March 28th, 2016

Hugh Jackman saves children from rip current

-his 15 year old son Oscar was caught in a strong current and Hugh pulled him and another swimmer to safety on a sandbar
-his 10 year old daughter Ava was also caught by the current and was rescued by another beach goer Peter Adams
-Hugh then assisted Adams and Ava with reaching the sandbar
-Oscar was caught again, but Hugh managed to get him out
-the beach was closed following the incident

Zayn - Complex

Cameron Diaz says aging is a spiritual and an emotional journey

While promoting her new book, he Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength and the Privilege of Time, she said:

"Aging is a spiritual and an emotional journey, as well as a physical journey, how do you allow yourself to accept it, engage it, and interact with yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically? I always say, ‘If you’re not aging there is really only one other alternative and it sucks.’”

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Have you accepted aging gracefully, or do you wish you could go back ONTD ?

ONTD Original: Is Marvel Paying Critics To Trash Batman v Superman?

Following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice critical creaming, persistent rumours have cropped up on the Internet insisting that rival studio Marvel has been paying critics to pen unflattering reviews about the DC tentpole.

I have decided to investigate this shocking rumour and uncovered several disturbing facts about the studio's financial affairs…

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sources: hypable, telegraph, comicsbeat, the richest, variety
naomi letterman

Azealia being a transphobe, encourages fans to hate Rihanna + claims she is using witchcraft on Iggy

- a young woman (who happens to be trans and a big azealia supporter) said something to azealia that led to this PM mess
- claims azealia encouraged fans to hate Rihanna
- azealia continued to refer to nervosa (her fan) as a man
- seems crazy and belittling in PM with fans
- claims her brujeria is working on Iggy

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shamir otr qt

Beyonce, J Lo and Enrique performed at a wedding in Moscow

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Sting, Patricia Kaas, and Enrique Iglesias performed at a private wedding in Moscow. Very unattractiveSon of the founder of Russneft (one of the largest producers of oil products in Russia) had a wedding yesterday. According to Forbes they are the richest ($3,85 Billion) family in Russia, so y'all already know what it means. Yup, the wedding was expensive, tacky and full of celebs.

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would you marry an ugly billionaire, ontd?
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Jake Gyllenhaal looks back at almost being a successful actor

-Jake Gyllenhaal says that he auditioned for the role of Batman in Batman Begins.

-Jake says not getting the Batman role gave him the opportunity to play a lot of different roles.

-He says it's not about how successful you are, it's about how you play the roles you're given.

-Jake likes being an actor because he can get away with doing stuff he can't do in the real world.

-He says he likes playing unconventional roles because he considers the normal to be perverse.

Source: Twitter
captain america peggy

Georgia Will Remain on Hollywood's Good Side

  • Georgia Governor Nathan Deal says he'll veto the "religious liberty" bill, citing it "doesn't reflect the character of our state or the character of its people" and such freedoms of speech and liberty should be left to the US Constitution

  • Disney, Marvel, and other studios previously threatened to not film in Georgia if the bill was signed


Can't hate on this money grab tbqh

Meghan Trainor talks Sheeran, Smith and recovering from vocal cord surgery!

In a brand new interview with Most Requested Live's Garrett Vogel, Meghan Trainor tells ALL!

Meghan got candid about her voice surgery that forced her to cancel her tour. The singer says, "I felt like I was going through a crisis, I had to get rid of my cats or else my doctor wouldn't do my surgery because your allergic. I was on top of the world after 'all about that bass' and then I was at the bottom. I would write in my journal 'Is this real life?' Once my voice came back, it was stronger then ever!" She says she counted on Sam Smith for advice! She says, " I texted Sam Smith, should I get this done and fix this now and get it over with? Sam promised I would sing better then ever if i got the surgery!"

On her very exciting Grammy night, Meghan reveals that she instantly came face to face with Ed Sheeran after winning for Best New Artist! She says, "You go under the stage, it was a weird sight only artists get to see, I remember Ed Sheeran was down there and said,"bit crazy, you got a grammy!!!" She then hit the bottle and ordered a pizza to celebrate! She says, "Mom and Dad got a bottle of champagne , I don't know how they got it that quick! IT's like they knew. my dad made a toast "they will know announce you as grammy winning and not grammy nominated" then we went out and got a pizza!"

Elementary 4x18 "Ready or Not" Sneak Peeks

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No new episode next Sunday because of some country music awards thing. Two back-to-back episodes will air in two weeks, though. In the meantime, Rush Hour starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Jon Foo and Justin Hires premieres in less than a week only on CBS!
dog winter

michelle williams release a bedding and home collection


- michelle williams has finally launched the line with the collection available on evine
- the collection was inspired by her grandmother and mother’s love of making their own interiors – including hand-stitched quilts
- her bedding collection is exquisite and she is too
- michelle is the most talented destiny's child. beyonce is overrated
- "believe at home" by michelle williams bedding & home line available on evine

s1 / s2 / s3

post pics of your bed ontd

15 (5) little known facts about Meghan Trainor

3. Remember how we found out Meghan wants that old dick? Well, it turns out there's a 20 year age gap between her parents.

10. Beyonce and Adele are two artists that passed up on her hit "All About That Bass."

12. Meghan can play the piano, ukelele, and trumpet in addition to singing and writing her own songs.

14. Meghan loves Soca, and it's been her favorite genre since she was 7.

15. Meghan wrote her first song at the age of 7 as well. It was about how her aunt married some guy from Trinidad named Burton Tony and how cool she thought that was.


Did you watch, ONTD?! Alicia and Cary made BIG decisions in The Good Wife last night!

- the end is near and its obvious
- alicia made the decision we've been waiting 84 7 years for ha to make
- cary decided to do what he loves
- peter continues to be complete and utter trash


did you scream like the OP did @ last night's episode, ontd?

Janice Dickinson reveals she has been diagnosed with breast cancer

In a video interview Janice Dickinson reveals that two weeks ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"You know, I've had plastic surgery and I've had breast implants and I've always been very vocal of what I've done, because I tell the truth about everything. As I am right now," she explained in her video. "And I'm doing this for women."

Her doctor located a lump in her breast during a routine exam.

"I became fearful but not for myself. I was fearful for my two children... my loving fiancee Rocky," she continued.

She was out shopping with her 22-year old daughter when her doctor revealed the diagnosis over the phone.

"I am not gonna let that define me, the fear..." she said through tears. "I'm going to get through this. You betcha kiddo, I'll be just fine. This is not a pitty party. I'm Janice Dickinson. I'm gonna stick around for a long long time."

Cancer is the worst. I hope she gets through this.

Aubrih Scores a Sixth Week at #1 with "Work" - Rihanna the Third Act with Most Weeks at No. 1

Robyn Rihanna Fenty and Aubrey Drake Graham hold onto the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for a sixth consecutive week. Badgalriri is only the third artist behind The Beatles and Mariah Carey to log most weeks at the top. Rihanna has a total of 57 total weeks at no. 1 to date. Aubrey Graham crackers has no #1 hits of his own.

ONTD, do you work.mp3?

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shirley manson

Summer movie preview: 13 (5) must-see films

image host

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what are you excited about, ontd?

First Look and Poster of Michael Keaton as the founder of McDonald's

-Also stars Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson, Nick Offerman, Laura Dern, John Carroll Lynch, and BJ Novak.

-Will supposedly be in the same vein as There Will Be Blood and The Social Network

-Aiming to come out August 5, 2016, the movie follows the rise of McDonald's fast food empire when Illinois salesman Ray Kroc meets brothers Mac and Dick McDonald, who operate a hamburger restaurant in southern California in the 1950s. Kroc subtly maneuvers himself into a position to take control of their company, which grows into one of the world's best-known brands after he buys the chain for $2.7 million in 1961.

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what's your fast food place of choice?
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Future Produce 101 Group is already a mess

Basically, YMC has to meet the demands of all of these different companies who can decide to take their trainee out if they don't meet their demands
They are set to release 4 singles this year, and the song that will be performed at the finale might not be the first single
They are also giving the girls a month break to rest to teach Sohye choreo and how to sing before starting promotions in May
The group might promote for more than 10 months
Even if they were to regroup after the 10 months, its unlikely for companies with very profitable trainees like JYP and Jellyfish
also the finale song is called "CRUSH"

some recent pics of the girls under the cut

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Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter

ONTD, who do you think the top 11 will end up being? What does your ideal top 11 look like?

Lin Manuel Miranda Channels Hamilton; Writes Op-Ed Pleading for Puerto Rico

The Highlights:

-In the spirit of Alexander Hamilton, who began his career by writing a letter asking for aide after his home was destroyed by a hurricane, Lin Manuel Miranda wrote an op-ed piece for the NY Times begging Congress and the people of the United States to help Puerto Rico grow from its financial crisis.

-Talks about his childhood visiting his grandparents in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, and how disappointing it is to see so many stores and businesses closed and his neighbors emigrating off the island.

-Says that Puerto Rico should not go un-aided in its debt crisis simply because it is a territory: "If a ship is sinking, you don’t ask, “Well, what type of ship is it and what type of ship should it be?” You rescue the people aboard."

-Calls for Congress to implement an economic restructuring plan to prevent Puerto Ricans from suffering.

Read the whole piece at the source. It's really beautifully written!


ONTD boricuas, have you been raging about this situation? I'm glad someone who's so in the public eye is talking about it.
naomi letterman

ONTD Original: Artists who signed bad record deals

Not all that glitters is gold – especially when it comes to contracts in the music industry. Though many celebrities have inked deals that are making them millions, plenty have gotten the short end of the stick by signing bad contracts. Becoming a famous singer doesn't necessarily mean you'll be raking in the dough. The following artists have signed bad contracts that cost them.

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who else, ONTD?
Source: me + wiki

Dave Chappelle Roasted Caitlyn Jenner at Comedy Show while Kylie and Tyra were in Attendance

-Dave launched into a 7-minute bit about Caitlyn Jenner, noting that he was old enough to recall Caitlyn as a "Superman" who was great at "beating Africans" on the track in the 70s.

-According to Dave, he was tipped off regarding Caitlyn's transition after bumping into longtime friend Kanye West. "I said, 'Kanye, why the long face?' And Kanye replied, 'Man, you’ll see,'" Chappelle reportedly said, again according to banned source.

-Kylie did not find it funny while Tyra was seeing laughing.


Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez to accept CinemaCon Female Star of Tomorrow Award

Statement by CinemaCon managing director:
“Already a Golden Globe winner for her portrayal of Jane on ‘Jane The Virgin,’ Rodriguez is set to become one of most sought after actresses in Hollywood as she continues to earn rave reviews for her performances on both the small and big screen. A formidable talent and an actress who is truly on the rise, we could not be more thrilled to be able to honor her as this year’s CinemaCon Female Star of Tomorrow.”

Will take place on April 11.

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Grammy winner MEGHAN TRAINOR gets her fourth Top 10 hit

-"No" is Meghan Trainor's fourth Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, landing at #6.

-It is also the best-selling song in the country, becoming her second #1 on the Digital Songs chart.

-The premiere of the official music video helped the song's sales and chart position.

-The song originally debuted on the chart at #11.

Source: Twitter

The Knowles-Carter Family & Other Celebs Attend White House Easter Egg Hunt

Jay and Bey took Blue Ivy to participate in the White House Easter Egg Hunt.  Ms. Tina and Richard Lawson, Monica, Chloe x Halle and several kids from the show Blackish also attended.

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last week tonight with john oliver: conspiracies (web exclusive)

John Oliver wakes up the sheeple who have had the wool pulled over their eyes by the lamestream media: obviously Cadbury Creme Eggs appear in our stores for the financial benefits of the Illuminati elite, such as Jay-Z, Beyonce and Al Sharpton. Open your eyes people!

What is your favourite conspiracy theory, ONTD?


Kesha embraces her body + Tweets Gaga + The power of three unites to set her free

Kesha, who has long battled with her weight, is now happy and healthy instagramming this pic with the caption: "not a slave to perfection right now. fuck it. ***body shamers please fuck off ain't nobody got time for it. @lhorizonpalmsprings in my skivvies"

Kesha also wished Gaga a happy birthday. The two have been hanging out together recently and Gaga has tweeted her support for Kesha numerous times.

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The Fosters Season 3 Finale Tonight! 8/7c


The Fosters' Maia Mitchell Previews 'Dangerous' Finale, Callie's 'Rage' (Source)
[Not real spoilers but just in case]- Callie is "enraged" while Jude takes a more "spiritual" approach to his grief

- Says both Callie and Brandon know they have to move past their relationship but will slip up from time to time (please let this be the real forever end of brallie)

- The real deal with Justina will be #exposed

I just started watching a few weeks ago and need to share all my thoughts/opinions. 

Someone Leaked a Snapchat of Bella Thorne Supposedly "Smoking Weed"

A video is making the rounds on twitter of Bella Thorne supposedly smoking something that looks suspiciously like, well, a fat blunt. (Obviously though it is just a handrolled cigar or for a movie role or something!)

 Hit that herbal handrolled cigar girl!! God bless <3

original video; reddit post; first tweet I can find about it (links to reddit post, which links to the original video); popculturediedin2009 youtube

do u love weed ontd? do u love queen bella (i v much enjoyed "Perfect High" it was 10/10)?

Big Grams gets Adult Swim animated music videos featuring Run the Jewels

Big Grams is a supergroup consisting of electro-duo Phantogram and rapper Big Boi (of Outkast). This animated short is a collaboration between the group and Adult Swim. The songs featured in the video are “Born To Shine" featuring Run The Jewels and “Run for your Life” off of their self-titled debut album.

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Happy Birthday Gaga: Looking back on Lady Gaga's year

Falling short of the success of her earlier projects, Gaga’s last solo album, 2013’s ARTPOP, was seen by some as a flop in the megastar’s recent career. However, Gaga has since steadily reclaimed her throne, quietly dominating in multiple pillars of pop culture. From Cheek to Cheek to a Golden Globe-winning role in American Horror Story, let's look back on highlights from Gaga's incredible year.

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Are you ready for LG5, ONTD?
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shotgun betty

Vice Short Documentary on How Sailor Moon Shaped Queer '90s Kids

Vice goes into the queer themes in Sailor Moon and follows around a couple of LGBTQ '90s kids as they make their way to New York for International Sailor Moon Day.

Fellow '90s queer kids, do you love Sailor Moon too?


Batman v Superman Opens Lower Than Projected, Harry Potter Keeps His Crown

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hollywood reporter + mashable

New museum will honor Bill Cosby's legacy, victims express anger, museum defends itself.

-The Smithsonian Museum is opening its new African American History and Culture Museum in September and word got out that they would be including several items honoring Bill Cosby.
-The New York Times published an article about Cosby's victims being upset about this decision, which prompted the museum to release a statement defending itself.
-In the statement they say that they only include two Bill Cosby items and that there isn't an exhibit dedicated to him.

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  • ishumy

Rolling Stones give historic free concert in Cuba

In one of the biggest concerts the island has seen, the Rolling Stones performed in front of 500,000 Cubans on Friday 25th, in the wake of the historic visit President Obama paid to Havanna. Music from the Stones and similar Western artists had been banned from decades in Cuba up until the start of the 90s.

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Meanwhile, Devil Castro refuses to die and popped up to remind us he's immortal criticize Obama today.

Nose Bae does an interview with the New York Times

- he auditioned for loads of roles on the CW
- at one point he was told "get your giant nose out of this room"
- his big break was Shane on The Walking Dead
- he drew inspiration for Frank Castle from Travis Bickle of Taxi Driver


hashtag obsessed
[FS] red lips

Supergirl x The Flash Crossover Repercussions

[Spoiler (click to open)]
-berlanti says they wanted to do a crossover since they cast melissa
-is excited about one day getting grant, melissa, and stephen on screen together
-had to introduce the multi-verse first on the flash because superman and supergirl do not exist on their earth (yet - rip hunter has alluded to him) or we would have heard of them by now
-bizarro girl was almost also a part of silver banshee and livewire's team but not included in the end due to budget restrictions
-almost waited until s2 of supergirl to do it but changed their minds after christmas
-though kara knows about the multi-verse now and barry knows about the existence of aliens, there won't be "fallout" from that specifically on either show after tonight
-barry's means of getting to kara's earth are explained in tomorrow's flash ep
-will wait for audience reaction before deciding to bring kara to the cw
-does kara exist on earth-1??? “I would think that any Kara that exists on Earth-1 would also have to have been an alien,” says Andrew Kreisberg.
-the flash has another doppleganger coming up in the penultimate episode of the flash that hasn't been announced yet
-time-travelers on Legends of Tomorrow could appear on Supergirl "The waverider can go anywhere." - AK
-we won't see cadmus on supergirl this season, it'll be a part of s2
-want lynda carter involved for s2 as the president of the u.s.

did you like the crossover, ontd?
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A New Kardashian Book is Telling Us What We Already Know....

Kim and Kris leaked sex tape that made the family famous...

- A new book, Kardashian Dynasty, claims that Kim and Kris deliberately leaked the sex video that made Kim famous.
- Kim signed a contract for $5 million with known porn company Vivid Entertainment to distribute the video once it has leaked.
- Kris masterminded the multi-million deal.
- A rep for Kim Kardashian denies all claims.

No shit, Sherlock! Do you at least admire the hustle, ONTD?

ONTD Original: Kehlani, PartyNextDoor, Kyrie Irving and Ayesha Curry????? What's the Deal?

The Twitter world has been blazing for the last couple hours over a picture posted by R&B singer PartyNextDoor that since has been deleted but you may be scratching your head wondering what in the world is going on. Who is Kehlani and ParyNextDoor? What are these memes with Kyrie Irving about? Why are people bringing up Ayesha Curry (honestly though, why?).

Well.. I have taken some of my time to make a compilation post with some background history to give everyone here a better understanding. If you are a real messy bitch who lives for drama come on in!

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There you have it! Hope everything is more clear now.

ONTD, have you ever been accused of cheating? Has your ex ever maliciously tried to change people's perceptions of you?


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Alyssa side-eye

Alia Shawkat Drops A Blind Item About Another Actress, Discusses New Projects

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Alia Shawkat attended SXSW to speak about her two projects, the series Search Party and the Netflix movie Pee-Wee's Big Holiday. The conversation ranged from her origins as a child actress to her days on Arrested Development to her perspective on women in film.

During her interview, she dropped a blind item about competing with a certain it-girl actress for the same roles:

“Her ‘air’ is like, she’s like the most amazing person. She’s a good actor, but we’re all doing the same shit. You lose jobs to certain people, to certain blonde actresses, and you go ‘Huh, wish I had straight, blonde hair.'"

Who could it be, I wonder?

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Watch the full SXSW interview at the source.

The full interview is pretty good, she seems like an interesting person.