June 14th, 2016

Just Bieber Just Really Wants Someone To Talk To...

Justin Bieber is still very adamant about his no photos rule it seems, as he posted a video on his Instagram tonight, following his show in Calgary, AB, Canada....the video discusses his problem with fame and what he's already said about not taking photos with fans anymore.

The video is not Justin speaking but someone else and it goes on to talk about the thing that bothers him most is that people don't wanna know you~ they take a photo and walk away with the image, when you had the chance to know the real man right there.

Fans, y'all need to stop asking him for pictures. He said No.


Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the Orlando Shooting

Main Points: (Though this was a great segment and it's really worth the whole view.)

- "Whether the shooter was a homophobe, mentally ill, a terrorist inspired by ISIS or all three, what allowed him to kill so many people was his gun."

- Seth calls out Congress for not taking action on gun control.

- "America has 4.4 percent of the world's population but almost half of the civilian-owned guns around the world."

- Calls out Trump for his "Appreciate the Congrats" tweet and says instead people should be giving congrats to the first responders or the people waiting in line to donate blood to the victims of the shooting.


Spoiler alert: Don't read the comments on social media about this. Living in Orlando and seeing so many people try to divert that gun control is part of the issue is really heartbreaking.
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Lady Gaga gives emotional speech at Orlando vigil

Lady Gaga took the stage with an unannounced appearance in front of Los Angeles' City Hall to honor those lost in the Orlando mass shootings at Pulse nightclub on Saturday night. Gaga gave an emotional speech calling the shooting "an attack on humanity itself" before she read the names of those lost.

"I know that you have all been feeling a tremendous range of emotions, since we’ve all heard about this horrible hateful attack on Orlando and on your and our community," Gaga said. "As we have now witnessed the largest mass shooting in American history, I can't help but feel that this level of hatred, like all prejudicial crimes, this is an attack on humanity itself. This is an attack on everyone. Tonight, I gather humbly with you, as a human being, in peace, in sincerity, in commitment, in solidarity, to take a real moment and mourn the tragic loss of these innocent, beautiful people. Let's all today pledge an allegiance of love to them and their families who are suffering so deeply. They are sons and daughters, they're fathers and mothers, they are all our brothers and our sisters. But tonight I will not allow my anger and outrage over this attack to overshadow our need to honor those who are grieving truly for their lost ones, lost members of the LGBT community. I hope you know that myself and so many are your allies. Not only me but everyone here, we represent the compassion and loyalty of millions of people around the world who believe in you. You are not alone."

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Your New Reality TV Obsession

In E!'s new upcoming spin-off series EJNYC, the #RichKids of Beverly Hills star is taking center stage in New York City in his very own show!

Get ready for glitz, glamour and a hint of drama as the 24-year-old Los Angeles native pursues his passion for fashion in the urban jungle while always doing the absolute most alongside his closest friends. With bold personalities, ferocious style and all-out attitude, this entourage seriously redefines the meaning of squad goals.

EJNYC features Elisa Johnson; Samaria Smith, daughter of LL Cool J; and Persian real estate development heir Sanaz Panahi among others from Johnson’s fashion-first crew as they jet-set from coast to coast.
You can watch previews and read about the cast at the source. I don't know why this wasn't just called Rich Kids of NYC

Nick Jonas talks Orlando ... Christina Grimmie & nude scenes ....

IN A brand new interview with WKTU's Cubby & Carolina Bermudez, Nick Jonas revealed ALL!

On Orlando and speaking at Stonewall
" Uh, you know. I’m in the middle of release week which is when the week when you release your album. It’s a very busy time, but when I heard the vigil was happening. I had my team reach out to see if there was anything I could do to win my support. Um, the LGBT community has been such a huge supporter of me from the earliest days of my career. Um, so again anything I can ever do, I would be there. I spoke and I didn’t have anything prepared. I just tried to speak from the heart and lend any support I could. I’ve never experienced hurt and pain as deep as the families. I’m sure a feeling at the moment of the victims."

On increasing security at Meet and Greets after Grimmie's death ... "Well, I was talking to my manager about it the other day. Interestingly enough, in an interview a while ago, he mentioned that he thinks that security needs to be increased at venues. Just something that should be looked at across the country and across the world. I think it’s obviously very potent. I don’t know if I can comment on the whole situation for what needs to be changed to fix this situation, but my heart goes out to Christina’s family. It’s just so heartbreaking."

On Nude Scenes .... [Nick] I had a scene in the show that just aired this last weekend or last week. Its all tastefully done I think in the show. [Carolina] So, no full frontal from Nick Jonas? [Nick] No, not in Kingdom at least.

SOURCE http://m.ktu.iheart.com/onair/cubby-and-carolina-in-the-morning-55161/interview-nick-jonas-discusses-orlando-tragedy-14811692/

Starbucks introduces new "Sunset" Menu + Double Double Fudge Bar Frap

The handcrafted granitas and trifles are available exclusively available after 3pm.

The granitas are subtly-sweetened shaved ice topped off with bold espresso, white tea, or refreshing lemonade. The fudge bar frap is a double dose of mocha sauce + vanilla syrup, diabetes and chocolaty whipped cream.


the granitas look delish tbh
Tiffany | I Just Wanna Dance

More Pokemon Revealed @ E3

- For more detailed information about the Pokemon revealed @ E3 click here
- Introduces free for all battles where you can play against three other players at once.
- Battle royal ends after one person looses all their Pokemon

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Amber Heard Withdraws Request for Temporary Spousal Support from Johnny Depp

  • On Monday, Amber's lawyer filed a declaration to withdraw her request for temporary spousal support, which would have been addressed in Friday (June 17)'s hearing

  • Amber is withdrawing it because "used against her to distract and divert the public away from the very serious real issue of domestic violence."

  • Amber's original request was for $50,000 a month, which would have been only 5% of what she could have requested. It was originally claimed that Johnny made 30 million last year and she could have requested up to $943,744 a month

Source: Twitter

Gigi's team tells People: Gigi caught Zayn in a handful of lies and temporarily dumped him

  • A Hadid source told People that Zigi was officially back together and things are great so far cause they're more honest and have better communication

  • The souce also says Gigi dumped him cause they were fighting all the time and Gigi caught him in a handful of lies and couldn't take the mystery any longer

  • The source continues and says they got back together after Zayn kept incessantly apologizing and begged for another chance

  • Zayn is determined to prove himself to Gigi and he will have to continue to or else Gigi may not stick around

Source: Twitter

Kendall Jenner cut her hair short and rumors say it's for the cover of Vogue's September issue

Kendall Jenner shared a photo on Snapchat of her hair in a new short cut.

A source told Us Weekly that the haircut was for Vogue's famed September issue, which Kendall will supposedly cover.

A spokesperson for Vogue responded to Us Weekly's request for confirmation by saying, "We never comment on rumors of future editorial."

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Meet the New Houseguests of Big Brother 18!

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TIME: Why have Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj remained silent?

- With stars like Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears showing support, it’s a bit striking to see silence from certain celebrities. It's ungracious to keep score but impossible to ignore when these stars are so vocal about so many other issues.
- Both Swift and Minaj were outspoken about demographic issues around the nominations for last year’s VMAs—a political cause that was easy to take, given that it directly benefited both figures’ careers.
- A tweet bemoaning the state of the world and sending support to fans would be nice, but much more than that places a star precariously between two unenviable positions, self-aggrandizement and offense.
- Musicians, bearing the special connection they do with fans and in particular the sort of fans who might frequent gay clubs, can do something. Surely someone has felt less alone thanks to their idol expressing concern in the wake of Orlando’s mass shooting—what more can one ask?
- It's reasonable for LGBTQ fans to be a bit spurious the next time Swift breaks her silence on what she considers meaningful issues—for instance, awards-show hosts joking about her. Fans might find it more appealing to engage with stars who seem engaged with the world.

Is it too early for TIME to judge? Or do you think a sign of support is the least the artists could do?

M. Night Shyamalan is apparently out of ideas so he wants yours for Tales From the Crypt reboot

Yesterday TNT announced that the Tales From the Crypt reboot is taking an interesting turn. Apparently the series is now partnering with online fiction site Wattpad for ideas and stories.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal the head of Wattpad stated - "This is about finding really great stories with that attached fanbase, or writers who can create something new."

The writers are allegedly going to be compensated if their stories end up being used but no one involved with production would give a figure as to how much they were being compensated.

The M. Night Shyamalan led reboot is currently only set out be a ten episode run. The press release also now refers to executive producer Shyamalan as the "curator" of the stories that are going to be lifted from people via Wattpad.

Source 1 and 2
While I'm glad that every episode won't be written by Shyamalan the cynic in me thinks this just sounds like a way to pay writers as little as humanly possible.
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Celebs urge Brits to vote on Brexit referendum

We Are Europe worked with two creative agencies in London as well as Wake Up and Vote, a volunteer group committed to increasing voter turnout among young people, to create the video.
In it, Knightley makes a series of facial expressions and says: “It only takes five seconds to practise the perfect awards face.”
Before drawing an X on the screen, she adds: “And it takes five seconds to mark an X in a ballot box. Five seconds to stop others fucking with your future.”
Other celebrities including fellow actor Lily Cole, grime artist Big Narstie, and songwriter Eliza Doolittle have also recorded their own videos for the campaign.
Despite the number of groups involved in the project, the videos are stripped of any branding and appear to take a neutral stance.

But in targeting young voters, the groups are hoping to give a boost to Remain, which relaunched its campaign on Monday amid fears that Labour voters are leaning towards Brexit.
While young people typically favour staying in the EU, they are also less likely to turn up to vote. The campaign groups think part of the reason is the time it takes to vote, and they want to address this concern.

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wow @ annabelle speaking perfect portuguese

  • iigoru

Tinashe roundup! New album soon + working with Timbaland and The Dream + regrets DMing fans.

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Her manager Mike Nazzaro posted a picture with Tinashe on studio, working on new songs for her album:

mikenazzaro Hardest worker out here. 150% all day, every day. @tinashenow #teamtinashe NEW MUSIC IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tinashe will guest present for this year's BET Awards!

Quick interviews

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Tinashe for OOB Magazine

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Tinashe performs for iHeart!

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HOTEL HELL "Town's Inn, Part 2"

Town's Inn owner Karan Townsend runs her establishment more like a second-hand store, hoarding personal items throughout the premises, which includes two separate buildings: the Heritage House houses rooms and a full-service restaurant, while the Mountain Home contains a hostel, rooms and a cafe. Ramsay soon discovers some of the worst practices he has ever seen.
Source - 1

Viewing post??

Amy Schumer and Tig Notaro are not friends

  • Speaking about Notaro to Vanity Fair, Schumer said: "Looking masculine and being gay, the challenges of the road are 20 times harder for Tig than other female comedians. People fear what they don’t understand."

  • Tig did not respond well to that comment - in a recent profile from The Guardian, Tig had this to say in response to it: “I don’t know what she was talking about. It sounds like offensive nonsense to me. I find that so offensive and weird,” she says, looking down, trying to control her very audible irritation. “If you knew me well, you would never say that.

  • When pressed by the reporter, who says she believed they were friends, Tig deflects: “Ummm…” Notaro says, looking away. Did you just work with her? The atmosphere, previously relaxed, has palpably prickled. “I’ve worked with her. I worked with her for the first season [of Inside Amy Schumer],” she replies curtly. Ironically, the episode in which Notaro appeared was about Schumer exaggerating their friendship and using Notaro’s cancer to look good in front of other people.

  • Amy has mentioned being great friends with Tig in the past, and living together for a period in order to care for her during Tig's illness: "I felt like, Tig and I are great friends. When she told me she had cancer, she was already supposed to move and write for my show. Everything was up in the air for her but I had a very clear vision - we're going to live together, still do the show, and everything will be fine. (...) I thought, who better than two comedians and two of your best friends to keep things light and be honest with you - which is very important."

Sources: Tweet | Tig's Guardian Profile | Schumer's Inteview

Big Brother UK 2016 - Week 1: A predictable exit, R-rated action and an Irish meltdown.

Andrew's racist and misogynistic tweets have been unearthed by the general public:

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Underrated movie performances of the 2000s

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Every awards season we complain (with good reason) about overlooked performances that barely (if any) get noticed. So I made a list of the many underrated/underappreciated performances in the 2000s*.

Derek Luke
Antwone Fisher (2002)

Inspired from a true story (the book Finding Fish), Derek gives a outstanding performance (in his first film role) as the title character about a young man who's serving in the Navy who has been ordered to see a psychiatrist (played by Denzel Washington, who also directed) after getting into a fight with another sailor. During the visits with the psychiatrist, we learn what Antowne had to endured in his life.

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What are some of your favorite underrated performances?
YouTube - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Wikipedia - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5