March 9th, 2016

Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio's Old Family Picture Sparks Debate

Just in time for International Women's Day...

Shortly after his Oscar win, Facebook page HistoryinPics shared a vintage family picture of young Leonardo DiCaprio with his parents. The photo allegedly taken in 1976, caught the attention of many because Leo's mom, Irmelin, grew armpit hair. The photo has sparked a debate on whether female armpit hair should be accepted or frowned upon.

What's your stand, ONTD?

Fact Checking this Week's People vs OJ Simpson

-It was actually Marcia Clark's former mother-in-law who leaked the nude vacation photos to the National Enquirer. Some private eye wanted to suck up to the Dream Team and tracked her down in Israel where they put her in touch with the publication. Marcia under went lots of unfair scrutiny, and it's true that Ito called a recess that day after seeing how distraught she was after the photos leaked.

-Darden and Clark did have some sort of thing during the trail though it never got sexual. He brought his Isley Brothers CDs to her house on one occasion. The trial made them sort of closer, and he did cheer her up after the photos leaked. Darden has said that he keeps getting asked if they got married to which he always says, "No."

-Ms Lopez was just as bad a witness in real life as on the show. No shrugging though. On the subject of witnesses, Bailey's questioning of Fuhrman on the show was very accurate to how it really happened. The transcripts even include ALL CAPSLOCK for emphasis.

-Bailey did try to pull a fake glove stunt which he got called out on, and Marcia did make a quip about it. The LA Times did go ahead and print a story about how Cochran had beat his first wife.


OOP-T! - Maria 'Cheater' Sharipova grand slammed by Meldonium & Dick Pound

*Meldonium's manufacturer says 4 - 6 weeks is the normal amount of treatment time, not 10 damn years
*Via Statement: 'Depending on the patient's health condition, treatment course of meldonium preparations may vary from four to six weeks. Treatment course can be repeated twice or thrice a year.'

* Dick Pound rightfully places the blame on Sharipova's shoulders
* Says Sharipova would've been informed beforehand that she was doing something illegal and that this is all suspicious
Quote: 'Running a $30m (£21m) business depends on you staying eligible to play tennis. You are taking something on a list, which you have known about for four months. I am sorry, that is a big mistake - of course she should have known'

source & source

Have you ever cheated, made millions and got caught ONTD?
tyrell got olenna

Years and years's Olly Alexander interrupts performance from pain in the back :-(

Last night Years & Years were doing a show in Lausanne (Switzerland), Olly painfully sung during the whole show until the end of Desire and then had to stop the show because he pulled a muscle in his back (since the beginning apparently) and was in too much pain. So the crowd didn't get to hear the Toxic cover + King.

They'll be in Milano tomorrow, let's hope he'll be ok by then!

He tweeted this :

I was there and it was such a struggle for him, it was hard to watch. Hope you'll feel better soon Olly :-(

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Azealia Banks finally dumps twitter

Azealia Banks is quitting twitter for good.

“Okay, today I’m finally making the decision to eject from social media,” she tweeted, “American media culture is honestly so fucking disgusting and junky and complaining about it is not going to change it."

“It’s time for me to say goodbye once and for all,” she added. “Just because I am American doesn’t mean I have to subject myself to such tastelessness. Americans have the WORST taste in everything. So my friends, it’s time to say goodbye once and for all to this account. This account will exist no more. Time for a bit of mystery…Goodbye.”

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Chance the Rapper vs Spike Lee (again) on Twitter

-Last year Chance the Rapper called out Spike Lee for his movie Chi-Raq and called the idea of gang violence in Chicago stopping because of women holding out sex offensive.
-Spike Lee then said in an MSNBC interview that Chance shouldn't say anything since his father works for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and he has never criticized him publicly.
-Chance the Rapper then said Spike exploited Chicago in another December interview.
-Last week Spike Lee held a talk at Northwestern where he called Chance a fraud and said that he couldn't pick and choose what to talk about.
-Today Chance responded with the following tweets

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Everyone's threatening to release audio these days, gotta be paranoid when you're having a conversation
celine on jimmy

In "Celine Dion Is An Angel" News, She Meets With Longtime Fan

92 year old Napolean got to meet Celine through the program Wish Of A Lifetime.
Napolean is a veteran and met Celine when she was 15 at a Chrysler dealership and has followed her career ever since.
Wish Of A Lifetime grants wishes to seniors and anyone can submit an application, there is also a YouTube channel where you can watch wishes come true
He tells Celine how grateful he is and how much he admires her.
She tells him it's about quality of life and not quantity.

Yesterday was also 20 years since the Falling Into You album was released!

They go back and forth speaking French, but a lot of it is in English

Will Megan Fox return to New Girl?

-TvLine thinks that Megan will come back for the season finale and might become a series regular next season (please make this happen)
-Jess and Reagan bonded over the affection for Nick so that will create a new dynamics with Jess and Nick


So how many of you think that Nick and Reagan are better together than Jess and Nick?

Sam Smith Flops, Sells less than Gaga after Oscar Win

-Sam Smith's "song" "Writing's on the Wall" sold 22,000 copies after his Oscar win, a 466% increase in sales

-Lady Gaga's "Til It Happens to You" sold 28,000 copies after her loss, a 2,120% sales increase


Poster and episode summary for the Supergirl/Flash crossover!

“Worlds Finest” – Kara gains a new ally when the lightning-fast superhero The Flash (Grant Gustin) suddenly appears from an alternate universe and helps Kara battle Siobhan, aka Silver Banshee, and Livewire in exchange for her help in finding a way to return him home, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, March 28 (8:00-9:00 PM) on the CBS Television Network.

@god please let us have an iris cameo

Dr. Luke's Team: "Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony" NOT being dropped

-Dr. Luke's team says that it is a lie that Sony will be dropping him a year early
-His rep says that they have an excellent relationship and "his representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony, and this has never come up."
-Sony's reps have made no comment

Source: Twitter

And Now, Let's See What's New on 'Stans Are the Worst: Charlie Hunnam Edition'

So basically, his stans were/are harassing his long time girlfriend, Morgana McNelis, and Hunnam, doing what any decent person in this situation should do, wrote a letter to that branch of stans that think the object of their obsessions belongs to them. He wrote:

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Hunnam's FB page

Who do you think are


Hard Mode: no KPop stans.

Unfreaking-believable! Primetime first! as two black actors star in BBC1's Undercover

Primetime first as two black actors star in BBC1's Undercover

— The Guardian (@guardian) March 8, 2016

Apparently, this is the first time two black actors have been cast as leads on a primetime BBC Drama. It is usually one black actor or they co-star (always the bridemaid etc).

The series is written by the award-winning playwright Peter Moffat (not to be mistaken for Dr./Sherlock writer Stevne Moffat). It is about undercover police officers and death in custody. Jewish-Nigeria Princess Sophie Okonedo stars as high-flying lawyer about to become the first black director of public prosecutions. Adrian Lester plays her husband and the father of her three children.

Moffat was quoted as saying this in regards to BBC's lack of diversity - “even the BBC, which is fairly full of liberal thinking folk (don't get me started on this - OP!), hasn’t got round to sorting this stuff out”.

Labor MP Chi Onwurah also added, that 15 years after Greg Dyke declared the BBC "hideously white", there's still a way to go. She said; “I think it’s brilliant but at the same time also slightly ridiculous that the BBC has discovered that there are professional black families,”. She would also like for people of BAME background (that Black, and Minority ethnic) in roles behind the scenes as well.


And... no, the C4/E4 shows you watched based on tumblr hyping them is not indicative of british TV's diversity as a whole.

*sorry about the previous source link mods - didn't realise what the link what going to!*

BBC digs into racial aspect of the Cheaterpova scandal, 411 on Meldonium

*BBC pulls together an article over the reaction to Cheaterpova
*Twitter - ha power! - rightly points out how the spin on this is softer than literally anything good or bad that Serena has ever done

*Meldonium increases stamina, endurance & recovery time
*Wada decided it was a performance-enhancing drug after studying the effects it has and added it to the banned list after determining it's a performance enhancing drug.

source & source

Were you ever a world class athlete given a pat on the back when you were caught & forced to admit to cheating instead of getting the dragging your biggest rival does for nonsense due to your white privilege ONTD?
ILD - oscar isaac

Four Horsemen X-Men poster.

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X-Men: Apocalypse stars James McAvoy as Charles Xaver, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert, Lucas Till as Havok and newcomers Alexandra Shipp as Storm, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Ben Hardy as Angel, Tye Sheridan as Cyclops, Olivia Munn as Psylocke, Lana Condor as Jubilee and Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse.

Set for release on May 27, 2016.

Source: here.
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Tyler Posey Shows off Boxing Moves; Reminds Us to Follow Our Dreams

Tyler Posey has been through a lot lately, including the end of his engagement to his fiancee and the loss of his mother to breast cancer. Boxing is helping him deal, and he wants everyone out there to find what helps them become better people.

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ONTD's fave werewolf bae also appears to have a new tattoo:

A black rose!

ONTD, what goals would you like to accomplish this year? Any new tats you wanna share?

Source: Posey's Insta
Yelena Belova | eye roll

Leighton Meester Cast as Lead in Making History Pilot

Caption: SO HAPPY

Leighton Meester has snagged the lead role in Fox's upcoming time travel comedy Making History. This is her first lead role in a series since Gossip Girl ended in 2012.

The series will "center on three friends who find a way to travel through time in search of truth, justice, and riches, which complicates their lives in 2016. They visit some of the greatest moments of the past as they try to resolve their personal problems, while history and pop culture comically collide."

Leighton will play Deborah, "a self-educated and incredibly motivated colonial woman who possesses modern ideals despite being trapped in a regressive time. She has contemporary beliefs of gender and racial equality which everyone scoffs at in 1775."

Adam Pally also set to star.

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"Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry connects Tracy Gold with murdered child star and friend Judith Barsi.

Tracy Gold segment...

Posted by Judith Barsi on Monday, March 7, 2016

Judith Barsi, otherwise known as "Ducky" from the Land Before Time films, and All Dogs Go To Heaven
was a child star who was viciously murdered, along with her mother, by her jealous, alcoholic and abusive father at the age of 10 in 1988.


Holt McCallany To Topline David Fincher’s (and Charlize Theron's) Netflix Series ‘Mindhunter’

The show will be set in 1979, McCallany will play FBI agent Bill Tench and alongside Groff's character they interview serial killers to help them solve current murders

They have also announced Anna Torv (Wendy, a psychologist) and Jonathan Groff (FBI agent Holden Ford)

No word yet on when it's supposed to premiere

McCallany previously worked with Fincher on Fight Club and Alien 3


How Erin Andrews Manages Hotel Stays After Peephole Trauma

During her trial, Erin Andrews shared the measures she now takes, when staying in hotels, after being secretly filmed from a peephole while nude at a Marriott in Nashville.
- Tells hotel staff that a man will be joining her even when it's not true.
- Asks to be moved from the room she was pre-booked in.
- Requires staff to call her if someone requests to be in the room next to her.
- Carries own bag and doesn't allow anyone to be with her when she goes up her room.
- Covers the peephole and scans the entire room for lights or cameras.
- Sets up "booby traps" to know if someone has entered her room without her knowledge.
- Room service is only allowed to leave food in the hallway.
- No longer stays in rooms that have adjoining rooms.