June 13th, 2016


TNT Pulls The Last Ship Season 3 Premiere in Wake of Orlando Shooting

Season 3 of TNT's The Last Ship was set to premiere last night with a two-hour episode, but in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando the episode has been pulled. The episode reportedly includes a shooting at a Vietnamese nightclub.

A new air date has not been announced.

TNT's statement, in part: "Our hearts are with the victims and their families."

The right choice, but damn I can't wait for that season 2 cliffhanger to be over. I know deep down what the outcome likely is, but the heart hopes.


Canadian version of Border Security cancelled after privacy violation

- federal privacy commissioner found the agency violated the rights of a construction worker filmed during a raid in Vancouver. The agency allowed the production company to film the agency's examination of the migrant labourer.
- in light of the complaint the privacy commissioner recommended the border agency end its participation in the television program, which the agency agreed to do.
- Border Security began airing on the National Geographic Channel in 2012, chronicling encounters between border officers and the public. The unscripted series was seen by millions of Canadians and has aired in dozens of other countries. The Canadian Border Services Agency saw the show as a chance to educated Canadian's on their activities.
- The show had opponents who considered it nothing more than a PR stunt.
- During the agency raid of March 13, 2013, Oscar Mata Duran hid inside a building on the construction site but he was found and questioned by an officer about his identity, immigration status and employment. Mata Duran was brought to an immigration detention facility where he was given a consent form for the show. It is claimed he did not read it but signed it out of confusion and fear.
- After the raid, Mata Duran was deported to Mexico, where he remains. Civil liberties reps are lauding Mata Duran a hero as there is no prospect of personal gain, other than an acknowledgment "that what happened to him was wrong."


ngl i love pretty much all versions of this show. one of my friends is friends with some cbsa officers and apparently they've said that since the show started airing people have been a lot nicer to them and have come more prepared (a lot of people even saying they watch the show). what the show did to this guy is awful tho :(
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ONTD's Country Queen Kacey Musgraves Suggests Everyone Should Be Armed With A Gun

Countless celebrities have spoken out about the tragic Orlando mass shooting that took place at a gay nightclub, which killed 50 people and left over 50 injured. Kacey Musgraves tweeted the following, which was saved by one of her fans.

Then she deleted the tweet after receiving backlash from her fans and wrote the following.


Adam Levine to pay for Christina Grimmie's funeral expenses

"I found out this morning, that Adam Levine personally called my mother and said he will pay for the funeral and her plane flight, and I was blown away," Christina Grimmie's brother Marcus wrote last night on his Facebook page.

Marcus also provided a link to the GoFundMe page that was set up by Christina's manager.

"Please do not feel the need to donate anything at all. Please," he continued. "Just leave a kind word, message or picture in the comments or message me and sign this change.org petition to help Christina possible be remembered in the next legend of Zelda game, her favorite game of all time."

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Queen Britney Spears on Orlando Gay Club Shooting

have not been able to find words to express how I feel about what happened in Orlando. Music and dance take me to a wonderful, happy, safe place... and for this to happen in a place where people enjoy those things makes me so sad. This has to stop. We need to accept and love people for who they are. This is truly an attack against all of us, and I'm praying that we can join together and find a solution. ❤️💙💚💛💜


3 of Mexican and 25 of Puertorican origin have been confirmed dead so far.
Descansen en paz mis hermanos(as)😔
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Deleted Ben Affleck Shower Scene from BvS: Dawn of Justice and other details

The extended edition of Dawn of Justice has leaked somewhere, and of all the deleted footage, the two to make it online are Bruce Wayne's shower scene and Clark taking his shirt off in the tub.

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In terms of additional scenes

-Jena Malone plays Jenet Klyburn, a lab technician who helps Lois with the whole Superman conspiracy. One of the key things she notes is how Scoot McNair's character's wheelchair was lined with lead implying that even if Superman had scanned the chair, he wouldn't have seen anything. Superman helps people at the Capitol.

-Clark investigating whoever framed him in Nairomi as well as investigating Batman in Gotham. Senator Holly Hunter might have been tipped off to it being a frame job right before blowing up. KG Beast is in the movie a whole lot more. As is the actress Lex hired to lie about what Superman did in Nairomi.

-The Nairomi setup is fleshed out a bit more throughout the movie. Also more Luthor manipulation throughout (he has one of Batman's branded criminals killed in prison and sends the pictures to Clark). It seems he's the one who requested that Clark cover his gala so he knew his identity the whole time. He also knows Batman's identity.

-Batman tells Lex that he's having him transferred to Arkham. Also maybe a bit of an extended workout scene

-All of Metropolis attends Superman's memorial. Daily Planet staff attends Clark's Kansas funeral. Lana and Pete from Man of Steel are there. Bruce pays for Clark's funeral.

-No additional Wonder Woman. No mentions of Batfamily. No more additional Bruce/Clark interactions. Basically just a lot more Lois and Clark.


have some shirtless Cavill

Mads Mikkelsen Tells Star Wars Fans Not To Worry About Reshoots For Rogue One

  • Mikkelsen plays the small but key role of Jyn Erso’s father Galen. Reshoots after a movie has wrapped filming often sends up warning flags.

  • “Basically, all the big films I have done always have reshoots, it is part of their budget. They’re either not super happy with a scene bit, the way we were acting, or maybe there’s something they want to add. It’s not a new thing, it happens with every film. Whether it’s bigger or less, I have no idea, I have nothing to compare with. It’s the same film, it’s just adding little bits here and there to do the final polishing. That’s my feeling.”

  • He's going to do one day of reshoot a few scenes in 2 weeks.

  • He also says is all publicity from Disney and they love that.

coupe :)
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Telenovela Villain to Make a Comeback Thanks to 'Orange Is The New Black'

One of the most iconic villains in the history of Mexican telenovelas is making a comeback in “Orange Is The New Black” season 4.

On Saturday, Itatí Cantoral confirmed she will reprise her role as Soraya Montenegro for an upcoming promo of the series in which she will recreate “María La Del Barrio’s” famous scene, “Maldita Lisiada,” next to Esperanza (Adriana Welter).

“It’s incredible! Because they are going to put the most important Mexican villain, Soraya, in jail,” Cantoral says. “They are going to adapt the role to the series tone and will make her a murderer.”

The 41-year-old actress added that she is amazed by the popularity the character has gained among millenials due to the many creative memes that continue to flood the internet and social media pages.

“I am very excited,” she said. “Because this character, that everyone is calling an icon, has become a social media phenomenon thanks to 15 and 16-year-old kids that didn’t even watch the telenovela but know who she is because of the memes.”

She continued, “I am very grateful for this character because it allows newer generations to know who I am thanks to this social media boom, and I’ve been receiving many job offers because of it.”

Cantoral confessed she decided to accept Netflix’s offer because it “was time to bring Soraya back” and “because the text [from the scene] is great!”

Itatí was last seen on the small screen portraying the late Jenni Rivera on NBC Universo’s “El Vato,” an original scripted series about the life of regional Mexican singer El Dasa.

“Orange Is The New Black” season 4 will be available to stream on Netflix on June 17.


Joohyuk - Snuggle

K-FLOP News : JYJ’s Park Yoochun Accused Of Sexual Assault, Park Yoochun’s Side Responds

JYJ’s Yoochun (Park Yoochun) has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s. Park Yoochun’s side argues it is the one-sided claim of someone looking for money.

Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault on June 10. The woman accusing him is 24-year-old Ms. Lee, an employee at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar. Ms. Lee’s boyfriend personally submitted the charges to the police in her stead that day.

Ms. Lee claims that Park Yoochun came to the bar on June 3 as a customer and that he sexually assaulted her in a restroom inside the establishment. As evidence, Ms. Lee has submitted the underwear and clothes she was wearing that day to the police.

The police have obtained the CCTV recordings that capture Park Yoochun’s movements in regards to the incident and after examining the evidence, they plan to summon him for questioning.

In an official statement, C-JeS Entertainment asserts that it will be revealed through police investigation that the woman’s claims are false. “We will not compromise to malicious blackmail out to ruin a celebrity,” states the agency and adds, “Park Yoochun will diligently submit to the police investigation so that the truth can be revealed.”

The agency also states that Park Yoochun has not yet received the official suit from the police. It asks for refrain in writing speculative reports until the investigation is complete as such reports can cause serious harm to Park Yoochun’s name.

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Source: OMONA | Soompi | Naver (1, 2) | Netizenbuzz | Naver (1, 2)| Daum | Nate (1, 2)
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Jojo, of 'Too Little Too Late' fame, helped creating k-pop singer Luna's 'Free Somebody'!

Get your life from this bop right now, if you still haven't!

source 1, 2

such a shame that this is flopping in Korea when it deserves to be huge

Guess Who? Brandon Flowers Edition: "If you ask me, The Strokes’ debut is better..."

ONTD fave Michelle Williams is not the only celebrity name that is shared. Brandon "Lavar" Flowers (first gif) is an American football cornerback for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Virginia Tech. Brandon "Richard" Flowers (second gif) is an American singer and is best known as the lead vocalist of the Las Vegas-based rock band The Killers. So, who said it ONTD?

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do you agree with Brandon, ONTD? favorite debut album by a band?

also this OP says either bflow can get it tbh.


Lil Wayne's plane makes emergency landing after he suffers two seizures on board

The private plane made an emergency landing at an airport in Omaha, Nebraska on its way to California. Lil Wayne allegedly refused treatment after landing and the plane refueled and took off. They were forced to make another emergency landing in the same airport after he suffered another seizure. He was then transported to a hospital.

Update from Young Money's Mack Maine seems to indicate Wayne is doing okay:


Fuck I hope he's okay. He needs to get off that gotdamn lean for his kids man idk how he didn't learn from the first time he almost died like damn
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Taylor Swift moves into a a new place

pix of the place:

*It's in the West Village she's staying there til the end of the year bc her Tribeca apartment is under renovation
*It's 40k a month

source : https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/742264225838419968