March 13th, 2016


Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: STILL ON

Diane addresses rumors of their breakup and says on the contrary, she actually just moved in with Joshua. She says it was a "major commitment. That's a big step into adulthood for me, to allow that time for someone else out of my time."


Butthurt writer at The New York Post pens hit-piece on Smith kids

So, apparently The Smiths (the Royal Hollywood family headed by The Fresh King and his lady, Queen Lena of House James, not the 80s era Alternative Rock group everyone hates to admit they love)  and their offspring are SO dangerous that they need Hit-Pieces written about them.

I won't even post any of the story here because it really is just a crass over-exaggeration by some half-witted hack journalist who seems to think that 2 teenage Black children tweeting weird shit is more worthy of an article than the rest of young, spoiled, hollywood.

The Facebook posting of said article received a lot of Backlash from posters (mostly African Americans) who sensed some fishy-ass BS in the article's theme. Sadly, it also was filled with people (of all races) challenging Will and Jada's parenting for having a Son who "dresses in a Female's skirt" and a daughter who is always "half naked" (when?). Not to mention White folk lamenting that Jada and Will made it "all about race" when that's not even in the article.

Under the cut, I posted some screenshots of me taking shot at the New York Post, and the commenters

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PS: look at the title in the link for the website...WTF

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Miley Cyrus photographed on the set of Woody Allen's new project

Pictures have surfaced of Miley Cyrus filming for Woody Allen's yet to be named series for Amazon. It reportedly takes place in the 60s and stars John Magaro, Elaine May, and Rachel Brosnahan. Woody Allen himself will also be starring in the 6-episode series.

celine on jimmy

Mariah Carey's Brother Morgan Says She's "A Witch"

  • Mariah Carey's brother Morgan says Mariah refuses to help sister Alison Carey by paying for her medical treatment, who needs spine and brain surgery

  • He says Mariah probably pampers more to her dogs than caring about their sisters medical bills

  • He says Mariah didn't show up at the hospital when Alison was being removed from a ventilator, thinking it was Alison's last days

  • Morgan says Mariah never responded when he had emailed that his wife miscarried and that Mariah's too self obsessed and in her own little world

  • Says it's sad she's been "flashing" her new ring instead of helping their sister

This is not the first time he's went to the press, there was a post where he said that Mariah will die like Whitney
There were also a post where Alison wrote an open letter to Mimi

Mariah tried and years ago paid for Alison's rehab treatment but eventually there was no more contact between them. Mariah's brother had recently started talking to the press a few years ago.
What do you think ontd?

shotgun betty

Julie Klausner Decides to Thin Shame Zendaya for Some Reason

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Idk why it's so hard for some people to believe that naturally thin people exist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Kate Upton attends Operation Smile event in Park City

Kate Upton and other celebrities including Lance Bass and Whitney Cummings showed up in support of Operation Smile, an organization that helps fund surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates.

Kate has supported Operation Smile in the past and will team up with the Detroit Tigers later this month to hold the second Grand Slam Adoption Event benefiting the dogs of SPCA Florida and K9s for Warriors.

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'Batman v Superman' and 'Civil War' will both be influenced by a 90s thriller, among others

“The movies we've been referencing a lot on this one are 'Se7en,' weirdly. 'Se7en,' 'Fargo,' just as far as we're not making comparisons in terms of quality we're just talking influences.”

[On Batman's introduction in the movie] It’s like out of “Se7en” or “Aliens” or something, which is a really different vibe. My son still watches the Adam West “Batman” [TV series]. It’s a far cry from where it started.

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BBC3 Publishes Doc on Disability Fetishism "Meet the Devotees"

Emily Yates, investigator behind the documentary and wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, gives a brief overview about the ideas of the program, "Meet the Devotees: The People Turned on by Disability"

According to the Youtube description for the documentary itself:

People who are sexually aroused by disability are known as devotees. This ground breaking documentary investigates the secret world of disabled fetishes and devotee porn. Wheelchair user Emily Yates meets people who are turned on by amputated limbs, wheelchairs and leg braces; she even makes her own “porn” video to see their reactions. Emily also hears about the dark side and comes to understand just how sinister the world of devoteeism can be from disabled people who’ve fallen victim to online predators.

WARNING: This video contains adult themes.

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Guy Ritchie Wants Madonna To Pay For His Lawyer Fees

Guy instigated the lawsuit and now wants Madonna to pay all the legal fees.
-Guy's lawyers have sent a letter to Madonna demanding that SHE pays HIS legal fees.
-Madonna allegedly responded by saying she has ZERO intentions in paying anyone in helping her lose custody of her son.
-Madonna says that he is a successful film director and makes enough money to pay his legal fees himself.
-Madonna also can't believe he has the audacity to ask HER to pay after she gave him $71.8 million and her estate in Wiltshire when they divorced.
-The source also says that Madonna has now accepted that she lost her son but she told the judge last week that she would like to "heal the wounds" opened in the dispute.


Jeff Adrien says LeBron is trying to steal Beyoncé from Jay-Z

For reasons unknown Jeff Adrien went on a Twitter rant where he took multiple shots at LeBron, most notably claiming that he's trying to take Bey from her husband.


Sword Art Online-Ordinal Scale first movie trailer released!

Sword Art Online, the mega hit that sold 16.7 million copies worldwide, will come back as an animated feature with a brand new original story by author, Reki Kawahara!
The new movie is expected to be released in 2017.


yasssss new movie!! more chances for this queen to shine because #fuckkirito

Anime Discussion Post: What are we watching? How great is 'Erased' etc etc

Mr.305/Mr.Worldwide/Pitbull disses Donald Trump on stage

Pitbull was performing at his Vegas residency show (yeah he has one) and had this to say about the presidential race, to "great applause" apparently and rightfully so.

“We need to take all the mutherfuckin energy in here to make certain that (Donald) Trump is not elected!”



Rihanna opens the Anti Tour in Jacksonville, Florida - Pics, Setlist, Videos and moar

Rihanna started her highly-anticipated (well kinda) tour in Jacksonville, Florida last night playing in front of a sold out audience. Rihanna served us a Kanye West-inspired minimalist stage design with few props and a bigger emphasis on the lighting and outfits. The stage also included a moving bridge which Rih uses to fly over the audience in the show's opening. Rihanna performed most of her hits and a number of songs from her album Anti, although if you were looking for S&M, Only Girl, What's My Name and Dont Stop The Music you might be left disappointed. Rihanna will be touring America until May before she moves on to Europe.

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Popular K-pop group TWICE perform in racy t-shirts

-in a special collab performance of the K-POP CLASSIC "GEE" with GFRIEND , TWICE's stylists make a poor choice in the shirts the group wears on stage
tzuyu's shirt says "hoes take your clothes off" she's 16
19 year old jungyeon was wearing a shirt that says "I love cold beer"
-leader jihyo wore a shirt saying "CARBS" which isn't bad just funny

Twitter Twitter YT

do you think their stylists know what their shirts say? do you think the girls know?

Basically Everyone Returns for Scream Queens Season 2

The ones that lived until the season finale that is.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Niecy Nash, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin and Billie Lourd are returning for the hospital themed second season according to the Paleyfest panel.

Dean Munsch buys a hospital and Keke Palmer's character, Zayday,  will be a medical school graduate working with the dean. As for the rest of the girls, they have a similar tie to Munsch’s new plan as a medical head. So it's not even a reset but a continuation.

“All of the girls will be medical students under the rule of Munsch and three hunky doctors,” Falchuk revealed. Overlord Murphy wasn't at the panel.



Jaime King reveals the products for her ColourPop collection

Jaime King (of Taylor Swift BFF fame, not Ja'mie King, the legend from Summer Heights High) announced a few months ago that she would be collaborating with ColourPop Cosmetics for her own collection, and the products have finally been revealed!

She posted this following message on Instagram:

We created this line because I saw a gap in the "beauty" market. I was tired of seeing very few care about what beauty means for women. For some, that means no makeup, for others, they cannot afford it, nor do companies actually consider the color of their skin and that it's not only unfair but radically gross that most do not create something that makes all women and men feel beautiful. Yes, men, who want to wear makeup as that is why I made this as well. I want to celebrate the inner beauty that we all innately carry and create that which celebrates that which radiates from within. This photo was captured as many are between Bethany and I whom are both mothers, friends and artists that celebrate the freedom of expression for all women- and that closeness that creates between two women is powerful. I'm honored to be surrounded by such radical and extraordinary women, including Laura Nelson who allowed me to create this line with full freedom and with unending support. I envision a world where ALL companies, friends and colleagues carry these values and the profound caring that we lift each other up and up and up! It is moments captured and experiences such as these that have shown me that when women uphold each other in their dreams, no matter what they may be, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually that each is a stepping stone to the next. "To infinity and beyond!" #Alchemy 3/24/16 xx Jaime

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Produce 101 Trainees to release original songs by famous producers

in the latest episode of p101 the girls found out that they were to split up into 5 teams with 5 different concepts
they also eliminated more girls and 101 is now 35!!!!!
the concepts are genres of the original songs that they would be singing
the 5 concepts are GIRLY pop, TRAP pop, GIRL CRUSH pop, HIP HOP, EDM
you can listen to the demos above
EDM: Producers: DJ KOO & MAXIMITE ( DJ koo the legend who brought us pick me) | Song: 24시간
Girl Crush Pop: Producer: Ryan (SHINee's View and Red Velvet's Dumb Dumb) | Song: Fingertips
Hip Hop: Producer: San E | Song: Don’t Matter
Trap Pop: Producer: DR | (SNSD's you think and EXO's love me right) Song: Yum-Yum
Girlish Pop: Producer: B1A4′s Jinyoung | Song: 갈은곳에서

tho the episode with performances doesn't air until friday, the performances were today and fantaken pics and videos are out around the internet already
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which song sounds the best ontd? which team are ur favs on?

this post is dedicated to the great campaigner stone nayoung

Team Bus

Emilie de Ravin announces birth of daughter Vera Audrey

Emilie took to Twitter to announce the birth of her first child with boyfriend Eric Bilitch, a little girl named Vera Audrey born on March 12th.

Harley DC

Andy Murray post tribute regarding Dunblane massacre

Always in my thoughts. Take you with me everywhere I go. Always my home. ❤️

- Andy and his brother Jamie were students at the school at the time
- the gunman Thomas Hamilton entered and killed 16 pupils and their teacher
- the incident caused tighter gun control laws in the UK
- their mother Judy changed her twitter pic to a snowdrop, the name of the campaign that came as a result of the massacre

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