June 1st, 2016

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Depp punched wall & fractured hand during fight with Amber in 03/2015, which halted Pirates filming

- injury sustained in Australia, but not during filming
- he had to fly back to the United States to receive medical treatment and surgery (pin inserted into a finger), which halted filming for over a month
- source states that the injury happened during a fight with Amber, after punching a wall, and also that they "fought all the time"

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39 Movies That Are Better Than The Book


- Stand By Me (The Body - Stephen King)
- The Last of the Mohicans (The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757 - James Fenimore Cooper)
- The Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien)
- The Devil Wears Prada ( The Devil Wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger)
- Fight Club (Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk)

Mark Salling fired from film after being indicted on child pornography charges

-According to TMZ, Mark Salling (of glee fame) got fired from Gods and Secrets, wherein he plays a villain, days after being indicted on child pornography charges
-They were told that re-shoots of Salling's scenes will start soon
-Adi Shankar, the director of the film, will personally pay for it
-Adi Shankar also plans to donate a percentage of the profit to an abused children's charity
-No replacement for Salling yet.


Sorry mods. Fixed it. :)
megan fox tmnt

Spiritual Kween Megan Fox tells Kimmel she is moving because her unborn genius baby told her to

"I feel like you receive messages from the child if you’re open to it. This baby wanted me to live somewhere else so we’re moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles because I feel like that’s where this baby wants to be raised."

The Native Tiger also believes this baby has told her he will be a super genius, "This baby is also telling me that it’s kind of like a Werner Von Braun or Elon Musk, like a super genius."

She previously has said that Bodhi and Noah teach told her they were free spirits when she was carrying them.


Seeing the reactions on twitter last night... The rest of the world is finally starting to realize that Megan is "Crispin Glover weird."

camilla cabello hits the studio with rihanna producer

Camila on @ItsBennyBlanco's Snapchat story pic.twitter.com/68ITpj4s1T

— Camila Cabello News (@CCabelloNews) May 30, 2016

- fifth harmony‘s 7/27 isn’t the only project camilla cabello seems to be hard at work on
- the ontd fave and pop princess was seen in a recording studio with producer benny blanco
- blanco is behind katy perry‘s ‘teenage dream’ and also rihanna‘s hit single ‘diamonds’


are you ready for camilageddon??

shirley manson

New Bond movie could have its first female director

Sam Mendes, who directed Skyfall and Spectre, has announced he will not return for a third Bond film.

Danish director, Susanne Bier, has been shortlisted for next Bond film. She has previously directed 'The Night Manager' (BBC mini series, with Tom Hiddleston), 'Things We Lost in the Fire', 'Love is All You Need' and 'In a Better World'.

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Kelly Rowland's new girl group releases first promotional picture

Member's names are Shyann Roberts, Kristal Lyndriette, Brienna DeVlugt, Ashly Williams and Gabrielle Carreiro.
And yes, they are good.


Interview with the girls and Kelly

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Comic book Roundup

-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink #1
-Buffy The High School Years Freaks And Geeks TP
-Batman Rebirth #1
-Green Arrow Rebirth #1
-Green Lanterns Rebirth #1
-Superman Rebirth #1
-X-Files #1
-Civil War II #1 (Of 7)
-Spider-Woman #8
-X-Men '92 #4

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Source S2 S3
shirley manson

The World According to Michael Bay, the Donald Trump of Cinema

Kate Beckinsale recently recalled how director Michael Bay seemed to be more focused on his distaste for her looks than on her acting while working together on Pearl Harbor. But that's not new when it comes to Michael Bay.

Bay's been known to wear neon Nike sneakers that say “Bayhem” on the tongues and recently boasted that his net worth is about “half a ‘B’”. He is the Donald Trump of Hollywood filmmakers: "brash, boisterous, and views all women through the eyes of a testosterone-laden 13-year-old kid ogling his first Victoria’s Secret catalog", and his casting process is problematic.

Wonder how Megan Fox got her role in the Transformers? She went to director’s house to audition and he made her wash his Ferrari while he filmed her. But that wasn't the first time they worked together, she was an extra in Bad Boys II at age 15. She was wearing a stars and stripes bikini and a red cowboy hat, and six-inch heels in what would be a scene in a club, Michael approved until someone told him it wasn't such a good idea to have a minor doing a scene holding a drink. So his solution to that problem was to then have Megan dancing underneath a waterfall getting soaking wet.

Fox was allegedly fired after the second movie. Shia LaBeouf had this to say: “Mike films women in a way that appeals to a 16-year-old sexuality. It’s summer. It’s Michael’s style. And I think [Fox] never got comfortable with it”, so they cast Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who LaBeouf said was far more compliant.

Sean Connery once allegedly called him a "fuckhead".

He parked his silver Ferrari into a handicapped spot.

"To me, in an action movie, the story is always the making of a hero, usually a wise old man teaching a young boy how to become a hero." - Because in Michael Bay's mind, women cannot be heroes.

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J.K Rowling just can't let Harry Potter go

Article talks about how J.K Rowling said the seventh book of the series would be the last one, and it fact it was, but she keeps interjecting new elements into the series, like when she announced at an event at Carnegie Hall that Dumbledore, whose sexuality in the books was obscure, is in fact gay, and tons of new informations that she keeps adding in the series through twitter. Also talks about how immersed she is in the Harry Potter world and continues to writing new essays on the Pottermore site, and the release of the Cursed Child play and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie.

ONTD, do you think J.K should just let Harry Potter die?

Khloe and Odell Beckham Jr. spotted together at Drake's Memorial Day Pool Party

Khloe seems to be adding to her black athlete collection by cozying up to the Giants star.

Not so fun fact: OBJ lived with Drake while he recorded Views so expect Drake to hop on the Giants bandwagon.


ONTD Original: Top teen movies of the early 2000s

2000-2005 was a glorious time for music and film. Maybe it's because I'm biased & that's when I was in my tween phase, but everything from that time drips with nostalgia. If you've spent your teen years hoping to have the same experiences as the teens in these movies, this post is for you! Let's focus on some of the best teen flicks of the early 2000s.

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I'm sure I'll be stoned for missing some movies, so add your favorites!
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Harry Potter; DH1

The best show on TV is returning 4 months earlier! Shameless returns in October!

- Shameless returns October 2nd on Showtime
-Usually returns in January. The season just ended in April
- Social media is speculating this is the last season as they did this to Weeds and Dexter
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REJOICE! Bob Ross' "Beauty Is Everywhere" coming to Netflix

If you haven't had enough of Bob Ross between Youtube and Twitch, you can now watch Bob Ross' show "Beauty is Everywhere" on Netflix starting this month. "Beauty Is Everywhere" follows the same formula as "The Joy of Painting", but with the addition of Bob bringing on his pet squirrels every once in a while.

Source 1, 2

Favorite Bob Ross gifs/quotes?

2016 Emmy Contenders: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series/Comedy Series

source 2

the frontrunners for a nomination according to Variety:

Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey)
Bobby Cannavale (Vinyl)
Kyle Chandler* (Bloodline)
Louis C.K. (Horace and Pete)
Paul Giamatti (Billions)
Damian Lewis* (Billions)
Rami Malek (Mr. Robot)
Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul)
Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan)
Kevin Spacey (House of Cards)

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nominations are announced July 14

Drake takes Hailey Baldwin out on a date

- Drake was seen with Hailey over the memorial day weekend
- The 2 were dining at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood
- Hailey was also present at his Memorial Day party
- Drake was last linked to Rihanna and Serena Williams, while Hailey had been dating Justin Bieber.


How many recent High School grads have you all dated this year, ONTD?

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

John Carney apologizes to Keira Knightley

ICYMI last week Begin Again director John Carney insulted Knightley across multiple interviews saying about his new film "It's a small personal movie with no Keira Knightleys in it. It's really rewarding" and then referring to her as a supermodel and accusing of her not being able to keep his last film "humble".

After getting dragged by her fans, directors who had worked with her in the past, and the media he finally issued this apology.


It's a good apology but I still want to know what he was thinking when he started this.

America's Richest #SelfMadeWomen: Pop Stars Edition

Forbes released a list of the wealthiest self-made women in the country from all career paths. Of course we looked up the top 5 female pop stars.
So the only pop girls to make the list are… (PERSONAL WEALTH)
1.) Madonna - $560M
2.) Celine Dion - $380M
3.) Barbra Streisand - $370M
4.) Beyoncé - $265M
5.) Taylor Swift - $250M

Source: 1,2
Let them seethe Queen!
King K

ontd original: best celebrity beauty lines

Every year, crappy cosmetic lines come out with a "celebrity line," which usually has nothing to do with the celeb and are cheap copies of other products. But sometimes a celeb gets involved and the results are magical. Below is a list of the best, not of celeb-endorsed lines, but celeb owned or closely worked with/managed lines.

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Amber Heard: The Cops Are Lying, They Saw Me Bruised & Battered + There Was a Witness

  • Amber says the cops are lying about not seeing her bruised face.

  • Amber says the cops (and TMZ lbr) are in Johnny's back pocket and he is paying them off

  • Amber points to the glaring inconsistencies in their story and that it has changed 3 times.

  • First, the LAPD said they never responded to any call. The second time they said there was only one call. The third time they said there were 2 calls and 2 different sets of officers were sent to Amber's residence.

  • Amber also says a witness was there who examined Amber's face and noted Amber "had a significant injury with redness and swelling."  The witness in question is Raquel Rose Pennington.



Court Papers Reveal How Much Amber Heard Earned in 2015

- Court papers show that Amber Heard earned roughly $260K for 2015.
- However, after agent fees and other expenses, she only took home $50k.
- Her paycheck for The Danish Girl was $31K while it was $45K for the movie Paranoia.
- She also earned $120K and $50K from luxury brands Tiffany and Bulgari respectively.
- Residual fees from Machete Kills and The Rum Diary ($2K each) added to her income.
- Johnny Depp, meanwhile, earned $30M last year.
- Amber is currently asking the court for Johnny to give her $50k a month in spousal support.

Being a celebrity is not as lucrative as I thought.

Brie Larson is the frontrunner to play ‘Captain Marvel’

  • Variety reports that Brie Larson is the frontrunner to play Carol Danvers.

  • They're coming to an agreement, with Marvel wanting her to take the role and Larson “leaning” towards accepting it.

  • The plan was always to cast the lead before the director because Carol will make her debut before her solo film, probably on the next Avengers movie.

  • The Hollywood Reporter is also reporting that Jennifer Kent and Niki Caro are among the contenders to direct the film.

sources: 1, 2

alicia | kiss oscar

New Details Emerge About Johnny Depp's December 2015 Assault on Amber Heard

• Amber texted her friend in December 2015 asking her to come around because she was being attacked by Johnny
• Her friend said that when she got to their house Amber had a cut, bruised lip, swollen eye and was missing a chunk of her hair
• Amber confided in her friend that she feared for her life because Johnny had also tried to suffocate her with a pillow (!!!)
• Friend says she has witnessed the aftermath of his abuse on many occasions
• Amber had previously stated that there "have been several prior incidents of domestic violence with Johnny. In particular there was one severe incident in December 2015 where I truly feared that my life was in danger."

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Source: 1, 2

Britney's impact: Justin Timberlake reportedly eyeing a Vegas residency

- Reportedly talks are in the very early stages but Timberlake could be headlining the Monte Carlo's 5000 k newly renovated theater

- He's got a new solo album due for released in 2017 so the timing might be right

- Timberlake is also a new father who might be looking to stay closer to home

- Since Britney's trend setting Las Vegas residency was announced in 2013 she has inspired pop icons like Mariah, Jlo, Lionel Richie, Pitbull and others to get residencies of their own.

Will Timberpuke be next?

source: https://twitter.com/breatheheavycom/status/738072416971149312


Stacey Dash: Transgender People Should Use the Bathroom ‘in the Bushes’

“It’s tyranny by the minority. Why do I have to suffer because you can’t decide what you wanna be that day?” Dash complained in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, June 1. “It’s your body! So, it’s your decision, right? We all make choices,” she said, insinuating that being transgender is a choice people make.

us weekly's twitter

Ryan Gosling: "Women are better than men."

Ryan Gosling covered ES Magazine and gave an interview in which he explains why he thinks women are better than men.

"I think women are better than men. They are stronger. More evolved. You can tell especially when you have daughters and you see their early stages, they are just leaps and bounds beyond boys immediately."

When asked what percent woman he'd say he is:
"I'd say 49 percent, sometimes 47 percent, it depends on what day you catch me."

Says he thinks it's time for America to have a woman leader:

"I think it needs a woman's touch. I've always liked women more. I was brought up by my mother and older sister. My home life now is mostly women. They are better than us. They make me better."

When asked about the media objectifying him:
"It's our time as men to be on the receiving end of the stick. When my mother and I walked to the grocery store, men would circle the block in cars. It was very scary, especially as a young boy. Very predatory; a hunt."


Texts between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's assistant document past abuse

Entertainment Tonight has a text conversation between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's assistant Stephen Deuters from May 2014. The conversation seems to take place after an assault on Amber by Johnny. Amber is saying she doesn't know if she can get back with him, while his assistant is trying to convince her to have sympathy for him, referring to him as a "little lost boy."

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Kat Von D's makeup is among the highly sought-after products of Tumblr's very own "Bling Ring"

-GOOD investigated Tumblr's lifting haul community.

-The self-proclaimed Tumblr Bling Ring is inspired by the Bling Ring that stole from Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

-Some of the most popular stuff to shoplift includes Kat Von D makeup and Bed Bath & Beyond candles.

-Viral superstar Joanne the Scammer is a mascot for Tumblr's lifting community.

-The shoplifting and fitness communities on Tumblr have an ongoing war over the use of the "lifting" tag.

Source: Twitter

Have you ever stolen something?
Sabrina (H27)

ONTD Original: Underrated Kanye West Produced Tracks

Let's try to remember Kanye West before he became half of 'Kimye' or even before that Taylor Swift situation, he was still the egotistical rapper he is today but was also known as the 'Louis Vuitton Don' who produced great songs like You Don't Know My Name, Jesus Walks, Used to Love U, Overnight Celebrity, '03 Bonnie & Clyde and who made controversy but necessary commentary on Hurricane Katrina.

But for know lets talk about the positive of Kanye West and what better way is to talk about his old music. Kanye West hails from the South Side of Chicago where he became deeply involved in the hip-hop scene. As a teenage, Kanye met producer No I.D. who taught Kanye 'how to sample and program beats after he received his first sampler at age 15'. By the age of 20, Kanye dropped out of Chicago State University (where his mother was a professor also) to pursue his musical dreams where he became the main producer for Roc-A-Fella Records and then later signed by the label. (If you want to hear more about how he got started you should listen to Last Call off of the College Dropout)

This list will be songs to me that are either underrated or songs most have slept on. This list will be second in a series where I'll highlight very known producers and their underrated/less popular songs.

I Want You (2004) – Janet Jackson

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Picture - Headhoncho
YouTube - 1|2|3|4|5
Wikipedia - 1|2|3|4|5|6

ONTD, what's your favorite underrated Kanye produced track? or even your favorite Kanye track?
image host

Alicia Keys blogs about being empowered by going makeup free

Picture is not a #TBT. It's makeup free 35-year old A.Keys for Vanity Fair!

Some excerpts:

-"We all get to a point in our lives (especially girls) where we try to be perfect.

Does it start somewhere in second grade after picture day when you wear your frizzy hair out 'cause your mama says it's beautiful but all your "friends" laugh at you?

You grab the brush and gel and pull your beautiful big hair back into the tightest ponytail you possibly can to contain your unique hair in a bun — hiding a piece of who you are in order to fit into a picture of what others seem to see as perfection."

-I remember when I first started to be in the public eye. Oh my gawd! Everyone had something to say. "She's so hard, she acts like a boy, she must be gay, she should be more feminine!" But the truth is, I was just from New York, and everyone I knew acted like that.

-Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn't put on makeup: What if someone wanted a picture?? What if they POSTED it??? These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking.

-It wasn't until I walked into one of my first shoots for my new album recently that the issue was front and center again. I'd just come from the gym, had a scarf under my baseball cap, and the beautiful photographer Paola (never met a Paola I didn't like) said, "I have to shoot you right now, like this! The music is raw and real, and these photos have to be too!"

-It was just a plain white background, me and the photographer intimately relating, me and that baseball hat and scarf and a bunch of invisible magic circulating. And I swear it is the strongest, most empowered, most free, and most honestly beautiful that I have ever felt.

-Once the photo I took with Paola came out as the artwork for my new song "In Common," it was that truth that resonated with others who posted #nomakeup selfies in response to this real and raw me.

I hope to God it's a revolution.

'Cause I don't want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.


I always flip-flop between makeup being a tool of patriarchy or empowering. How do you guys feel about it?

ONTD Original: The Best Mid 00's Socialite Bops

ONTD Original: The Best Mid 00's Socialite Bops
paris-britney-lindsay-268330 (1)
so its 2004 youve just finished having cyber sex with ur boo on habbo hotel, you open up ya hollister sub group on xanga because a bit needs a new nicole richie icon & one of these songs just finished loading on limewire ..

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favorite 00s pop bops?


Plans of One Direction as Solo Artists Revealed

Month six into the break-up hiatus, Simon Cowell One Direction's mouthpiece Dan Wooton shared what Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam are planning for their solo careers:

NIALL:  Will release solo music first and is already in the studio writing. About to sign a deal with Syco and Modest, same team as 1D.  Syco and Modest believe that Niall will become a breakout solo star because he has the talent, looks, and personality that made him popular across the pond. Expect a hit single to be released early next year.
LOUIS: Wants to be a music mogul, TV producer, and host. Quit Modest and recently signed up with an agency that represents popular UK TV stars. Considering both behind-the-scenes and on-camera work. Has his own record label but has no plans to record a solo album.
LIAM: Too busy with new love Cheryl that he has taken an extended break.  Now looking for high-profile management companies and considering opportunities in the States.
HARRY: Currently shooting Dunkirk in France. His manager Jeff Azoff is negotiating a solo deal with Capitol Records.

Dan also couldn't help but take a jab at Zayn zaying that everyone from 1D will become more zuccessful than Zayn bec. his last zingle missed the Top 20.

Larry is now free from Modest! When's the coming out party?
matthew lewis

Makin' yo mama cry - Property Brother in Fargo Bar Brawl!

Suburban Housewife Man Candy
and Hair Frosting Enthusiast Jonathan Scott
Caught on Video Getting Knocked Down But
Getting Up Again

B&W Security Footage shows 6'5" HGTV host and contractor twin getting shoved by short stocky dude in rear of bar, stocky dude pushes him towards front door, J.Scott falls to the floor but gets up quickly and gets shoved into a booth while stocky guy escapes.

From the news report, Jonathan called the cops saying he was assaulted and put into a headlock by bar bouncers. Apparently there was a misunderstanding on whose beers Jonathan was drinking. There were concerns about charges being pressed but none were (this is why trending on facebook news today as incident happened at the end of April)

Source: WDAY.com B&W Video
Source: Color Stills/News Report
My fantasy of what happened - Jon wanted some D, and Fargo boy was not into it and we had a gay panic situation.