May 22nd, 2016

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Why Xena and Gabrielle never got together



Rob Tapert: "We didn’t really ever want to get them 100 percent together for a very strange reason. There was Ares [Kevin Smith], God of War, who we loved. We did not want to give up the hold that character had over Xena and the enjoyment we had with telling stories of Xena and Ares. So as much as we liked that Xena and Gabrielle were two people who were the best of friends, and perhaps intimate friends, we never wanted to give up Ares.” Tapert also says the studio wouldn't let Xena and Gabrielle appear in the same frame during the opening credits because they were worried people would think it was a lesbian show.

Renee O'Connor said that Rob would push the envelope as far as he could, but that he had to work within network guidelines.

Viggo is not purposefully ignoring studio offers

“I guess you could call the movies I do off the beaten track, I’m not willfully ignoring studio movies. I’m just looking for stories I think are worth telling.”

“I’m happy to make one really good movie a year,” Mortensen says. “The process does take a toll. It’s hard just to get a movie made and find attention for it.”

“They were picking up a tone that wasn’t really there,” Ross says. “There’s something about Viggo — he’s a man’s man, but he’s also physically fit, and believes intellectually in the words coming out of his mouth.”

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I'm shocked he has his own tag tbh & sorry mods, ily <3
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lady gaga's childhood piano doesn't sell at auction


- gaga's childhood piano failed to meet its reserve price saturday when los angeles-based julien’s auctions offered it as part of the “music icons” memorabilia sale at the hard rock cafe new york
- the piano had a pre-sale estimate of $100,000 to $200,000.
- more than 85 elvis presley items also were auctioned by julien’s. they included a 1969 gibson dove guitar that presley’s father made for him. it sold for $334,000


is your fave a fad?


Florence + the Machine perform for fan in hospice care

A teenage girl named Kariyna had bought tickets to see Florence + the Machine in Austin.  Unfortunately, due to her illness she wasn't able to attend the show.  So instead, Florence and her guitarist came to her and played an hour long private concert for Kariyna and her friends.  You can also watch a video of them singing "Kiss with a Fist" together here.

parisdiorchanel circus

Chris Brown is an idiot part 135,434,113 - Thinks it's inappropriate for kids to wear tutus

-Commented on a photo that Nia Guzman posted of their daughter (Royalty) in her dance class outift

-Nia responded: "“If anybody thinks something is wrong with a baby…mad at the world in dance class…in her TUTU…U need to go pray!”

-Morons in comments section are saying it's not the outfit, it's the pose


Wow. Sexualizing your 2 year old daughter. A new low, Chris Brown! Congrats!

Leonardo DiCaprio takes private jet from Cannes to collect environmental award in New York

- On Wednesday, Leo flew ~6,400 km/4,000 miles from Cannes to New York to accept the Riverkeeper "Big Fish" award for his "dedication to the environment on a global scale." Less than 24 hours later, the Aviator star flew back to Cannes to attend amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS gala.

- A source close to Leo claimed that the actor/environmentalist only "hitched a ride with someone already flying back and to Cannes. Hitching a ride was the only way he could make it in time for both events." Leo did not charter his own flights.

- An excerpt from Leo's Oscar acceptance speech: "Climate change is real. It is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating. ... Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted."


ONTD, should Leo have opted for a more eco-friendly way to pick up his award?
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Desiigner talks Panda: "When I say 'I'm smoking weed,' I say 'I'm smoking jew kids."

Desiigner annotated his massive hit "Panda" on Genius, giving fans a chance to better understand the lyrics to his song. In his verified annotation, Desiigner describes how the line "I got broads in Atlanta, twistin' dope, lean, and the Fanta" is about how he had a girl in Atlanta. He goes on, saying that when he says "I'm smoking weed," he's saying "I'm smoking jew kids."

Source: Genius

Another Direwolf's fate is sealed? NEW "The Door" Game of Thrones Spoilers & Theories

Based on the images, Bran will have an encounter with the Night’s King, the leader of the White Walkers. The scene was first teased in the trailer for season 6. It seems odd that Bran, who has been revisiting his family’s history in flashbacks in past episodes, would suddenly have a vision of the Night’s King—unless, of course, there is some previously undisclosed history between the White Walkers and the Starks. An ancestor of the Starks maybe?


Read more at the Source - Newsweek

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Cannes Winners & Losers

Watch the livestream here:

As we prepare for the Palme D’or , let’s speculate on potential winners, take a look at what films made an impact, plus talk about winners from the companion exhibitions, Un Certain Regard and the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs.
We’ll update the post with the Palme D’or winners as they’re announced.

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Sources: Livestream | Fortnight | UCR | Tweets (1, 2, 3)

DCEU's Dead Robin's Identity Revealed (Spoilers)

In a video posted by the official Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Facebook page, a tour guide confirms that the Robin suit in Batman v. Superman did in fact belong to Jason Todd. This hightens the speculation that the solo Batman movie may be centered around Jason Todd and the "Under the Red Hood" storyline.


Tamar vs. Reality update - 'The Real' issues a statement, Loni responds/makes instagram private

* Per variety, Tamar is 'existing' The Real
* 'The Real and Tamar Braxton have mutually decided that Tamar will not be continuing with the show for its upcoming third season,” according to a statement attributed to the show.
* Apparently wants to focus on her solo career

Elsewhere, Loni Love - who had been working a show the night prior - has made her instagram private but did post this in the wake of the backlash to her followers:


source , source

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Japanese popstar stabbed 20 times by fan

20 year old idol singer mayu tomita was stabbed by a 27 year old man before her concert
the man was a "fan" of hers and said he became enraged after she returned a gift that he sent
she's currently in a coma + in critical condition
before the incident, she reported him to the police for obsessive stalking but they didn't do anything about it


The BBC Asked Jodie Foster How Much Money George Clooney and Julia Roberts Were Paid

Actress and director Jodie Foster was put in an uncomfortable position during an interview with the BBC. In an interview at Cannes to promote her film Money Monster, the interviewer pressured Foster to reveal how much money she paid stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and whether they were paid equally.

The BBC has faced criticism from other media outlets, as it has consistently declined to reveal whether its own female correspondents and staff are paid equitably.

Also, why doesn't Jodie have her own tag???!!!

Watch the full interview at the source.

And the source for the Instagram vid.

How much money do you make, ONTD?

Netflix Released the Official Title For The Gilmore Girls Revival

Each of the series’ four 90-minute episodes will be set in a different season and apparently there will be more news on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Sources #1, #2

For those complaining about Sara Ramirez' last episode...

- Shonda found out that Sara was not coming back about 3 days before the news broke out.
- Said she had a different plan for Callie when Sara went and told her she needed a break.
- She is always surprised to hear Ellen Pompeo wanting to re-sign.
- Talks about Patrick and Sandra's exit as well.


Keke Palmer Becomes A Trending Topic Over A Bare Faced Snapchat Picture

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SOURCES: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

ONTD, have you ever gotten any rude remarks when you were out in public bare faced? Are you sick of people and their ridiculous standards of beauty? 

Victoria's Secret Eliminates Their Swim, Apparel, Shoes, Accessories, and Catalogues


Victoria's Secret has confirmed that it will no longer carry swimwear, apparel, or accessories, and that it will significantly decrease the number of catalogues circulated. The lingerie behemoth was rumored for months to be dropping the aforementioned categories amid changes to its corporate structure. The three remaining departments-- Victoria's Secret Lingerie, Victoria's Secret Beauty, and Victoria's Secret PINK-- will be structured as individual businesses, each with its own executive leadership.

--About 290 layoffs as result

--Will hurt short-term revenue, but will see growth in long run

--VS is focusing on streamlining and narrower focus on lingerie, beauty.

--The elimination of their catalogues will have no significant impact on sales

--Focus more on digital imprinting on consumers

--Pink is the strongest of the core categories, and Beauty is the weakest

Will this affect how you shop at Victoria's Secret?


Link to previous ONTD post where the rumor was first posted.
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AMC - PREACHER Premiere tonight 10/9c

- Ruth : “When I read the pilot, I rang my agent and said, ‘You’re sending me something I’m never going to get and that’s mean.’”
- Seth on Dom's casting : “The actor needs to encompass everything the show encompasses, which is something that’s very dark at times but also light at times, something that is very funny at times and romantic and sexual at times,” Rogen said. “We needed an actor who could star in all those different shows, basically.”


Feel free to use this as a talkback/viewing post for you East Coasters! I'm pretty psyched as a fan of the comic, though I'm aware they had to do quite a bit of changes to have it work for television. Lots of entertaining TV tonight, but hope you tune in to witness the beauty of Ruth, Dom, and Joe on our screens on a weekly basis.


Gillian Anderson as the #NextBond?

Daniel Craig‘s alleged departure from the James Bond franchise he’s led since “Casino Royale” has opened the floodgates to speculation about who will replace him.
“X-Files” star Gillian Anderson has become a popular fan choice since the hashtag #NextBond popped up on Twitter, and she responded to her name being thrown in the ring Saturday.

Gillian has since responded to the fan campaign and over 16k people have liked the tweet.


Who do you want to play the next Bond?

Dax Shepherd masturbated while in traffic

Dax Shepherd had a vasectomy and had to give a semen sample weeks later to see if the procedure worked, but because of his tight schedule, he had only 15 minutes to drive to the doctor's and give his sample. When traffic slowed down, he decided to jerk it into a jar while still in the car. He turned out to be sterile. Don't worry.


Paramount dropping lawsuit against Star Trek fan film

-Director Justin Lin asked Paramount to drop it since it isn't the right way to treat fans since fans are what saved the franchise to begin with.
-JJ Abrams said “This wasn’t an appropriate way to deal with the fans” at a Star Trek fan event on the Paramount lot.

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Fergie Performed a New Song This Weekend!

-Fergie performed at Rock in Rio Lisboa this past weekend, and opened the set with a video teaser for a new song (rumored to be titled "Hungry")
-She then performed a new song - "You Already Know" - that features Nicki Minaj
-What we heard isn't the final version of the song, but gives an indication of what Fergie's upcoming Double Dutchess will sound like!


I'm feeling this way more than L.A. Love and I really want the full version!

Mary J Blige Busted Out Her Classic Drunken Auntie Moves At The Bad Boy Reunion Concert

Mary is the queen of no fucks given dancing, and this week she broke out her newest Soul Train meets Tekken moves at the Bad Boy Reunion Concert.  For a stroll down memory lane, click here for some of her other dance moments.

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ONTD, is this how you dance at your family BBQs?
Sabrina OLY 9

ONTD Original: R&B One Album Wonders of the 1990s and 2000s

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Many weeks ago I made this post: ONTD Original: R&B One Hit Wonders of the 1990s and 2000s and in the comments ONTD member eastaccidental came up with idea for someone to do a post about artists who were one album wonders and since I did the one hit wonder I decided why not do it.

Now onto the topic, this ONTD/kobewife1 Original will be about artists that had one great/good first album then could never duplicate or duplicate at least a fraction of the success of their previous album.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998) – Lauryn Hill
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ONTD, what's your favorite one album wonder? (other genres are welcomed)
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