February 27th, 2016

Cosby Sweater
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Rebel Wilson doxes the wrong woman on Twitter

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- Rebel posted a tweet condemning a female tabloid journalist (no relation to Rebel) who had allegedly harassed her grandmother
- She followed up that tweet by revealing the name of the woman and posting a picture of her face
- Her Twitter army went in on the woman, who contacted an Aus media site and explained that she had no idea what Rebel was talking about, wasn't even a tabloid journalist, was obviously the wrong woman
- Aus media site tweeted her this info, got blocked
- People tweeted at Rebel to take the tweets down, she was (unsurprisingly) shitty and refused to do so until the last minute
- TLDR: the last name Wilson is so common that everyone in Australia has it, drama ensues


Rebel is a obv a mess but I especially can't at stans who actually play into this shit and come for dox victims at the drop of a hat. Celebs have too much damn power.

Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets: Movie Edition

Jimmy Kimmel released another edition of Mean Tweets. This time movie stars Christoph Waltz, Patricia Arquette, George Clooney, Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner, Emily Blunt, Zach Galifianakis, Kevin Hart, Richard Dreyfuss, Cate Blanchett, Seth Rogen, Oscar Isaac, Taraji P. Henson, and Sean Penn took centerstage in celebration of Oscar week.

Man, Mean Tweets is getting stale. ONTD is funnier!
H - Eroda

Hoechlin joining the 50 Shades of Grey cast ?

Hoechlin flew to Vancouver for an unknown role, Vancitybuzz (honestly, idk) predicts he's to be cast in the upcoming 50 Shades production, since he got picked up from the airport by a driver for the 50 Shades franchise. He's apparently casted as Boyce.

src: 1 2 3 4
Cheers to me and like 3 other people maybe
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Cheryl Cole is dating Liam Payne?

Everyone's favourite sun journalist is back with a #exclusive that Liam is dating Cheryl

-They've both been dating for 3 months since December
-They've been a good fit since they met when he was 17 (though they met actually he was 14) and are both northern
-he's so smitten that he got his rose tattoo to match her ass tattoo
-She's helping him deal with life after the spotlight and he's helping her live again after her terrible marriage
-They're both very loyal and as a result are suited to each other.
This is hilarious, bless Dan Wooton

Promos for The Vampire Diaries 7x15 & The Originals 3x15

Sources: TVD & TO

[Spoiler (click to open)]This was the best episode TVD has had in a while. I still hate the Caroline/babies stuff though.

I did not like TO. I've watched the TVD, I know how The Originals were turned and I know the whole sire-line stuff was not intentionally on Esther's part and ended up just being a result of the immortality spell. Davina's spell made no sense to me and I think it should have failed. Hayley should be part of either Klaus' or Hope's bloodline end of story and Jackson wasn't even a vampire at all so it's just BS. I think Kol should be on the show, but I can not imagine he'd be okay with Davina killing off Klaus & Elijah so I think that should have been a huge issue for him and I know they're not going to make it one and it sort of ruins Kol for me. Klaus would never have been any part of a plan to kill off Kol.
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Yoko Ono hospitalized

-apparently rushed to the hospital after calling 911 saying she was possibly having a stroke
-rep has not yet confirmed reports

-spokesperson Elliot Mintz says it was not a stroke but extreme flu like symptoms and she will be released tomorrow

ICON & ONTD unproblematic fave Jennifer López remains the Queen of jumpsuits!

-queen jenny blessed a red jumpsuit for idol's top 10 party
-keeps rocking her natural hair, when will u
-kelly clarkson is her kinda girl

source 1 source 2

when's the last time u looked flawless, ontd? share pics
Shoulder Shrug Ari

Ariana's New Album Title was Inspired by a Feminist Writer + She's Been Quoting Maya Angelou

   - Ariana's new album is called Dangerous Woman, which is aparently taken from this quote by the Egyptian feminist author and doctor Nawal El-Saadawi:

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Who inspires you, ONTD?
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Mads Mikkelsen (kinda) teases "Rogue One"

[Spoiler (click to open)]
- there have been rumors he is playing the villain as usual, BUT PLOT TWIST. Mads says, “No, my character is actually not a bad guy, and then I cannot say more.” (source)
- tho says he is vital and also important
- Jiang Weng’s character will be the weapons dude
- the filming is essentially complete
- already in pre-production for the next stand alone star wars film
- blah blah we are all Jon Snow and know legit nothing

SIGH. what are some good spoilers/speculation you've heard?


Elton John performance to stream live today at 3PM EST

Elton is performing a surprise concert to thank LA for its support of his AIDS Foundation / as some sort of Oscar party. It starts at 3PM EST and will be streamed by AOL. Various musical guests are rumoured.

Viewing details at the Source
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Hugh Dancy misses Hannibal and claims there is still hope of a revival

- from a Danish magazine interview
- says he misses Mads lots, but they hang on the reg
- says he and Bryan are still in contact, and that they think Hannibal may return in the future
- "I would not be where I am if not for Hannibal"
- used experience from Hannibal for his new hulu show "The Path"

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hmmmm. I would be excited if it wasn't for the YEARS of teasing about another Bryan show returning, which will not be mentioned.
shirley manson
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The Roles That Win Actresses Oscars

Being a wife is the most common profession that win Oscars for actresses. Thoughts? http://ow.ly/YNG48

Posted by Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media on Friday, February 26, 2016

Fusion looked back through the history of the Academy Awards to find out more about the roles that have brought victory to Best Actor and Best Actress performances.

image host
#6 on that list for Best Actress was prostitute, with 7%

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harry 3

Darren Criss cranky with fans after they call his girlfriend 'Satan'

- Darren Criss, of your-mediocrity-is-constantly-rewarded fame, has been dating girlfriend Mia Swier for many years

- Many of his fans hate her primarily because they still ship him with his Glee co-star, Chris Colfer

- Fans (who clearly don't love themselves) waiting outside his 'Broadway Today' event allegedly called Mia 'satan'

- He yelled at them and then told them off of Twitter

Collapse )ONTD, have you ever lusted after someone ugly? Still embarrassed I used to stan this clown, but the CrissColfers who are still hanging on are heinous.


Gigi Hadid Suffers Nip Slip at Versace Runway

Gigi Hadid who is in Italy for Milan Fashion Week closed the Versace show but suffered a nip slip while wearing a loosely draped low neckline black dress.

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The model took the accidental flashing in stride and had this to say on Twitter:

Have you accidentally exposed yourself, ONTD?

90s Fandoms collide: Britney x Backstreet Boys @ Vegas

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Future Oscar winner Saoirse Ronan does interview w/ Jodie Foster

"In the nearly nine years since her first film, all Ronan has done is work with Peter Weir (The Way Back, 2010), with Peter Jackson, on the 2009 adaptation of Alice Sebold's monumental best-seller The Lovely Bones, with Neil Jordan (Byzantium, 2012), and with Wes Anderson, playing the doomed baker-outlaw-romantic Agatha in 2014's The Grand Budapest Hotel." lol @ Jodie Foster ignoring all of saoirse's flops

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source: read saoirse and jodie's interviews here 

Saturn Awards move John Boyega to Best Actor category after fan outrage

A few days ago the Saturn Awards announced their nominations and had John Boyega nominated as Best Supporting Actor for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, despite his character Finn being the co-lead with Rey (portrayed by Daisy Ridley, who was rightfully nominated in the Best Actress category). After days of fans online expressing their outrage at John's contribution to the film being diminished, the Saturn Awards announced today that they have heard the fans' voices and are moving John to the Best Actor category.

Here is their statement:
Dear Friends of the Saturn Awards:
It has been an exciting time for all genre fans with the release of this year’s Saturn Awards nominations. After careful consideration, we are making an adjustment on our nomination list. We are moving actor John Boyega to the category of Best Actor in a Film. This better reflects his contributions to the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We all look forward to voting and honoring the best in genre entertainment.

i'm shocked they actually did this but i'm so pleased. john deserves all the success and praise.
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Spirit Awards Winners

SPOTLIGHT is the biggest winner at the Film Independent Spirit Awards

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source source source
source source source

#PISSALERT : Ex-EastEnders star Michelle Collins willing to drink piss for Bear Grylls

- Michelle Collins, known for playing Cindy Beale on EastEnders, is joining Bear Grylls Mission Survive 2016 starting March 3.
- When asked if she'd have any reservations about the 12-day challenge, the vegetarian actress responded, "I don't know if I could eat meat. But if I go out for that reason, then so be it. Drinking my wee is fine!"


ontd, would you rather drink piss or eat meat? do you like to wash down your bbq ribs with a frosted glass of piss?