June 10th, 2016


New Bastille Single next week!

-First single from their next album, 'Wild World'
-Available for pre-order on iTunes, no release date given yet for the album.


Disney CEO whines about the US corporate tax rate being too high

Disney's CEO Bob Iger, regurgitating a popular right wing talking point, had a bit of a whinge on CNNMoney about how the US' corporate tax rate is too damn high and how it's killing businesses. As this other CNNMoney article helpfully points out, though, thanks to write-offs, deductions and loopholes, 20% of large US Corporations don't even pay any corporate income taxes. In fact, the US corporate tax rate is the lowest it's been in over half a century:

I know Disney stock is flopping harder than Alice Through the Looking Glass, but that's because ESPN, one of the biggest parts of Disney's plastic empire, is bleeding subscribers. Iger needs to take responsibility for his own failure as a grossly overpaid CEO, instead of trying to shift the blame to Uncle Sam, who is already way too deferential to big companies.

Main source, Tax rate source, Disney stock flop source
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Mel Gibson is working on a sequel to The Passion of the Christ

-Mel Gibson and Randall Wallace have started working on the sequel to The Passion of the Christ.
-The sequel is tentatively titled The Passion of the Christ 2: Electric Boogaloo.
-The movie will be about the resurrection of Jesus H. Christ.
-There is a high demand for this movie from the evangelical community.

Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/741185659604459520

omg i can't wait for this!

2016 Guys Choice award winners

Guys of the Decade: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
Woman of the Decade: Julia Roberts
Athlete of the Decade: Kobe Bryant

Hot & Funny: Anna Kendrick
Our New Girlfriend: Gigi Hadid
Jean-Claude Gahd Dam (lol wtf): Olivia Munn

Outlaw Award: Keifer Sutherland
Virtuoso Award: James Franco
Most Unstoppable Jock: Von Miller

Heroes: Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone
Comedy MVP: Adam Devine
Guy Movie Hall of Fame: Casino

Source + Spike
tfatws: bucky sokovia

Hamilton has a West End date!

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In summary:
- Will open October 2017
- Website goes live Monday 13th June at noon (you can sign up for priority tickets)
- Tickets will go on sale October 2016
- No official cast yet (obvs) but there are rumours that Lin could appear in 2018 or 2019 (see source 5, below).

source 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Better start saving up your pennies, London/Euro ontders!
Team Bus

China Anne McClain cast as Ursula's daughter in Descendants 2

Production begins on the sequel this summer and the movie is slated for a 2017 debut. China Anne McClain has been cast as Ursula's daughter Uma. The original cast is returning while Gaston and Captain Hook's kids will be cast soon.

captain jang.

Hockey legend Gordie Howe dies at 88

- regarded by many to be the most complete hockey player of all time
- played 33 seasons in the NHL most of them with the Detroit Red Wings. He started his pro career as a teenager with the Omaha Knights of the United Hockey League, and ended it by skating one final shift for the Detroit Vipers of the International Hockey League in 1997 — at age 69
- was nicknamed Mr Hockey
- Howe retired in 1980 as the NHL leader in career goals (801) and career points (1,850) — both records were later broken by Wayne Gretzky, who considered Howe his idol. But Howe always maintained his string of 20 straight seasons as one of the league's top five scorers during his Hall of Fame career.
- Gretzky tweeted out today that Howe was the greatest player of all time and the nicest man he had ever met
- after his wife died in 2009 he vocal crusader for dementia, Alzheimer's and similar conditions, establishing the Gordie and Colleen Howe Fund for Alzheimer's in partnership with Baycrest — a facility dedicated to aging and brain health operated out of the University of Toronto.
- in later life he struggled with short term memory and cognitive impairment. He had suffered a series of strokes in recent years, fighting to recoup his health time and again after each setback.
- he died surrounded by his family, his sister said "I guess he didn't want to fight anymore, but what a fight he had"


Beliebers get guy who destroyed Bieber fired from his job?

  • Lamont Richmond is the one who destroyed Bieber in a fight

  • He and his two gal pals saw Bieber outside a bar and chilled with him

  • Then he dared to ask Bieber for pics and autographs for the girls

  • Bieber said "no autographs tonight motherfucker" and was very drunk and took a swing at Lamont

  • Apparently he has a lawyer and would like to sue

  • He later backtracked saying he lied and he wasn't the one in the fight after getting death threats from Beliebers and getting fired from his job

Source: Twitter
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Jon M. Chu to Direct ‘In the Heights’ Movie?

  • Chu is in early talks with the Weinstein Company to direct "In The Heights" film

  • Previously directed “Step Up 2: The Streets”, “Step Up 3D”, and "Now You See Me 2"

  • Scott Sanders and Mara Jacobs are producing with Lin-Manuel Miranda

  • Quiara Alegria Hudes is the screenwriter


Kesha announces mini Vegas residency!

The gentle soul known as Kesha Rose is back on the touring schedule! She will be gracing the stage at the Wynn Las Vegas for three nights this summer; on June 23rd, 25th and July 23rd. Kesha will revisit her illustrious pop catalogue, which contains 10 top10 hits, onstage at Wynn's Intrigue Nightclub.

Source: https://twitter.com/billboard/status/741046899680153600
Tickets here: https://www.wantickets.com/Events/207743/Kesha

Have you seen Kesha live? Fave Kesha song/performance?

Best Solo Efforts by Ex-Boybanders

Many boyband members fade into obscurity after their glory days are over (only to reappear to shill hair care for men products.) Some may have a couple of hits and then burn out. Very few go on to have fruitful and long lasting solo careers. Below is my list of the best solo efforts put forth by ex-boyband members. I utilized my memory of their impact on pop culture at the time, the ability to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100, and just how good the song was.

Justin Timberlake – “Cry me a River” (2002)

After *N Sync went on a permanent hiatus in 2002, Justin Timberlake released his first solo album Justified. Arguably one of his best solo songs to date, “Cry me a River” supposedly details the demise of his and Britney Spears relationship. JT being the petty betty that he is, even went as far as casting a Britney Look-alike in the video…as well as including a figurine of her well known back tattoo. The song reached a peak of #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in February 2003. JT continued to enjoy success as solo artist with FS/LS & The 20/20 Experience as well as being a guest host on SNL.

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and none for BSB or Zayn.

Cleverman renewed for season 2

The show has been renewed for a second season!

  • Season 2 will also be 6 episodes long

  • Production is set to begin later this year in Sydney

You can watch Cleverman Thursdays 9:30pm on ABC and Wednesdays 10/9c on SundanceTV, as well as online on ABC iview and SundanceTV. The show will also be airing on BBC3 later this year.

Source: 1 2

Who's been watching? What does everyone think?
jas wink

Freestyle Love Supreme is coming back!


i still haven't watched season one (it's available on iTunes), but there are clips from the show and their live shows on YouTube and they're fucking hilarious

mark and bronson

Tyler Posey Is An Actual Disney Prince

Princess Elena of Avalor will make her royal debut in the highly anticipated animated series “Elena of Avalor” this summer!

Set in the enchanted fairytale land of Avalor, the series tells the story of Elena, a brave and adventurous teenager who has saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as crown princess until she is old enough to be queen. Elena's journey will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion, the traits of all truly great leaders.

The cast list is pretty awesome and includes "Tyler Posey as Prince Alonso, a charming prince from the Argentine-inspired Kingdom of Cordoba."

Other cast members include Aimee Carrero, Jenna Ortega, Lou Diamond Phillips, Yvette Nicole Brown, Carlos Alazraqui, Constance Marie, Danny Trejo, George Takei, and tons more.

Source: Latin Times

get that disney $$$ bb
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2016 truly is the year of realizing stuff: Azealia Banks realizes that words hurt

Azealia Banks posted two statements on her Facebook account today. In the first one, she states that she will never use the word f****t again because she finally realizes that words hurt. She goes on, saying that it's not fair for her fans, peers, and herself to use those words, since it paints her in a way that isn't the true herself. Azealia says that she's sweet, kind, caring, generous, and she likes to inspire people and make them laugh.

Ok, i'm never saying the word F****T ever again. The amount of people that get hurt when i use the word vs. the amount...

Posted by Azealia Banks on Friday, June 10, 2016

In the second statement posted on her Facebook, Azealia Banks says that she wasn't ready to be thrust into the public eye. She says that moving from her "little NYC hipster bubble onto the global stage so quickly was shocking" to her. She goes on, saying that she grew up feeling as though she never deserved anything, so self-sabotage became a regular thing for her. Azealia says that she has a lot of unlearning to do about herself.

Now, it's all about growth and making sure that I do not revert back to my old habits. My time in the public eye has...

Posted by Azealia Banks on Friday, June 10, 2016

Source: 1 + 2

Jennifer Lawrence to Play Controversial Tech Billionaire

- Jennifer Lawrence will star as tech entrepreneur and Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.

- The Big Short director Adam McKay will to direct, write, and produce.

- Holmes is currently 32 (seven years older than Lawrence), but she was 19 when she dropped out of Standford University and founded Theranos, a blood-testing company. At its peak Theranos was valued at $9 billion but currently faces criminal investigations by federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission over alleged fraudulent practices.

- Vanity Fair recently did a juicy piece on Holmes' downfall.

_justforjlaw_2016-Jun-1068379.jpg _justforjlaw_2016-Jun-0.jpg

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Fifth Harmony have one of the biggest pure sales drops ever- 7/27 drops 90% & sells 5,582

  • Fifth Harmony's 7/27 sold 5,582 pure sales this week (#42 on the charts) and 23,471 SPS (#17 on the charts) according to Hits Daily Double. That would be a 90% pure sales drop and a 70% SPS drop from their debut week.

  • This 90% would be one of the biggest pure sales drops ever. Other notable drops are Kanye West's "The Life of Pablo"'s 95% drop (28k to 1k), which was only available for purchase as a digital download on his site kanyewest.com or the Tidal store (no iTunes, amazon, physical copies in stores, etc.). The biggest drops for albums released on all sales platforms are Madonna's MDNA (87%) and Zayn Malik's Mind of Mine (86%)

  • In other charts related news, Paul Simon takes #1 on the pure sales charts and Drake spends his 6th week at the top of the SPS chart due to his massive streaming (Views has been streamed over a billion times and is stilling getting more than 100 million streams a week)

Source: Hits Daily Double Charts

They better properly promote the bops All In My Head and That's My Girl since the audience isn't buying the album.gif. Maverick shouldn't pull a Britney Jean again. Also wtf 134k for Drake this week... will Views ever give anyone else a chance for a #1?

Louis Tomlinson is a sweetheart to deaf fan, Summer, at Soccer Aid

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  • Summer was a mascot at Soccer Aid

  • Summer was originally supposed to be looked after by Robbie Williams (her mother tweeted him about getting in touch, so she could teach him to say hi in sign language)

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  • Louis was chosen to take care of her at the last minute instead because Louis knows some sign language

  • Summer's mother tweeted that Louis was very sweet to her and made her feel safe

Souce: Summer's mom's twitter

Good job Loucifer. That was an incredibly kind and amazing thing to do.
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Battlestar Galactica movie finds writer & potential director


  • Lisa Joy (HBO's Westworld, Pushing Daisies & Burn Notice) has been tapped to pen the script

  • Director Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, Catching Fire, Mockingjay 1 + 2, Kings) is reportedly circling the project

  • He's currently prepping another movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, so if he does direct it would have to happen after that

  • It is to be produced by Michael D Luca, Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark for Universal, who hope to make it a franchice

Film wishlist?

In black hair care news: White folk have been using ORS Olive Oil Sheen Spray as cooking spray

ORS Oil Sheen spray is this amazing hairspray for Afro-texture hair. It smells great and it keeps your hair moisturized and smooth without making it oily and gross.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell our white brethren that it is not edible because ON GOD, they have been spraying that shit on their eggs and salads. It's even been spotted in food aisles.

It all started when a black London student went to her white friend's BBQ and spotted the green bottle in the kitchen:

She promptly informed him that he had been cooking with hairspray. His reply was "But it says olive oil...."



Label Heads Think Harry Styles Will be Bigger than Zayn

- Harry Styles is about to sign a solo record deal and label heads are using Zayn's sales as benchmark on how fat a check to offer Harry.
- To date, Zayn has sold 300k+ in TEA, 105m video views, and 177m streams on the album (160m are of hit song Pillowtalk).
-  Those who are vying for Harry's signature, however, believe that Harry has a greater upside than Zayn because Zayn is said to be a bit precious about promo opportunities while some have described Harry as the hardest-working man in showbiz.

Panthers p

The Friday Night Lights cast reunites at ATXFestival

The cast of Friday Night Lights, including: Connie Britton, Adrianne Palicki, Scott Porter, Jesse Plemons, Gaius Charles and more reunited, fittingly, on Friday Night at the old Dillon Panthers field.

Also making an appearance at the event was Kirsten Dunst, there to support new boyfriend Jesse Plemons as he performed with his fictional band Crucifictorious.

Absent from the event were Aimee Teegarden, Minka Kelly, Taylor Kitsch and Zach Gilford who are in Chicago to reunite tomorrow at a Spartan Race. Though, Zach was in Austin earlier in the week and did have a reunion with "Grandma Saracen".

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