March 14th, 2016

Harry Styles Not Joining Scream Queens

The official twitter page of Scream Queens has set the record straight and confirmed that newly minted actor Harry Styles will not be joining the cast of Scream Queens. Rumours had been rife that the One Direction member was all set to join Scream Queens because the show's IMDB page listed Harry as part of the cast, playing a doctor, for season 2.
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Also, did Harry Styles already cut his hair in preparation for his role in Nolan directed Dunkirk?  He has been spotted out and about in London with a beanie always glued to his head, effectively hiding his hair length.
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It can't be denied that fans are excited to see Harry star in the 1940 World War II movie Dunkirk.

Do you prefer solo Harry to rise as an actor or singer, ONTD?
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The real story behind Madonna’s ‘meltdown’

This photo was taken at a free mini-concert to make it up to Australian fans who have been skipped from her world tours for the last 23 years.

  • The story: The US and the UK are reporting that Madonna is slurring her way through these concerts with “incoherent rambling”. "Madonna suffers ANOTHER onstage meltdown!" and making a “sad spectacle” of herself.

  • Her age, 57, must also be mentioned, with the implied ageist value judgment that she should have settled into retirement by now.

  • These stories are taken out of context from her Australian shows to create a more exciting spectacle.

  • It is impossible to be drunk on a precision concert such as this.

  • The choreoghaphy demands that Madonna know every step and know the timing of moving set pieces such as cross-shaped pole bars, cages being lowered on stage, screens popping out of stage, props and set pieces sliding in and out. A misstep would cause a serious accident to herself or her crew.

  • As the massive world tour winds down she is easing into a more laid back persona during the moments she interacts with the audience. The Australian press like to claim that she is easing into the Australian laid-back way of life.

  • Someone please f--- me” happened moments after she was fake married on stage.

  • All flasks on stage container water.

  • Madonna is still  consistently and annoyingly late, her main flaw.

  • At her show on Sunday, when she came on stage at 10.30pm, she admitted to the audience she wasn’t having a great day and began the show in a bad mood — but performing soon cured that.

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Fran Lebowitz likens the Republican presidential candidates to the Kardashians


-Asked if she's been following the presidential campaign, Fran Lebowitz likens the Republican presidential candidates to the Kardashians, saying that although she has never seen them and doesn't know who they are, she knows a lot about them because it's impossible not to.

-Fran says that she can't be in a monogamous relationship because she doesn't want to hear someone else walking around her apartment.

-She says that she'd like to be the admissions director of New York, getting to decide who can come to New York.

-While Fran's friends worked as waitresses, she drove a cab when she was younger because she can't smile at people for money.

Source: Twitter
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Suicide Squad banner diminishes female characters

- New Suicide Squad banner features every member of the Squad, puts Deadshot and Joker in the spotlight

- Female characters are literally shrunk and relegated to the back

- Previously, Harley Quinn and Enchantress have been large focus of marketing, setting them up as main characters who drive the storyline

- Margot Robbie has top billing behind Will Smith and Jared Leto

source 1 | source 2

Does Jared Leto's fugly Joker make-up annoy you, ONTD?

What are THOSE: Meghan Trainor stuns at the KCA's while wearing platform bowling clogs

The fresh faced 44 year old 22 yr old Marvin Gaye (feat. Charlie Puth) singer stunned on the red carpet whilst making a very interesting footwear choice. She was accompanied to the event by her date (her father).

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ontd are you a fan of megan's footwear?
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Madonna suffers ANOTHER onstage meltdown!

"Please f*** me!", drunken Madonna begs on stage

  • Tequila-swigging Madonna has second onstage meltdown over Rocco custody loss

  • she called ex-husband Guy Ritchie 'a son of a b***h' and begged 'someone please f*** me'

  • Her ‘chaotic’ appearance at the Rod Laver Arena included an emotional plea to the crowd, begging, "Somebody take care of me please. Who is going to take care of me?"

  • "You bitches are in my gang.", she told her fans while thanking them for coming to the show

  • After falling off a tricycle again, she told her fans she had 'messed up' her songs, before joking: 'You would think it was in my DNA,'

  • Madonna's latest album Rebel Heart failed to make a splash on the charts and her new tour has been downgraded to arenas instead of the stadium capacity she used to sell out in the past

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Amy Adams talks about being paid less than her male co-stars on American Hustle

The leaked emails from Sony's hack scandal revealed that Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were both paid less than Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Jeremy Renner on American Hustle; the women were paid 7% of the pool while the men were each paid 9%. Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay about the situation, but Amy Adams was unwilling to discuss it, even canceling an interview on the Today show because did not want to answer questions about it.

In the new issue of Allure, she finally decided to open up: "I've probably conceded to more that I disagree with as a woman because I felt like I had to. I don't like fighting. Sometimes I just go along with things even though I know they're not in my best interest. I negotiated, and I tried to get paid as much [as Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper]. But I felt like if I kept pushing, I wouldn't have had the opportunity. So that's on me. I wasn't comfortable [talking about it] because I don't feel bad for myself as an actress. I feel really fortunate. I started doing research, and it was striking how women don't feel comfortable negotiating for raises. That's what is so great about what Emma Watson is doing. She's not talking about actresses; she's talking about women all over the world."


It's the most dramatic night of the year- The Bachelor finale

The jar of marshmallow fluff has finally reached the end of his journey to find a wife lbr, fiancée. How many times will he tell the girl he knows he has no intention of picking he loves her? Will that girl smack him down on After the Final Rose?

Most importantly- How heinously ugly will the Neil Lane ring be?


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Jacob Tremblay wins Best Actor at Canadian Screen Awards

- presented by Emily VanCamp
- He proceeded with his best stand up routine. "Christopher Plummer, you're a legend."

- He also pandered to the Canadian people and said: "I may not be sporty and won't win a Stanley Cup or an Olympic Gold Medal, but I've got my own Canadian gold now!" (paraphrased)

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Madonna made Rita Ora kneel before her

-rita claims madonna made her kneel before her the first time the 2 met
-madonna said, "this is the lighting here. can you kneel down here on the floor"
-the 2 had a conversation while rita's bitchass sat on the floor
-it was then madge knew she could make rita her bitch and the two have been friends ever since

would you kneel before a geriatric popstar, ONTD?

Kate del Castillo to sit down with Diane Sawyer for 1st tv interview about El Chapo scandal

Kate also did an interview with the New Yorker

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Hold On To Your Wigs & Illusion Hairlines, Viola Davis' Harriet Tubman Biopic Is Still Happening!

The film is currently being written being by a white dude (Kirk Ellis) and it is being made in conjunction Amblin Entertinament - one of the production companies behind MIB 3, Jurassic World and Lincoln. Also currently, being written by a white dude is the Babra Jordan Biopic!

Other things mentioned -
On her character: Why do I have to be a mentor? Why do I have to be heroic? You say that to James Gandolfini?

On Frank Delfino (Charlie Webber): Frank, I love all my scenes. I'm always surprised afterward when people say, "You have such chemistry." I'm like, “We do?” I don't know what chemistry is. I mean, I feel like it's good and everything. He's cute.

People critiquing the show: The bad things are true. But it's still great. And that's how I feel about How to Get Away With Murder. I know people say there's a lot going on or whatever. But what it does right cannot be ignored. Listen. Me being cast as Annalise alone, stop, exclamation point, is OMG.

She later says:  I don't care if people think it's messy. I don't think people even think it's messy storytelling. The one thing you can admit is it's brave, and it's bold, and people are not putting limitations on Annalise in terms of her pathology.

Sterotype that she would love to see retired: I can really retire the good-hearted, maternal, strong, I don't need Buddha, Jesus, black woman. She can go to the graveyard. I'll pay for the burial.

On BET and Being Mary Jane - BET is definitely doing it with Being Mary Jane, Gabrielle Union, that's definitely a revolutionary role. (op - this season was the best so far!)

Very lenghty interview at the source source

ONTD, have your faves secured their "extensions" for the eventual release of both biopics?

First trailer released for horror anthology 'Holidays'

HOLIDAYS is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time. The film challenges our folklore, traditions and assumptions, making HOLIDAYS a celebration of the horror on those same special days’ year after year. A collaboration of some of Hollywood’s most distinct voices, the directors include Kevin Smith (Tusk), Gary Shore (Dracula Untold), Scott Stewart (Dark Skies), Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes), Sarah Adina Smith (The Midnight Swim), Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact) Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate) and Anthony Scott Burns (Darknet).

Favorite holiday themed or anthology horror movies everyone?

RuPaul talks Drag Race & its 100 episodes/Contestants - 'When it's time for you to go, you gonna go'

* Rupaul recorded a short video interview to commemorate the milestone
* Says all of them come with stories no one could possibly think up
* Is most proud of helping to launch the careers of so many 'gorgeous critters'


Who are your favorite alums ONTD?

Xena Reboot: We won't beat around the bush

-Javier Grillo-Marxuach who helped form The100 is writing the new pilot
-Had this to say in response to a tumblr question about how reaction to Lexa (The100) would potentially impact the reboot:
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Ellen Page Talks LGBT Progress in Hollywood and coming out

- On whether Hollywood has made any progress in its treatment of LGBT actors, or whether she’s found herself being passed over for jobs since coming out: “It’s hard for me to know — I’m not in rooms where people are making decisions of who to send what to, and the truth is, I’m absolutely not focusing on it, because being in the closet hurt my career way more than being out and being happy and feeling inspired again; being able to fuse my authentic self with my creative interests.”

- Ever since coming out in 2014 she’s made projects such as docuseries ‘Gaycation’, movie ’Freeheld’ and is currently working on a movie with Kate Mara where they play lovers;

- Talks about double standards - everyone mentions doing gay characters but no one ever talks about straight actors doing so many straight roles

- About ‘Gaycation’: “It really was about wanting more representation (...) There can be such loneliness and isolation when you’re growing up in a society that does infuse this idea in you that you’re different or something’s wrong or you’re sinful...”. And hopes that the series can break through partisan lines to promote deeper discussions about the issues facing all minorities in America today.

- Talks about the need for greater representation for all minorities, on camera and behind the scenes.

- She gets why her coming out was a big deal, but knows that she had it easier than her predecessors, such as Ellen Degeneres.


Tom Hiddleston Shows His Ass on The Night Manager

- Tom Hiddleston stars on The Night Manager, a BBC drama.
- Tom and co-star Elizabeth Debicki filmed a love scene that had many people hot under the collar.
- Fans of the show were thrilled to see Tom's ass out.

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Do you approve, ONTD?

President Obama freestyled with Lin-Manuel Miranda today.


ontd, has your fave ever created two innovative musicals, been one award short of an EGOT, been invited to the White House multiple times, and freestyled with the president at the White House all before the age of 40?

Kanye West's Favorite Song of 2015 Is.....

It's official! Kanye West is a Bilieber. On his Twitter account, Kanye shared that his favorite song of 2015 was a Justin Bieber tune. It's none other than...

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What was your favorite song of 2015, ONTD?


Remember that Ben-Hur Remake?

Here's the first official look at Jack Huston in the title role. Ben-Hur follows the story of a prince in Roman-occupied Jerusalem who is betrayed by his adopted brother Messala (Toby Kebbel). He loses everything, spends five years in the galley of a Roman slave ship and takes the people who wronged him in a chariot race.

Also starring Nazanin Boniadi as Esther, Rodrigo Santoro as Jesus, Pilou Asbaek as Pontius Pilate, and Morgan Freeman as Ilderim, who trains Ben-Hur.

Directed by Timur Bekmambetov and slated to come out some time this year.
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what other Hollywood classics do you think are going to get remade?

Billie Lourd To Have Larger Role in Star Wars: Ep VIII

Carrie Fisher's daughter and everyone's favorite Scream Queen, Billie Lourd, made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as junior controller Kaydel Ko Connix.

While promoting Scream Queens at Paleyfest on March 13, Lourd confirmed that she is returning for Episode VII. "I am working on Star Wars VIII but that’s all I can say,” she said.

When asked if her role will be larger, she answered, “Oh yeah, yeah. The last one was a little Where’s Waldo-y.” She also teased that this may mean she has more scenes with her mother.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is currently filming. It is set for release in December 2017.


I like Billie so I'm excited. The character was actually in the novel quite a bit so I'm not surprised they are going to keep using her. Also, it makes sense to keep the same background/supporting characters as much as possible in settings like the Resistance base.
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Anime/Manga News: Season 2 of Attack on Titan Delayed (Again!) + Boruto Manga Gets Date

- Season 2 was announced last year and was supposed to premiere by the end of 2016
- Creator Hajime Isayama and director of the anime, Tetsuro Araki had an agreement to not produce more of the show unless the manga is four arcs ahead of the anime.
- Manga is only 2 arcs ahead of anime
- Season 1 of AoT wrapped up in September of 2013

And in "News You Didn't Ask For"....
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