more beautiful than the films. Having seen it I felt more connected to Hermione and the stories than I have since Deathly Hallows came out, which was such a gift.

Meeting Noma and seeing her on stage was like meeting my older self and have her tell me everything was going to be alright, which as you can imagine was immensely comforting (and emotional)! The cast and crew welcomed me like I was family and Noma was everything I could ever hope she would be. She's wonderful. The music is beautiful… I could go on… Here are some pics of me meeting Noma and the crew. Love, E xx ‪#‎keepthesecrets‬ ‪#‎19yearslater‬

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Sources: https://twitter.com/MissDumezweni/status/751186081794629633

Mischa Barton posts about #AltonSterling, gets dragged too

Various Writers and Editors Discussed Zayn's Zolo Career on Twitter

There has been some major criticism over Zayn's career, discussed in a thread between people who work for music publications like Billboard (the same guy who interviewed Zayn for it), Pitchfork, Jezebel, Vice, Complex, Nylon, and Fader to name a few.

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A breakdown of what else is said:

1) Did the artist live up the hype? Most answer no.
2) Why so much focus on his looks and less on his music? There were a few tweets about how it could be racial exoticism and how publications have now treated him like they would a female artist who's just really hot, but not taken seriously as an artist.

3) Him working with Frank Ocean's producer got people's hopes high.
4) He's more interesting than Bieber.
5) General disappointment over his lack for promotion and music from Mind of Mine. (A writer from Buzzfeed stating there's only so much they can do if he won't promote).
6) How Justin Timberlake set the precedent for former boybanders.
7) Poking fun at the way the WaY HiS TrAcK TiTleS LoOkEd.

This goes on until members of the Zquad leap in to his defense and claim he's better than any of his peers, LOL.


George Takei opposes Gay Sulu reveal

-Did not see the character as gay
-Is happy to see a gay character on Star Trek but wants them to honor Roddenbarys creations
-Wanted them to introduce a new gay character instead of changing an established characters sexuality
-End result left him confused

Follow up to this Post
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Celebs react to Dallas protest shooting

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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Mods I will add more as they come in
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Celine Dion : Pink Wrote A Song For Me

  • Celine's starting to work on her english album due next year and revealed Pink wrote her a song in honor of Rene (Celine's late husband) who passed away in January

  • The song is called "Recovering"

  • Celine thinks Pink is phenomenal, loves her talent and thinks Pink is very strong

  • At the billboard awards, Celine went up to Pink to thank her for the song, and thanked her for "giving me a tool to help me move forward"

  • Thanks the fans for being so supportive and being there with her

  • She loves working with new stylist Law Roach

  • Her sons are excited about her new style too, they love fashion

  • They tell her they want bows and dresses like her

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Top 25 Horror Films From the Past 25 Years


24. The Descent (2005)

For many, spelunking is scary enough: Not all would choose to spend extended time in the dark, surrounded by the unexpected. But imagine if you and your friends were trapped for hours in a cave that was crawling with a savage breed of blood-thirsty predators. That's exactly the predicament that befalls a group of six female friends in this 2005 Neil Marshall thriller that explores in panicked, claustrophobic fashion what happens when a caving expedition goes horribly wrong. Shauna Macdonald plays Sarah, a young British mother who loses her husband and daughter in a horrific car accident. Natalie Mendoza plays Sarah's friend Juno, who organizes the women-only spelunking trip nearly one year later.

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Curious What Happened During Elliot's Blackout on Mr. Robot?

With only 6 days to go until the premiere of season 2, the Facebook page for Mr. Robot went live for a little over 7 minutes with a special message from fsociety. The message ended with a clip of what happened when Elliot and Tyrell were at the arcade... a little teaser of what went down during Elliot's blackout. I can't embed it so watch it here.


Why You Didn't Hear 1 F-Bomb on Season 4 of The Mindy Project

Because The Mindy Project is now streaming on Hulu, they don't have the Federal Communications Commission constraints anymore, including the government’s strict language laws. Even though the writers mixed in a "shit" or two over season 4, they never went full F-bomb because they "want it to feel like the same show, that’s really important to us,” according to executive producer Matt Warburton.


Finale discussion post! Jodi is insane, I loved what happened with Danny/Mindy even though I started to hate him this season. Hope Danny finally stops behaving like a jerk and they get back together next season.
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Tyga Also Believes #AllLivesMatter PLUS Raven Symone Chimes In


He deleted the first tweet, but the follow-up tweets were less tone-deaf.

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UPDATE: Active shooting in Dallas, possible bomb threat Downtown. Be safe.

UPDATE: 4 officers dead now.

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

Source 4
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Amber Portwood's deadbeat fiance, Matt Baier, has son that says he is an "ultimate con artist"

Amber Portwood’s stalker fiance Matt Baier, has one of many a son that is calling him out as “evil” and a “con man”.

His son, Chris says: “I hate that man, for everything he is and isn’t". He even claimed that Matt used his son’s drug addiction as a resource to fake his own history with addiction in order to impress and bond with Amber. “He asked me to tell him all about my problems with drugs. When I saw him on MTV, he was talking about all of my drug problems that I told him about, and made believe they were his problems,” Chris claims. “The truth of the matter is, he’s an evil, evil man, and when he did evil things, he was stone cold sober.” Chris added: “All he does is use people and hurt them. He’s a horrible, nasty person, the ultimate con artist.”

In his defense, Matt felt he needed to speak out and explain why his son would say those things. "What actually happened is he was contacted by the press numerous times in the last six moths or so and offered money to say bad things about me. Him and I talked about this and he contacted me about it.” He adds that the money offer was especially enticing for his son because of a serious drug addiction:

"It’s important to note my son has a bad drug addiction, and he was completely strung out when he started talking about six months ago. He was in trouble with the law and in between places to live. When you’re offered an amount of money by anybody when you’re in that situation it’s really tough to turn down."

So ONTD: is this dude a complete and utter deadbeat dad or a complete and utter deadbeat dad?

Nick Young's Pregnant Baby Mama Speaks Out

- Confirmed she's 22 weeks pregnant and is 200% sure it's Nick's child.
- Nick was shocked when he found out.
- She and Nick "rekindled" their romance in September, 3 months after Iggy and Nick got engaged.
- Got caught up in the moment when Nick spent visitation in the room of their son, instead of going to Magic Mountain.
- Confronted Nick to be honest with Iggy but Nick didn't want to hear it.
- Doesn't feel guilty bec. she's not the reason Nick and Iggy broke up as she's not the only side piece.
- Tried to reach out to Iggy but got no response
- Is no longer intimate with Nick but is open to another chance.

Meanwhile, loverboy extraordinaire Nick has this to say:
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Report: Police Investigating Pirates infielder Jung Ho Kang for Sexual Assault

-alleged incident happened in Chicago last month when the Pittsburgh Pirates were visiting the Chicago Cubs
-Pirates organization currently has no comment
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:/// Sadly don't have much faith in law enforcement seriously pursuing star athletes. MLB should as proactive about this as they have been about suspensions for domestic violence allegations, tbh.