April 26th, 2016

NBA Playoffs Post

The Charlotte Hornets won Game 4 against the Miami Heat, 89-85, tying up the series two games apiece. The Hornets' point guards led the way with Kemba Walker scoring 34pts (13/28 fgs) and Jeremy Lin adding 21pts (6/10 fgs) off the bench.

The Oklahoma City Thunders moved onto the second round after beating the Dallas Mavericks 118-104. After Mark Cuban disses Russell Westbrook, the Thunders' PG goes for 36pts (13/23 fgs, 3/8 3pts), 12reb and 9ast along with making sure Charlie Villanueva regret he woke up that morning.

After getting blown out in the first two games, the Portland Trailblazers came back to win two straight against the LA Clippers to tie the series up. Al-Farouq Aminu's cold streak snapped and he led the Blazers with 28pts (10/19 fgs, 6/10 3pts) and 8reb. This wouldn't be the only lost for the Clippers as Chris Paul left the game early after injuring his hand.

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SNL's Pete Davidson and Larry David's Daughter Are Dating, Allegedly Got Tattoos for Her

- Pete Davidson and Larry David's daughter Cazzie are dating.
- No clue as to how long they've been dating but he and Carly Aquilino (the redhead from Girl Code) broke up last year.
- Pete may or may not have gotten tattoos for her?
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Sources: 1 / 2 / 3

Tattoos or not they're a qt couple. Would you ever get a tattoo for a significant other/Tinder hookup/club encounter, ONTD?

Rita Ora pokes the Beehive

Rita Ora, who people are speculating being "Becky with the good hair" posted the following image on her instagram today seemingly out of nowhere with just 🙌 as a caption.

For those not familiar with the 1973 film it's about a woman who has full body plastic surgery in an attempt to save her failing marriage.

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Is Rita Ora the Real Becky with the Good Hair?

- The night Beyonce released Lemonade, Rita took to Snapchat to share an image of her wearing a lemon bikini with a J necklace
- Rita famously sued Jay Z's label due to Roc Nation's alleged lack of support in Rita's music career

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source source
Why do these nobodies thirst to be Becky?
naomi letterman

Rachel Roy: "I'm not Becky"

"I want to put the speculation and rumors to rest. My Instagram post was meant to be fun and lighthearted, it was misunderstood as something other than that," she said. "There is no validity to the idea that the song references me personally. There is no truth to the rumors."

whyyoualwayslying.mp3 🐝
Stana Katic — Castle S6 BTS

Loveline Leaving Radio This Week After 33 Years

Syndicated call-in radio show Loveline's last episode will air this Thursday, April 28, with longtime co-host Adam Carolla returning for the final farewell. Loveline first aired on Los Angeles station KROQ in 1983. It introduced Dr. Drew Pinsky in an ongoing segment called "Ask a Surgeon" in 1984. He was then promoted to co-host and remained such through the rest of Loveline's three-decade run. In addition to Carolla from 1995 – 2005, Pinsky's regular co-hosts included Riki Rachtman, Ted Stryker, and "Psycho Mike" Catherwood.

Loveline also ran as a late-night talk show on MTV from 1996 – 2000 with Drew and Adam as hosts and several other co-hosts including Diane Farr and Laura Kightlinger.

Sources 1 2

Favorite Loveline moments, ONTD elderly? The show, especially the Drew/Stryker era, have a special place in my heart tbh. Dr. Drew's career away from Loveline is another story
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Celebrities tweet about the Hillsborough verdict

After a 27 year justice campaign instigated by the families, an inquest rules that the 96 Liverpool football fans killed in the 1989 Hillsborough stadium crush were unlawfully killed.

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Dakota Johnson for "Interview" Magazine

 photo img-dakota-johnson_09435846690_zpsf8fin4h3.jpg

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Notable Quotes:

JOHNSON: Well, we're not having actual sex. But I've been simulating sex for seven hours straight right now, and I'm over it.

JOHNSON: It is a bizarre time right now, though. It seems like the world is so fast to move its interest to someone else. When I think about filmmakers and actresses that I have admired my whole life, I've admired their entire body of work. I have admired what they began with and what they're doing now. And now I feel like there's such a weird pressure to find the new face. I don't get it at all. I want to see women evolve. I want to see a body of work. I want to see all of it.


Still no Dakota tag?! What was all of lemonsugar's hard work for?!
romy and michele's high school reunion

Chris Evans: “If the Avengers were real, I’d be on Team Iron Man”


“Team Iron Man. There would have to be some sort of responsibility, you have to answer to somebody, you can’t just let this group of vigilantes answer to themselves. The truth is if there really were Avengers I would be Team Iron Man, I would. I mean who wouldn’t?!”

Showbiz's Famous Sisters for Vanity Fair's "Sisters Issue"

rashidajones SISTERS!! Thank you @vanityfair @jasonbellphoto @kristasmith for capturing me and @kidadajonesog in our natural habitat! 👯🌴

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See all the sisters included in the article HERE


I actually love this idea, SISTERS ARE THE BEST.(I only included the ones that posted it to social media/original photos taken for the article. Sorry.)
haters will say its photoshop

Is Blac Chyna pregnant?

- rumors have been swirling around for months that Chyna plans on giving birth to a Karda$hian
- everyone getting along could be a result of the fact she's pregnant
- Kim Kardashian accompanied Rob and Blac Chyna to the OB-GYN office this AM


Marvel continues to be a mess about the Ancient One white-washing

The casting of white actress Tilda Swinton in "Doctor Strange" as the Ancient One, a character portrayed as a Tibetan man in the original Marvel comics, has led to criticisms of whitewashing. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, "Strange" screenwriter C. Robert Cargill and Swinton herself have all spoken out about the casting, and now a Marvel spokesperson has released a statement addressing the controversy to Mashable.

Marvel has a very strong record of diversity in its casting of films and regularly departs from stereotypes and source material to bring its MCU to life. The Ancient One is a title that is not exclusively held by any one character, but rather a moniker passed down through time, and in this particular film the embodiment is Celtic. We are very proud to have the enormously talented Tilda Swinton portray this unique and complex character alongside our richly diverse cast.


ABC's Gay Rights Mini Enlists Michael K. Williams, Sets All-Star Guest Cast

The cast of When We Rise so far includes Michael K. Williams as African-American community organizer Ken Jones, Ivory Aquino as transgender activist Cecilia Chung, Whoopi Goldberg as Pat Norman (the first openly gay employee of the San Francisco Health Department), Rosie O'Donnell as Del Martin (co-founder of the first lesbian organization in the country), Denis O'Hare as Jim Foster (an openly gay Democratic party organizer), David Hyde Pierce as Dr. Jones (the father of LGBT activist Cleve Jones), Guy Pearce as LGBT activist Cleve Jones; Mary-Louise Parker as women's rights leader Roma Guy, Rachel Griffiths as Roma's wife, activist Diane, Dylan Walsh as Dr. Marcus Conant, Kevin McHale as AIDS activist Bobbi Campbell, Rafael de la Fuente as Ricardo (Cleve's partner), Austin McKenzie as young Cleve, Emily Skeggs as young Roma, Jonathan Mauors as young Ken Jones, Fiona Dourif as the younger Diane.

The miniseries was written and created by Dustin Lance Black (who won an Oscar for writing Milk). Black, Gus Van Sant (Milk), Dee Rees (Bessie, Pariah) and Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing, Manhattan) are each directing two hours of the eight-part miniseries. When We Rise "chronicles the personal and political struggles, setbacks and triumphs of a diverse family of LGBT men and women who helped pioneer one of the last legs of the U.S. civil rights movement, from its turbulent infancy in the 20th century to the once-unfathomable successes of today."

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Daisy Ridley to star in Holocaust Drama 'The Lost Wife'

-It's based on the book by Alyson Richman.
-The story takes place in pre-war Prague, where Lenka, a talented art student, and Josef, her best friend’s older brother, fall madly in love; only to have their dreams shattered by the imminent Nazi invasion.
-Produced by Robbie Brenner (Dallas Buyers Club), the President of the Firm.
-The film was penned by Marc Klein (Mirror mirror, Serendipity).
-Sources tell Variety our banned source that the film is top priority and producers are currently meeting with directors for the job.
-A studio has yet to be attached.



Zendaya Among Finalists for James Cameron's 'Alita: Battle Angel' Movie

  • James Cameron is producing and Robert Rodriguez is directing Fox's adaptation of the popular manga.

  • The finalists for the lead role are Spider-Man: Homecoming's Zendaya, It Follow's Maika Monroe, and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials' Rosa Salazar.


Britney Spears to adopt a little girl?? + Selena Gomez + Demi Moore + Tori Kelly

- According to the National Enquirer Britney wants to adopt a little girl from Malawi
- She's talked at length about having a daughter and wanting to expand her family
- She has spoken to Madonna about making the move, naturally
- File this under bs

Selena Gomez on Britney Spears: She's the definition of Pop Princess. I love her.

In a recent interview:

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would you ever consider adoption, ontd?


Ally of 5H covers Time After Time with Echosmith + Fifth Harmony have more petty drama

Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony did a mini cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" with band Echosmith. Camila tweeted them "support." What could have been nice support for each other turned into drama when Camila liked these shady tweets.

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Source: Twitter 1, Twitter 2, Twitter 3

WFH is a hit and their album comes out in a month. Why are they like this?

Criterion and TCM are teaming up to create a new streaming service

- Will be an ad-free streaming service called Filmstruck
- Filmstruck will feature a mix of contemporary and classic filled with arthouse, foreign and cult films.
- Will be the exclusive streaming home for Criterion Collection titles (so they'll no longer be on Hulu)
- Will feature bonus supplements like audio commentaries previous unavailable on streaming services.
- Will launch this fall with prices still being worked out.


Jamelia tells Piers Morgan why 'Lemonade' is not for him (even though usually everything is)

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(also Piers and Don got into it a little bit, it's kind of great so read on Don's twitter)

tweet source

ONTD, do you think Piers is the true Becky and trying to deflect???
naomi letterman

"Lemonade" to be sumbitted for Emmy consideration

- The TV drop makes it eligible, HBO plans to submit in the variety special category.
- Bey previously received two Emmy nominations, for her Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2013 and for the “On the Run Tour” concert special with Jay Z.

What's your favorite "Lemonade" scene, ONTD?
zach levi

Wendy Williams Doesn't Think You Should Call White Girls Becky

In her hot topics today, Wendy discussed the wohle thing with Rita Ora being Becky as well as Rachel Roy....and then proceeded to also say the following:

- Calling a white girl Becky is like calling a black girl Shaniqua...don't do it, it's hurtful and not very nice
- They're both derogatory
- She encourages people not to use the Becky word anymore, it's hurtful
- Thinks it's shady Rachel canceled her appearence after the Becky thing
- She doesn't care if Rita is Becky or not.

Are you offended when someone calls you Becky?

[z] venus as a boy
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aml ameen/capheus of sense8 replaced by toby onwumere for upcoming season

- according to deadline banned source, aml abruptly left after tensions arose between himself and show co-creator, lana wachowski, during table readings in berlin
- tensions continued to rise while the cast was shooting in india and aml was reported to have left a few episodes into filming
- no one knows exactly what happened, but deadline banned source cites "creative differences" as the most likely culprit


poor aml, i'm so bummed!!! i hope he's able to find another gig soon. also wouldn't be super shocked if racism played a part in this because the lana's definitely no stranger to that [1] [2].
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Britney Spears went crazy in 2007 because of heavy drug abuse

-Britney Spears was a MASSIVE drug addict back in 2007, the year she had her meltdown.

-Britney asked Sam Lutfi to manage her, but he'd only do it if she stopped abusing drugs.

-Her drug abuse spiraled out of control and she would even sleep in parking lots.

-Sam Lutfi is suing Britney Spears for unpaid earnings from back when he managed her.

Source: Twitter
ancient aang

Rita "Not Becky" Ora being slick

In an attempt to give publicity to her non-career, Rata was seen sporting one of the outfits Beyoncé wore in the "Formation" video. Maybe she's aspiring to be the next Keri Hilson?

pics at the source
dog winter

prince didn't leave a will

- prince never left instructions about how he wanted his fortune to be divided after his death
- as a result, his 6 brothers and sisters look set to benefit from the music icon’s huge wealth, as minnesota law dictates
- prince and his sister tyka nelson shared six half-siblings - two are deceased
- however, any children the late siblings may have had would also be entitled to their parents’ share of the estate
- initial reports had estimated his fortune to be worth a staggering $300 million.


have you written your will?