February 17th, 2016

Taylor Swift Cries After Out of the Woods Performance at Grammys

Taylor Swift opened the Grammys with Out of the Woods but was filmed shedding a tear after the performance. She ALLEGEDLY mouthed I missed that note before being comforted by BFF Selena Gomez.

No doubt Taylor was able to shake off her less than stellar performance as she went home with 3 Grammys. She used her acceptance speech for Album of the Year as platform to clap back at Kanye West.

H - Eroda

Kim K (rightfully) can't stand Kanye's Twitter meltdowns

They were rumored with divorce after Kim sharing a lonely hearts playlist on VD, and with Kanye being excessive on Twitter, a source~ claims Kim's a very supportive wife (lmao duh) but even she's fed up with Kanye's eccentricities.

"What causes friction in the marriage, however, is Kanye's compulsive tweeting. Kim can't stand it. She is all for self-promotion, but doesn't approve of Twitter drama." says a source.

src: 1
Do you think they'll file for divorce in 2016 ontd ? Have you ever dumped an ex for being too dramatic ?
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#PISSALERT : Family Feud asks contestants what'd they pee on to get back an ex

Family Feud is making waves in the media the only way they know how: PISS! Steve Harvey asked contestants on the show to name something belonging to their ex that a person might pee on for revenge. So what does contestant Tamika say? Watch the clip to find out.


ontd, y'all got any stories about pissvenge? sometimes i stop by walmart to pee as a protest against corporate greed and worker exploitation. also i can't believe we still don't have a piss tag
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Amerikan Krime Story and the Kontinual Kardashian Kreep

While Robert Kardashian did take his four children out to Father's Day lunch in 1994, it's unlikely that he lectured them about fame. Or if he did, it doesn't seem like the lesson ("We are Kardashians. And in this family, being a good person and a loyal friend is more important than being famous. Fame is fleeting. It means nothing without a virtuous heart") was taken to heart.

“They were there,” says showrunner Karaszewski. “And certainly one of the things we wanted to talk about in the show was the beginning of the 24 hour news cycle and the creation of reality TV.” Reflecting back on the scene in the second episode, where the Kardashian kids see their father on televisions and begin chanting the family name, Karaszewski continues: “If you were in the Kardashian household and all this media frenzy was going on, how would that affect you?”


please let the rest of their appearances be silent ones if they have to keep showing up

Adele Lets Son Dress Up As Princess Anna in Disneyland

Adele, her partner Simon, and 3 year old son Angelo were spotted at Disneyland a few days before the Grammys. It appears that Adele went all out at the gift shops and one of the items she bought for her son was a Princess Anna costume. Angelo couldn't wait to wear the costume and was pictured exploring the park dressed as Anna, shoes and all.

Bless Adele for being a cool mom.

Blind Item Revealed: Singer-Songwriter and Rapper

Blind item

CD&N's recently posted an answer to an old BI.

What singer-songwriter who might or might not be one of the breakout stars this year was spotted making out backstage with that married A-list rapper-mogul at that charity concert? This isn’t the first time they’ve been intimate.

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Corny but gave me a good laugh imagining it.

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"NYPD Blue" Creator David Milch Has Gambled Away Over $100 Million

-The cover story of this week's The Hollywood Reporter is about David Milch, the creator of shows such as "NYPD Blue" and "Deadwood"
-A recent lawsuit claims that Milch lost $25 million from gambling between 2000-2011 alone
-Milch has earned over $100 million in his 3-decade career, but is now $17 million in debt
-Milch recently sold one of his two homes for $4.8 million, and the other home in Martha's Vineyard is on the market for $8.95 million
-Milch's wife now only gives him a $40/week allowance


Do you gamble? How much money have you gambled away in your lifetime ontd?

Vanessa Hudgens Under Investigation for Valentine's Day Gesture

Vanessa Hudgens is under investigation after posting a picture on Instagram defacing rocks at Coconino National Forest in Arizona. The Grease star appears to have etched Vanessa and Austin with a heart outline on rocks to commemorate Valentine's day. She captioned the picture with Happy Valentine's Day boo boo bears. Vanessa has since deleted the picture that got her in trouble. It's not yet confirmed if the effort was carved or written with chalk. Defacing a national park in the United States carries a maximum punishment of a $5000 fine and/or up to six months in jail.
What's with this high school musical shenanigans?

James Gunn "Reveals" the Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Official photography on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has started, and I couldn't be more stoked.My favorite movie as...

Posted by James Gunn on miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

Returning stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Sean Gunn, and Glenn Close will be joined by three currently announced new cast: Kurt Russell (who has of course been linked to the role of Star-Lord’s mysterious father), Pom Klementieff (widely rumored—and now confirmed by Gunn—as playing Mantis, an alien member of the Guardians in the comics), Elizabeth Debicki, and Chris Sullivan.

James Gunn's FB page


Saoirse Ronan to star in adaptation of Ian McEwan's "On Chesil Beach"

"Set in England in 1962, On Chesil Beach follows Florence (Ronan), one half of two young lovers, in the touching story of how their unexpressed misunderstandings and fears shape the rest of their lives. It is a tender story that shows how the entire course of a life can be changed – by a gesture not made or a word not spoken."

Sources: 1,2.
india lee

Fifth Harmony To Perform (Possibly Their New Single) At Kelly & Michael's After Oscar Show

A "special performance" from the girls of Fifth Harmony at the Dolby Theatre on February 29th. LA Reid announced recently that their new single will be released on Feb. 26th. So, the chances that they perform the new song are really high! (If they perform 'Worth It' again, idk...)

Announcement video of Fifth Harmony's performance on @KellyandMichael's After Oscar Show on February 29th. pic.twitter.com/HuFlLxP6E6

— 5HonTour (@5HonTour) 16 février 2016

What is this new feeling of not being dissapointed by their management team? Maverick is doing more for them in a few weeks than Faculty did during all those years.This new era's gonna be lit! For now the strategy seems to be "surprise drop" of the single and right after, strong promo and performances.

sources: K&Mtwitter x 5htour

Nike Ends Contract With Manny Pacquio After Homophobic Comment

Nike is dropping professional boxer Manny Pacquio after 'gay people are worse than animals' remark.

Nike's statement:
"We find Manny Pacquiao's comments abhorrent. Nike strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community."

Manny's "apology":
“I'm sorry for hurting people by comparing homosexuals to animals,” Pacquiao wrote. “Please forgive me for those I've hurt. I still stand on my belief that I'm against same sex marriage because of what the Bible says, but I'm not condemning LGBT. I love you all with the love of the Lord. God Bless you all and I'm praying for you.”


Ryn Weaver: "Katy Perry bullied me!"

Pop singer reveals how she was mentally abused by Katy Perry

Pop singer Ryn Weaver took to Twitter to speak out on the hypocrisy of Katy Perry, whom is speaking up agains't bullying while apparently being a big bully herself.

"She came up to me and my friends.. Knowing I played.. After we were friends.. Then stared at me the whole time she spoke to my friend waiting for me to speak... Anytime I spoke she started turning her head around pretending she heard something... Then said "dos u hear something?" While staring at me.. Anytime I spoke.. After we were already friends.. Did this the entire night... Then came w us to drake and stared at me the WHOLE SHOW.. Then any time I caught her eye out of my periphery she proceeded to alert her entire posse saying " that ryn weaver girl is soooo obsessed with me" loud enough for my entire group of friends to hear... While talking why the WHOLE NIGHT loud enough for me to hear.. After pretending I didn't even exist." Ryn has said.

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midsommar dani

Composer Mark Korven Talks His Eerie Score for "The Witch"

Interview highlights:

- Composer Mark Korven used "unconventional acoustic instruments," e.g. a waterphone, and "unique uses of conventional ones," e.g. a Swedish nyckelharpa, a medieval bowed string instrument, and a cello, to create the tension and dread of the film's score

- Writer/director Robert Eggers was very hands-on and involved in crafting the score; he already knew what kind of music he wanted before bringing in the composer and had temporary music in place to establish what kind of feel he wanted and Korven worked off that

- Toronto's The Element Choir, which does a lot of improvisation, were given loose directions and provided some really creepy vocals on certain tracks (track 14 especially imo!)

- Korven didn't listen to other horror scores for inspiration to keep things fresh and kept things as minimal as possible so things could be intensified for the climaxes of the film


Can I just say this is the absolute best horror score I've heard since Disasterpeace's score for It Follows? Also, who else is going to see this film this weekend? I already have my ticket for Thursday night >:)

SPOTTED: Nate Archibald and Elena Gilbert at a West Hollywood Bar. Is this Nina's rebound?

Hey ONTDers, Gossip Girl here. Looks like Nina Dobrev and Chace Crawford were spotted heading into the Villa Lounge bar in West Hollywood last night. Lucky for us, E! Online has proof. The picture is at the source. Nina has recently called off her relationship with actor Austin Stowell (RIP) after 7 months.

"It started to get hard with both their schedules. Austin was filming a lot and in the past month, they barely saw each other. They remain on good terms."

Chace and Nina have been friends for a while, but could this be time for them to be something more? Or is Chace doomed to be forever in Nina's friendzone? Whatever they're up to, I'm just happy I can finally get my shot with Austin.

XOXO, Gossip Girl


 photo gossip.jpg_zpsutwcr2tc.gif

king kylie did sign w/ puma for 1 mil

-"I am pleased and excited to be able to confirm that PUMA is indeed working with Kylie Jenner. Kylie will be featured in the brand's Spring/Summer women's training campaign launching in April 2016. Kylie represents a fresh and exciting new era for fashion and we couldn't think of a more fitting and influential female to headline this campaign for PUMA."

- from TMZ "We've learned by the time Kanye got wind of a deal between PUMA and Kylie, the contract was already signed. We're told Kanye was initially angry, but he spoke with Kylie and she explained she got a "carve out," and PUMA agreed to let her wear Adidas in addition to PUMA."

Cosmo source
tmz source

Kylie and Kendall's new game was released and is currently #1 in the APP store

Sage, the Gemini, pens heartfelt song to win back Jordin Sparks

Sage, the Gemini, composed this artful song in hopes of winning Jordin back. He is still reeling in pain from their break up.

I don't love you for your looks, That's a plus like an iPhone
I don't love these other women, I got mine at home
I won't play you like a xylophone, You too dynamite
Passing through the stores looking at rings like, mmm I might
Girl you heaven sent, I think I damn near seen the light

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Octavia Spencer joins Taraji P. Henson in 'Hidden Figures' about genius mathematicians

  • Spencer's role is unspecified will be playing Dorothy Vaughn one of an elite group of black female mathematicians who worked for NASA in 1962

  • Movie is centered around Henson's character Katherine Johnson


Yesss get it Octavia. Can't wait to see the rest of the cast.

Leo might have a new girlfriend- She's 30 and not a model!!

Leo was spotted getting flirty with 30 year-old Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore at the BAFTAs.

Onlookers said he was looking at her all night and held her face in his hands.


Poor Rih, no wonder she couldn't perform at the Grammys...
Agron & Nasir
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Spartacus cast reunites for Liam McIntyre's surprise birthday party

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Source 1, 2, 3
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Gwen Stefani: "I've Only Had Two Boyfriends"

-In a recent interview, Gwen Stefani reveals she's only had two boyfriends ever - one of them being her current boyfriend Blake Shelton
-Gwen also says she doesn't have a type
-Her two boyfriends must be Tony Kanal and Blake Shelton, and she must not be counting ex-husband Gavin Rossdale?
-About whether new song 'Make Me Like You' being about Blake Shelton: "It's so easy. Honestly, it's so embarrassing when people ask me. My lyrics are so transparent, you know what I mean? I'm not trying to hide anything."


How many boyfriends have you had ONTD?

Whose Party Would You Rather Go To: Kate Moss's, Kristen Stewart's, Grimes's, or Bjork's?

AnOther Magazine is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a party-themed issue. It has four different covers featuring its four dream party hosts: Kate Moss, Kristen Stewart, Grimes, and Bjork.

The magazine says that each woman is a great representation of the spirit of AnOther. The models were chosen based on the imagined parties that they might throw.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Whose party would you go to, ONTD?
Spicks and Specks

Tim Minchin rips Cardinal George Pell a new one

If you're not already aware of comedian, musician and general maverick Tim Minchin, get on it already. The man behind the stage show Matilda released a song last night ripping into Australia's highest ranking catholic, Cardinal George Pell whom is "apparently" too sick to attend the Royal Commission into child sex abuse by catholic priests.

The charity single titled Come Home is being used to raise money to send the victims of abuse by catholic priests to Rome to witness the cardinals responses to the inquiry. The song is already number one on iTunes in Australia and all proceeds will be going towards the GoFundMe campaign set up by The Project's Gorgi Coghlan and Meshel Laurie which has already reached $141,000.

Cardinal George Pell is due to give evidence on Feb 29th from Rome. The Royal Commission is yet to tell the survivors if they can indeed watch Cardinal Pell give evidence via video link. Proceeds of the campaign will be donated to a healing centre in Ballarat for the survivors.

The GoFundMe campaign
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All 101 Contestants on hit Korean Girl Group Competition Show "Produce 101" get paid NOTHING

documents leaked exposes the fraudulence of MNET, the channel that created the show
this is the show where 101 girls are competing to be in a 11 member girl group
the girls range from the ages of 14-28 and no one is getting paid
some people argue that the girls get paid with exposure and popularity (but there are 101 of them....)
the same 30ish girls are given attention every episode!
Produce 101 has been very popular and regularly trends worldwide when it airs on Fridays


Would u go on a tv show without getting paid ontd?

Post ur fav performances too! Ep 4 just got subbed

ONTD Original: The Best of In Touch Weekly's "Double Creature Feature"

Okay, so In Touch Weekly might not be very reliable as a tabloid, but there is one area where it can do no wrong: its Double Creature Feature. Every week, the magazine runs a a picture of a celebrity's animal doppelgänger, submitted by the pet's owner. Have you ever seen a chihuahua that looks like Steve Buscemi? YOU HAVEN'T????!!!! Well, sit back, because you are in for a treat. Following is the best of In Touch Weekly's Double Creature Feature.



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Do your pets looks like any famous people?
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New spoiler video leaked from the 100 season 3, fans go crazy

The 100 accidentally made some fans very, very happy on Tuesday night. 'The 100' Season 3: Episode 7 Teasers included [Spoiler]a Clexa kiss. The post-apocalyptic drama tries its best to avoid doling out any major spoilers, but who ever is in charge of creating the series' promos seems to have a hard time keeping pivotal [drag them]Clexa scenes out of the spots.

Producer Jason Rothenberg tweets fans:

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Source + Jason's twitter
naomi letterman

Lady Gaga reveals why she'll never be a fashion designer

Lady Gaga may be a fashion icon, but don't expect her to come out with her own clothing line — she told New York Post that she respects fashion designers too much to ever try to be one.

"The thing is, at the end of the day, I have a real respect for fashion designers. And it's the reason I don't have my own line and the reason I never will. If I ever do anything in fashion, it will always just be as a muse or as an aesthetic, creative. I like to be a part of helping artists find themselves and feel good about who they are. I would never for a second claim to be proficient in fashion design."

learn from this @ye

Harry Potter Star, Katie Leung In BBC Two drama 'One Child'.

Adopted Mei returns to China and finds herself leading a fight for justice for a family she is only just coming to know, in a country she is is only just beginning to understand.

Apparently, it aired in Sundance Tv in 2014, here is the slighty longer Sundance Tv trailer
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source, 2, 3

First episode aired in the UK tonight!

Channing Dungey becomes first African-American person to head programming at major broadcast network

According to Variety, the white dude that used to be in charge was ousted during a power struggle with another white dude.

Why am i posting this here? Well, Channing Dungey was one of the people behind the development of many of ONTD's favourite and diverse shows...even the ones we love to hate(!) such as:-“Scandal,” “Quantico,” “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” “How to Get Away With Murder” and “American Crime.”.

No, her awesomeness doesn't stop there, she started her career in film and working in the development of films such as, “Bridges of Madison County", “The Matrix” and “Practical Magic".

We look forward to what changes Dungey will further bring the the network.


RHOBH: Yolanda Foster confronts Lisa Rinna over Munchausen rumor

- Yo confronts Lisa R. over spreading the Munchausen rumor at Erika Jayne's BBQ

source https://twitter.com/1fashionplus/status/699829519289618433

Loved Yo taking Lisa Rinna to task on last night's episode "You labeled Kim. You labeled Brandi. Now you're labeling me!"

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Kendall and Kylie's IG Model simulator has arrived!

-Kendall and Kylie have launched their own mobile game
-It's pretty much Kim's game but with more 'hip' clothing and instagram as opposed to twitter
-You can get brief videos from Kendall and Kylie to commemorate your big events
-Taking 'selfies' is essential to advancing as you can get likes
-Available on iOS and Android


Help Kanye West Get Out of Debt!

As we all know, the most impactful artist of our generation is suffering. Kanye West has a personal debt of $53 million because... art.

Get him out of the hole by donating any amount to Kanye West's Go Fund Me page created by fan Jeremy Piat. To date, the page has raised $319 in a day.

You can also support Kanye's Yeezy X Adidas collection! This distressed ribbed wool sweater with intentional holes will only set you back $2,600.

What are you waiting for ONTD? Help now!

Awkward! Bow Wow's Grammy Fail!

Watch Bow Wow make a fool of himself on a live pre-Grammy show.

Despite the snafu, Bow Wow didn't forget to thank CBS and the Grammys. He posted a picture on Instagram with the caption:
Thanks to the grammys and my CBS family for allowing me to host. We powered through (even though time was off) and kept the show moving forward THATS whats separates professionals from beginners. I got so much love and positive feed back i appreciated. We back at again next year! 2017 grammy's .Thanks c tha god for being my biggest fan. Next time you can buff shine my 2k burberry dress shoes for bleach cream and a proactive coupon.

Stick to rapping, acting, whatever you are good at Bow Wow!
Max um

BLACK SAILS POST: 305 clips + Jessica Parker Kennedy interview & photoshoot

Ramascreen has released two sneak peek videos for the next episode of Black Sails.

The first video features Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) making contact with the new boss
in town, while the other shows Jack and Anne in disagreement about their next best move.

Meanwhile, Kontrol Girl magazine had Canadian actress Jessica Parker Kennedy
over for a chat about her classical actor's training, her career and her fans.

SOURCE1 / twitter
SOURCE2 / twitter

queen Max is back!!

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Hillary Clinton Scores Crucial Lindsay Lohan Endorsement

In a crushing blow to Bernie Sanders' White House bid, the Fornanina temptress made it known she's not #FeelingTheBern.
Rather than vote for male attention like those silly Bernie fangirls, Lohan elected to secure her spot in feminist heaven by endorsing Hillary Clinton on twitter and instagram in her famously creative English.

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Not all is lost for the Sanders campaign, though: they might still nab Tara Reid.
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Tim Cook vs the US Government

-FBI court ordered Apple to allow them access into the San Bernadino shooter's iPhone
-Tim Cook has fired back with an open letter on apple's website stating that if they created the backdoor then iOS would be open to security attacks from hackers
-Also calls FBI's request a dangerous precedent

Read the letter here

The fallout from this is going to be rather interesting going forward