April 19th, 2016

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The Flash: Hiatus Social Media Roundup & 2x19/20 Synopses & Zoom Feels Spoilers

The Flash 2x19 "Back to Normal" & 2x20 "Rupture" synopses - spoilers!
The official synopses for both 2x19 (April 26th) and 2x20 (May 3rd) have been released, and within them contain plenty of spoilers.

You may recall a certain minor character being spotted on set many moons ago, known to be related to another main character, and it was uncertain what was going on as that character isn't normally in any kind of superhero/villain outfit. Definitively find out more below!

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Zoom Info: What's on Teddy Sears' mind, and when will we know about The Man In The Iron Mask?
You've all been wondering when Leonardo DiCaprio the MITK will be revealed - well according to Teddy we will have to wait until the final episode of the season to find out more about him!
He now knows who it is, and promises that it will be "quite satisfying" when revealed.

However. In an interview since rewritten and re-reported in an acceptable source, Teddy also dropped some information about how Zoom/Hunter Zolomon viewed the STAR Labs Team, but particularly about his relationship with Caitlin... pretty much confirming in a roundabout way some information also beneath this cut...

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An attractive yet non-threatening racially diverse cast of a CW show - doing stuff.
Please find below the Flash social media round-up, Hiatus Edition! What have the cast been up to since the show last graced our presence, 84 years in the distant annals of history?

This past few days signalled the END OF FILMING on season 2. I repeat, season 2 is in the can!

Now let's look at people being qt. ❤️

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Are you physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the return of The Good and Noble Families West & Wells, ONTD?

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NBA Playoffs Round 1, Day 3 + Kawhi Leonard wins DPOY

The Toronto Raptors managed to bounce back after losing Game 1 to beat the Indiana Pacers 98-87. Cory Joseph continues to be a stabilizing presence for the Raptors scoring 16pts (6/8 fgs).

With the most exciting finish so far, the Dallas Mavericks managed to hold on and beat the Oklahoma City Thunders, 85-84, after OKC's potential game winning basket was declared to be no good. Mavs' Raymond Felton led his team with 21pts (8/16 fgs) and 11rbs.

Despite not having Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors were still able to defeat the Houston Rockets by 115-106. Warriors' Shaun Livingston step up and had 16pts (7/9 fgs) and 6ast. (I could literally replace Shuan with any other member of the team, everyone came to play tonight)

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SOURCE 1 + 2 + 3 + my tv

Congrats to Kawhi. The Raptors backcourt is still struggling. They're not gonna win this series unless Lowry and DeRozan can get it together. Great to see the Warriors stepping up with Curry out, really felt like everyone had a hand in this win. Still worried about Curry though, everyone's being so vague about it. I need to know how much I should be panicking! OMG, that Mavs/Thunder game. So many crazy sequences in the last couple minutes of the game.

Media is Not Here for Chris Brown

Drags his new documentary where Chris claimed he wanted to commit suicide after Rihanna assault

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Chris has also been called out for being a hypocrite as he recently posted a gross tweet following Kehlani's suicide attempt:


Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey join Marvel's Iron Fist

Jessica Stroup (“The Following”) and Tom Pelphrey (“Banshee”) have joined the growing cast of the Netflix original series “Marvel’s Iron Fist” as Joy and Ward Meachum, childhood acquaintances of Danny Rand’s who now play an important role in Rand Enterprises.

The children of Harold Meachum (David Wenham), Joy and Ward have spent their lives building Rand Enterprises to its current standing in the world, only to have all their work put in jeopardy when Danny returns to claim his birthright.

Elizabeth Swann | King

First look at The Magnificent Seven

Vincent D'Onofrio, Martin Sensmeier, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Ethan Hawke, Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Byung-hun Lee star in The Magnificent Seven, the long-awaited 2016 remake of the 1960 remake based on Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai (1954).

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A group of seven gunfighters is hired to protect a small agricultural village in Mexico from a group of marauding bandits and their leader.

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Songstress To Document Special Day On Reality TV Show

-Mariah Carey is filming her upcoming docuseries “Mariah’s World,” plus planning her wedding to fiancée James Packer, which will be featured in the show.

-Third Marriage for the festive eternally 13 year old singer.

-Things moved pretty fast for the couple who have only been dating since last May. Packer and Carey moved in together only five months after that.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

source= http://www.latintimes.com/mariah-carey-james-packer-wedding-songstress-document-special-day-reality-tv-show-380566

The Song of the Summer Has Arrived: Erika Jayne Premieres 'How Many Fucks?'

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills & 7 #1's* Holder Erika Jayne has premiered her new single, "How Many Fucks?".
*= denotes #1's on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Charts.


ONTD,Will you be bopping to this for months to come? I think so!

Meghan Trainor: I want to meet Britney so bad to tell her she's my Everything!

Another day another interview where the All About the Bass singer gushes about Britney Spears!

Meghan recently sat down with Fuse.tv where she chatted about her musical inspirations and wanting to meet the Pop icon.

On meeting Britney Spears:

"God, I want to meet her so bad and just tell her that she’s my everything."

On growing up watching Britney's performances:

"My family wasn’t into every award show, but I would make sure we popped it on when Britney was on!"

This is like the 3rd interview in one week where Meghan has openly gushed about Spears is she a stan?

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is there any celebrity that you're dying to meet, ontd?

Damon Dash Says He could Have Prevented Aaliyah's Death

While doing an interview with The Real Damon Dash said that he could have prevented his former girlfriend Aaliyah, the Princess of R&B from passing in a tragic jet crash. According to Damon, he was supposed to be with the singer on that trip, and had even tried to talk her out of shooting her video in the Bahamas. "There is no chance that, if I was there, we would have been on that plane. So it would have never happened that way."

"She told me she was going to the Bahamas, and I was against it, like, 'Yo, don't go.' And then down to the last — we had the Blackberry — down to the last Blackberry that we had, before she went there, she was like, 'Yo, I don't like that plane. And I was like, 'Don't get on it.' And she was just like, 'You know, I gotta do it.' You know, it was a complicated situation, but she had to go do that video."

Aaliyah's video finished shooting a day ahead of schedule, and booked a different plane than originally planned. "If I was there, I would have made sure that that jet that was supposed to be for her ... she would have been on that. I wouldn't have got on that plane, you know what I'm saying? So it probably would have been different. But you know, everything happens for a reason. You know, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and you just gotta deal with the cards that life deals you."

King K

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee EXPOSES Sanders supporters

ONTD's (should be favorite) host Samantha Bee examines Bernie Sanders supporters

- Tries to understand their optimism
- Sanders supporters spout the same stuff over & over
- Will face same conservative opposition as Obama (?)
- Unlike Obama, "people will stay awake after Bernie is elected" (??)


ontd are you hopeful or delusional?

Bae Dameron and Queen BB8 Join Forces for Charity in Star Wars: Force for Change

Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Oscar Issac reveals that this week, the first four people to donate or raise at least $500 for Star Wars: Force For Change will have the chance to win a Star Wars prize pack including a BB-8 powered by Sphero signed by J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy! Plus, the top fundraiser this week has the chance to win a tour of Lucasfilm in San Francisco and get to screen any Star Wars movie in their private theater. In addition, Star Wars: Force for Change will match the donations of Star Wars fans to four select charities up to $1 million until May the 4th.



DJ Khaled Announces He Will Be Joining Beyonce's Formation: World Tour!

djkhaled Today I proudly announce a major milestone in my career. Today's announcement is a major accomplishment in my life. In other words it's a major achievement alert!!!! I am proud to announce that I, DJ Khaled will be on tour with the icon, Beyoncé!!!!! Fan luv, when I tell you that prayer is the so powerful, please believe me. I want to thank the incomparable icon Beyoncé for this tremendous opportunity of a lifetime. Your music is the soundtrack to so many people's lives across the globe. Your legacy is a blueprint for the young generation to follow and strive to be. You are the true definition of a superstar. Thank you so much for inviting me on your stage. I promise you this! I'm gonna rip it down so legendary!!!!!! When I was a kid THEY told me no when I wanted to DJ and perform in the club! So guess what, I did!!! OPEN FOR BEYONCÉ!!!!!! Fan luv we did it! We made on the stage with the Queen. Get ready to feel passion pain success and tears of joy in a STADIUM NEAR YOU!!!!! Miami, see you soon!!! I'll be on stage with Beyoncé on April 27th and then I'll be on the road to more success. Thank you again Beyoncé for making this dream come true for me. I will never stop fan luv. Bless up!! @wethebestmusic @epicrecords @rocnation #djkhaled #MAJOR🔑-My album soon come!


ONTD, who ELSE do you want to join Bey on this tour?

Inside the feud between Castle stars Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion


- Katic and Fillion can't stand each other and don't talk unless they film a scene together
- this has been going on for a few years
- the showrunner forced them into couples counseling
- this season it got so bad that Katic cried on set

pajiba has a similar article today, quoting the hollywoodreporter that Katic "has been unhappy on the series and has had repeated clashes with lead Fillion."

Constance Wu, Ming-Na and other Asian women speak up against Hollywood's racism

- Took place during the Committee of 100 Conference in Beverly Hills. Addresss the current state of U.S.-China relations and issues impacting Chinese-Americans.
- Joan Chen (Marco Polo, Twin Peaks) and Lynn Chen (Saving Face) were also part of the panel with Constance and Ming-Na.
- Slammed the ScarJo/Ghost in the Shell debacle.
- Joan Chen "defended the filmmakers’ freedom to cast whomever they saw fit to play the protagonist of their films." It got a little heated from there. Urged “young people to get into the business” and write their own stories.
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Dax Shepard Just Got Real Honest About Being Abused as a Child & His Struggles With Addiction

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You can hear the whole interview here:

Soundcloud interview

so brave for him to speak out about this subject
no jokes, no funny gifs, just thank you for doing this
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Bates Motel 4x7 promo "There's No Place Like Home"

Also quite an interesting read from one of the showrunners:

[Bullet points with some spoilers from last night]
- Thinks Norman has more personalities besides Mother, hints at their appearance in future eps
- Apparently, 'Dr. Edwards' is an easter egg for Hitchcock fans, character with such name is in the only Hitchcock movie set in mental institution, "Spellbound"
- Norma and Norman's relationship is the reason it's tough for her to connect with other men because she is scared of losing Norman; "He is her emotional partner"
- Kerry really loves writing for Vera and just as us, she is baffled why Vera isn't getting more recognition for her brilliant work
- Stans Freddie as well
- The name of the episode, "The Vault", originates from Vera's interview during S1, where she said "Norma kept all of this emotional baggage stuffed away in this vault inside of her where it couldn’t possibly get out". And this episode is about finally opening that vault

Poor Norma =(

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  • fka

Billy Corgan compares social justice warriors to the KKK

-Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was on Alex Jones' radio show Infowars.

-Billy Corgan compared social justice warriors to the KKK, Maoists, and a cult.

-He said the social justice movement's biggest threat is a lack of tolerance of other view points.

-He says social justice warriors are looking to get offended and every word is a "landmine" to them.

Source: https://twitter.com/pitchfork/status/722545494644363264

Do you agree with Billy Corgan?

FitPregnancy uses the Snapchat face swap filter on Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera graces the cover of FitPregnancy magazine with her son Josey (who looks just like his daddy!).


Why her face look like that tho
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Israeli actress/director Ronit Elkabetz Dies at 51

  • Elkabetz worked as an actress in France and Israel, was dubbed the Israeli Meryl Streep.

  • 9 time nominee at the Ophir Awards (Israel's Oscars).

  • She co-wrote, co-directed and starred in a trilogy based on the unhappy marriage of Viviane Amsalem, a character based on her mother.

  • Her final film was Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem which was nominated for a Golden Globe.

  • Elkabetz was 51 years old and died from cancer.

  • She is survived by her husband and three year old twins.


RIP This is so sad, she was so young. I really hope people go and watch Gett after this. It's a masterpiece.

Piers Morgan Brands the Beckhams Shameless

For posting singing videos of son Cruz

- Piers Morgan has branded David and Victoria Beckham as shameless for posting videos of their son Cruz singing.
- Piers said that Cruz should not have his video posted to gazillions of people when celebrities often go on about their children's privacy.
- Piers added that the Beckhams should not try to make Cruz a star by giving him exposure on social media. Instead, wait for Cruz to leave school and let him decide what he wants to do.

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Are you comfortable posting pics of kids on social media, ONTD?

Nicki Minaj's Brother INDICTED on Child Rape Charges

  • Charged with Felony Child Sexual Assault

  • Also charged with 2 Felony Charges of Sexual Conduct Against a Child & 1 Misdemeanor Charge of Endangering the Welfare of a Child

  • If found guilty, Jelani Maraj will face life inprisonment

  • The alleged victim is 12 years old.

  • Nicki Minaj bailed her brother out of jail when he was arrested back in December.


Andrew Shaw of the Blackhawks Uses a Homophobic Slur


The Blackhawks yet again reveal themselves to be a garbage team. Let's hope that You Can Play does something about this and the league suspends him but I have no faith in the NHL anymore. Disgusting.

Salma Hayek mocks Trump for mistakenly referring to 9/11 as 7/11

Trump was at a rally today in New York and made an epic gaffe when he accidentally referred to the September 11 attacks at 7/11. "I wrote this out, and it's very close to my heart because I was down there and I watched our police and our firemen down at 7/11, down at the World Trade Center right after it came down. And I saw the greatest people I've ever seen in action."

In response, Salma Hayek tweeted:

sources: 1 2

New York's Elite vote, show support for their candidate of choice- Hilary wins NY Primary #ImWithHer

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Are you #BernedOut on this election, ONTD? How will you be participating in the Novemer election-- will you be supporting Hilary, local candidates, independents or Trump?