March 31st, 2016

UPDATE - Actors Equity: Hamilton Casting Call Is "absolutely inconsistent with Equity’s policy"

Actors Equity has made a statement, more or less siding with the human rights lawyer alleging discrimination by the show against white actors.

A spokeswoman for Actors’ Equity, Maria Somma, said the Hamilton casting call was “absolutely inconsistent with Equity’s policy [...] we want to encourage that everyone has an equal opportunity to go in and audition for shows.” Equity-approved casting calls for “Hamilton” use less restrictive language, asking for “performers of all ethnic and racial background.

However, a spokesperson for the Commission on Human Rights says they have not received a complaint against the casting call.

Hamilton producers have also released a statement saying they will reword the casting call and welcome all races to audition...but they're still gonna keep doing what they're doing.



Paris Jackson dating 26-year-old with Confederate flag tattoo

Paris Jackson, who turns 18 on April 3, is dating Michael Snoddy, a Los Angeles-based 26-year-old drummer for Street Drum Corps, after splitting up with her previous boyfriend in December of last year. People online have been critical of Snoddy over his Confederate flag tattoo. Snoddy has replied to those critics with, "There’s a difference between Southern pride and racism."

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ontd, do you have a confederate flag tattoo?

Arrow PSA for the The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Watch Emily Bett Rickards' (who plays the formerly wheelchair-bound character known as Felicity Smoak) important message about tonight's Arrow and visit for more info.

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is a charitable organization headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey and dedicated to finding treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders.

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Jonah Hill to make his directorial debut with 'Mid-90s'

The movie is a coming-of-age dramedy that he also wrote, about a bunch of California teens who drink, do drugs, have sex are trying to look cool, fit in and make bad choices.

Scott Rudin will produce with Eli Bush and A24.

He will not act in the movie. He previously wrote/co-wrote 21 Jump Street, animated series Allen Gregory and The Adventurer’s Handbook.


Diane Keaton, Idris Elba, Kate McKinnon Join 'Finding Dory' Voice Cast

They join Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ty Burrell, Bill Hader, Kaitlin Olson and Dominic West.

Keaton and Levy are playing Dory’s parents. Elba and West are a pair of lazy sea lions. Kate McKinnon and Bill Hader voice a fish couple that Dory meets on her journey (a small cameo)

Finding Dory will be released on June 17.


in this is wild news: Ye's new manager is Scooter Braun... Kim Do Something.

the odd pairing have been working together for a month. sources have said scooter is prepping a new album for yeezus. i love sorry but wtf is this.

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Belfast is cursed: Little Mix cancel their two sold out shows today because Jesy is sick

  • Last October, during their OTRA tour, One Direction canceled their show in Belfast when everyone was already inside the arena because Liam was sick.

  • Today, something similar happened to Little Mix.

  • The girls had to cancel their two sold out shows at the SSE Arena today because Jesy can't perform.

  • Fans were already outside the arena waiting for the doors to open when the announcement was made.

  • Apparently it was a last minute decision because the girls were already at the arena, and even some fans got to meet them when they arrived.

  • Their next show is on Saturday in Sheffield.

  • #GetWellSoonJesy is trending Worldwide.

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Megan Fox returning to New Girl?

mrjakejohnson: #NewGirl behind the scenes

New Girl costar and portrayer of forced love interest Jake Johnson posted the above image on instagram, featuring The Native Tiger's pouty profile on the far left. This has led fans to speculate that technology-weary, Jonah-Hex-hating queen Megan Denise Fox will be returning as the ball busting Reagan (lbr if Reagan was into astrology & shit Megan would be playing herself). Her return shouldn't be a surprise, since New Girl hit series-low ratings the second she left. The general theory seems to be that she'll be returning for Schmitt and CeCe's wedding.

Jake Johnson's instagram
TV Fanatic
ONTD, are you excited to see Reagan return? Do you wish your fave would appear in something that you'd watch even if they weren't involved?

5H's Camila Cabello, Lukas Graham and MØ to collab with Diplo's Major Lazer on their next album

  • Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello was on Diplo's snapchat story last night.

  • She's shown behind a microphone, apparently recording a collab with him.

  • She says Major Lazer into the microphone, which made people believe that she's recording a song with them.

  • Lukas Graham was also on Diplo's snapchat story earlier that day, and they confirmed their collab.

  • Diplo also mentioned MØ, who is the voice behind Major Lazer's huge 2015 hit Lean On.

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Patrick J. Adams Joins "Legends of Tomorrow"

-previously stated that the end of s1 of LoT would end with the mysterious introduction of a "beloved" DC character
-Patrick J. Adams will be playing that character - but we don't know who that is yet but it's a "fun" character
-he'll appear in the season finale "Legendary" and the s2 premiere, with the option for more appearances

guesses, ontd?

Cartoon Network renews Steven Universe for 2 more seasons!

-Brings it up to 5 seasons total
-Will continue the Steven Bomb format, with new episodes expected to drop in June!
-Uncle Granpa also got an additional 2 season order but who cares?

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Nicki Minaj ALLEGEDLY leaked the D'Angelo Russell video to get back at Iggy Azalea

-Nicki Minaj's camp ALLEGEDLY released the D'Angelo Russell video to get back at Iggy Azalea.

-Iggy recently said that both her and Nicki have the same amount of co-writers on their tracks.

-Nicki wasn't very happy with this and had her camp leak the video as revenge for Iggy's comments.

Source: Twitter

#TeamNicki or #TeamIggy?

The Star Wars Rebels Cast and Crew Answers Questions about the Season Finale

[Spoiler (click to open)]-Ahsoka's fate is left ambiguous but it doesn't mean it is the end of her story, it is unknown whether she will be back on Rebels again.
-Star Wars Rebels and Space Cowboy Dave Filoni wasn't sure that the story will be passed in the writer's room due to it's dark nature
-They had to bring Ahsoka in to fight Vader because he simply wasn't going to be interested in Ezra and Kanan
-They wanted to give the episode a mythology feel about depictions of the underworld and Dante's Inferno
-Instead of losing a hand Kanan lost his sight of vision which will be a huge factor in season 3

out of 10 how much did you cry?

amandla stenberg and rowan blanchard (plus others) for interview magazine + bonus dazed feature

Meet the new progressives. 📷 @gstyles. Styling @essvahn. Hair @tomojidai. Makeup @sallybranka. Manicure @ginaedwards_ #pushforprogress. Cc @fabienbaron @amandlastenberg @rowanblanchard @harinef @cameron_r @tywrent @jyatrofsky @lily_kwong @shannamerola @stop__ok @sheidajanam @seanieboyy @ethanjamesgreen

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Ewan McGregor Talks About Obi-Wan Kenobi Spin-off Movie, Hints at Meetings with Lucasfilm

- Ewan McGregor (a.k.a. one of the best parts of the Star Wars prequels) would love to play Obi-Wan Kenobi again!

- He thinks a stand-alone movie set in the 19 years between Episodes III and IV (bridging the gap between his own portrayal of the character and Alec Guinness' portrayal) is full of story-telling potential.

- McGregor was evasive when asked if he's met with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy about a possible Kenobi film: "I'm not sure that I'm allowed to say, really. But I'm very interested in doing that." He joked, "Maybe there's even a trilogy!"

- He loved The Force Awakens and got really excited in the theater when he heard his voice-over during Rey's Force flashback.

- No one's spoken to him about appearing as a "Force ghost" in Episodes VIII or IX. He isn't sure how that would even work (since he "would be Alec Guinness by now"), but the actor added, "If that was to happen in the trilogy, I would be up for that."

(Source: Collider's YouTube)

Yessss, bring back sassy Obae-Wan Kenobae. <3

'Real World' cast member: "Every colored person I wish was like you"

  • The 31st season of MTV's "The Real World" premiered March 17

  • One of the cast members, Jenna Thomason, age 22, made some racist remarks on the premiere episode when talking to her two black roommates

  • What follows is a verbatim transcription of her speech in the episode: "I'm not used to black people that act like y'all.... Every colored person I wish was like you. If you live your lives like a normal person, you can expect to be treated like one, you know? But if you live your life like expected to be treated like a minority, you're gonna get treated like one... Not to be racist or anything, but a lot of black people where I'm from take every little thing to offense. Like black people like you like I can get along with because like you don't live in the past... you don't try to be like, thug."

  • MTV ran the following poll

Source 1
Source 2: my television
Source 3

Disney developing live action movie about Snow White's sister, Rose Red

Disney is planning to film a live action movie based on Snow White's sister, Rose Red, who appeared in Grimms' fairy tales. Rose Red is estranged from her sister when she takes a bite of the poisoned apple and must assist the dwarfs in trying to break the curse.


USWNT suing US Soccer Federation for unequal pay

Megan Rapinoe, Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, and Becky Sauerbrunn are suing the US Soccer Federation, claiming the organization has no intention of rewarding them with "equal pay for equal work."

The USWNT generated $20 million dollars more than the men's team, yet made 1/4 of what the men made.

Landon Donovan and American hero Tim Howard have expressed support for the women.


D'Angelo Russell Apologizes for Leaked Cheating Video , Nick Young Addresses the Video

This is a follow up to this post

- " I wish I could make things better right away but I can't. I've reached out to him, talked a little bit but umm.. I let him know my apologizes. I don't know if they were accepted

Nick Young comments on the situationCollapse )

Laker Fans Boo D'Angelo During His IntroductionCollapse )

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I love how everyone has glossed over him cheating on his FIANCEE with a 19 year old girl.


Produce 101 News before the Finale!!

Along with the online vote, you will be able to text your votes during the finale.
Live votes will supplement the final vote!!
Mnet is dumb and hasn't actually said how this is all going to work
The finale is LIVE with LIVE performances by the two teams

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Hwang Auntie will be releasing a solo album in April! Slay queen!!
She'll also appear on variety allegedly

Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter

ONTD, what is the lineup that you think is MOST LIKELY? Will you watch the finale live? Who have you been voting for this week?


Bey Watch: Is Beyoncé about pull a Beyoncé again?

Why people are freaking out about a surprise album:
- Tour kicks off April 27th
- The elusive chanteuse began doing interviews
- She's been filming something / 13 unlisted videos uploaded to her Vevo
- Bey loves the number 4

When do you think it's releasing, ONTD? I need an April 1st release

SVU: Detective Carisi Speaks

Peter Scanavino (that's the actor who plays my bae) talks about:

- Carisi's big episode, which aired last night and was directed by Mariska Hargitay
- Carisi potentially replacing Barba as the ADA
- the advice Danny Pino gave him when he first joined SVU
- the possibility of Carisi and Rollins banging

ONTD, did you watch last night's ep? Did you think Michael Rapaport was awesome? Did you guess who did it? Did you LOVE Carisi's hair?

because I did

By the way, the next SVU episode will air on May 4th(!!!) so y'all take care, lol. On the bright side, that's when Munch comes back :D


Rupert Murdoch's Ex-Wife Wendi Deng rumored to be dating Vladimir Putin

Rupert Murdoch's ex-wife, 40-something year old Wendi Deng is rumored to be dating Vladimir Putin. Since ending her 14 year relationship with Murdoch, who is 38 years her senor, she has been romantically linked to former prime minister Tony Blair and Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt.


ONTD, who is the most powerful man you've seduced?
Alternately, who is the most powerful man who has rejected you?

Nude Ballerina Flat Released by Louboutin Offers Nudes of all Shades

Christian Louboutin follows up on their nude heel campaign from 2013 to release their new nude ballerina flats, priced at $595 USD.


'Work from Home' Is VEVO Certified in less than 34 days + BBCR1 Live Lounge Performance

'Work from Home' broke the record for the fastest video by a girl group to be VEVO Certified. The record was previously held by 'Worth It'.

Which song will they cover?Collapse )

Currently #3 on US iTunesCollapse )

Can somebody explain to me how 'Billboard Hot 100' works? Their song is top 5 on iTunes, top 10 on Spotify but they still can't reach a top 10 Billboard single? They are cursed.

sources: popcrave x fifthharmony x 5hnews

JLO, Sting and Enrique perform at lavish $700+ million wedding in Moscow

-The wedding was thrown by Russian oligarch Mikhail Gutseriev (estimated to be worth 4.3 billion) for his son Said (28) who married university student Khadija Uzhakhovs (20).
-The bride wore an £18,000 Elie Saab ballgown that weighed 25 lbs, and also sported a tiara and a diamond necklace.
-Jennifer Lopez performed an exclusive concert changing outfits three times and going through many of her hits. It has been rumoured that Jenny usually charges around 1 million for private gigs like that one. Sting added to the musical line-up, performing Desert Rose, while Enrique Iglesias sang Bailando.
-There were over 600 guests present who dined on sushi and European cuisine while fresh flowers adorned the walls from floor to ceiling.

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ONTD have you ever been to a wedding that cost more than the GDP of a small country?


Emma Watson's rep responds to Lancome skin whitening ad controversy

Follow-up to this post.

“Many artists often have limited control of how their image is used once an endorsement contract is signed. I cannot comment on my client’s previous contractual arrangements with Lancome. However my client no longer participates in advertising beauty products, which do not always reflect the diverse beauty of all women.”


Madonna albums ranked from worst to best

Worst: MDNA, American Life and Hard Candy
Best: Ray of Light and Like A Prayer

What are your fave Madonna songs/albums/concert experiences ONTD?

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Is Kylie Jenner veturing into pop stardom?

Earlier today, Kylie came out with a pointless 3 minute video for her lip glosses. Many fans were left asking what song they used for the ad. The song is supposedly by an artist(s) by the name of Terror Jr and the song is called "3 strikes."

Weird thing is, the artist's pages on instagram, soundcloud & FB were only made within the last week with no other information.

Shady Music Facts is reporting that the song is in fact Kylie's. The heavy use of autotune in the song also show as hints that it could be her.

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Do you think it's her, ONTD?
Source + Facebook, Soundcloud + Insta

Dean Strang to get TV series

  • Everyone's favourite criminal defense lawyer Dean Strang has landed a TV show called Dean Strang: Road to Justice.

  • The true crime series will consist of eight eps and will feature Strang highlighting systemic flaws in the justice system.

  • Series is being produced by Covert Media. No distributor as of yet.

  • You may remember Strang from the true crime Netflix series Making a Murderer  where he was one of Steven Avery's defense attorneys.

source 1 2

Where is Jerry Buting's series though?

Britney Spears sizzles on the beach in a teeny leopard bikini

Kate Upton and boyfriend Justin Verlander host dog adoption event with the Detroit Tigers

Kate Upton hosted the second Grand Slam Adoption event with her boyfriend Justin Verlander to encourage dog adoption. 13 dogs were available for adoption at the event, the majority finding new homes. The event included a silent auction to benefit SPCA Florida and K9s for Warriors.

Kate shared with US Weekly that her own dog is spoiled having a professional pitcher as an owner, "My boxer went to the field with Justin and saw this basket of baseballs and he was literally in heaven and now he has a baseball obsession," Upton told US weekly. "He also will only let Justin throw the balls to him — apparently he only wants a professional pitcher to play catch with him. I’m not good enough. Even if I throw the ball, he’ll bring it back to Justin and be like, 'She’s sweet for trying, but can you throw it now?'"

Upton also shared her go-to dog training advice: "The most important thing is to set boundaries and have strict rules for the dog. A lot of people think that not having rules in a home is a way of showing love to the dog, but it’s actually the opposite. Dogs like to know what they’re supposed to do and not supposed to do," she told Us. "My personal way of training a puppy is crate training, I always crate train. Any dog in a new home wants a safe space and to them the crate is their safe space."

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Harry Styles who? Kendall Jenner is dating Lakers player Jordan Clarkson

  • They have been dating for a few months and they are really into each other.

  • They were spotted at The Nice Guy last night.

  • Kendall really likes Harry, but he doesn't want to be in a relationship.


Kanye loves Kanye in Sydney (but for how long?)

Kanye West has offered to pay an artist to remove a 20ft mural of him kissing himself from the side of a building in Sydney.

The image shows Kanye's hands clasping his own (reflected) butt - in a painting based on the meme photo of Kimye kissing at the grammy awards.

The art of true loveCollapse )


ONTD: Is this mural (and it's price-tag) a true reflection of how much Kanye loves Kanye?

Robin Wright in Final Talks to Join 'Blade Runner' Sequel

Wright will join Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. The movie will be directed by Denis Villeneuve (Incendies, Sicario)

The story takes place several decades after the original and Ford is reprising his role as Rick Deckard.

There are other two major female roles in the movie.


WB is reshooting Suicide Squad scenes to make the movie funnier

Supposedly every joke in the movie was in the trailer, and Warner Bros is spending "tens of millions" to add more fun to the film.

deadpool's impact?

UPDATE: Actors Equity Backtracks on Yesterday's Comments About Hamilton

After a human rights lawyer alleged discrimination against the hottest musical on Broadway Hamilton for requesting non-white actors, and the Actors Equity agreed with him and received the dragging of their lives on twitter, the Actors Equity is now backtracking.

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Source 1, Tweet 1, Tweet 2

Meanwhile, Lin-Manuel Miranda continues to be on vacation, hopefully having no idea of the fuckery going on with his masterpiece.

Director Paul Feig to add EQUITY CLAUSE to future film contracts

The "Ghostbusters" director said he'd add an equity clause to his future film contracts that would require gender-balanced casting for minor roles.

He says "I think we need to set these things in stone so it forces everybody to think that way."

Feig is known for writing a lot of roles for women and directing women-centric projects, such as Spy, Bridesmaids and the new Ghostbusters movie.


changing my icon to this feminist director!

ICON & ONTD unproblematic fave promotes Shades of Blue season finale which airs TONIGHT on NBC!

- QUEEN López asked the reporter what's a hiatus 😂
- NBC and Fox execs praise her work ethic: "The (press) tour coincided with the debut of her residency in Vegas, but Lopez flew back and forth overnight from Vegas to be there in person two days in a row for both NBC’s and Fox’s panels.
- Jenny is grateful <3
- The article is good so read it!


season finale airs tonight at 10 PM on NBC, ontd. will u watch and support POC?!!

JLO calls herself chunky, prefers TV over movies and more

-The View goes through Jen's LEGENDARY career from her In Living Colour days to Selena, Enough and her current TV series Shades of Blue which has been picked up for a second season (season finale tonight!).
-Believes her roles chose her and that they were stories that deserved to be told.
-Does a lightning round: fave fashion look currently is her latest Golden Globes appearance, confirms that she is working on new music, was a track champion.
-Cardio and dancing pretty much maintains her body. Calls herself chunky (@11:00) and she elaborates saying that she goes up 7-8 pounds when she's not performing.
-Loved doing American Idol but confirms that this is the farewell season.
-Wanted to create a big elaborate show for Vegas.
-Plays name that dance with continuous mess Raven-Symone.


ONTD are you JLO chunky?

THE BARACK AND MICHELLE of KPOP: f(x)'s Krystal and EXO's Kai exposed to be dating

K-POP ICONS and LEGENDS Krystal and Kai are confirmed to be dating
if you arent familiar, everytime someone is confirmed to be dating someone in Kpop, a shitstorm will occur with their crazyass fans
Krystal is from f(x) a very popular girl group and Kai is from EXO, a very popular boy group in the same company
EXO fans are notoriously psycho so RIP Krystal but congrats to the cute couple!

Krystal is also the younger sister of SNSD deserter and queen Jessica Jung


ONTD, will the backlash against Krystal be worse than Taeyeon's?

Rumoured casting for FOX's "New Mutants"

The writer claims on Twitter that this is not an April Fools joke (which wouldn't be playing fair, since he posted it on March 31st.

So, will we get a scene with Rahne and Jean?


EDIT: The Nerdist claims they've been told that this isn't true. Who to trust? I guess we'll see. It did strike me as odd if they were attaching actors to a project that hasn't really appeared that far along.

Source #2

Disney wants their own Harry Potter

The novels center on Ceony Twill, a young girl who is a student at the Tagis Praff School for the Magically Inclined. In this world where magicians animate manmade materials, she is disappointed that she has been demoted to learn paper magic despite her dreams of working with metal. But when an all-powerful evil magician rises and her mentor's life is on the line, she must tap into the hidden potential of her new powers.