February 15th, 2016

Viola Davis - Popcorn/Snowing

Viola Davis and her husband renew their vows; HTGAWM cast invited to the ceremony

On February 13th 2016, Viola Davis and her husband, Julius Tennon renewed their wedding vows. They've been married for 12 years.

Octavia Spencer (The Help), Karla Souza, Jack Falahee, and Asher Matt McGorry (from How to Get Away with Murder) shared some photos on Twitter and Instagram, the day of the wedding. From the looks of it, guests were dressed in white.

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She looks absolutely stunning... YESSSS CONGRATS QUEEN! 😭

Hot Charli

Journalist gives first hand account of the Swift Media Machine: Nightmare or Daydream?

Praising Taylor Swift got this music journalist inside access to the early days of the #squad, but after giving TSift a middling review of the 1989 Tour, the blacklisting started to manifest. Music moguls, journalists and other Hollywood elite would contact the journalist-- all off the record-- to tell their own tales of horror of the TSwiftmachine's wrath.

Taylor Swift wanted the validation of the music industry... and if you weren't going to give it to her, you wouldn't get access to her at all.

Do you think Taylor is a media robot not seen since the rise of Beyonce, ONTD?

Will she be taking home her second album of the year tomorrow?


The Good Wife 7x15 Promo: "Targets"

I thought the show would really pick up after announcing these would be the final batch of episodes, but I didn't really care for this episode. What is it with the writers trying to make Diane someone she is SO obviously not? Petty? Close-minded? Short-sighted? Kinda racist? Ugh. Also, you'd think Julianna, as a producer, would request a cuter wig.

What did you think of tonight's episode, ONTD? Are you sad or relieved this season is the last?

Share your notes.


Henry Cavill (32) talks about dating his 19-year-old girlfriend

ELLE: You're dating a 19-year-old. I have to ask, what do you talk about?
CAVILL: Everything. People say age is just a number. It's actually real and true sign of someone's maturity. But in this case, she's fantastic.

ELLE: But you understand the knee-jerk reaction to her age, right?
CAVILL: It's a natural reaction. But, when I was 19-year-old, I was going out with a 32-year-old.

ELLE: Really? What did she teach you?
CAVILL: Things I can't mention in an article.

ELLE: Have you ever been intimidated by a woman?
CAVILL: (...) When I met my girlfriend, I was super intimidated. I wanted to impress her. I was thinking, Don't mess this up, man. You've gotta play your cards exactly right.

[Full interview]


ONTD, would you let Henry teach your daughter some new tricks?

Lana Del Rey, Zayn Malik and others at Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala

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Harry Styles & Zayn Malik who? JC Chasez sounds better than your favs & attends pre-grammy party

Jesus Christ hit the studio probably to record demos for other artists to bless us with a glimpse of vocals that is still better than all your favs and most definitely better than other boybanders. Solo music from Harry Styles or Zayn Malik? Liam Payne? Niall Horan? How about #SOLOJC2K16???

39 year old JC also attended the #PreGRAMMYGala looking the same age as other attendees and recording artists like Harry Styles!

Source: YouTube, Twitter

Which boybander's solo success are you rooting for?

#NationalTreasure John Baeyega At The BAFTAs-Meets this celeb crush,Talks Fashion & acceptance speec

He got to meet his queen Angela Bassett! I think we were all excited for this when we saw Angela was attending. and

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Rihanna Performing "Kiss it Better" at the Grammy's?

Rumors have been that she'll be performing an ANTI medley. Someone who saw Rihanna rehearse tweeted:

not getting my hopes up but...

hopefully it's a "Work" / "Kiss it Better" medley tho.

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blacktress janet hubert

Interviewer forces Mariah Carey to sing with him

Songstress Mariah Carey recently appeared on Dutch talk show RTL Late Night. At one point in the interview, the host confessed that "his ultimate dream as a singer was to have the chance to sing one line" with Mariah Carey. A disaffected Carey had barely responded "Oh my goodness," before the host broke into Carey's 1997 #1 platinum single, "My All."

dog phonograph

Stephen King Discusses Hulu's "11.22.63" Among Other Things

Notable bits from the interview:

  • Watched JFK's assassination with his family and was stunned into silence

  • Believes JFK conspiracies existed because Oswald was executed quickly and it's hard for people to believe one lone gunman could kill a president

  • Met JJ Abrams while writing on an Entertainment Weekly piece on Lost

  • Loves Star Wars: The Force Awakens more than the original trilogy

  • Calls this year's Oscar nominations "vanilla ice cream", wishes Michael B Jordan, Idris Elba, and "Straight Outta Compton" got nominations

  • Says Donald Trump leaves him "speechless" and believes him more electable than Ted Cruz (but ultimately won't be elected president)

  • Says press focused more on Bowie's style than his music when Bowie died


Xena is back! First look at the new comic book series

-Xena returns April 13th
-Synopsis of the new comic series:
After the Twilight of the Gods, the world is precariously uncertain - and Xena and Gabrielle have been missing from it for twenty-five years. Even without Livia, the power of Rome is growing: Caesar is determined to conquer by lies what he can't conquer by force, and the people at its edges know what's coming. (All roads lead to Rome, and Rome is hunting.) Xena and Gabrielle scramble to stop him before they have to wage war against a man they once called a friend. But along the way, Xena will have to confront her past against a rogue band of women warriors, and Gabrielle, whose secret visions are becoming prophecy, will have to protect Xena - at any cost.

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Rob and Blac Chyna get ~cozy for Valentines

Blac has reportedly been helping him battle his fat ass issues by encouraging him to live a healthier lifestyle and even make amends with his family. Kanye: Blac Chyna fuckin' Rob, help him with the weight.

Blac has two-year-old son King Cairo with ex boyfriend Tyra, the "rapper" is dating 18 year old Kylie Jenner.


did you get the D last nite ONTD?

Did Tom Cruise get Plastic Surgery?

-The actor's face was seen like it got some fillers/botox recently at the BAFTAS.

-Rumorhasit.mp4 that Tom is allegedly casting his next wife so he is trying to look extra good for her


smh he looked like a fine AF daddy a month or two ago in those candids.
blacktress janet hubert

Mariah Carey shares romantic air-kiss with billionaire beau

Mariah Carey celebrated Valentine's day at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where she performed before Australian fiancé James Packer. Yet on Instagram the singer appeared hesitant as the couple shared an awkward kiss. In the photo the pair's lips are not quite touching and while James has his hands on Mariah's hips she isn't touching him. What do you think?

Happy Valentine's Day darling❤😘

  • illiade

Kanye's Rant of the Day: GoFundMe Edition

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-Tidal is helping him fund his ideas
-Wants Larry Page and Mark Zuckerburg to fund him
-Says people should stop building schools in Africa and acting like they helped the country and give him the money instead
-Thinks bars are worth more than money because it helps people feel inspired
-Has had meetings with investors but they didn't want to help him
-Is refusing to go to the Grammy's unless they guarantee him Album of the Year because he didn't get nominated for MBDTF or Watch the Throne

Luke TFA

Official Star Wars Episode VIII Filming Announcement

Star Wars: Episode VIII, began principal photography at Pinewood Studios in London on February 15, 2016.

Star Wars: Episode VIII, written and directed by Rian Johnson, continues the storylines introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and welcomes back cast members Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie, and Andy Serkis. New cast members will include Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro, Academy Award nominee Laura Dern, and talented newcomer Kelly Marie Tran.

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What does Deadpool's success mean for future superhero movies?

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Several observers, including Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn are analyzing the success of Deadpool and what it could mean for future superhero movies:

- James Gunn fears Hollywood will take away the wrong lesson from its success - trying to replicate its tone rather than embracing something new, which is why he believes the film was successful.
- Birth.Movies.Death has an article suggesting that it should be a wake-up call to Fox - that they should change their approach to the comic book movies to better fit the tone of the actual comics - which it claims Deadpool does well, but the X-Men films continue not to do. It also suggests WB may be concerned that the success of Deadpool signifies exhaustion with dark and grim superhero films.
- TheWrap wrote about how Deadpool's success will likely lead to more R-rated superhero movies.
- Vox has an article about how its success makes a good argument for an X-Force film.

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Britney Spears wants a Hot Nerd with a big dick

The Queen of Vegas didn't mince words whilst delcaring what she was craving during her Valentine's day show last night.


How was your Valentine's Day, ontd?

Grammy winners (off-air categories)

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Watch live stream here.

Because why not? Detective Azealia Banks talks about Kanye, thinks brujeria might be involved.

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Ontd, have you ever been victim of brujeria? have you done some? is Santa Marta ur new fave?
Brujeria post?

Brujeria = witchcraft /sorcery

Disney remade Adventures in Babysitting..looks as lame as you'd think.


-Disney remade the 1987 superior film, Adventures in Babysitting.
-It stars Girl Meets World's Sabrina Carpenter and The Descendants' Sofia Carson.
-The plot is basically the same, just updated with typical shit like cell phones, social media, etc. When Lola and Jenny accidentally switch phones, Lola accepts a babysitting job for Jenny. Unfortunately, the four kids they signed up to babysit aren’t easy to keep their eyes on. So, naturally, one of the kids goes missing. And from there, things get hairy.


[actor] Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate Winslet dedicates Bafta to 'all girls doubting themselves'

"When I was younger,when I was 14, I was told by a drama teacher that I might do OK if I was happy to settle for the fat girl parts. So what I always feel in these moments is that any young woman who has ever been put down by a teacher, by a friend, by even a parent, just don't listen to any of it, because that's what I did – I kept on going and I overcame my fears and got over my insecurities​."


Stephen Fry Deletes Twitter Account After Bag Lady Joke

BAFTA host Stephen Fry was criticised for allegedly taking a cheap shot at Mad Max: Fury Road costume designer and good friend Jenny Beaven. He joked that only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to the awards ceremony dressed like a bag lady. The viewing public didn't take the joke lightly and demanded he apologise. Stephen took to Twitter to defend himself before deleting his account.

He even retweeted messages of support.

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Are people just too sensitive, ONTD?
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Meghan Trainor wins her first GRAMMY Award (of many to come) tonight

Meghan Trainor won the BEST NEW ARTIST GRAMMY AWARD tonight.

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Peyton Manning is a Thug

- Recently uncovered 74 pg court documents allege that Peyton Manning, his father and the University of Tennessee covered up a sexual assault scandal to protect Manning's burgeoning football career whilst ruining his victim's career and other's in the process

click source for full story


Struggling artist Kanye West needs more money

In today's Twitter Rant news:

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Kylie Jenner seals deal with Puma despite Kanye's rant

Last Monday it was announced that Kylie Jenner would be the new face of Puma, which prompted Kanye west to go on a Twitter rant the next day saying that there would "never be a Kylie Puma anything" because she was loyal to his own shoe brand.

Today it was confirmed that the deal is still taking place and that Kylie has already shot several photo shoots for the collaboration.

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Adele says "Shit Happens" about her Grammy performance, Gets In-N-Out


yikes, that prob threw off her whole performance. she sounded good at first.
hello zombie

Denise Matthews, Prince Protégé "Vanity" Dead at 57

Vanity, Prince Protégé, dies at 57

Vanity, the lead singer of Vanity 6, probably best known for the song "Nasty Girl" has died at the age of 57 after battling kidney disease for many years.  In the 90's she became born-again, quit show business, and disavowed all of her previous work.

Never forget:

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Lauryn Hill gives no fucks, missed duet with The Weeknd because she was late to the Grammys lol