January 25th, 2016

Hendall news center

The Sun says that Pandora Lennard was spotted at his house in early hours and didn't leave until noon. And then she was waiting for a cab. When asked about it, Lennard said, “I have absolutely no comment to make.”

An insider (lol) also said: “Everyone knew they were attracted to each other and they have been pals for a while, but we didn’t think anything would happen as Harry and Kendall are officially an item. This is gobsmacking.” on Hendall.

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Do you believe in Hendall ontd ?

Megan Fox to sell her house after divorce

Megan is selling her house after her divorce.

The three bedroom, three bathroom home is going for $1.299 million.

More pics @ the source, but lordt ONTD, what's the most you paid for rent ?
forever dedicated to placentipede

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Gigi struts PFW

Her stepfather was in first row:

"My first fashion show ever!!! Starting Starting at the top with this one @gigihadid leading the pack!!! It was amazing and so was she!!! #proudstepdad #versace."

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How jealous are you ONTD, on a scale of Zayn to Paris FW

ONTD Original: Aquarian Faves

As winter fades and another spring brings a look at summer on the horizon, season is here! Happy birthday to all our ONTD Aquarians, may you have a great season!

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tyfty, ONTD! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it. As usual thanks to the incomparable yurasama_love.

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ANTI + SWISH are finished! Kanye reveals his 10 song album tracklist

It's been a full year since top 5 hit FourFiveSeconds was released, and after several singles, controversial videos, a few performances, album name changes, album cover release parties, and opening of rooms, Rihanna and Kanye West have finally finished their respective new albums.

Yeezus confirmed his completion with a tweet of the tracklist

I'm not gonna try to decipher some of that hand writing but the masterpieces like Real Friends and No More Parties in LA made the cut, while we can just pretend atrocity like FACTS and mediocrity like All Day never even happened

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But we bout to eat yall!

Is Rita Ora Mocking Adele over SnapChat ?

British Pop Sensation Rita Ora has come under fire over social media for a recent SnapChat. En el Snap, Rita Ora is seen using a distorted filter with the caption "Hello...it's me." Check out the snap below and you be the judge.

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Matt Damon on Flint Water crisis & Oscar controversy

-Believes that Governor Rick Snyder should resign after poisoned water scandal, which will leave an estimated 8,000-9,000 children under age 6 with permanent brain damage, saying, “At the very least he should resign! At the very least. Listen, everybody’s entitled to a fair trial in the United States of America, but that man should get one. And soon.”
-Damon is a long-time advocate for clean water, and is a co-founder of Water.org

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If you want to help, you can donate to United Way of Genesee (for filters, bottled water, emergency support services & prevention effort); the Community Foundation of Greater Flint also established a fund so you can donate to Flint Child & Health Development

Don't mess with Usher!

Video was released of Usher sparring and lets just say, it’s way better than Meek Mill’s. Okay let me be fair, Usher has been training for quite some time now for a movie role and he looks pretty good.

Usher’s been training for two years at Decatur Boxing Club outside Atlanta to prepare for his role as boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming Roberto Duran biopic “Hands of Stone.”
Filming has wrapped, but Usher hasn’t stopped climbing into the ring. Biggs — whose brother won Olympic gold — says the singer’s gotten so good he can hang with the pros


The X-Files ratings: Do Viewers Still Want to Believe?

-13.5/5.1 for their first episode back
-Series first season debuted to 12 million viewers
-Series finale drew 13.3 million viewers

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Weirdo Al joins hilarious television program Comedy Bang! Bang! as its new bandleader

It was confirmed today on the landmark podcast Comedy Bang! Bang! that the new bandleader of the venerated television program similarly named Comedy Bang! Bang! is none other than comedian Weirdo "Weird" Al Yancovic!

This new development comes after the departure of Kid Cudi after a truly legendary run, and comedy fans around the world eagerly await the smiles that Weird Al is sure to bring to IFC in the upcoming season.


podcast / earwolf post !!

ICON & ONTD fave Jennifer López continues to receive RAVES for #JLoVegas, come in for receipts!

- "she worked tirelessly to convince and made the work look effortless"
- raves about her LIVE singing
- raves about her dancing

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when's the last time your faves gave you life, ontd?

Rita Ora And Others At The Atelier Versace Show

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week kicked off with the always skin-heavy Versace show. The night brought out a number of stars both on and off the runway. Rita Ora came in a tiny Versace dress. She debuted this look at the Atelier Versace fashion show in Paris where Joan Smalls was also rocking the look on the runway.

Images from the show below.

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The Killers Work with Steve Angello on New Song + BaeFlow interviews Elton John

Zane Lowe interviewed Steve Angello (of Swedish House Mafia) and confirmed that he's been working on a track with the The Killers.

In other news, lead singer of the band, Brandon Flowers interviewed Elton John a while back and that video was recently posted on VEVO. Elton John is set to release a new album on February 5th titled "Wonderful Crazy Night" and Brandon interviews him in regards to that new album. Watch the video at the source.

ONTD, are you ready for bops from The Killers?

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What is going on between Amber Rose and Lord Disick?

Someone alert Kris because Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are going after the empire. While Blac Chyna is hooking up with Rob, Amber has been linked to Kourtney's ex, Lord Disick.

First, she started following him.

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Kristen Stewart on Hollywood diversity: "Do something" instead of complaining

“Instead of sitting around and complaining about that, do something. Go write something, go do something. And that’s easy to say. Like, f–k, it’s hard to get movies made. It’s a huge luxury. Who gets to just make movies? But that subject is just so prevalently everywhere right now, and it’s boring.”

Variety later tweeted a correction stating that she was talking about gender equality, which doesn't actually make her comments less idiotic.


ONTD, do you have a Cesar Award that you didn't deserve?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in talks to join gun control movie starring Jessica Chastain

  • Gugu is in final negotiations to play a gun lobbyist with a secret

  • Movie is being directed by John Madden (Shakespeare in Love)

  • Is about a fixer with a troubled past (Chastain) who is working hard to pass gun legislation in the U.S.


Yessssss, my two faves working together! This needs to happen.

#52FilmsByWomen: Watch one film directed by a woman a week

"In our latest round of research, Exploring the Careers of Female Filmmakers: Phase III, we found that one of the barriers for female directors is a perceived scarcity of talent pool and experience," the website states. "Many of those surveyed couldn’t name a female director. Can you believe that? There are over one thousand female directors on The Director List, 1300 female directors at the DGA and 45 who have helmed a $25 million movie in the last 13 years."

CLICK HERE for more information on the campaign.

Here are lists of films directed by women to get you started (credit for these lists goes to oldfilmsflicker and Fuck Yeah Women Film Directors):

103 Essential Films By Female Filmmakers
Lists of Films Directed by Women By Theme
84 Films By and About Women of Color
200 Films Directed By Women on Netflix
60+ Classic Films Directed by Women (and Where You Can Watch Them)

This is a really awesome project and is also pretty doable considering it's a movie a week (if you, like me, watch at least one movie a day, this project can hopefully expand beyond just 52 films). Films directed by women rec post!
This post would not have been possible without ms_mmelissa's amazing blog.
haters will say its photoshop

Is Nicki Minaj fed up with Meek's ego?

On Thursday, Nicki shared 4 posts about love and ego on Instagram. While Nicki didn’t name anyone specifically in her cryptic posts, fans seem to be convinced that Minaj was dropping some hints for Meek Mill given the rapper’s recent feuds with both Drake and 50 Cent.

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I hope she's referring to Meek. It's time for her to wake up.

Last season's Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side results in a lawsuit

Aisleyne Hogan-Wallace faces a 15,000 pound trial after an incident last September on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side where she threw her champagne glass at Farrah Abraham, allegedly injuring her and causing damage to her dress. She denied assault charges at a hearing last week after Crown Prosecution Service decided to move forward with the case.


Black Steve McQueen Blesses Us With His Thoughts On #Oscarsowhite

"I don’t think this is a “black” issue. I think this is our issue. If people want to categorise it as a black issue, that’s weird. Just like if I was talking about women in film. It’s my issue, too. It’s our issue. It’s about ‘we’.” He spells it out: “W.E; not M.E.”

I made two British movies [Hunger and Shame] and I never met one person of colour in any below-the-line situations. Not one. No black, no Asian, no one. Like, hello? What’s going on here? Very odd....I expressly said in a meeting, ‘Look, I can’t make this movie in a situation where I don’t see any black faces other than my own behind the camera. We need to employ certain people.’ I made that very clear and it was attended to.”....Two African American assistant directors were quickly hired - to think those people won't have had the opporunity if he hadn't spoken up!

too many great things to quote! read more at the source.

Louis Pictured Holding Car Seat... Fans Lose Their Shit

UPDATE: Tweet saying Louis stepped out with son has now been deleted. Edited article highlights barefoot Louis carrying a car seat.

- New dad Louis was pictured barefoot while putting a car seat in his car, a day after Briana gave birth.
- Reports have also surfaced that Louis allegedly was banned by Briana's mother from the delivery room after an arguement.  Briana's mom is supposedly feeling that Louis' financial support is not enough. UPDATE: 1D rep denies fight claim and says that Louis was in the delivery room by Briana's side the whole time.
- Larries Fans of One Direction also officially lost their shit spreading rumours that the baby's name is Conchobar.

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LOL at banned source for implying that Louis was carrying the baby. Share your favorite reactions, ONTD.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Spike Lee Talk About The Academy's Changes For More Diversity

  • "Well, they had to do something."

  • Congratulates The Academy, but he still ain't going.

  • "I've said this many times, so please, be forgiven if I'm redundant, but not Spike Lee the rebel arouser rabble rouser, not Spike Lee the trouble maker, not Spike Lee, according to Charlotte Rampling, the racist... The United Estates Census Bureau said by 2043 white americans will be a minority in this country. [...] If you don't address the diversity in this country, you're going out of business. People of color make 43% of the tickets bought here already... in movie theaters. That's facts, I'm not making this stuff up. So gotta move forward."

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Do you think the changes The Academy has made means shit, ONTD? Also, just a warning to not read the tweet replies to the sources because #PressedWhitePeople (AKA racists). TYFYA!

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Kristen Stewart was actually talking about Gender Equality not Diversity in terrible comments

Variety corrects itself
She apparently was talking about gender equality not diversity which doesn't make it any better but okay
Kristen is still an idiot


Tyga Attempts to Act Unbothered by Chyna & Rob Kardashian News + Kylie Jenner Reacts

Tyga posted this clip on Snapchat. The use of Future's track "Inside The Mattress" was clearly intentional. In the clip you can see him nodding his head to the line : "I'm workin' everyday, craftin' I'm cool on her, I done had her"

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E! has confirmed their relationship. 
J-line 💞

Lena Dunham calls "establishment" criticism against Hillary Clinton "gendered"

In other white-feminists-selling-out-feminism news -- this instance, hiding behind feminism to derail valid criticism: Lena Dunham came to the defense of bourgeoisie feminist icon Hillary Clinton as the latter comes under attack for being too establishment. Dunham said, “I am so frustrated with the dialogue around Hillary among my peers. It feels so gendered, even from women, so harshly sexist. We never throw claims of too establishment or too stiff or even too selfish at male politicians. It’s unfair in the deepest sense.”

What does it mean to be "establishment" you ask? Being a part of an elitist body that wants to uphold the current status quo of imperialism/war, economic inequality, class divide, disenfranchisement, institutionalized racism, misogyny, homophobia and so on, and so forth. Sometimes you just gotta call a spade a spade, yanno? Incidentally, Bernie Sanders isn't going around calling Elizabeth Warren "establishment."


People Pose With Free Stuff - Even more from Sundance

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This is a different Lounge than I’ve been posting from the past few days so there’s no distorted Channing Tatum selling Pet Cubes in this one.

Plastic surgeon spills the T on Kim's new face

-Surgeon says Kim wanted a more "sculpted" look

-"Her lips appear fuller - suggesting a lip augmentation using dermal fillers - and her cheeks have likely been filled with a volumiser...""Non-surgical injectable treatments are fairly safe and offer predictable results, but the key to subtle results is a gradual increase in usage..."

-Says ha fillers should settle

Kim fired back on IG saying: "No I don't do fillers or Botox when pregnant like some tabloids are reporting, you would have to be really sick to endanger your child like that! That's why I did it before I got pregnant."

"Anyone who has been pregnant or gained weight knows your face totally changes! My nose gets bigger, cheeks fuller & my lips swell up."


What body part would you modify ONTD? I want a bigger bussy tbh

ONTD Original: Four nostalgic cartoon shows that deserve the reboot/remake treatment

4. Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons may have been one of those shows that was more popular in Latin America than in the U.S, so bear with me American ONTDers. Based on the role-playing game of the same name, this cartoon followed a group of young friends who find themselves magically transported into the realm of Dungeons and Dragons via a amusement park roller coaster of death (yeah, it didn’t make much sense back then either.) Unfortunately, the series was cancelled before the children ever made it back to their own world, to this day leaving their fans with questions like: was the baby unicorn secretly evil or just annoying? Was Venger actually the hero and the Dungeon Master the villain? Did the kids die in a roller coaster accident and end up in purgatory? Was Eric gay? We may never know, but a remake could answer at least some of those questions.

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Source: me and my nostalgia

Nostalgia post, ontd. Which shows do you think deserve a remake/reboot?
Erika Jayne

CBB: Tiffany gets her MACK on!

-Housemates get their drink on, Tiffany makes out with Scotty T. and Jeremy.

-Scotty T. shows Tiffany his penis as he showers.

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rhobh | swan queen

Nate Parker's Slave Revolt Movie Lauded @ Sundance World Premiere

- Nate Parker, known for The Great Debaters and Beyond the Lights, wrote/directed/produced 'The Birth of a Nation' and has worked on it over the last seven years.

- Parker stars as Nat Turner, the slave who led a 48-hour rebellion against his masters in 1831 in Virginia.

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also, indiewire embedded a bunch of Twitter reactions from critics who attended the premiere.

what are you excited about coming out of sundance?

Gina Rodriguez starts twitter hashtag #MovementMondays to highlight latino actors

- With all this talk of #OscarsSoWhite and lack of diversity, she wanted to start a movement as a Latin American to talk about her desire to see more Latin American actors on screen.
- Says Hollywood isn't willing to put Latinos in lead roles because they don't think those movies will make money, so the solution is to support Latino actors.
- Says that Latinos need to support each other.
- Decided to make this first post about Oscar Isaac, who she felt gave an Oscar-worthy performance in Ex Machina.
- According to her twitter, she'll make a post about Benicio Del Toro next. She's also encouraging her followers to make their own posts about Latinos who deserve more recognition.

Her post can be read at Source 1
Source 2

Whoopi Goldberg on the Oscars controversy: "I won once, so it can’t be that racist."

"The issue is not the Academy. Even if you fill the Academy with black and Latino and Asian members, if there’s no one on the screen to vote for, you’re not going to get the outcome that you want. I won once, so it can’t be that racist. You need directors and producers who will say, 'Hey, what about so and so?' They need to be aware that the picture is not complete."

"You wanna boycott something? Don't go see the movies that don't have your representation. That's the boycott you want. To me, we have this conversation every year. It pisses me off."

source (with video)

Ed Sheeran Tries to Outsmart the Parking Police

Coming out of a self-imposed hibernation, Ed Sheeran was caught using the same parking ticket twice while shopping with his girlfriend. Ed allegedly moved to a different location but was seen plastering his first ticket on his windscreen to avoid paying an additional fee. Ed, who is estimated to be worth $57M, was pictured driving his brand new Mercedez Jeep. He recently got his driver's license at the tender age of 24.

Is Ed clever or cheap?

Kate Hudson and T.I. Love the Broncos!

In an interview with the Today Show this morning, Kate Hudson showed her Broncos pride with a shiny arm tattoo. She also predicted a Denver upset in the Super Bowl.

Ant-Man star/Rapper T.I. also witnessed the sheer power of the Broncos defense.


Britney Spears posts 3 Hot / Mysterious videos on instagram

No caption no nada. What does it mean? A new backdrop for her trend setting Vegas residency? Behind the scenes of an upcoming photoshoot?

We don't know what it's for but we'll enjoy watching Britney writhe around in a bikini to the tune of S.O.B by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats, for now.

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Miss Universe Comes Home

It took her three tries, a gown malfunction and a now-legendary televised mishap to officially become "Miss Universe". Now that she has carried the title for a month, Pia Wurtzbach has finally come home to the Philippines.

And boy, is the Philippines happy to see her. The Philippines has an fixation on International Beauty Pageants, extensive enough to rival that of Venezuela's and Colombia's. In this sense, the nation's hankering for a Miss Universe from the Philippines has been palpable: there has been no Filipina Miss Universe in 42 years, and 4/5 Miss Philippines' have made the top 5 in past the 5 years. Pia's win resounded as a national victory -- and her homemcoming was celebrated as such.

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Her official photoshoot as Miss Universe has also been released:

James Franco better keep his mitts off this actual goddess
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Filipino ONTDers, how horrendous was traffic today?

Sources: Some articles from Rappler; also, my eyes and ears