March 6th, 2016

Pharrell thinks Gwen and Blake being together is nothing short of a miracle

"It's poppin' off!" Pharrell says. "It's so beautiful, because being there, I watched both of them go through a lot, you know. You hate to see your friends go through something so heavy, and it's kind of like a miracle, man — just watching that."

They genuinely look so happy I can't hate tbh. Have you gotten involved with a coworker ?

Saoirse Ronan reveals the best career advice she's gotten

She thinks: “I think no matter what, you have to follow your instinct, you have to trust your gut, not just when it comes to work and like professional decisions, but just in your own personal life. You always need to follow what feels right to you, otherwise I don’t think you’ll be able to fully commit to a job.”

What's the best career advice you've received ONTD ?

Jennifer Garner gives props to Ben Affleck for being a good dad

Jennifer Garner remains the bigger person, giving props to her soon to be ex (don't call me out on it, idk if they finalized the divorce) husband when he showed up dressed in a Batman costume for their son's 4th birthday.

“We all dressed up, I dressed up as a ninja and Ben dressed up as Batman for Sam, [it] was the best dad moment in history.”
Also says her son's very excited that his dad gets to play batman in the upcoming movie (aw)

Are you able to remain civil with your ex, even after they cheat on you ONTD ? What's the limit ?
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Sailor Moon Crystal Season III Trailer!

-An event was held in Tokyo today (Sailor Neptune's birthday) where they screened the first episode of Season III (Act 27)
-The season will officially premiere on April 4th in Japan (no word yet on when it will stream)
-This season will be aired weekly, not bimonthly
-There will be a new opening song (New Moon ni Ashite [Fall in Love with the New Moon], sung by Etsuko Yakushimaru)
-There will be a new ending song (Eternal Eternity, a duet sung by Uranus and Neptune)
-The transformations are no longer CG!
-The show is no longer a strictly 1:1 adaptation of the manga as some chapters will be split into two episodes.
-Overall this season will be more faithful to the manga, keeping in more of the funny faces, etc


Keanu Kicks Ass for John Wick Chapter 2

Keanu Reeves, down-to-earth action star and prince, is busy at work training for the hotly anticipated sequel to 2014's breakout hit John Wick.

Watch below as the Canadian cutie proves why he's the action star of a generation and absolutely kills his tactical training course.

John Wick Chapter 2 has an expected release date of February 10th, 2017.

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ONTD is Keanu the last movie star you can rely on to be genuine?
  • gyuri

Maria Sharapova to make "major announcement" tomorrow

-sharapova announced on her website that she'll be having a livestreamed press conference tomorrow for a major announcement
-earlier this week, she announced that she would be pulling out of indian wells, citing an injury
-journalists have been assured that it isn't a business (sugarpova) announcement
-ppl have been speculating everything from retirement to coming out to changing her citizenship


ONTD, do you think it would be sad if she retired? what do you think her announcement is gonna be about?
mermaid peter pan

Bill Maher discusses Trump's versus Hillary's message, Sarah Silverman feels the bern

Bill Maher and his guests – Rep. Donna Edwards, Ari Shapiro, Matt Lewis and Sarah Silverman – discuss the violent rhetoric and behavior of Donald Trump and his supporters compared to Hillary's message of love and kindness.

Comedian and "I Smile Back" actress Sarah Silverman discusses her support for Bernie Sanders.

The CNN democratic debate in Flint with Hillary and Bernie starts tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT, our live post at ONTD Political is up now!

Cosby Sweater

Papi Disick parties w/ models in Mexico, "Is no longer interested in recovery" + Kourtney reacts

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- The finely-aged 32 yr old was spotted soaking in the sun in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico
- Apparently was drinking beer + a mixed drink + a ciggy
- A source says "It's very safe to say Scott is no longer interested in recovery. He's been drinking and partying for the last several weeks. This is what he wants. This is what he's choosing. The friends he's hanging out with aren't helping."
- Kourtney cryptically tweeted about her pain or smth ("A smile hides my pain, a hug masks my heartache, and a laugh covers my tears")

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Unffffffff I wish I was one of those models, idgaf abt his issues tbh he's still sexy. I want to lie on his chest and call him my daddy while he texts other women.

Sandman project update: Movie finds its new writer, loses JGL

A few months ago the Sandman material changed ownership when Warners Brothers decided that New Line would focus on the Vertigo properties and Warner Bros on the DC properties. Back in October the producer, David Goyer, announced that they were starting from scratch with a new writer. Two days ago it was announced that the movie found its new writer, Eric Heisserer

The next day JGL announced on social that he was leaving the project due to creative differences.

"a few months ago, I came to realize that the folks at New Line and I just don't see eye to eye on what makes Sandman special, and what a film adaptation could/should be. So unfortunately, I decided to remove myself from the project. I wish nothing but the best for the team moving forward."

RE: SANDMANSo, as you might know if you like to follow these sorts of things, a while back, David Goyer and I made a...

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney participate in Chicago's Polar Plunge

For the second year in a row Lady Gaga and fiancée Taylor Kinney participated in the Chicago Polar Plunge. For those that don't know the Chicago Polar Plunge is a charity event that happens every year. Individuals and teams sign up, having to raise a minimum of $175, and take a plunge into the icy cold waters of lake Michigan. This is a charity event that raises money for Special Olympics Chicago. This year ended up being warmer than it has traditionally been in the past as it was 40 degrees outside when the event occurred.

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Would you do the Polar Plunge for charity?

Are Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Dunzo?

Some very interesting developments on social media are leading fans of the couple to speculate that they have broken up.

First Rob Kardashian wiped his ig clean of all pictures and any gushy mentions of Blac Chyna.

Then Blac Chyna posted this telling meme on her instagram a couple of hours ago

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Kris Jenner and Khloe are probably somewhere cackling rn.

Do you play out your relationship's highs and lows on social media, ontd?

Jada comments on Chris Rock's Oscar jokes

While at the airport, Jada Pinkett Smith responded to paparazzi who asked her to comment on Chris Rock's jokes at the Oscars regarding her boycott of the awards. She said, "It comes with the territory, sweetheart. Hey look, it comes with the territory but we gotta keep it moving. We gotta keep it moving. We gotta keep it moving. There's a lot of stuff we gotta handle, a lot of stuff in our world right now. We gotta keep it moving."

Chris Rock's jokes included saying, "Jada said she's not coming. I was like 'Isn't she on a TV show?' Jada's gonna boycott the Oscars? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna's panties. I wasn't invited!"

He also implied that the real reason she was angry was that her husband Will didn't get any nominations for his performance in Concussion.

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Christina Aguilera's Baby Daddy Spotted Driving with Baby on His Lap

- Christina Aguilera's fiancee, Matt Rutler, was pictured driving the couple’s Range Rover with their daughter, Summer Rain, on his lap.
- Xtina was with them during the incident.
- Acdg. to paps, Matt only drove dangerously for 100 yards.
- Under California law, children under 8 are required to be secured in a car seat in the back of the vehicle at all times.
- Ticket for first offense is $475.

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Andy Daly on Political Correctness in comedy + other stuff with The Believer

AD: 'I have begun to wonder where the term “politically correct” came from. It’s such a horrible phrase, the notion that politics could be correct or incorrect. I feel like the original proponents of what we now call political correctness could not possibly have called it that. But really, at its best, what it’s saying is, “Don’t be a dick. If there’s an opportunity to not hurt somebody, don’t hurt them."
But people don’t like to be told. For instance, your example of that piece where Forrest was going to get breast implants. It took me a little while to think it through, but I considered it from the perspective of the transgender community and empathized and realized: yeah, it would hurt. If some comedians don’t want to sacrifice certain jokes, that’s up to them. But they have to be prepared to look like a dick.'

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Source: believermag

ONTD do you think TV channels will only be apps? why didnt you watch Review? do you have breast implants?

Don't Expect a Tayvin Collaboration Anytime Soon

- Allegedly, Calvin's team suggested that he collaborate with girlfriend Taylor Swift, but the DJ thinks it's not a good idea.
- Supposedly proves how serious he is about Taylor as he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure and rock the boat.
-  Learned his lesson from Rita Ora breakup where Calvin blocked Rita from releasing the tracks they had worked on together.
- Planning to collaborate with Beyonce instead.

What's the pettiest thing you've done to an ex after a break-up?

Marvel has no plans to release any R-rated superhero films

- Following the recent success of Deadpool, some superhero franchises have announced plans to release R-rated theatrical or extended cuts of films (Wolverine, Batman v Superman).
- Disney CEO Bob Iger was asked if Marvel will do the same but he made it clear they have no plans to change their approach.


Exactly two months till Civil War!!

Mickey Milkovich Gone for Good, Noel Fisher Signs On To An Inevitably Unpicked Up Pilot for NBC

Last year, the best actor on TV, Noel Fisher, left the greatest role of his career. He left behind the gay thug life of Mickey Milkovich on the woefully underrated Shameless to be a CGI turtle who plays second fiddle to Megan Fox's incredible rack in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Who the Fuck Cares. Now, over a year after departing the show that made us realize Emmy Rossum is queen, he is starring in a pilot for that network people used to watch in the 90s. He will be joined by the boring girl from The Real World: San Diego and the chick from from High School Musical who isn't Vanessa Hudgens or the blonde one or Zackiesha Efron.

"Miranda’s Rights" is one-hour legal soap about an idealistic group of lawyers who not only work together but live together at their start-up firm."

It is unknown if Fisher will keep his terrifying Casper the Ghost blonde hair, his natural ging, or come to his senses and go back to hair as black as my heart.


Shameless viewing post?

Counting Eggs Before They Hatch: Assassin's Creed Sequel Planned for 2019

Producers are really pleased with their final product and want to make more movies with Fassbender as original character Callum Lynch.

That's a lot of confidence for a movie coming out in a crowded market this December. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will have premiered the week before, and it will also be going up against the sci-fi epic Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as well as the animated family comedy Sing.

This is being pegged as a hopeful future franchise with a reported 125 million dollar budget for this first movie.

As for the plot, Callum Lynch uses a machine to tap into his ancestor's memories only to find that his ancestor was part of a secret assassin society that parkours everywhere and jumps off of high ass buildings into convenient bales of hay. He bounces between 15th Century Spain and current day to take on the Knights Templar in the present and probably fails if they want to make more sequels so get ready for that cliffhanger hook. The movie comes out December 21.


What Are the Boys of One Direction Up To?

Month three into the hiatus, let's take a look at what the boys of One Direction are up to:

Pictured romancing Cheryl Fernandez-Versini at exclusive casino Crockfords in London.

Went clubbing with girlfriend Danielle at Hollywood hotspot The Nice Guy, the go to place of celebrities who don't want attention at all.
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After travelling all over Asia, is back in the States to witness fellow Irishman Conor McGregor get demolished at UFC 196.

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Last spotted growing a struggle stache in Cheshire.
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Meanwhile, Simon Cowell had this to say about One Direction during an interview for America's Got Talent.
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LOL at Lilo grabbing all the headlines during the break.

Steve Tyler makes it official with 28 y/o gf

Steven Tyler, 67, showed up to Elton John’s Aids Foundation Oscar viewing party with 28 y/o gf, Aimee Ann who is a decade younger than his daughter Liv Tyler.

There were rumours about them being together in 2014, which is when she was his personal assistant (yikes) but they've only made it official just yet.

How much of a difference is too much tbh ? (Younger than your own child ?)
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Love is real: Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna still together

Chy and I are not broken up we just feel like it would be a lot healthier for our relationship if we kept a lot more to ourselves. It's impossible to have a positive relationship with so much negativity from the media and outsiders and we would appreciate it if everyone respects that -ChyRo 💍 @blacchyna 💍