May 4th, 2016

NBA Playoffs Round 2!!!

Despite the Toronto Raptors forcing Game 1 against the Miami Heats into overtime, the Heats were able execute late and hang on for the 102-96 win. Dwyane Wade was clutch for his team in crunch time with 24pts, 2blk, and 3stl.

The Golden State Warriors turn on the intensity in the 4th quarter, against the Portland Trailblazers, and came back from a 11pts deficit to win the game 110-99. Draymond Green came up huge with 17pts, 14reb, 7ast, and 4blk.

Never count this Warriors team out!!! Even without the MVP, this team was 73-9 for a reason! That defense in the 4th quarter was just amazing. Andre was big early on, keeping them in the game, and Festus was the game changer in the 4th. Toronto's backcourt is still struggling in the playoffs. Lowry had a terrible game despite the buzzer-beater. DWade with the clutch blocks and steals in crunch time, esp the steal at the end to put the game away. Exciting endings for both games tonight.

Sarah Hyland Gives a Sneak Peak of The Upcoming Dirty Dancing Cast

therealsarahhyland How the #DirtyD gang spends the night #meanmuggin #DirtyDancing @treveinhorn @abbienormal9 @beaucaspersmart @jlo @nicolescherzy #Q

Abigail Breslin, the LEAD of this movie playing Baby Houseman, is the one in the middle who cannot keep time with the others and the music.

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Sarah Hyland will be playing Baby's sister, Lisa. Nicole Scherzinger will be playing Johnny's dance partner, Penny. And J.Lo's BF, Casper Smart, is playing Johnny's BFF, Billy.


Oh my god, this is going to be the HOTTEST of messes.

Adele worships Bey

Adele thinks Beyonce is the most inspiring person she had the pleasure of worshipping (move over Lana)

"I'm not late on this I've just been speechless, Beyonce is the most inspiring person I've ever had the pleasure of worshipping. Her talent, beauty, grace and work ethic are all in a league of their own. I appreciate you so much! Thank god for Beyoncé X."

Did you ever worship a celeb ONTD ? why else would you be here
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50 Cent is an Ableist Asshole

- 50 Cent took a mocking video of a man he claimed was "high as a motherfucker" and "fucking crazy" while the guy was working. Turns out the man has autism and severe social anxiety.

- 50 initially posted the video to his Instagram but deleted it after he got dragged for making fun of a dude with disabilities.

- He later posted an apology stating, "While the incident at the airport resulted from an unfortunate misunderstanding, please accept my sincere apologies for offending you. It was certainly not my intent to insult you and I wish you and your family well."

- The man and his family chose to accept 50's apology and requested that he make a donation to Autism Speaks. They wrote, "Though a letter of apology will not undo what 50 Cent has put our family through, we are choosing to forgive. A great lesson can be learned from this heartbreaking situation. Regardless of the way that another person appears to you, it is never okay to publicly humiliate them via social media. We hope that this situation brings more awareness to what people with autism and other forms of social anxiety suffer through on a daily basis."


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Team Bus

Hulu renews The Mindy Project and The Path

The Mindy Project has been picked up for a fifth season while The Path's been renewed for a second.

Sources 1 and 2
carmen sandiego

The Russo Brothers say there's a "strong" chance an LGBT character will debut in the MCU soon

After grossing almost US$10 billion it might finally be the time for MCU to take ~risks

Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed Captain America: Civil War, say the onus is on them to accurately reflect the world we live in:

“I think the chances are strong. I mean, it’s incumbent upon us as storytellers who are making mass-appeal movies to make mass-appeal movies, and to diversify as much as possible. It’s sad in the way that Hollywood lags behind other industries so significantly, one because you think that it would be a progressive industry, and two it’s such a visible industry. So I think it’s important that on all fronts we keep pushing for diversification because then the storytelling becomes more interesting, more rich, and more truthful.”
(video at the source)


Dolly Parton Is Getting Married!


Dolly Parton is getting married-- again!!! The legendary country singer will renew her vows with her husband of 50 years, Carl Dean. Parton, 70, married Dean, 73, when she was only 18 years old in a small ceremony in Georgia.

Dolly is going to bring all the glamour and glitz that she didn't get to have in her first wedding, saying: "I'll have a beautiful wedding dress, 'cause I didn't have a big, long wedding dress when we got married and we’ve got a suit for him, so we're going to dress up and take a bunch of pictures."

YAS, KWEEN! Do you want a glamorous wedding?


Patton Oswalt pens heartfelt letter in memory of his late wife, Michelle

- "She hasn’t left a void. She’s left a blast crater."
- "I loved her. This is the first time I’ve been able to use “I” writing this. Probably because there hasn’t been much of an “I” since the morning of April 21. There probably won’t be for a while. Whatever there is belongs to my daughter—to our daughter. Alice."
- "Alice sat up in bed. Her face was silhouetted in the dawn light of the bedroom windows. I couldn’t see her expression. I just heard her voice: “When your mom dies you’re the best memory of her. Everything you do and say is a memory of her.”"


Kanye believes Kim is the reason why people accept interracial relationships.

Kanye called into the Steve Harvey morning show for an interview and had nothing but great things to say about his wife's influence on society.

Listen @ 13.30

Kanye: [Kim] is breaking boundaries on so many levels. You can't give me an example of as popular of a mixed couple and I've got friends that have had like ...that have white wives that before there was a Kimye they would go to the amusement park and people would be talking down to them, treating them a certain kind of way. She broke boundaries with that.

"She broke boundaries in fashion where designers wasn't trying to make clothes for woman with shapes and now they all about really embracing and empowering woman. Women empowerment, a matriarch society where women can make money."


Saorise Ronan crying at Met Gala after party?

So ignore that main headline, although it is kinda funny that Elon didn't get access to the after party.

BUT, buried towards the bottom of this otherwise boring article was the mention that Saoirse Ronan was seen having some drama.

“She was having fun dancing,” but then was “sitting crying in the corner."

Apparently Douglas Booth was with her trying to console her, but then she moved down to the lobby and was seen crying there as well. Then Poppy Delevigne showed up to help.

“Poppy said, ‘I have a car waiting, let’s go,’ ” a spy said. Ronan’s rep didn’t get back to us.


I wonder what happened.

Sarah Jessica Parker updates the world on 'SATC' & 'Hocus Pocus' sequels!!!!

Sex and the City 2

Sarah Jessica Parker did NOT have good sequel news when she stopped by SiriusXM's 'Just Jenny' today! After months of rumors about sequels for 'Sex & The City' and 'Hocus Pocus', Sarah did NOT have good news on their progress!

Parker told host Jenny Hutt, “It’s so funny that you should ask today! A really close friend of Michael Patrick just texted my very best friend yesterday and said “Do you know when they might make Sex And The City 3?” because he wants to go have fun! There are currently no plans. I am not being cagey or withholding- you would see through that …. thus far!”

And how about 'Hocus Pocus'? “Thus far, No plans.”

Magneto puppet
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Gargoyles was almost in Kingdom Hearts 3


A video from MomoCon 2015, in which Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman was asked about the possiblity of the show's characters being featured in any other projects, has recently been reported on for his comments about what had almost happened with Kingdom Hearts 3.

“That’s been discussed, and I’d love it––it’s not up to me. […] When I knew people who were involved [that] tried to push it, there was a point where I thought we were getting close on Kingdom Hearts…and then the guys I knew who were working on it got fired... I’d be very open to it, but obviously I don’t even work at Disney anymore.”


Jay Z is working on an album to tell his side of the Lemonade story.

- According to US Weekly, Jay is preparing a response album to Lemonade.
- A source says he is recording music detailing his version of events.


So basically Song Cry 2.0?
Harry Potter; DH1

Caitlyn Jenner to pose naked with her gold medal for Sports Illustrated.

- Caitlyn Jenner will appear on a summer cover of Sports Illustrated
- She will be wearing “nothing but an American flag and her Olympic medal,”

haters will say its photoshop


There seems to be another drink that’s worthy of Beyonce's investment! Bey has recently invested in WTRMLN WTR, a 3-year-old watermelon juice company.

“I invested in WTRMLN WTR because it’s the future of clean, natural hydration. As partners, we share a simple mission to deliver accessible wellness to the world. This is more than an investment in a brand, it’s an investment in female leaders, fitness, American farmers, and the health of people and our planet," Beyonce said in a statement.

The watermelon-based drinks are organic and, among a host of other ingredients, include a splash of lemonade. The drink can be found at stores like Whole Foods, Krogers, Costco, and Sprouts.


J.J. Abrams joins Lin-Manuel Miranda for a special #MayTheFourthBeWithYou Ham4Ham show

Lin and JJ Abrams perform the cantina song that Lin wrote for “The Force Awakens."

YouTube & Twitter
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Celine Dion To Perform At Billboard Music Awards

Celine will be singing Queen's "The Show Must Go On"

She will also be receiving the Icon Award which has also been given to 4 other artists. The artists that have the award are Prince, Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Lopez.

The Billboard Music Awards is set to be on Sunday, May 22nd.

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Hollywood does it again: gay Asian character in X-Men franchise replaced with white straight one

Via a series of Instagram posts, Josh Boone, the director of the upcoming X-Men spin-off film New Mutants, has unveiled what will is likely be the film's lineup of young adult superheroes: Dani Moonstar, Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane and Magik. The first four are from the original lineup of the team in the comics. Conspicuously missing? Karma, aka Xi'an Coy Manh, the fifth member from that particular team and its leader. Perhaps uncoincidentally, she's Vietnamese, and she also happens to be one of the first major lesbian character in superhero comics. She has been replaced by Magik, the sister of Colossus, who joined the New Mutants comics later in its run.

If the actual movie cast stays like this, it will be extremely disappointing. We just had a GLAAD report come out this week that showed the major studios rarely put LGBT characters in its films, with LGBT women being rarer still, and non-white LGBT characters rarest of all. Karma would've been a groundbreaking character yet again in a whole new medium, and let a whole bunch of people who rarely get to see themselves represented on screen finally get a scrap of acknowledgement.

Source, artwork by me after 20 mins in Photoshop
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Blac Chyna™ trademarks her name

- the world famous & highly relevant instagram star has filed paperwork to block tricky strippers and schemers from cashing in on her good name.
- Blac Chyna™ is making sure she has the exclusive right to promote products, TV appearances and movie deals with her household name.
- The docs were filed just 2 weeks before she got engaged to Rob.

Have you trademarked your relevant name yet, ONTD?

Madonna wore millions in diamonds to Met Gala + she basically hijacked that red carpet

Headpiece Madonna wore, wasn't actually a headpiece, but jewelry designer Neil Lane was very happy with the way Madonna played with it.
“What they did it was their idea. That was their concept. I gave them free range. I presented them with chains, but when it came to how they put it and where they put it it was up to them. It was a great surprise for me when Madonna walked on the red carpet and I saw what she’s done with my stuff.”

Madonna and her team actually cleared the red carpet and made sure no one else is on it while Madonna made her big entrance. Other A-listers had to wait for Madonna to have her pictures taken (Katy Perry, Kim and Kanye, Naomi Campbell, Solange and all the designers)

Source 1 2
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Megan Fox is the new face of hit mobile game Stormfall

• The Native Tiger lends her flawless likeness to the new mobile title Stormfall: Rise of Balur.
• OP downloaded it already and was disappointed to find that someone else did the voice acting.
• TV spots are coming.
• Her favorite games are Halo and Uncharted, but she doesn't play anymore.
• She says she'd like to play Lara Croft (@sony, kick that flop alexa vega or whoever out now thanks!)

Click the link in the tweet for the full interview + promo pics

Plarium Games

ONTD, what is your favorite mobile game?

Sean Penn Wins Apology from Lee Daniels in Defamation Settlement

sean penn wie h 2015

Sean Penn and Lee Daniels announced a settlement of Penn’s defamation lawsuit against the director over comments that Daniels made in a magazine interview.

In a joint statement, Daniels issued a letter of apology, along with a donation to one of Penn’s signature causes, the J/P Haitian Relief Organization.
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[actrs] jai is king

Daisy Ridley will star in a reimagined Hamlet focusing on Ophelia

-Starring opposite Naomie Watts as Queen Gertrude, potentially
-In talks to be directed by Claire McCarthy
-Based off YA novel titled Ophelia:
Lisa Klein's Ophelia tells the story of a young woman falling in love, searching for her place in the world, and finding the strength to survive. Sharp and literary, dark and romantic, this dramatic story holds readers in its grip until the final, heartrending scene.


Peaky Blinders Series 3 Episode 1 Stills & Synopsis

Peaky Blinders returns to BBC Two tomorrow on May 5th.

Also series 3 is available to stream on Netflix on May 29th.

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S03E01: It is Thomas Shelby's long-awaited wedding day. In the middle of the celebrations, a mysterious visitor imperils the entire Shelby family, and Tommy finds himself pulled into a web of intrigue more lethal than anything he has yet encountered.

S03E02: Tommy discovers the extent of the mission given to him and the extreme lengths his new paymasters are willing to go to in their quest for power. Meanwhile his own family's activities lead to escalating danger in Birmingham.

Picture source | Episode infos | Netflix news

Here for this finally.
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Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras talks 1X05


"Wynonna Earp" showrunner, Emily Andras, talks 1X05 'Diggin' Up Bones' and teases episode 1X06.

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EDIT: Of course once I posted this they put up promotional pictures for episode 6 and 7. I'll post 6 here and 7 with the sneak peek when it's out after the episode airs.

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SOURCE: #1, #2

We got back up to 0.2 this week, still doing better than SyFy's Monday lineup. Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on the SyFy channel.
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Supergirl Renewal Troubles

-cbs v wb over costs of the show ($3 mil per ep price tag not worth its ratings)
-about half the viewership dropped from series premiere to season finale
-cbs renewals will be announced in 2 week at upfronts, have no deal yet
-Moonves could push Supergirl to the CW
-but the move would mean big budget cuts to Supergirl


In Hollywood Must Be Stopped News: Interview with the Vampire Reboot is Coming

Universal is looking to reboot the Anne Rice series, starting with Interview and continuing on (let's remember Tom Cruise, the original Lestat, was ready and willing to do the series but that fell through). This latest Hollywood reboot will come from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, with a script from The Fault in Our Stars' Josh Boone (SMH).

The writer instagrammed the cover page of his IwtV script last week...

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Folks already suggesting Jared Leto as Lestat. FUCKITY BYE.
flash tomcav givingFACE

The Flash Roundup - Cast on Social Media & 2x21 The Runaway Dinosaur Promo Pics & Other News

The Flash 2x21: Official 'The Runaway Dinosaur' Episode Description & Promo Pics

In the official episode description for next week, expect to see the return of Girder (and Iris being a badass), and also a guest spot from Jason Mewes of Snoochie Boochies fame! This will be Kevin Smith's first directorial episode for The Flash, however... see the next item on the Roundup agenda for more on that!

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Kevin Smith Isn't Done With The Flash...
Ahead of his May 10th episode 'The Runaway Dinosaur', it has been confirmed that Kevin Smith is set to return to the Central City Director's Chair again in Season 3A!

Smith previously stated (as quoted at source) that working on the Flash has been his favourite directorial work. Ever.

This Week On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff & Things On Social Media'...
Again, not a huge amount happened as filming has finished for the season (they're back on set in July!), but we had a few pics related to the episode, and the cast generally chilling.

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Tom Cavanagh Visits DC All Access:
Previews the DC TV shows, and skirts around the topic of 'Discusses' BIG Things in the Finale!

Everyone's fave Actor-Who-Plays-The-Future-Husband of your Good & Noble OP dropped by DC All Access to chat THE FINNAAALLLLEEEEEEE in 3 eps time. And also to play with himself, ahem. Check him, and it, out!

Sources: Carlos Valdes Twitter, Candice Patton Insta, CP Twitter, Violett Beane Insta, VB Insta, VB Insta, Teddy Sears Insta, Keiynan Lonsdale Insta, KL Insta, Eugene Byrd Twitter, DC All Access, Promo Pics, Episode Description, Kevin Smith

Have you ever been INCINERATED by someone you trusted and looked up to, ONTD Flash Fam? ❤

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haters will say its photoshop

Katy Perry: I was super overexposed

- On her body image: "I'm curvy, I'm not sample size, but I represent a lot of people out there. I want to be relatable."
- On her return to pop: "I think when I come back and have more to say and want to tell certain stories, I want to be all out. I think it's time to take a break, there's a thing called being super overexposed. You want people to miss you."

Can you relate to Katy's curves? Do you miss her generic pop music?

ONTD Original: Your Pop Faves Best Album Cuts

Your Pop Faves Best Album Cuts
i mean look, the gorls dont always wanna pussy pop on a handstand to the top 40 hits, some nights a gur wants a night in with sutter home white zinfandel, foam between my toes, a juicy couture tracksuit, growing up gotti in the background listening to my faves bsides/deep cuts/album fillers

lets get into formation, my our faves best album cuts

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whats your faves best bside/album cut?

rhombus: steve the impalor
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Mumford & Sons collaborate with Senegalese singer Baaba Maal in “There Will Be Time"

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Mumford & Sons have been working on a mini-album with Senegalese legend Baaba Maal, Cape Town pop group Beatenberg and British-Malawian jazz-fusion artists The Very Best. The collaborative EP titled Johannesburg will be released on June 17, 2016.

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Mumford & Sons are currently on tour, a full list of dates is available on their website.


ONTD, have you accepted African music into your iTunes library yet / can we make this a music post?