May 9th, 2016

Elementary Season 4 Finale "A Difference in Kind"

Casting spoiler(-ish) under the cut.

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MTV The Ride: Fifth Harmony

The episode aired a little bit before the release of "Work From Home" (like a few months ago) but is only available online now.
There’s nothing more powerful than an artist speaking their truth. The Ride gives today’s most talented performers a direct link to fans to tell their story—like no one’s ever heard before.
On this episode, we get individual interviews with each girls and Simo Cowell, backstage videos and more.

- Camila's road to the X-Factor
- Dinah Jane's road to the X-Factor
- Ally's road to the X-Factor
- Lauren's road to the X-Factor
- Normani's road to the X-Factor
- X-Factor auditions

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They grew up so much

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Friday Night Lights cast will reunite to participate in Chicago Spartan Race for 10-year anniversary

Friday Night Lights shippers rejoice. Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch)/Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly) and Matt Saracen(Zach Gilford)/Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden) are reuniting and teaming up with the Marriott Rewards team to run in the Spartan Race just outside of Chicago on June 11th.

Minka Kelly talked to Entertainment Tonight to confirm the Friday Night Lights cast involvement: "I'm really looking forward to running on the Marriott Rewards team at the Spartan Race in Chicago and catching up with my former cast mates from the show."

Fans can sign up and run the 8-10 mile obstacle course alongside the Friday Night Lights cast.

Just the day before on June 10th in Austin the rest of the Friday Night Lights cast will be reuniting at the ATX Festival Friday Night Lights Tailgate event.

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Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

YACHT issue statement after sex tape leaks and post it on website for $5

Electronic indie duo YACHT have taken to Facebook to address their leaked sex tape. They released two statements, one in which they reveal that they have begun legal proceedings against the person who leaked the tape, and another in which they post a link to their site, where they have uploaded the video in hopes of controlling the narrative surrounding the leaked tape.

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Meghan Trainor BLASTS music video editors for photoshopping her to look thinner

Meghan Trainor took to Snapchat to explain why she took down her "Me Too" music video. In her Snapchat, she blasts the editing team behind the music video for making her waist smaller, especially since she said her waist looked "bomb" the day she filmed her video. She goes on, explaining how upset she was, especially since her breakout smash hit single "All About That Bass" is an anthem that denounces photoshopping that makes women look thinner.

Source: YouTube

drag those losers, Meghan!

USA invades Europe: Justin Timberlake performing at the Eurovision Song Contest

For the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, a non-contestant Global Superstar, Justin Timberlake, will enter the Eurovision stage in Stockholm. He will perform the #1 single, CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!

"This is a fantastic opportunity, we are very happy and excited that Justin Timberlake will perform his new song together with his band in our show. It makes it extra special that the Swedish songwriters Max Martin and Shellback have co-written and co-produced the song together with Justin Timberlake", says Sven Stojanovic, Show Producer of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

He will perform as an interval act in the Grand Final, Saturday May 14th at 21.00 CET.


Who will the USA send to represent the USA when they inevitably begin competing in Eurovision?

Ozzy Osbourne is Missing

-News broke out that Ozzy was allegedly having an affair with a hairstylist
-Sharon kicked Ozzy out of their house
-Ozzy went to stay at a Beverly Hills hotel and is no longer there
-Son, Jack Osbourne, has been trying to get in touch with him
-Friends are afraid he might fall off the wagon
Edit: he's resurfaced
ONTD, have you ever mistakenly thought someone had dissappeared?

She aint havin' it: Selena throws away "Marry Justin" sign at her concert

Here's an ONTD tip for y'all. If you do attend one of Selena's Revival shows and you're in the mood for making a cheeky banner dont make one that encourages her to marry ex-bf Justin Bieber. Cause she will not like it.

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Drake gets first #1 as lead artist with "One Dance"

Both of his previous #1s were features with Rihanna (What's My Name and Work).

For your viewing pleasure, one of Bey's Lemonade dancers slaying One Dance


Song is ok. Should've been Hotline Bling.

Zoë Kravitz lands major beauty campaign as the new face of YSL Beauty

YSL announced on Instagram that Zoë Kravitz is the brand's new muse. "She is talented, cool and free-spirited. She embodies the YSL Beauty woman and the brand’s vision of beauty. We are proud to announce that the new U.S. YSL Beauty muse is the amazing actress and singer Zoë Kravitz. She will collaborate with our brand exclusively on the social medias. Stay tuned! @zoeisabellakravitz"

"YSLBeauty has always been one of my favorite brands. Nothing is forced, nothing is fake, but everything is bold, strong, and unafraid. I'm very excited to work with this legendary and timeless company."

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You're not crazy - that was definitely a fart you heard on last night's Game of Thrones


are you one of those uptight individuals who can't laugh at a fart, ONTD?

X-Men Apocalypse Blue Carpet at the London’s BFI Imax Global Fan Screener

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More pictures at the source

I love almost all of their styles, or maybe I was expecting something worse, idk.

11 (5) things Civil War did better than Dawn of Justice

+ It’s possible to “go dark” and introduce weighty themes without becoming simplistic, and still have some fun too.
+ It’s not that civilians can’t die, it’s that you need to care that they died.
+ Don’t tease a ginormous conflict that can be easily resolved by a single word.
+ Understand that stakes come from emotional investment in the psychologies of the characters, not the size of the threat.
+ If you have to use your movie to set up other franchises, do it organically.


Fifth Harmony x FASHION magazine: The World's Hottest Girl Group

- Fifth Harmony arrive on set and their entourage basically consist of: one grandmother, three mothers, two fathers, two sisters, a tour manager, a day-to-day manager, two publicists, and a Louboutin-sized dog. They also give lots of hugs.

- The girls act like hosts at a party, graciously thanking stylists, editors (pretty much everyone) crushing the stereotype of entitled millennials to a pulp.

- Their sophmore album, 7/27, is about to be released on May 27th and the single “Work From Home” has managed to climb over Rihanna’s most recent “Work” on the iTunes charts.

- 5H’s next big performance will be in Canada as one of the headlining acts slated to appear at the 2016 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards on June 19 in Toronto.

7/27 album reviewCollapse )

Lauren’s profileCollapse )

Camila’s profileCollapse )

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source and the rest of the article/review: fashionmagazine x youtube

They look like a girl group ready to take over the world if you ask me

Karma Kardashian plans to copyright 'Angela Renee Kardashian'

- Karma Kardashian's (aka Blac Chyna) birth name is Angela Renee White.
- She's filed legal documents laying claim to Angela Renee Kardashian. Primarily for the market of television, entertainment services, party hosting, movie appearances and living as a "social media celebrity".


Dan Savage Drags Ann Coulter over "Bathroom Bills" and Illegal Immigrants

Conservative Lizarad Woman author Ann Coulter clashed with liberal activist Dan Savage on Friday over Donald Trump’s past claim that some of the immigrants entering the country illegally are “murderers” and “rapists.”

Savage and Coulter appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher“ Friday night, when Coulter trotted out the tired position that trans-inclusive bathroom policies would open up the door for sexual predators.
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She's so vile


Barrowman teases Captain Jack finally coming back to 'Doctor Who'?

- Barrowman revealed he'll be back in Cardiff after quite some time (he's been filming Arrow in US).
- He didn't revealed what he's doing there, just teased a bit about it.
- Makes sense that Moffat would want to revisit his characters before he leaves (he revisited River Song last Christmas).

Source he finally becoming The Face of Boe?

Rob Zombie claps back at Babymetal haters

Rob Zombie played a show with Baby Metal and posted a picture of himself posing with the band backstage. People complained. Rob called them out:

Rob Zombie on Facebook
Has anyone else listened to The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser bc I found it to be surprisingly solid

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Welcome Baby #2

Yep, she already had the baby, another daughter! Amada Lee Gosling was born on the 29th of April. She joins older sister Esmeralda Amada. Amada is a special name for Eva as it was her grandmother's name, and means "beloved" in Spanish.

Congrats to the gorgeous couple on their beautiful family! Cue the haters!


Daily Mail also has pics of Ryan, Eva and their eldest after the birth because no one is catching this fam unless they wanna be seen.

Real Housewives of Melbourne shake up! Chyka quits!

-Wants to go out on a high
-Just tired of it

First look at the 90min Reunion SpecialCollapse )

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Are you sad to see Chyka go? More importantly: How flawless was this season?

Gael García Bernal to star in 'Zorro' reboot

Jonás Cuarón will write and directed. He recently directed 'Desierto', also starring Gael. And co-wrote 'Gravity' with his father, Alfonso Cuarón.

Production on "Z" begins this fall.


Kristen Stewart takes her messiness next level with Woody Allen justifications

"I was like, 'What do you think? We don't know any of these people involved. I can personalize the situation, which would be very wrong.' At the end of the day, Jesse and I talked about this. If we were persecuted for the amount of shit that's been said about us that's not true, our lives would be over."

"The experience of making the movie was so outside of that, it was fruitful for the two of us to go on with it."


James Norton joins Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev and Diego Luna in 'Flatliners' remake

This is a remake of the 90s sci-fi thriller 'Flatliners', about a group of medical students who conduct near-death experiments to explore the afterlife to disastrous consequences.

The original movie starred Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland.

To be directed by Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, the Swedish one)


Jen and Ben Spotted KISSING In Paris...Possibly

Ben Afflect and his wife Jennifer Garner were spotted kissing at a hotel bar in Paris, according to sources.

This led to speculation that they may be getting back together? They seperated a year ago but haven't divorced yet.

One source said they're "in a weird place. They are comfortable with each other and there is still an attraction." and Jennifer is trying to be non-judgmental, whatever dat means?

Another sources denied it and said they are just friends and co-parents.



Person of Interest: It's on Mondays, too!

Don't forget there's another new episode tomorrow night! (i.e. there's an episode tonight, Monday @10, and another tomorrow night, Tuesday @10! Got it? Cause I sure didn't. Thanks, CBS!)

ONTD, did you enjoy last week's AWESOME premiere? Is Team Rocket (Root+Reese) the best thing ever? Does CBS suck?

me throughout the premiere


Xtina Rocks Lilac Hair; OP Hopes It's Here To Stay

Are you dying your hair this summer ONTD?

Sources The Voice Twitter Account, Xtina's Snapchat