May 25th, 2016

Gwen's make up artist defends her BBMA look

Her make up artist Gregory Arlt says that make up is all about having fun, which is what they did at the BBMAs. On his FB page he wrote:

"Well, the armchair warriors out there in social media land had some very strong opinions about this makeup look I did on Gwen for the Billboard Awards, it’s basically what we’ve always been doing, just no upper liner or false lashes (and yes, a pale lip as opposed to a color). You’d think I sent her out with tinted moisturizer and Chapstick from what people were saying!”

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Honestly chapstick might've looked better

Fear The Walking Dead's Frank Dillane Arrested for Battery

-Plays Nick Clark, a former drug addict, on AMC's Fear The Walking Dead
-Tried to get into the CBS studio lot without any credentials
-Security tried to stop him
-Got into a fight with a security guard
-An employee said the actor's behavior was "erratic"
-Was detained before police picked him up and arrested him
-It's unclear why the actor tried to get into the studio in the first place since the show doesn't film in that lot.
-Investigation on going.

ONTD what do you think happened?

Harry Hands

Harries Crash 'Dunkirk' Set and Get a HQ Pic of Harry Styles' Haircut

Harry Styles is on the set of his first movie, 'Dunkirk' directed by Christopher Nolan. He had to chop off his rat's nest of a hairdo for the film. The act will go down in history as Christopher Nolan's greatest contribution to society.


 photo tumblr_nuhz6opKHd1soy7b2o2_250_zpsj5c36de7.gif

I'm blushing. He looks so good. HOT HARRY HAS RETURNED. Let us rejoice.

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Chad Smith pissed on Taylor Hawkins' fan & Travis Barker has drunk own piss

Travis Barker from Blink-182 in a radio interview said Chad Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, played a certain prank on Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, in 2000 when the three acts came together for the Big Day Out festival.

His exact words are (at around the 7 minute mark): "When we were in Australia, Chad Smith would pee in Taylor Hawkins' fan. It was the worst practical joke ever. I don't think he'd appreciate if I peed on his fan but if I can get onstage then I'll try."

He also added that he has drunk his own piss before thinking it was Gatorade.


ontd, have you ever pissed on a fan?
nick and jess

Beauty And The Beast teaser was viewed a record 91.8 million times in its first day

- Before this, the most viewed in 24 hours was Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser with 88 million views.

Beauty and the Beast, directed by Bill Condon, stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. With Kevin Kline, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Audra McDonald, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson. In theaters March 17, 2017.

source: THR twitter

Could it beat the opening record for march? this will make so much money for Disney. Lets see which movie will get the live action treatment next.

Priyanka Chopra: I was bullied by a supremely racist black girl

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The Imitation Tour: Beyoncé accused of plagiarizing the water dance routine for her tour

The swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman posted a clip of his work from 2014 on instagram, claiming that Beyoncé had stole his dance routines without crediting him on her brand new tour.

But wait a second.
[yall wanted a twist eh?]
A german choreographer from Ballet Hagen accused Ekman from stealing the water-dance routine from her as well!!!

source: 1 / 2
Xtina Maxim

H&M Announces KENZO As Thier Next Designer Collaboration

H&M will team up with Parisian fashion house Kenzo for this year’s designer collaboration. Find out what Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have to say about Kenzo x H&M.

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audrey hepburn

Wonder Woman Reveals a $100 Million Budget

  • Athena Film Festival artistic director Melissa Silverstein and European Women’s Audiovisual Network head of research and PR Francine Raveney talk at the source about the importance of female-directed films

  • Mentioned the Patty Jenkins "Wonder Woman" movie is the first female-directed film with a $100 million budget


Britney vs Madonna scrapped at the BBMAs? + the love keeps pouring in for Spears' performance

- According to the ever ~reliable~ Radaronline Britney and Madge got into it behind the scenes at the Billboard awards right before Britney performed!

- Apparently Madonna went berserk after she saw how much attention Britney was getting from the show's producers and lashed out by yelling at Spears' backup dancers??

- Britney rose above the childish behavior according to the source and didn't let it affect her mood or triumphant performance.

Several celebs showed Britney some love on social media after her BBMAs performance

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Comic Book Roundup

-DC Comics Bombshells #13
-DC Universe Rebirth #1
-Justice League #50
-Scooby Apocalypse #1
-X-Files #2
-Captain America Steve Rogers #1
-Captain Marvel #5
-Mockingbird #3
-Star Wars #19
-Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Year 2 #6

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Kevin Smith Says New Ghostbusters Hate Isn't Sexism

Smith said on his podcast, " "It could've been all men with the same jokes, and it still would have sucked."


The director of Yoga Hosers would know all about making shitty movies.

G-Eazy to be featured on Britney's upcoming single, Make Me (Ooh).

BRAVO Magazine also confirmed that he personnally told them in a recent interview:

G-Eazy previously worked with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Chris Brown.


Will Make Me (Ooh) be a Pretty Girls or a Boom Boom  2.0?

haters will say its photoshop

Blind Item: i hate my fans

A franchise film actor puts down his fans, career, wealth, and fame in general.

Allegedly, a well-known actor took to Reddit to anonymously announce all that he dislikes about his fame.

"I am an actor. Well-known. A few of my movies are among the top-grossing in history. I started out as a child actor and fortunately have worked ever since.

1. I hate my fans. Appreciate them but hate them. I hate them because they hound and harass me. I am not an attention whore. I don't tip off the paps, party, etc. I usually enjoy being by myself. I can't even be open about being gay. What really irks me is how fans call me by this character's name and start touching me and asking for pictures like I am one of those guys dressed like a Transformer on Hollywood/Vine. Don't get me wrong, I'll always chat and take a picture with a fan if they are cool or for a young fan, but most people are assholes.

2. I hate the way they ask me for money and think I have money. I see these sites where fans will say I am worth like $20 million. BITCH PLEASE. I am worth more like $4 million. And I don't even live a lavish style. Far from it. I may get four movie offers ranging from $1 - 4 million. I probably take a quarter of that at the end. Most often I turn down the higher-paying movies because they will do the most damage to your career. Sometimes I won't get any offers. I have tons of expenses. I have to pay lawyers, accountants, family, etc. Don't even get me started on taxes. Also, if I ever become disabled or can't work anymore, then I am fucked.

3. They think that I can get them work. No I can't. That pisses me off more than anything.

4. My life is not that glam. Most famous people are not that interesting. They're uneducated. They're ignorant. They're paranoid. They're full of themselves."

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Who could it be, ONTD?
mark and bronson

Tyler Posey Is Selling Baby Wipes for Men on Instagram

It's a dude wipes Christmas miracle! Every DUDE should have this product in their home. I fully believe in DUDE wipes.

It's pretty obvious what part of that caption he wrote and which part he copy+pasted, but it's fun to imagine he fully believes in a needlessly gendered ass wipe, sort of like a needlessly gendered Easter Bunny.

Sadly, Terrence Howard couldn't be reached for comment.

Source: Posey's Instagram

ONTD, to what depths have you ever stooped to get money? Also, which celebrities will you stan in hell?
i can't

Fifth Harmony '7/27' reviews: "new-era Spice Girls"

"[UK girl group that won't be named] may represent girl power for the UK but there is something slightly edgier about the American quintet"

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pop slayage, bop factory, equal solo distribution, etc. they did that.
5h used to sing about the days of the week and now they give us female empowerment and hoe anthems

sources: ibtimesuk x rest of review from newsday

Sabrina (25)

Amber Heard files for divorce from Johnny Depp

- Amber filed on May 23rd and is citing irreconcilable differences (his mother passed away on May 20th)
- Sources tell the site that the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement and she is asking for spousal support
- The couple got married in Feb 2015

Update from TMZ - Johnny has filed his response through his lawyer, Laura Wasser. He is asking the judge to reject Amber's claim for spousal support

haters will say its photoshop

Beyonce & Jay-Z joint album on its way?

- The effort is slated to drop as a TIDAL exclusive soon
- Insiders say it's the couples way of addressing rumors
- Bey is trying to out-do herself with 2 surprise releases in the same year

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Has everything since elevator-gate been one big PR stunt meant to generate revenue for Tidal, ONTD?
Source | Source

Hacker pleads guilty to stealing nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and more

Ryan Collins, 36, one of the losers who stole nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Cara Delevingne, Gabrielle Union, and dozens of other female celebs in 2014, pled guilty today.

He used an email phishing scheme to gain access to a minimum of 72 Gmail accounts and 50 Apple accounts.

According to his plea deal, prosecutors suggest a sentence of 18 months in prison, but the judge isn't required to accept these terms and could choose to sentence him to the statutory penalty of five years.


Fatman and Robyn Party On

- Rihanna and Leonardo Dicaprio were both spotted partying at Up and Down club in the West Village, Tuesday night.
- Leo arrived 10 mins. after Rihanna with friends including rumoured new gal, model Nina Agdal.
- Nina, however, left 15 minutes after arriving.
- Fatman and Robyn partied until 3 am
- Rihanna was wearing boots from her Manolo Blahnik collection and sunglasses from her newly announced collaboration with Dior.

Do you think this duo will ever make it official, ONTD?
[FS] red lips

Arrow Season 4 Finale Recap

everybody left
-thea questions everything after threatening the life of darhk's daughter, thinks she became speedy too quick after lazarus pit. says laurel wouldn't be proud of her and goes to find herself.
-diggle tells lyla the truth about killing andy, we see him packing a bag and saying goodbye to his family in his army uniform. leaves for another tour, i assume.
-quentin and donna leave, who cares
-city comes together to fight the ghosts
-flashback lady is dead, amanda waller came back
-oliver kills damien in the same way he killed laurel
-oliver becomes interim mayor of star city
-oliver and felicity stay in star city
-malcolm is still alive


The cast of Ghostbusters on Ellen

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Link in the tweet has a video that I can't get to embed.

SOURCES: Tweet, Video 1, Video 2
Will Graham shifty eyes
  • ivy_b

Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras talks 1X08, plus Twitter Roundup


'Wynonna Earp' showrunner Emily Andras talks 1X08, "Two-Faced Jack" and teases 1X09.

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Twitter roundup for the week-

Two new images for 1X09:

Good news from their Twitter:

Wynonna Earp is going to SDCC 2016! Hopefully this means the chances of S2 are good, thanks to fibu for pointing this out.

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SOURCES: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Still way too low with 0.1 in demo, but them going to SDCC makes me a bit hopeful for S2. Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on the SyFy channel.

Taylor Swift Doing Errands in Workout Clothes Post

- Taylor Swift was spotted in Beverly Hills running errands after an hour in the gym.
- It's the star's first sighting since bf Calvin Harris got into a car accident.
- Source is implying that Taylor changed her hair color to distract from recent boob job, given her fuller bust

Nah.. she had hers done a long time ago.
matthew lewis

Oscar Isaac Dancing in Ex-Machina is Universal

Dance Scene from Ex-Machina
Works with Any Song

Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys

Source: @OscarDances Twitter Feed

This is something that has been trending in entertainment news today (IndieWire, Esquire, VanityFair, CinemaBlend, EW, Mashable, and Slate have all posted in the last 24hrs).

I won't embed all of them, but here are links to ONTD-related Faves:
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Zayn - Like I Would
Lady Gaga - Telephone
Hamilton Cast - What'd I Miss
Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
And just for fun, Da Vinci's Notebook - Look at My Enormous Penis (aka all about Oscar Isaac, amiright?)
Hot Charli

BBC Announces Planet Earth II

What we know:

It will be filmed in 4K
It will feature Snow Leopards
It will feature 6 1 hour episodes on jungles (both real ones and concrete), deserts, grasslands and more
David Attenborough WILL be narrating
It will air in 2016

Source 2

Live in Colorado? You Can Find Shia Labeouf and Take him Places

*Shia Labeouf has been tweeting random coordinates for the past few weeks. They are in Colorado.
*A group of guys found him and they bought him lunch.
*It's part of a project with the Boulder (obviously) Museum of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with two other artists.
*The coordinates spelled TAKE ME ANYWHERE and you can literally take him anywhere if you find him.
*He said he picked Colorado for the project because it is beautiful and the air is clean (but you really shouldn't move there if you're thinking about it).

source is 9news, the best news station in colorado
ONTD, does your artpop involve people taking you places?