July 6th, 2016


Kit Harington on the set of Xavier Dolan's new movie 'The Death and Life of John F. Donovan'

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plot per imdb: An American movie star finds his correspondence with an 11-year-old actor exposed, prompting assumptions that begin to destroy his life and career.

the cast: Kit Harington, Jessica Chastain, Bella Thorne, Natalie Portman, Nicholas Hoult, Taylor Kitsch, Thandie Newton, Kathy Bates, Susan Sarandon. and Adele.

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amy veep

Christoph Waltz calls Nigel Farage a 'Rat' for resigning after Brexit


“Of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship.”

“It’s inevitable, they try to dress it up as a heroic exit…no, it’s conceding defeat, it’s putting the tail between their legs and, as rats do, leave the sinking ship. Leave the mess for others to clean up and retreat into some profitable other business. That shows you how despicable these people are — they can’t even stand up for what they caused.”

Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to 6 years in prison for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp

He was initially convited of manslaughter and got a five-year sentence, it was changed to murder last December on appeal. He was taken immediately to jail, his lawyers say they will not appeal.

Judge Thokozile Masipa said mitigating circumstances, such as rehabilitation and remorse, outweighed aggravating factors for deviating from the prescribed 15-year sentence.

He is legally obliged to serve half of his new term before being eligible for parole. He already served one year from his first sentence.

Judge Masipa also said there was "no indication" that the victim was in an abusive relationship or this was a case of "gender violence".

Many have expressed shock at Pistorius's sentence, which is much less than the prescribed minimum for murder (15 years).

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Lady Gaga & Britney Spears in talks for VMA comeback following the awful ratings of last year's show

-MTV bosses are trying everything they can to make sure this year's VMAs aren't a ratings-bust like last year's show.

-Lady Gaga is reportedly in talks with MTV to open up the 2016 VMAs with her upcoming single.

-Britney Spears is also in talks to perform at the VMAs, although her performance could possibly be pre-recorded.

-There is also speculation that Britney could try to debut her music video during the awards instead of performing.

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Marvel reveals new Iron Man will be a 15 year old black girl

In an exclusive interview with Time, Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis has revealed that when Tony Stark leaves the Iron Man suit after Civil War II a new character named Riri Williams will take it over. The character was referenced in a recent issue of Iron Man as an MIT student who reverse engineered the Iron Man suit.

In the interview Bendis also talked about how some people have reacted badly to Marvel introducing more diverse characters, referencing Miles Morales and Kamala Khan, and that basically the people who whine are racist and that from his perspective the reception has mostly been positive since people want representation and he wants to continue to make comics look more like the real world.

The article also notes that while Riri will be using the Iron Man suit she will probably be using a different name.

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Are you looking forward to the new version of Iron Man?

gaga: ‘what i am as gaga is what other people think gaga is’

- gaga discusses “gaga,” in part, being a character, during variety and pbs’ “actors on actors” series
- "what i am as gaga really is, at this moment, what other people think gaga is. it’s not necessarily what i am entirely. even if i feel like gaga, meaning this stronger individual person of myself that i discovered being young in new york, loving music, meeting with young artists, working with musicians, with writers, studying this scene and being involved in the lifestyle."
- "it is a bit of a creation, but i think actually, at this point now, it’s other people that have created, through what i have made, their perception of what gaga is as a separate entity from me"


is gaga what you think gaga is??

gaga glasses

Adam Lambert feat. Laleh "Welcome To The Show" music video

"Sometimes it’s terrifying to face your true, whole self, stripped of any pretense. The good, the bad, the cracks, and the scars. I am no stranger to the feeling of not liking myself. Once I get past my own body image issues, I realize that I sometimes also neglect my own spirit. Living in a world filled with so much hatred sometimes makes cultivating self-love a very difficult task. I have always struggled with this as I’m sure many of you have. My path is a kind of paradox in that I get to share my craft with the world, but also be willing to throw myself to the wolves. To dare to be different, but still wanting to be accepted. There is vast beauty to be found in life’s contradictions. This non-binary reality allows us to lead happy, expressive lives, and yet this very freedom comes with great risks. I’m not alone in this limbo. Through my art, I pledge to bring empathy and courage to anyone who has been made to feel unworthy or ashamed while daring to be themselves."  -- read more of his statement here in full


Comic book Roundup

-Stargate Atlantis Back To Pegasus #2
-Aquaman #2
-Batman #2
-Flintstones #1
-Green Arrow #2
-Green Lanterns #2
-Justice League Rebirth #1
-Superman #2
-Walking Dead #156
-Amazing Spider-Man #15
-Empress #4 (Of 7)
-Star Wars Han Solo #2 (Of 5)
-Vote Loki #2

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Season six of American Horror Story to premiere ahead of usual schedule

American Horror Story is coming early this year! The show, which typically premieres in October, will now begin airing one month ahead of its usual schedule. The new installment of American Horror Story will debut on Wednesday, September 14th on FX. Finn Witrock, Wes Bentley, Angela Bassett, Denis O'Hare, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga have all confirmed their return on the new season.

Filming for the new season of AHS began last month in California, however, the theme of the upcoming show is kept under wraps.

What do you think the theme will be, ONTD?
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Messi guilty of tax fraud, still avoids prison

Messi, golden boy of football, was sentenced to 21 months in prison for tax fraud.


His father, Jorge Messi, was also given a jail term for defrauding Spain of €4.1m (£3.5m; $4.5m) between 2007 and 2009.

They also face millions of euros in fines for using tax havens to conceal earnings from image rights. However, neither man is expected to serve time in jail.
Under the Spanish system, prison terms of under two years can be served under probation.

As well as the jail terms, Messi was fined about €2m and his father €1.5m. They made a voluntary €5m "corrective payment", equal to the alleged unpaid tax plus interest, in August 2013.

They have, of course, appealed to the decision.


Have you ever hidden millions from the IRS and got a get-out-of-jail free card, ONTD?
(also, sorry mods! image should be public now!)
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Gilmore Girls casting news: Alex Kingston confirms she will be in the revival

Last weekend, former ER and Dr. Who star Alex Kingston was a guest at Florida Supercon in Miami, where she was asked about her recently revealed role in the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival.

*She plays "a sort of very eccentric character"
*She will appear in more than one episode
*Her character shares most scenes with Alexis Bledel
*They did not film her scenes in Stars Hollow (LA), but on location somewhere else
*Alex used to watch the original Gilmore Girls shooting while she was on ER set at Warner Bros

I'm so excited tbh! Alex Kingston is amazing and I love it when my fandoms collide

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Rih BBall

Celebrities react to the murder of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge police

Alton Sterling, a 37-year old father of five, was shot and killed by Louisiana police while selling CDs outside of a convenience store early Tuesday morning.

The incident was filmed by a witness and can be found on Twitter - beware it is very distressing so I won't post it here.

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I just can't.

Kylie responds to the Better Business Bureau's F rating of her makeup company; BBB removes rating.

Following up on this post!

The BBB gave Kylie Cosmetics a failing grade after receiving 137 complaints in the past 9 months and seeing no resolution for any of them. After yesterday's reports about the rating, the BBB changed the grade from F to C, then to B-, and then removed the rating altogether.

The BBB said that the company currently has no rating and that "previously had an F rating due to unresolved complaints as well as a pattern of complaints regarding issues related to the delivery of orders." They said a grade will be given after a new review.

Meanwhile, Kylie posted this message on her website:

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Donald Glover executive produces and stars in "Atlanta"

Donald Glover is waking up, literally. Glover hasn’t been on our television regularly since "Community," but the boy is back and better than ever. We saw the first promo not too long ago, and FX is pushing go on the marketing campaign leading up to "Atlanta"'s premiere date.

"Atlanta" stars Donald as main character Earn Marks, a guy in Atlanta trying to make it in the rap game. Sound familiar? His supporting cast is dope, literally. Lakeith Lee Stansfield, who was in "Dope," Zazie Beetz, and Brian Tyree Henry are some of the actors in the series.

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Young Thug: There's no such thing as gender

"Young Thug developed a reputation for his unconventional rapping technique and an approach to style that subverts traditional hip hop imagery. As we wrote in our cover story with the rapper, “Thug’s knack for self-accessorising has earned him plenty of attention: on any given day, he could be wearing leopard-print dresses, pleather baby tees, miniskirts, circular Elton John sunglasses or draped, unconventional tunics.” source


Are you team #fuckgender, ONTD?
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Wendy Williams tells Gwyneth Paltrow that people hate her more than Chris Brown because of her name

Wendy Williams responded to a recent interview where Gwyneth Paltrow said she couldn't believe she was more hated than Chris Brown.

Wendy Williams broke it down for Gwyneth, telling her that people hate her because her name is "Gwyneth."

Wendy said that the name "Gwyneth" has an "air of uppity to it, just like Claire or Sinclair."

She went on, saying that people don't like Gwyneth Paltrow because she appears "uppity" and better than everyone else.

Source: Twitter
Professor Chaos

TNT Renews Animal Kingdom For S2, TBS Renews Wrecked (S2) and Angie Tribeca (S3)

Yes you should watch Animal Kingdom. It's not really like the movie beyond its name or Sons Of Anarchy other than dealing with a bunch of criminals and their crazy "mother". It's got a great cast (particularly Ellen Barking & Shawn Hatosy), is never boring and is better than most of the summer crap that's out there. #WatchAnimalKingdom

[actrs] jai is king

Southern Charm Reunion Drives Andy Cohen Insane


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There's a deleted twitter rant somewhere from Kathryn but I can't find the proper source so do with that what you will! Obsessed with this terrible show.

Ciara is FINALLY Getting Some! She and Russell Wilson Wed in Castle

ciara We are The Wilsons!

Ciara and her QB1, Russell Wilson, have tied the knot! They did not allow phones at their wedding, but did release this photo to Ciara's social media accounts.

Russell and Ciara are notorious for taking a vow of celibacy during their relationship, vowing not to engage in coitus until they were lawfully wedded.


She looks gorgeous. Here's to Russell giving Ciara what she deserves, to be an irl Queen. She gave too many years to Fuckboys.
[FS] goth

Supergirl Flies into the CW Early

-cw will air all of season 1 on the network before its october 10th premiere
-starting monday august 1 the cw will air 2 episodes every monday night until the start of season 2

will you be watching, ontd?


Emma Watson's New Movie Makes £47 at the UK Box Office in its Opening Weekend

  • This is Emma Watson's first lead role after Harry Potter

  • 'Colonia' is set in Pinochet-era Chile

  • Watson's character attempts to infiltrate a cult to rescue her husband (played by Daniel Brühl)

  • The film was released on video on demand on Friday and in three UK cinemas

  • This sort of release is a new(ish) business model

  • It's expected that home streaming will be more lucrative than traditional cinema distribution

  • 'Colonia' has an approval rating of 21% on rottentomatoes.com

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Issa Rae (Creator of HBO's 'Insecure') Starts Scholarship Fund for Alton Sterling's Children

The fund's goal was originally set for $40,000 dollars, but it has already raised over $150,000 in the past seven hours. The new goal is for $200,000, which would amount to $40,000 for each of Sterling's five children.

Actors Jon Cryer, Mark Ruffalo, Randall Park, and John Mulaney, among others, have already contributed to the fund.

You can donate to the scholarship fund here:
#AltonSterlingFamily Scholarship


Mods: Sorry, I forgot to include a source in my original post.
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Celebrities tweet about #FalconHeightsShooting

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Pokemon GO is here!!

Last night Pokemon Go was rolled out in Australia and New Zealand and the rest of the world has been waiting and waiting and waiting all day for it to be available for them.

Well it's finally available in the United States!

App Store | Google Play

source 1 | source 2

What Pokemon have you caught so far ONTD??
TV - Person of Interest

"Tulip Fever" pushed back to February 2017, def won't leak online before then or anything

Ugh, fuckin' Harvey. I saw an early screening of this way back in November and I liked it; it has a weird, broad sense of humor, but once you get into it it's fun. Holliday Grainger & Jack O'Connell as the secondary couple are the best part, imo.

"Hands: A Song for Orlando" - How the all-star tribute came together

- Justin was on a tour bus songwriting for Selena Gomez in Miami when the tragedy happened. He felt compelled to volunteer at an Orlando LGBT center & was told they needed as many hands as possible.

- it was important for them to include different voices from all genres and backgrounds considering the attack was against mostly the Latino LGBT community

- vocals include Rupaul and from the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles

- finished up in three nights

- “If a million hands can build a wall/A million hands can break it down" was definitely on purpose and an illusion to Donald Trump's crazy rhetoric

Purchase “Hands” @ http://smarturl.it/HandsTribute

Proceeds from the sale of the new tribute single in the United States will benefit Equality Florida Pulse Victims Fund, the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida, and GLAAD.


All for Naught! Tom Hiddleston is Not the Frontrunner for Bond

- War & Peace actor James Norton is now being tipped by bookmakers to be the next Bond.
- James is the frontrunner with a 1/3 odds.
- Previous favorite Tom Hiddleston is now 3rd with an 11/2 odds.
- Some feel Tom ruined his credibility and chance when he wore an I ♥ T.S. top started a very public romance with Taylor Swift.

Thanks Taylor!