January 26th, 2016


The Curse of Oak Island - Sneak Peek

ONTD, What do you think they'll find at the bottom of 10-X?

The Kardashian Horcrux? Pirate Treasure? Riri's ANTI?
The Ark of the Covenant? Marie Antoinette's jewels? Xenu?

for reference:
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B.o.B of flat earth fame releases a diss track against Neil deGrasse Tyson

B.o.B put out a track on Soundcloud called "Flatline feat. Neil Tyson" about how the Earth is flat, and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is lying. Look forward to hearing this educational track in your classrooms kids!


The X-Files 10x03 promo


damn i missed the first 30min because i forgot it was on earlier tonight, gdi. don't screw with me, fox!~~

this show needs to bring back the aliens from ftf bc i'm tired of these boring ass mind reader ppl.
also these eps legitimately make me feel like i'm watching stella as scully tbh and it's weird as hell. plot twist: eddie van blundht is pretending to be scully! how do you like the new season so far?

Two-time Oscar Winner Glenda Jackson Thinks the Oscars are "a whole shebang of nonsense"

-says she enjoyed film acting, but never bothered to show up to the Oscars any of the four times she was nominated and thinks that award shows have become more of a spectacle over the decades
-thinks the Oscars have little to nothing to do with a film's political or cultural impact
-believes television has surpassed film nowadays and is a fan of The Wire and Breaking Bad, among others


Obviously she wouldn't agree, but now that she's retired from Parliament, I kind of wish she'd return to acting, at least for a one-off.
all mine

Kylie to Rob: Stop fucking my boyfriend's baby mama

-Angela Renée White posted a pic on social media indicating her involvement with exiled Kardashian, Rob Jr.

-Kylie's 2016 resolution was to realize things, after realizing her brother was fucking Blac Chyna she got livid.

-Blac Chyna's bad blood with Jenner involves her famous sisters. The mother of one was once close friends with Kim Kardashian West, though the friendship appears no longer.

-No word if Angela still has her Future tattoo.


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Pictures from the premiere for 'The Finest Hours'

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Source 1, 2 and 3
What movies have you seen strictly for one of your faves?
rhobh | swan queen

'The Birth of a Nation' Sets Record for Biggest Purchase in Sundance History

oop i should've waited half a day before making this post last night

- The Weinstein Company, Fox Searchlight, Netflix, and Sony engaged in a bidding war over the film
- Fox Searchlight, who also handled 12 Years a Slave, won in the end and bought the film for $17.5 million

pam poovey

Whoflix? Gains & losses for February

image host

Bad news for “Doctor Who” fans — Netflix’s entire library of Who-verse offerings is leaving in February 2016. [Spoiler alert: Hulu got 'em, or should I saw WHOlu... no I should not.] Also say farewell to a bunch of Pokemans.

Either way, Netflix viewers can keep warm on the “Doctor Who”-less nights with new programs like “Better Call Saul,” “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles” and “Mad Men” Season 7 part 2, plus new Judd Apatow comedy series “Love,” which premieres Feb. 19.

The complete list of comings and goings is below: (ETA: I assume this is US-only or at least US-centric)

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What are you waiting for on streaming services, ONTD? I just want Justified Season 6 to show up on Amazon Prime already

Ay Dios Mío! Itatí Cantoral takes blind orphan girls to see “Annie”!

  • Iconic Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral, known by many as Soraya Montenegro, took 30 blind orphan girls to see Annie to the Teatro de los Insurgentes in Mexico City.

  • The girls are big fans of the musical and love the songs.

  • Itatí is trending worldwide on twitter right now and people are saying that she's really her character Soraya.

  • She's becoming a meme once again.

Captain Boomerang

Baby V Promotes "Grease: Live" on Jimmy Kimmel

-Talks about it being Live, and how she's nervous.
-Confirms that they will not be saying "pussy wagon" or "fongool." Actually says both words, gets bleeped. lol.
-Didi Conn (the original Frenchie) will be playing Vi the Waitress.


 photo tumblr_nyclrfM4pp1qb5hljo4_250_zpsld0jrzft.gif

ONTD, I'm so fucking pumped for this, I have a feeling it MIGHT ACTUALLY be good. What do you think?

Abe Vigoda dies at 94

Abe Vigoda, best known for The Godfather and Barney Miller (though people here will probably remember him from Look Who's Talking, North and Good Burger), has passed away. His daughter has come forward to say that he simply died of old age and was never sick a day in his life.

Vigoda had also been a frequent target of death hoaxes throughout the years. He claimed that while shopping in New York in 1997 he was once approached by a stranger who told him "You look like Abe Vigoda. But you can't be Abe Vigoda because he's dead."

Source 1 and 2
Spicks and Specks

Remember Holly Valance?

You probably don't. She was on Neighbours for a bit and then tried the singing thing with underrated pop classic Kiss Kiss and of course there was that unforgettable but truely terrible appearance in the film version of DOA.

Anyway, she married a billionaire and he bought her a $53 million dollar super yacht. I mean, what sort of #goals, but alas! Turns out poor Holly gets sea sick. But get this, her husband just rings up tv hypnotist Paul McKenna and BAM! No more sea sickness for Holly.

Anyway... here's the boat under the cut.

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Spicks and Specks

In has he talked about this before news? Mr Shake your Bon Bon would sleep with a woman

Apparently there were woman whose hopes we dashed when Ricky Martin came out back in 2010 but those hopes maybe renewed with Ricky further clarifying that he would open to having sex with a woman... he just doesn't want to date them.

"I'm gay," the Puerto Rican said to Mexican Magazine Fama!, "Men captivate me. But I like to enjoy sex in totally liberty, which is why I am open to having sex with a woman if I felt the desire to, although I would not consider starting a sentimental relationship with her. In that way I'm all about men."

He then went on to say that he didn't believe in sexual labels and that "we are simply human beings with emotional and sexual needs."

Ricky Martin broke up with his partner, Carlos Gonzalez Abella, early last year.

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MTV ratings hit an all-time low

HITS Daily Double is reporting that MTV has hit an all-time low in ratings. MTV's highly-touted big-budget fantasy series The Shannara Chronicles is a complete flop, falling in viewership for a third week in a row with only 750,000 viewers. MTV's other big series Teen Wolf, now in its fifth season, has achieved a new low with just a little over 900,000 viewers for its most recent episode.

MTV, short for Music Television, recently underwent a big restructuring when Doug Herzog was named the new president of Viacom's music division. As part of the restructuring, most of MTV's execs were replaced and the channel has since focused on creating more reality and scripted fantasy & horror programming, instead of focusing on programming related to music. The only time music videos can be seen on the channel is during the very early AM hours, usually when people are sleeping.

Sources: HITS Daily Double + Headline Planet

Is this the end of MTV?
Team Bus

Delroy Lindo cast in Marvel's Most Wanted as Dominic Fortune

Delroy Lindo joins the AoS spin-off about Huntingbird (Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter), playing comic character Dominic Fortune. He was part of Mockingbird's World counterrorism agency in the comics.

Xtina Maxim

Gabrielle Union On Stacey Dash: "Who's That?"

While attending the Sundance Film Festival, Gabrielle Union was asked by Associated Press about her opinions concerning Stacey Dash's comments re: Black History Month and BET. (starting at :08).

Transcribed below:

Gabrielle: "Who's that? Who is Stacey Dash? Is she like, related to Dame Dash? Was she on Roc-A-Fella?"

AP Reporter: "She did speak about banning BET and Black History Month."

Gabrielle: "I...I heard of a crazy lady once, maybe last week, but I don't know what her name is. Um, it's like why there's a need for The Birth Of A Nation, and why there's a need for the Country Music Awards, and the ALMA awards; if you don't see yourself reflected in mainstream awards, you tend to create your own, and until there's no longer a need for that, I celebrate the ALMAS, the same way I celebrate the Country Music Awards, the same way I celebrate the BET awards, and the Image Awards, which I'll be at in a couple of weeks. The more we focus on inclusion, and a true representation of this country, I think that crazy lady will have less to say."

Sources 1, 2

Scooter Braun Books Vocalist of the Generation* Tori Kelly a Grammy's Performance

*besides Jojo if she counts as part of the Tori, Miley, Ariana, Demi, Selena generation

Access Hollywood had a HUGE grammys announcement today with best new artist nominees, talented, but unsuccessful vocalist Tori Kelly and UK local act, James Bay performing together. Scooter booked Tori her biggest promo spot yet besides no top 50 hits and less than 200k album sales after performing at the BET Awards, Billboard Awards, VMAs, and AMAs. Will her lovely vocals look good in comparison to the other acts and finally get her success? James Bay has a platnium album, top 10 hits, and BRIT Critic Choice Award in the UK. Will he finally chart above 86 in the US tho?

Source: Twitter

ICON & ONTD fave Jennifer López made HISTORY 15 years ago; has a wardrobe malfunction!

Where were you 15 years ago when Jennifer López became THE FIRST AND ONLY entertainer to have a #1 movie (The Wedding Planner) and #1 album (J.Lo) in the same week?

Last night, Jennifer's catsuit came apart cuz #BOOTY now on iTunes!

source 1 source 2
kylo ren

Kit Snow on Season 6 of Game of Thrones: “Very Exciting…So I’m Led To Believe”

- Kitten is promoting his new play, Doctor Faustus, on BBC Breakfast
- talks about his horrible wig in the unaired GoT pilot
- the interviewer asks him about [Spoiler (click to open)]the photos that leaked of him on set of season 6, and what's up with him being featured on the season 6 teaser poster lol; Kit's reply: [Spoiler (click to open)]"Jon Snow is dead. He died at the end of last season. It's going to be a very exciting season....so I'm led to believe."
- looks qt and sad

Source: mjp221972

Have you ever been led to believe that the next season of your tv show is better than it actually is? Do you think the cast's wigs will look better in season 6?
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Louis child support settled

-Louis to pay Briana £10,000 (~$14k) per month
-£4,200 ($6,000) is for her rent and £5,750 ($8,200) is for the child
-he'll have to pay until 2034 when the child turns 18
-Briana's mom thinks she should get $50,000 a month, and the current arrangement is too low

$14k a month for a popstar with questionable prospects is pretty good imo.

'Outsiders' premieres tonight on WGN America

Outsiders debuts tonight on WGN America at 9/8c. The series, which has been described as Mad Max meets Little House on the Prairie, is about a family that has lived off the gird in Appalachia for about 200 years. It stars Ryan Hurst, David Morse, Gillian Alexy, Joe Anderson and Kyle Gallner among others and Paul Giamatti serves as Executive Producer.

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Source 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
I've read some good things about this so far so I'm hoping that it does well. Definitely looking forward to the premiere tonight!
adventure time
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japanese rock band 'galileo galilei' splits up

+ Galileo Galilei's fourth and final album, Sea and The Darkness, will go on sale on January 27, 2016. The band will go on a 19-stop nationwide tour in March and April before ending its activities.
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Gravity Falls - Mabel Sunglasses

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth releasing next week!

Releasing February 2 in NA and February 5 in Europe for PS4 and Vita

The launch trailer for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth features an English voice narrative describing what's to come in the newest game in the series and the first Digimon game released outside of Japan in eight years. All-Star Rumble didn't exist, HA!

This release will not feature English voices in game, and will only include English subtitles and Japanese voices. Don't let this scare you away from playing tbqh! Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth received favorable reviews in Japan — 34/40 in Famitsu

Common Sense: If this is received well, be prepared to see more Digimon games released in the West!

Source 1 2

I'm so excited for this, y'all. Only a week away! I swear to God if you don't buy it... 。◕‿◕。


Neil DeGrasse Tyson claps back, releases response to B.o.B diss "Flat to Fact"

His teacher-rapper nephew Stephen Tyson came through with the assist.

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Bobby Ray fucked with the wrong one

In "the most obvious Blind Item on earth" news, Darren Criss can't land a headlining Broadway role

"This former Glee actor has been trying to get another headlining Broadway gig but no one is willing to take a chance.

His horrible ticket sales makes him a second lead at best right now but he is still living in some fantasy in his head that he was a big television star."

crazy days and nights

He's literally the only Glee alum who has had horrible ticket sales on Broadway (as Hedwig). Finding Neverland, which Matt Morrison headlined until recently, was a commercial success, mostly grossing $1 mill and up a week. Lea Michele hasn't been on Broadway since the smash Spring Awakening. All Darren Criss been doing lately is performing for random organizations like the American Friends of The Hebrew University (???) and replacing Jeremy Jordan in concert because Jeremy Jordan is too busy with Supergirl.
(mozart) hi-lie and rodrigo

Mr. Pig directed by Diego Luna premieres at Sundance

Plot synopsis: A dying farmer (Danny Glover) goes across the U.S.-Mexico border with a pig in order to give him a life he could never have in the United States. Maya Rudolph plays Glover's daughter, and the film explores parent-child relationships. This is Luna's third time directing.

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source 1 | source 2 | source 3 | source 4 | maya and danny interview here

Spicks and Specks

The Presets on Australia/Survival/Invasion Day

You might vaguely remember rocking out to their anthem My People when came in at number 17 for 2007's Triple J Hottest 100 but the band itself will no longer celebrate Australia Day joining rapper Briggs and comedian Aamer Rahmen.

The band released a statement on their Facebook page on the 25th of January, commiserating that while they wished their fans to enjoy their barbies and hottest 100 parties, they themselves would not be celebrating a day that they described as frankly disgusting and poorly chosen.

They also went on to suggest a variety of others dates that the national holiday could be more appropriately celebrated on, dates that would make more sense historically and would be far more empathetic to the indigenous peoples of Australia.


This post is dedicated to typhlogirl. Please use it as a discussion post for all things Australia/Survivial/Invasion day including thoughts on the Google Doodle and Stan Grant's speech on racism.
Tim Tebow: 2014 CMA Red Carpet

Chris Brown Cleared, Police Find No Evidence Assault Took Place

  • Chris Brown won't face charges of assault. The incident never occurred.

  • Cops found no supporting evidence to back up Lizianne Gutierrez's claim

  • Liziane tried to claim Jason Derulo forced her to do 'lewd acts' but cops found no evidence it took place either.

Source followup to this post

ONTD, thoughts?
Sabrina (H30)

NBA Post: Blake Griffin breaks hand + ex-teammate recounts about being suckerpunched by Kobe Bryant

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Source 1/2/3/4/5

ONTD, have you been punched by your friend/teammate/co-worker?
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Some Cuties from Hamilton on SVU!

Here’s your first look at the @HamiltonMusical stars on @nbcsvu: https://t.co/3ehWCa8Buw pic.twitter.com/2UGuPECLm9

— Vulture (@vulture) January 25, 2016

The episode will have <3 Daveed Diggs <3 and <3 Anthony Ramos <3 - more pics at the source including bonus Raul Esparza!

Will the episode Blow Us All Away or make us ask What Comes Next? (I am so lame forgive me)


(sorry about the image, mods - I didn't realise - hope it's fixed!)

Aaron Samuels talks Hit The Floor & #Zude

* Mentions that he's known Adam Seen since childhood
* Says he'll be a 'complication for Zude'
* Denies pending threesome but LBR, it's gonna happen at least once


Hit the floor premiered last week. Have you been keeping up ONTD?

What's Stalker Sarah Been Up Too? Life of The Delusional + "app" that has yet to appear

For anyone who's ever wondered how Stalker Sarah always manages to find celeb faves well apprently soon you may just find out! Because she's set to share her secrets with the launch of a new app.(still waiting though)

According to twitter as well her "offical" DOB is August 2,1995 it seems that she has traded in her band t-shirts for just plain black shirts now. Also a bucket of makeup looking like it came from the Kylie Jenner school of application.

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Spotify video and podcasting coming next week

-Services to finish rolling out by the end of next week in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden
-Video service is currently available on android, will be on iOS by next week
-Video service to be ad free whether or not you own a subscription to Spotify Premium
-Will feature content from BBC, Vice, ESPN and Comedy Central.
-BBC News and other BBC podcasts will not be available in the UK, but will be for international users
-Video will be an app only service

I've never been able to get the app to work on my phone/ipod for whatever reason
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

ONTD original: 10 upcoming 2016 releases by and/or about POC

Since n1curr about this year's flop Oscars and since Sundance has already started let's look at the upcoming movies by and about poc forthcoming in 2016! Get ready to mark your calenders!

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source me + all my wiki research, watch these films

Obviously there are so many more. Which ones are you looking forward to ONTD?