June 20th, 2016


US Box-Office: Superhero Movies Report Card

Every year since The Avengers broke all the records, a dozen click-bait articles announcing the onset of Superhero Movie Fatigue™ show up on trade websites.
Is 2016 the year audience enthusiasm for caped crusaders finally begins to vane? Let's take a look at how the offerings from Marvel, DC, and Fox have performed so far.


Domestic: $363 million (#2)

Worldwide: $780 million (#5)

Deadpool is the most impressive sucess story of the year. The Merc with a Mouth™ flew by every box-office predictions to become the second most popular SHM of the year. A truly impressive feat for a R-Rated movie starring a little known character. And with a modest $58 million production budget, Deadpool is guaranteed to be one of the most (if not the most) profitable movie of the year.


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🦄Tom Hiddleston might be just what T*ylor is looking for ! 🦄

About his ideal woman:

"I like strong women. My mother and sisters are very strong women, immensely independent and very capable and that's what I feel comfortable with, my mother places a huge importance on decency and kindness and always has—and the older I get the more I realize how rare that is."
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How long will they last ONTD ? I predict marriage.
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karla & shawn mendes receive their platinum plaque for ‘ikwydls’


- shawn mendes and karla cabello received their platinum plaque for their international hit ‘i know what you did last summer’
- karla posted a video receiving the plaque with their taylor swift-inspired surprise faces
- ikwydls wasn’t only certified by the riaa as it was also certified in australia (gold), canada (gold), new zealand (gold), norway (platinum), sweden (platinum) and the united kingdom (silver)
- the song has sold well over 2 million copies worldwide

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karlageddon is coming!!


Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock has split from Jordan Kiffin after 3 years

  • Just like I reported last week, Leigh-Anne and Jordan have ended their relationship after 3 years.

  • They had been having troubles for a while, so they finally decided to end things.

  • They grew apart because Leigh has been on tour for months and apparently Jordan moved to LA, or at least he seems to be spending a lot of time there lately.

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Like I said last week, I honestly thought that they were going to get engaged this year. But good riddance because single Lerrie is about to rise even more now that the news about the breakup are out. #LordanIsDeadParty

twilight trains

Should-Be Emmy Nominee Constance Wu Interview

-Great interview, worth the full read.

-Interviewer brings up her earlier blackface comments, Constance clarifies that she wasn't trying to compare struggles, was just using blackface as an example term because a lot of the general public doesn't know what the term yellowface even means.

-Thinks there should be Asian-American superheros, doesn't want to be one herself.

-Addresses her real age/ageism. (She's 34)

-Regarding other Asian actors: How in the past she wanted to be the exception to the rule regarding Asian-American actors, and would be more competitive with other Asian-American actors as opposed to just other actors. Has changed her mind-set now, in that if she were to not get a role, would want the role to go to another Asian person, and generally wants for there to be more famous Asian-American actors.


#BroadwayForOrlando: What The World Needs Now Is Love

All proceeds will benefit the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida.

[Participating Broadway stars (click to open)]Sara Bareilles, Kristen Bell, Wayne Brady, Matthew Broderick, Andréa Burns, Ann Hampton Callaway, Liz Callaway, Len Cariou, Paul Castree, Michael Cerveris, Joshua Colley, Lilla Crawford, Carmen Cusack, Darius de Haas, Fran Drescher, Gloria Estefan, Kimiko Glenn, Whoopi Goldberg, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Joel Grey, Sean Hayes, Nina Hennessey, James Monroe Iglehart, Julie James, Carole King, Judy Kuhn, Nathan Lane, Anika Larsen, Zachary Levi, Jose Llana, Rebecca Luker, Andrea Martin, Audra McDonald, Idina Menzel, Janet Metz, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Jessie Mueller, Donna Murphy, Rosie O’Donnell, Kelli O’Hara, Rory O’Malley, Orfeh, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christine Pedi, Rosie Perez, Bernadette Peters, Billy Porter, Alice Ripley, Chita Rivera, Keala Settle, Kate Shindle, Jennifer Simard, Will Swenson, Rachel Tucker, Tommy Tune, Jonah Verdon, Lillias White, Edith Windsor, Marissa Jaret Winokur, B.D. Wong, Tony Yazbeck.

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Anton Yelchin owned recalled Jeep + authorities release cause of death

- The car that killed Anton Yelchin yesterday was a 2015 Grand Cherokee, which had been voluntarily recalled by Jeep in April 2016.
- The car's gear shift makes it easy for drivers to mistakenly keep the car in gear when they think it's in park.
- "By April 12, 2016, Fiat Chrysler had identified 212 crashes, 308 claims of property damage, and 41 injuries related to the issue."
- Yelchin's cause of death has been revealed as "blunt traumatic asphyxia."

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Still shocked over this.
amber heard 2

John Oliver Explains Why the NRA Sucks + Celebrities support the gun control vote today

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Samira Wiley to join You're The Worst

Following a big year for Poussey on Orange Is The New Black, Samira Wiley will be joining FXX's You're The Worst.

She will be playing Gretchen's therapist Justina, a talented therapist who can "cut through Gretchen's layers of crap" despite not having her own life together. The character is described in more detail at the source.

Justina will appear in five episodes this season and play "a major role."


Mods, I apologize about the previous post I submitted not having a source. I hit post on accident, sorry.

ONTD, are you still crying about [Spoiler (click to open)]Poussey?


Wait, what? Tom DeLonge Channeling his Inner Mulder, quits Blink-182 to focus on the threat of UFOs

  • After several delays and problems with the 7th album, the other two band members, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker dropped DeLonge from the band and replaced him with Alkaline Trio lead vocalist Matt Skiba but no one knew what the hell happened... until now:

  • “Well it’s not so much about Blink,” he said. “It’s about what I’m doing with my life now. When you’re an individual like me, dealing with something that’s a national security issue, and you’re being gifted with the opportunity to communicate something you’ve been passionate about your whole life—something that has the opportunity to change the world over time—being a small part of that is enormously important for my life path,” he explained. That “national security issue” he’s on about? UFOs, to be precise.

  • He launched a franchise titled Sekret Machines, which will look into “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” The franchise will include a number of fiction and nonfiction books, alongside new music from his band Angels & Airwaves.


Do you believe in The Men in Black, ONTD?

Game of Thrones post: "Battle of the Bastards" director interview

EW talked to your new fav Miguel Sapochnik to talk about Game of Thrones best episode to date.

tl;dr rundown:
-- Looked at every pitch field battle filmed for reference. Biggest influence was Kurosawa's Ran as well as the Battle of Cannae in 216 BC.
-- Felt the pressure to make this episode bigger and better after the reception to "Hardhome."
-- Estimated it would take him 28 days to film the episode. Was initially given 12 by the producers. After the script came in it jumped to 42, then ended at 25.
-- BOB has 500 extras, 160 tons of gravel, 70 horses and riders, 65 stuntmen/women, 7 principal actors, 4 camera crews, and close to 600 crew members.
--[Spoiler (click to open)]Jon almost being buried alive by the stampedewas off script. The constant rain made it impossible to do what they had planned. Miguel suggested that scene as an alternative and was given the go-ahead to film it.
-- Meereen scenes were a preview of whats to come later.
-- The finale is equally as epic, but for different reasons.
-- Miguel also talked to EW about the final scene in a separate interview which you can read here


Get that Emmy, Miguel!! #justiceforhardhome (No direct quote this time, mods.)
|| you're gonna carry that weight ||

CBS - Person of Interest Series Finale Trailer 5x13 'Return 0' + Michael Emerson interview

WARNING - LOTS of spoilery scenes in this extended promo.

- Regarding THAT death : I learned this on “Lost”: It’s always a good idea that there are no guarantees about longevity for a character. But, it’s also fun — and we learned this on “Lost,” too — that once the character is killed, it doesn’t mean they are gone.
- On the show evolving from a procedural to a more compelling serialized series : Sure, it’s going to be a little tough for someone to tune into Episode 320 and know what’s going on, but, so be it. Viewer habits are changing. “Lost” had a lot to do with that. “Lost” was the kind of show that demanded that week-to-week and season-to-season loyalty — and it paid people back for their attention.


Didn't see a post regarding the series finale! Feel free to discuss last week's penultimate ep =) But yeah, after finding out Penny Dreadful is over and then losing this show tomorrow...I don't think I'm ready to let go.

The series finale, Return 0, airs tomorrow night on CBS @10 ET/PT

Harry - the Chosen One

'Fantastic Beasts' film reveals its new orange/blue poster

Here's a new poster for 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them', leading up to some big event/thing happening for the movie at VidCon this week. They also apparently hooked up with some big video bloggers to promote the movie (more on that here; I won't taint your eyes by embedding them: https://www.facebook.com/fantasticbeastsmovie/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1126266680765156).

Source: https://twitter.com/FantasticBeasts/status/744877673827033088

Alyssa Milano wants a WHO'S THE BOSS reunion!

Alyssa Milano wants a WHO'S THE BOSS reunion! She told SiriusXM's Jenny Hutt she's ready to go!

Alyssa said, “I think we’re all open to it. We have a lot of pride for what we did then because it was kinda then a cutting edge show. It was a single mother who had her own company, was the president of her own advertising agency, she hired a male nanny. I mean those were things that all didn’t happen in the eighties. I mean so it would have to be something super special I think. And it would probably be, I don’t think we’d do a full season not like “Fuller House” thing, but we’d do an episode I think.”
SOURCE http://www.naughtygossip.com/boom/alyssa-milano-gives-update-on-whos-the-boss-reunion
[FS] red lips

The Walking Dead & Arrow Casts Join Charity Con Benefiting One Orlando

-James Frazier, who created and runs both Walker Stalker Con and Heroes & Villains Fanfest, is an Orlando native.
-One day event - September 17th
-100% of the profits raised from ticket sales, autographs, professional photo ops, and vendor sales will be donated to the One Orlando Fund.

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ancient aang

Taylor's Tyranny Continues: Loki's Mistress Joins The Battle Against Youtube

Swift joined Vince Staples, Paul McCartney, and U2 among others singing an open letter to Congress demanding for Youtube to rewrite their legislation. They basically want more money or will take everything down, as usual the fans are the only ones being screwed here by big corporations.


Kylie Jenner spent $1,185 on a makeup shopping trip at Sephora

Some of the stuff she bought:
Sephora Collection Airbrush Blush ($20)
Benefit Cheekathon Palette ($58)
Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop ($38)
Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush ($30)
Laura Mercier Bronzed Butter Face & Body Veil ($50)
Tatcha's Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($48)

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Harry Potter; DH1

Demi Lovato quits twitter and instagram; will most likely be back in a week

She's so dramatic. God, can she just shut up? Where is her team? This whole "bad girl, I don't gaf" attitude is not the right image she should be portraying

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Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo are courting #FreeJana

-They met last May through Ben & Jessa
-The two then "had the opportunity to go on a mission trip together," she says. "It was there that I really saw his heart and really admired his character."
-He played for the MLS soccer club New York Red Bulls before stepping away to pursue ministry. He then signed with the San Antonio Scorpions in the NASL in 2013.
-Their courtship will be a part of the new season of Counting On when it returns to TLC later this summer.


German Coach Apologizes for Scratch & Sniff Incident

- Coach Joachim Low of the German national team currently competing in EURO2016 has apologized for scratching his balls and ass and then immediately sniffing his fingers during a match.
- He explained that he did it subconsciously and blamed his adrenaline and concentration for the incident.

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It's not the first time that the German coach has been noticed for his gross behavior on the pitch as he was caught on film eating his own booger a few years back.
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What's your most disgusting habit, ONTD?

New Star Wars VIII Rumors Surfaces With Luke Skywalker Explaining The Jedi's Origins

[Spoiler (click to open)]From the Daily Mail (yeah yeah I know) new rumors have surface about after the scene between Luke and Rey. Luke Skywalker apparently takes the lightsaber from Rey using the force and his lightsaber as well dismantling both of them to explain the importance of the crystals (does this mean Rey will get he own lightsaber?) He then talks about the origins of Jedi with Rey telling a story about a brother and sister who found out they both have the powers of the force. The boy tries to kill the girl at one point, and then turns to the dark side. But in truth the sister survives and becomes the founder of the jedi order.

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Did you remember to call your dad for father's day, ontd?

Farrah Abraham slammed yet again for questionable parenting decisions

--Farrah has introduced Sophia into the modeling world with a photoshoot for Child Model magazine (yes, such a thing exists)and is now rebranding herself as Sophia's momager
--Ppl are of course outraged, criticizing Farrah for sexualizing her daughter at such a young age

farrah__abraham#mommanager #behindthescenes @sophialabraham #supermodel shoots are going so awesome today! #Orlando #Florida #sophia


kris jenner who?
flash tomcav givingFACE

The Flash: 3x01 Title Confirmed as "Flashpoint"

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-3x01 confirmed by Berlanti and Gustin as 3x01 'Flashpoint'.
-Grant also confirms that FP will be done their own way.
-Comes as a surprise to no one.

Sources: ScreenCrush Twitter, Candice Patton Twitter, Candice Patton Insta

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Netflix & The CW do business together while CW/Hulu fizzle

-Netflix/CW are negotiating a contract that would allow Netflix access to TheCWs library sooner then the normal 4 month wait
-Hulu/CW were in talks but Hulu wanted full stacking rights (instead of 5 episodes available throughout the current season they wanted to keep all the episodes on their)
-Would be a 5 year deal
-Expected to be one of the largest deals yet on SVOD (subscription video on demand)
-Amazon Prime continues to be the 3rd wheel

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Which streaming service do you prefer?
jas wink

"Hamilton" races up to #3 on the charts

• sold 62,000 units (41,000 traditional sales)

• only the 3rd cast album to hit the top ten in fifty years (Hair and Book of Mormon were one and two respectively)


Selma Blair hospitalized after mid-flight freak out

Multiple sources including US Weekly are reporting that Selma Blair was removed from a plane today on a stretcher after having some kind of episode during the flight.

During the outburst she reportedly was crying "He burns my private parts. He won't let me eat or drink. He beats me. He’s going to kill me."

She flying home to L.A. after visiting her ex in Mexico for father's day.

Some nurses that were on board assisted the actress and tried to calm her down. She never said who the he she was referring to was.

Witnesses say earlier during the flight she mixed an unknown substance into a wine glass.

Her people have not commented on her hospitalization.

Source 1, 2 and 3
Holy shit I hope she's okay.

Tom Hiddleston for W Mag

Tom Hiddleston is featured in the latest issue of W Magazine.

Tom is quoted in the mag saying these gems:
- "I’d make a terrible spy, because everybody knows who I am but Susanne Bier, the director of The Night Manager, said that she thinks I am very enigmatic and good at keeping secrets."
- “I’m here to tell you that my butt is not dangerous.”

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Get to know Taylor's new bf here.

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Supergirl - Kara Flags

Roosterteeth premieres first episode of Day 5

  • Day 5 is "is the first dramatic series from Rooster Teeth Productions, set in the immediate aftermath of a fatal sleep epidemic. After a fortuitous drug bender saves his life, addict Jake (Jesse C. Boyd) ventures out into the quiet streets… unaware that most of the world already died in their beds. Now, battling sleepless fatigue and encroaching delirium, Jake teams with a scrappy teenager (Walker Satterwhite), overnight doctor (Stephanie Drapeau) and red-eye pilot (Davi Jay) to search for answers… and just maybe find a way to sleep again. Set in a world of insomniacs, late-shift workers and roving psychotics, Day 5 presents a unique vision of the apocalypse that fuses serial drama and thriller around a human story of survival and redemption.

  • The first episode is on youtube and is age-gated.

  • The rest of the six part series is on their website but you have to be a sponsor to watch the rest of it.

  • It will release weekly on Sundays so the best way to watch all of it is wait 5-6 more weeks and then either become a sponsor and watch it all or get a free trial for 1 month here. (also watch AH's Theater Mode since it's hilarious)

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ONTD, what was the longest you stayed up?

Paper Magazine's SEXY Issue: Zayn Malik

"It wasn't a conscious decision to make [the album] sexual or refer to sex," Zayn says. "But I just found out that a lot of situations that I was in were quite sexual situations -- all of the time." He adds, "I enjoyed singing about [sex], clearly."

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changed one of the same pics Mods, sorry<3

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Spider-Man Homecoming casts its one billionth actor: Hannibal Buress joins the film

Hannibal Buress joins Spider-Man: Homecoming in once again an undisclosed role. Buress commented on the casting too:

SOURCE 1 & 2
[z] venus as a boy
  • numara

m.i.a. drops out as headliner for festival nobody wanted her at

  • for some reason or another, afropunk (a festival supposedly dedicated to celebrating the talents of alternative black artists) decided to make m.i.a. their headlining act for their london festival this september

  • backlash was swift and quick against m.i.a. with the conversation centering around m.i.a.'s blatant anti-black comments (including, but not limited to, her thoughts on how the blacklivesmatter movement is boring: "Is Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar going to say Muslim Lives Matter? Or Syrian Lives Matter? Or this kid in Pakistan matters? That’s a more interesting question." as well as on her controversy with the 2012 superbowl halftime show where she flipped the middle finger on live television: "Like, is my finger offensive? Or is an underage black girl with her legs wide open more offensive to the family audience?")

in response to this, m.i.a. decided to take to twitter to voice her own thoughts on the matter:
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she actually posted a few other bullshit tweets yesterday that i guess she got shook over and deleted but i hope they galang her ass off the stage if she does show up
Queen ::SkyFerreria::

Sky Ferreira Responds to Sexist Article, Addresses Terry Richardson Defense Allegations

L.A. Weekly recently posted a controversial article entitled "Sky Ferreira's Sex Appeal Is What Pop Music Needs Right Now" (which they have since apologized for). Sky took to Twitter to clarify the situation and defend herself.

She also addressed allegations that she's been defending known perv photographer Terry Richardson, whom she has previously worked with.

Choice quotes from the original article:
  • "When Ferreira dropped her debut, Night Time, My Time, three years ago, the bare-breasted album cover nearly broke the internet. Misogynists claimed it was a desperate attempt to sell records; feminists saw it as the calculated move of a defiant young woman. A third unnamed group that included me couldn't help but reminisce about Madonna's defiantly atomic boobs — the two knockers that altered the course of human history."
  • "She's too nasty to be anyone's schoolgirl fantasy; she looks like an unvarnished Madonna styled by Maripol, with the vaguely mystical presence of Nico and the faux-punkness of a Sex Pistols groupie. In other words, Sky Ferreira is the most deliberately pimped-out example of a modern pop star."
  • "But here's what I think pisses off people the most: that Ferreira, like any great pop star, is profiting off her fresh-faced beauty. But there's nothing tasteless about this. Why can't we see her sex appeal as talent as opposed to privilege? Ferreira's sex appeal, like any woman's, isn't entirely a gift from God."

    Sky responded:

    Source, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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