March 20th, 2016


Alycia Debnam-Carey Reflects on "Passionate Response" to Season 3's Lexa Twist


Alycia Debnam-Carey addressed the recent The 100 controversy at the Paley Fest panel for Fear the Walking Dead:

[spoilers ahead]
"I think it’s incredible to see such a passionate response. I think it’s important for me to note that that decision was never made from a negative point of view; it was never an attempt to bait or to enflame a social issue. It was a creative choice and it didn’t come at the expense of thinking about a social issue — maybe it should have more. But I definitely want fans to think that the love for Lexa on the show and a collaboration that we’ve all made on that show has only come from a good place."

"It’s a really important thing to note that it wasn’t in any way an attempt to aggravate a social situation."

"I must say, I always — from experience when I watch TV shows and I see characters leave without a proper explanation or leave with not enough time, I get irritated. I like it when there’s a clean-cut reason or a defining moment where they have to go. Whether that’s death or not, I think that’s subjective."

"I like Lexa going out with a bang in a way."

Taylor Swift Shows Up at Calvin's Gig with BFF Karlie Kloss

Fresh from celebrating their 1st year anniversary with a tropical vacation, Taylor Swift was spotted supporting boyfriend Calvin Harris' gig at Omnia Nightclub in Vegas. Taylor was joined by BFF Karlie Kloss, Empire actor Serayah, singer Todrick Hall, musicians Haim, and brother Austin.

Taylor, Todrick, and Serayah posted some videos from the club.

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Taylor Swift hit the club looking like this:

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What will the Kaylor shippers say about this?

Kate Nash Writes About Being Groped By A Stranger In Her Own Home

The British singer and songwriter Kate Nash wrote a long and disturbing Instagram post yesterday alleging that she was groped by a stranger inside of her home.

Nash writes that she was cornered in her bathroom, terrified, while the man groped her.

The caption accompanied a picture of her posing with sunglasses and a cigarette, to show that “we don't have to look like a victim to be one, I actually happen to be a badass bitch from hell, this shit can happen to anyone.”

What the FUCK?! I am so sick of men, tbh.


Jodie Foster, Robert DeNiro, and Martin Scorsese to Reunite for Taxi Driver Anniversary

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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Taxi Driver, the film's stars and director will reunite to discuss the film and its legacy.

Martin Scorsese, Robert DeNiro, and Jodie Foster, among others, will take part in a panel on Taxi Driver at the upcoming TriBeCa Film Festival.

The film, considered by many to be a classic of American cinema, stars DeNiro as isolated loner Travis Bickle, who becomes fixated on rescuing a young prostitute named Iris, played by Jodie Foster.

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ONTD, what is the best American film ever made?


Rob Reunites with the Klan

-Big Boy Rob turned 29 this past week (allegedly)
-Various family members posted on social media them celebrating Rob's birthday with lunch at Nobu. The fam then went on a walk on the beach to get him some exercise
-Blac Chyna was not seen with the klan


Are you estranged with your fam ONTD?

Charlie Cox Wants To See Bullseye In The Future

- Hopes we get a Punisher series on Netflix
- Wants Bullseye to show up at some point. Mentions the history between Bullseye and[Spoiler (click to open)]Karen
- Says there's more Wilson Fisk & Daredevil to explore


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'Anti' Rihpeats #1 position on Billboard 200, Sells 17K

- Anti sold 54,000 equivalent album units in the week ending March 17, according to Nielsen Music.

-17,000 were in pure album sales. The rest of its sum -- a sizable 69 percent -- was comprised of TEA and SEA units, thanks to the popularity of its tracks (like “Work,” which has spent four weeks at No. 1 on the Hot 100).

-Adele was #2 and sold 51K

-Justin Bieber was #3 had 48K equivalent album units.


Good for ha I guess. This SEATEA needs to be changed tbh..

Scott Disick: Kourtney Kardashian Is The ‘Person I Love The Most’

Scott hanging out with 20 year old Kendall look alike

-Scott confessed in an interview at 1OAK Las Vegas with US Weekly yesterday that he’ll always have a special connection with his ex

“I mean, [Kourtney will] always be family to me and probably the person I love the most in the world, so even though we’re not together, we’re still close and it’s still nice to be around each other...”

-Says he spends an equal amount of time with the whole klan


are you in love with your ex ONTD?
naomi letterman

ONTD Original: Popstar's best & worst eras

Let's talk about our fave's best & worst pop eras. I based this off of each popstar's albums, singles, looks, performances and so on. Each of your faves has either had an era that defined their career or hurt their career. So let's celebrate your faves achievements & flops.

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sound off yall

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King K

Buffy/Charmed reunion: whose side are you on?

There is a Witches vs. Vampires Buffy The Vampires Slayer & Charmed reunion happening right now in Paris with stars from both shows gathering together. Complete guest list includes Charisma Carpenter, Emma Caulfield, Shannen Doherty, Nicholas Brenden, Holly Marie Combs, James Marsters, Drew Fuller, Dorian Gregory (who?) and Ted King (double who?) Here are a few images below!

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So....Team Buffy or Team Charmed?

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Maisie Williams on how Hollywood is fake and why she doesn't wear revealing clothes


On how Hollywood is bullshit:

“Hollywood is not evil, it's just totally fake.And if you're into making fake friends for a night and having a great time then that's cool. Lots of people know it's all bullshit so they just go and have that night where they're having fun with everyone and chilling. No one actually likes each other, but everyone is having a great time.So if you want to play the part, you can. I don't have any desire to pretend to be someone's friend for the night. It just bores me. It bores me so much".
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Sebastian Stan confirms his next project & promotes The Bronze

- Next film he'll be shooting, starting at the end of the month, is called Steve's Umbrella with JK Simmons and Britt Robertson.

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Celebrities tweet about candles!

Candle-mania has been sweeping Hollywood by storm! All of your favorite celebrities, such as Wayne Coyne, George Takei, and Miguel, have been tweeting about candles!

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Candle post! What are your favorite candle brands and scents?
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Serena drags sexist tennis CEO's comments; Djokovic exposes himself as a flop

Raymond Moore, the CEO of the Indian Wells tennis tournament, made some sexist comments about the WTA, the women's side of professional tennis. After he made the comments, Moore, as the CEO, was on-site to present the trophies to Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams, the winner and runner-up of today's women's final at Indian Wells. Serena was asked about Moore's comments during her press conference.

Moore's comments

Serena's response

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Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson posed for a #selfie together!

-Justin Bieber is currently touring in support of his latest album "Purpose."

-Justin has been wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt during his performances.

-Marilyn Manson was spotted at Justin's show over the weekend at the Staples Center.

-Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson took a selfie together.

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Lupita Nyong'o Was Stood Up By Her Prom Date

Lupita Nyong'o might have had one of the worst prom experiences ever. When the now-Oscar-winner was a teenager, she invited a boy that she liked to the prom and he agreed. Everything seemed to be going great: she even designed her own dress, and he planned to wear a matching suit. But, when the time came, he didn't show up!

What was your prom experience like?

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Talentless but Sweet Produce 101 Trainee clarifies favoritism issue after backlash & death threats

this is a follow up to this post
sohye as you may remember, is the girl who loves to pick up trash but has no singing/dancing experience
despite this she's a top ranked trainee on the show beating out many actually talented girls
sohye went on camera to clarify that she in fact not the daughter of the executive producer and this is not her personal documentary
despite her clarification, everyone still hates her poor sis :(
on the show, sohye and her group won the most recent challenge with an original song which is currently SLAYING the korean charts
someone also got rid of her ratty bangs and made her wash her hair!

watch sohye and her group GIRLS ON TOP perform her new song under the cut

sohye sings at 1:20 and 2:12
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Nikolaj Coster Waldau on media, nude scenes with Gwendoline Christie and making out with Lena Headey

nikolaj coster waldau jpg?itok=35 YS 0 SX

On the Game of Thrones media hype:

“In season 4 Jamie and Cersei have a moment of passion in front of the corpse of their son. It was a scene full of conflict and fucked up emotions. Some people thought he raped her and it became this crazy debate that took on a life of its own. But that’s a good thing in a way, because we wouldn’t have this kind of discussion if the show wasn’t doing well.”
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Leaked Private Pics of Hendall Be Damned... Larry is Real

For Larries, everything is one big conspiracy and the leaked private pictures of Hendall during their iconic St. Barts vacation last January is no exception. They believe that the hacking of Harry's mum's ICloud was staged. Case in point:

They also flooded the hacker's Twitter timeline with hate, not for invading the privacy of Harry's family but for being an ANTI and not releasing Larry pics.

The hacker decided to set the record straight and had this to say about Larry:

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It, of course, didn't stop the Larries from insisting that Larry is real and they have proof.

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Other Larries didn't even need receipts to keep the faith.
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Share your fave OTT reactions, ONTD. What's their end-game at this point?