March 12th, 2016

Chris Brown new rant is an absolute mess.

Breezy's back at it!

Here's how it all started.... He posted THIS video on Instagram:

[lots of posts. lots of nonsense]

1- The caption:

FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK THE PIGS🐷🐷🐷🐷! TO SEE THIS EVIL SHIT IS SO WRONG! GOD WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE! TRUST ME! 👊🏾 WITHOUT OUR BLACK CULTURE, ASIAN CULTURE, LATIN CULTURE, MUSLIMS, AND ANY RACE THAT YOU DONT APPROVE OF HELP YOU TO BE WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE. NOT TO MENTION WE ARE THE MOST CREATIVE,OPPRESSED, resilient, And HARD WORKERS, without out us your just another simple minded scared little man. WHEN MAKE FASHION, WE MAKE WHITE ARTIST WANNA BE US, White girls singing R&B OLD VIBE SONGS and its the best thing since sliced bread? BRANDY AND BEYONCE SING CIRCLES AROUND YALL CLONES! until the poeple in these power positions start showing humility and a actual love for everyone in AMERICA and the whole world. Ain't nobody stupid my nigga. People are so afraid to say shit because y'all just find a way to kill our leaders!!!! WHO THE FUCK U THINK CLEANS YOUR HOTELS AND WORKS HARD TO FEED A WHOLE FAMILY. US"! YOU A BITCH,, ALWAYS BEEN A PUSSY! I ain't running for no political offices nor don't I want to be apart of the devision of (Devil)race. FIRST THING YALL do IS BRING GOD IN it. DONT PLAY WITH POWERS U don't understand. Ok... Ok...ok... ALL JOKES ASIDE,...... FUCK TRUMP! #FUCKTRUMP

2- He posted a picture of a girl wearing a chrianna shirt and for no apparent reason, fat shamed Karrueche's manager in the caption.

Hey.... I know that shirt. 👀 @jacobyork fat ass is gonna have a speech for you. I respect the support.

3-The manager reponsed and said he wasnt fat, just big boned.

4- Breezy claped back : says York capitalize off every vulnerable barely famous emotionally distraught female with a pretty face.

5-  Minutes later,  he posted this:

6- He agreed with a fan who said he "adopted Karrueche from a cheap boutique".

7- Stated he was just "being nice" when he said Karrueche had talent.

8- Karrueche finally responds after he called her a bitch in another random comment!

9-  Chris responds one last time and wishes Kae the best with her straight to DVD movies.

10- He finally ended all this mess by posting a sweet picture of Royalty.


When will Kanye?

Zayn shaves off his hair, makes a fastfood store sign a non disclosure agreement, plans touring...

Zayn got new neck tattoos, and possibly a head tattoo, and (finally) shaved off his fried hair.

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While filming the music video to his next single (yes apparently, Like I Would is the next single) Zayn and his crew stopped by Kingfisher in Newton Heath during their break from filming and asked the owner to sign the contract on their food order. (lmao why)

During his interview which aired this morning (don't quote me on this), he also talked about touring: "I've got a couple of shows coming up. I'm saving it for when I start touring. I want it to be a whole show. Right now it's broken down. When I do a show for the first time I want it to be something they can enjoy.​"

On his 1337 5P34K: "​We're getting mixed response with that. I like the way it looks so I just went with it but people are confused by it.​" (you don't say)

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I'm not over the fact that they made a food store sign a non-disclosure agreement, because literally why
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Dascha Polanco chimes in on Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone

Orange is the New Black star Dascha Polanco was recently interviewed on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 while she was promoting her new film The Perfect Match. Early on in the interview the hosts brought up Zoe Saldana in Nina and how there was a lot of controversy about her casting.

“I have a problem with that too,” Polanco immediately answered. “I haven’t spoken about it but I have a problem with that too. If we were going to go that route than we didn’t need to do all the extra prosthetics or skin color and I don’t think that’s needed. If that was the issue there are plenty of actors I think that could have played the role.”

The hosts then went on to ask Dascha what she would do if she was offered her dream picture, which was a biopic, and she found out that the family was not supportive of her casting.

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Careless ::AlexWinston::

Demi Lovato Speaks Out Against Trump's Support of Violence, Quotes Spider-Man

Demi Lovato, a proud Hillary Clinton supporter, took to Twitter tonight to speak out against the violence that Donald Trump told his supporters to use against protestors, and quoted Spider-Man as part of her argument.

Source, 2

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American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks Joins ABC's Time Travel Drama Pilot

After her 3rd album badly flopped by debuting at #161 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts last year, effectively killing her music career, Jordin Sparks has decided to switch to acting. She has been cast in a recurring role in Kevin's Williamson's (of TVD and CBS's infamous drama Stalker) ABC drama pilot Time After Time.

She will play play New York stylist Jesse Givens who is also roommate and good friend of the female lead Jane Walker (played by Genesis Rodriguez).

She previously appeared in TV in guest stints on CSI and BET's Zoe Ever After.


Creepy Artist Pretends To Be Kristen Stewart's Stalker For Art Show

Yves Scherer, who previously made controversial nude statues of Emma Watson, has now made an art show based around the potential objects of a Kristen Stewart stan.  Kristen did not collaborate with Scherer and most likely had no idea of the project before its debut.

Scherer states about the show:  “I think the show is a lot about the idea of the intimate stranger, of this familiarity with public figures, the time shared with them and about the dreams and let downs connected to it. Quite like the child falling in love with the princess – I feel like Hollywood provides us with figures that are beyond our reach.”

He chose her "partially" due to her affair scandal with Rupert Sanders, and the show is in fact called Snow White and the Huntsmen (creative).
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Do you think this is going too far?
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Charlie Puth: "Fuck you, Justin Bieber"

Charles Puth performed his song "We Don't Talk Anymore" last night and during the song he said "Fuck you, Justin Bieber. "We Don't Talk Anymore" is Puth's duet with Justin Bieber's ex Selena Gomez.

Source: Twitter

#TeamPuth or #TeamBieber?

Digimon Adventure Tri: Chapter 3 will be released on September 24th, 2016

The official Digimon twitter confirmed the date.

According to Google, it says: And then! Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 3, "Confessions" theatrical release is September 24, 2016!!


Have you guys seen Chapter 2? can we all agree that Joe is the fucking worst??!! Also Leomon literally killed me.

Richard Simmons disappeared two years ago, friends fear he's being held hostage

-none of his friends have seen him since April 2014
-last words to a friend were “I just want to be by myself, and I want to be in the house, and we’re never going to see each other again.”
-in Jan. 2015, acting on an anonymous tip, the LAPD sent two officers to check on Simmons and found him "responsive and alert"

(full article @ source)

i know the daily news ain't shit but this is actually a pretty interesting read. hope he's okay
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Earth Mother Shailene Woodley endorses Bernie and speaks at his rally

shailene spoke @ bernie's rally yesterday, solidifying support from the sunning the vagina faction
in her speech she talked about why she supports bernie and what makes him better than the other candidates

Twitter Twitter Twitter

ONTD, are u stanning for bernie like quinoa queen shailene?
mermaid peter pan

Samantha Bee on 'Full Frontal,' Trump Steaks and President Hillary

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Seulgi | Eye Candy

Whisper Queen Selena Gomez Becomes the Most Followed Person on Instagram


Shailene Woodley on Saving India, Social Media, and Morphogenetic Fields

    On Feminism:
  • Shailene recently came back from India and saw cars with "Save a Girl" bumper stickers (a campaign in India to stop aborting female fetuses). This reminded her of how important her work in America is.

  • She continues to talk about how women have no rights in other countries and America is leading the way.

  • As an example, she throws out how when she was hiking in the Himalayas, she saw some old ladies hauling bales of grass and had her friend ask them if they liked it. The women told her that they did it so they could feed their cow and sell milk to support their families.

  • On Social Media:
  • Says she isn't more active on social media, because she doesn't want to be a narcissist that looks to followers for feeding her ego.

  • Thinks people should get jobs based on their talent, not popularity on social media

  • On Interests:
  • She opens the question by saying, "I'm obsessed with the morphogenetic field right now. It's fascinating. It's essentially examining genetics through your quantum field and what you can learn from that."


is shailene playing the zero escape series right now

In demand @AntoniaLThomas smashing #pilotseason

Antonia Thomas has been cast in the ABC drama pilot Spark. The network ordered a pilot presentation back in January.

The drama will be written by Mihael Cooney and will focus on two rivaling families. Antonia is set to play Pin who is described as an independent and smart "young woman with a spark of invention that could level both their empires".

This will be her debute on US television.

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Janet Jackson Calls Off More Shows. This Time in America!

just a few days after she called off the UK and European tour, the following dates were pulled off from her official facebook (this time in America)

5/23 - Tucson Arena - Tucson, AZ
5/24 - Isleta Amphitheatre - Albuquerque, NM
5/29 - Legacy Arena - Birmingham, AL
5/31 - Verizon Arena - N. Little Rock, AR
6/2 - iWireless Center - Moline, IL
6/5 - BMO Harris Bradley Center - Milwaukee , WI
6/10 - Scope Arena - Norfolk, VA
6/14 - Giant Center - Hershey, PA
6/21 - Verizon Wireless Arena - Manchester, NH
6/22 - Dunkin' Donuts Center - Providence, RI
7/16 - BOK Center - Tulsa, OK
8/10 - LJVM Coliseum - Winston-Salem, NC

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Janet sis what it's going on?

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Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad forced to take off hijab at #SXSW

Muslim U.S. Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad was forced to take off her hijab at SXSW.

She was asked to take off her hijab in order to receive an ID badge.

The ID badge that she was given was the wrong ID, belonging to Tamir Muhammad from Time Warner.

The person who asked her to remove her hijab has since been removed and SXSW apologized to Ibtihaj.

Source: Twitter
Xtina Maxim

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Step Out; Rob Shows Off Weight Loss

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were out and about in LA, shopping at Diamond Supply Co., where Rob appeared to be noticeably slimmer.

SMH @ the haters denying this is true love. ChyRo/BlacRob 4ever!1!1!

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Broad City : The episode with Hillary Clinton will air Wednesday on Comedy Central


- the plot: Ilana works for the Clinton campaign for half of the episode
- not a political stance, it's something Ilana would do
- the ep will also star: Cynthia Nixon, Rachel Dratch, and Alan Alda

how great was the last ep? Jaimé <3

ONTD Original: Revisiting Lady Gaga's Magum Bopus "Born This Way"

Revisiting Lady Gaga's Magum Bopus "Born This Way"

now i know the gorls are quick to call their faves flop parvum opus masterpiece's 'ahead of its time' maybe because the good girl strayed from ha norm or whatever the reason but the good gaga sis, the queen of pop really released the true magnum opus of the new millenia. Born This Way wasn't only ahead of its time, but the hooks, the choruses, clunky lyrics, the instrumentals alone, and sis the replay value is unparallel, the pop sisses are starting to create critic darling albums that dont smash at first but have amazing replay value like the good 'emotion', and tbh creating albums that way is smarter

anyway so now that the good first gay gorl sam smith tugged at gagas egot wig and got the academy award she deserved, we have to go back and dissect ha true and THE true pop magnum opus and replay value album pioneer the good Born This Way album

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Favorite BTW songs/looks?
Are you ready for #L5?

Robin Wright Talks Directing 'House of Cards' and Keeping to David Fincher's "Format"

-Robin Wright directed a total of four episodes this season.
-Talks about how since there were some free episodes on the table show creator Beau Willimon gave Robin Wright the chance to direct.
-Decided to keep David Fincher's format "What did he create for the show? There's a template that we have to follow. You can only use certain cameras; we can't use handheld or steady cam."

[Spoiler Comments]-Says that she had the chance to re-shoot was the assassination scene wishing that she had more coverage.

-The toughest scene she had to shoot was the dream sequence involving the "fight" between Frank and Claire but mentioned that it was fun going all out with the fake blood.

I finally finished this season and I need to talk about it.