January 24th, 2016


Secrets Disney doesn’t want you to know aka Post SECRETS POOSSSST


Cooked duck tales

The “Fantasmic!” show on the Rivers of America is a huge hit at disney. “As part of the show, they basically set the river on fire,” says Koenig. “They have this giant, fire-breathing dragon from ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ It roars fire and it’s as if the river catches on fire.”

But when it first debuted at Disneyland in the early 1990s, it had a kid-unfriendly effect. “What they quickly discovered when they first had the show was that the ducks that liked to hang out on the river were being cooked.”

Disney made change to the show. “Now what they do is, not long before the fire shows up, they have this sort of bubbling water effect that makes the water really turbulent and it scares away all the ducks,” says Koenig. “People think it’s for the atmosphere — like the moment’s getting tense and something interesting is going to happen. But really, it’s to save the lives of the ducks.” So Donald can rest easy!
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Stylist Had Sleepover at Harry's House

-  Pandora Lennard, a  27 year old U.K. stylist and modeling agent, was pictured outside Harry's North London house lunch time last Sunday after being spotted going inside late Saturday night.
- The romp comes after Harry was last seen getting in on with Kendall Jenner in St. Barts end of December.
- When directly asked if she had a fling with Harry, Pandora was quoted as saying: "I have absolutely no comment to make."
-  Four days after the hook-up, Harry left for L.A.
- A rep for Harry declined to comment on Harry's private life.

Here's the picture of Pandora waiting for a cab outside Harry's house by banned source.

A quick look at Pandora's official site reveals these photos:

Incidentally, it is rumoured that Harry & Jeff's joint birthday celebration will go down tonight at The Nice Guy with the hotspot announcing on Twitter that it's closing for a private party. Kendall Jenner who just got back from Paris is reportedly attending.

Oh, to be young, single, rich, popular, and carefree!
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Black Sails - 302 Episode Preview

you can view the preview on starz official site, sorry no youtube link yet:

Black Sails - Episode 302 Preview

the cast live tweeted the episode last night

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a new ot3 has arrived


The PGA talks diversity

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The Annual PGA breakfast happened and they had something to say about diversity in the Academy. While they applauded the most recent moves for change, they agreed that something needs to happen at the beginning of it all rather than at the very end.

Some highlights:

Alejandro Iñárritu (The Revenent) - “I think the things the Academy has just made is a great step...but the Academy really is at the end of the chain.”

Basil Iwanyk (Sicario) - “I think that a big mistake is just to focus on how the Academy votes and not work backwards to about how movies and television are generated.”

DeDe Gardner (The Big Short) “It starts with us. It’s a position of tremendous power.”

Bonus Domhnall Gleeson mention - Lucchesi also pointed out that when he came to casting three of the nominated movies — Brooklyn, Ex Machina and The Revenant — all cast Domhnall Gleeson. Joked Inarritu before praising the actor’s talent, “He was very cheap by the way.”

Read it all at the source: Hollywood Reporter

'The Fits' Breakout Star Royalty Hightower is Ready to Claim Her Throne

  • Anna Rose Holmer's NEXT entry, "The Fits" is having a lot of buzz and solid reviews.

  • It follows a young boxer who decides to eschew the sport that's long bonded her with her older brother in order to join a dance team that soon falls into those eponymous fits.

  • Royalty Hightower's first role and amazing acting is what has really pushed it into must-see territory for packs of Sundance-goers.

  • In the interview she talks about her audition, how hard is to film a movie, etc.

Read the full interview at the source

Here's the trailer


Is like Billy Elliot but better :D
What movies are you expecting to see from the Sundance Festival?
parisdiorchanel circus

Chelsea Handler says Justin Bieber was her worst interview

- While at Sundance, Chelsea was asked who her worst interview was with: "Justin Bieber maybe, because he was trying to flirt with me and it was so uncomfortable. Like, that's his schtick. He would come on and flirt with you and you just felt like a child molester right away. And I didn't want to feel that way. I think he does that with everybody."

- Chelsea was asked if she was ever turned on by the biebs: "I was not sexually attracted to a child. Thank you for clearing that up on camera."

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Allison Janney, 56, Brings Her 36-Year Old Boyfriend to Sundance

-Janney was at Sundance for the premiere of her new film Tallulah
-Brought her boyfriend Philip Joncas, a production coordinator she previously worked with
-They've been dating for about a year, but when asked about an engagement/marriage Janney says she doesn't believe in "that institution"


He's cute!

S.Korea's Most Handsome Man T.O.P Goes To Paris, Is The Most Handsome Man There Too


AFTER SHOW VIBES / WITH T.O.P #StarsinDior #DiorHomme by @Kris_Van_Assche

[FYI this is what he looks like with dark hair]


Some of his music; ZUTTER & DOOM DADA

ONTD, would you let this dapper, dangerously good-looking man smash your cakes to smithereens?


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@TOPS_Fools; 1 , 2 (via: stylem & st arin), 4 / @deleteitugly; 1 / @Just_For_BB; 1 , 2

God, You're a Fox: Happy Birthday, Daveed!!!


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This week's Ham4Ham shows

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ontd, who would you strip down to your socks with america's favorite fighting frenchman/douchiest president?

SyFy's The Magician Trailer and First Episode

Here's the first episode "Unauthorized Magic".

Syfy released the first episode on YouTube over the weekend. The first and second episode will premiere Monday night January 25, 2016 at 9pm. I watched it this afternoon and I really like it excited for the rest of the season. Plus Stelle Maeve is in it.

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What do you think ONTD? Did you read the book?

Jeremy Clarkson's comments about transgender people stir controversy

- He wrote "As far as I was concerned, men who want to be women were only really to be found on the internet or in the seedier bits of Bangkok,"
- "They were called ladyboys, and in my mind they were nothing more than the punchline in a stag night anecdote".
- He referred to the parents of a child of some “friends of friends”, saying “her parents had simply indulged this whim” when she expressed doubts about her sexuality."
-  Clarson added "But they must not, and I was going to emphasise this with spittle, be allowed to poison the mind of a child."


Mark Ruffalo gets help from Twitter after losing phone & wallet

Mark Ruffalo lost his wallet & phone during the blizzard, he resorted to twitter: "APB out for a cell phone in a wallet case out on the streets of NYC in a blizzard,” he tweeted. “My drivers license is in there. Reward and signed pic"

In less than 20 mins, they were both found: “OMG it was just found! That was freaking fast. Thanks for helping me find it!!”

He later on tweeted "Thanks Amenaide and Catherine Brown for finding my phone and wallet! Thanks Brown family for your decency," (the photo above)

In 2014, he'd also gotten help from Twitter after a fan found his wallet in a cab.

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Don't you wish you had celeb credit to help you out when you lost your shit ontd ?
[actress] Grace Kelly

Brie Larson stayed out of the sun

''I spoke to doctors and nutritionists about what would happen to the skin, hair, nails and teeth given that she doesn't have a toothbrush, hairbrush or soap.There's very poor nutrition and no vitamin D so I worked with a nutritionist to go on a sparse diet and worked out with a trainer every day. I also had to stay out of the sun for three or four months before we started shooting. It's very hard to avoid the sun in LA. So it was long sleeves and a sun hat every day.''


Chris Rock's rewriting his material for the Oscars & Don Cheadle thinks it'll be career-defining

- Academy Awards producer Reginald Hudlin also confirmed that the comedian – who often addresses issues of race in his movies and stand-up would be including some #OscarsSoWhite jokes during the show.
- "He and his writing staff locked themselves in a room," Hudlin said. "As things got a little provocative and exciting, he said, 'I'm throwing out the show I wrote and writing a new show.'

will you be watching?

Say Hello to Teen Wolf's First Bisexual, Buddhist Werewolf!

Cody Saintgnue, who plays Brett Talbot, talks about how his role will "break labels," being the first bisexual and the first Buddhist werewolf.

''Brett's a cool, edgy, sexy character and so it's nice to add this interesting layer. People can have a stigma with what they think gay, straight, lesbian, everything is, and yeah, he is bisexual and he's a Buddhist. It's opening people's minds to what's out there and I think that's really cool."

Cody also said that with his role, he hopes to inspire the LGBT youth, saying, "You may not know what you are yet and that's ok. You might like this, you might like that. You might like this and that. It doesn't matter because there is someone on TV that you look up to that is doing it. It's very rewarding."

In the video, Cody talks about his tough childhood and his character on Teen Wolf.

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Name and Child Support News for Baby Tomlinson

- Louis and Briana have agreed on a name for their baby boy:
- Unclear if baby will take Louis' or Briana's surname
- Briana's family are reportedly demanding over $50,000 a month until the child turns 18.
- A source close to Louis' lawyer said that there'll be little manoeuvring on final figures but negotiations are cordial and should be finished soon.
- It is also being reported that family of Briana is disappointed in Louis bec. his promise to buy Briana a home didn't materialise. Louis allegedly rented a property for Briana and filled it with Ikea cheap furniture.
- Briana's allowance during her pregnancy was only $1,500 but they believe she deserves more because of the media scrutiny.
- Louis will allegedly make everything right in a legal settlement.


Do you approve of the name, ONTD?

B.o.B., of "Airplanes" fame, Thinks the Earth is Flat

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So which scientific discovery do you not buy, ontd?

Hendall Attend Same Party But Arrived and Left Separately

Contrary to rumours that circulated last night, Harry Styles and his friend Jeff Azoff didn't have a joint birthday celebration at The Nice Guy. Instead, Harry was spotted in his Saint Laurent ensemble arriving alone at The Troubadour in West Hollywood for Jeff's 30th birthday celebration.

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Harry led the roasting of his good pal, with some of his jokes and a 10 second video clip circulating online.

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St. Barts humping partner Kendall Jenner also attended the party with her mom Kris but there are no reports of Hendall being together once inside. Mom and daughter also allegedly left early.

Harry was last spotted leaving the party with his parents.
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What do you make of this, ONTD? Looks like Hendall 2.0 is officially dead.

Tila Tequila had fans donate to a GoFundMe page because she couldn't pay her rent

Hello Everyone!

I had a previous GoFundMe account, but it got taken down because I guess I was trying to be funny to make people laugh, but then people thought I was joking so they reported me, and had my account suspended. HOWEVER, they gave me another chance to re-write the reasons why I am asking for help.

The reason why I am creating this GoFundMe campaign is because they have raised the rent at my old home to $4,500 a month, and being a single mother without any support from the father, it can sometimes be very tough taking care of 2 people with only a 1 person income.

So right now I need to raise some money so that I can move into my new home and get it furnished for my daughter and I. The last apt I was at came fully furnished and that's why it was so expensive, but I'd rather save money for my daughter than keep wasting money each month like that. So I basically need to buy all the furniture and beddings from scratch to start over if we are to move. It is going to cost a lot to start off, and that is why I am asking you all for your help!

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Somebody save this baby...
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Angie Bowie gives her outrageous account of doomed love with David

-Talks about how she allowed an open relationship because David used sex as currency in bids to get ahead in the industry, saying, "he used sex the way a cat marks its territory"
-Says David told her "I don't love you" before they were married and details an incident where David choked her when she had an argument with his assistant/mistress (??)
-She says that after their 1980 divorce, she was "airbrushed" out his life; he allegedly fired people who mentioned her name, blackballed her from the industry and removed her name from their son's list of contacts at school. She says all she wanted post-divorce was a relationship with her son & money until she established her career.
-Said David tricked her into going to Switzerland, where divorce terms were more favorable to him, by asking her to sort out his taxes there.
-One commenter suggested she's using this as an opportunity to reach out to her son, who hasn't spoken to her since his teens; Angie says she won't try to contact him now because he "obviously doesn't want things repaired"
-Initially thought his death was a hoax by Big Brother bosses for ratings


I have unshakable second-hand embarrassment from reading this, pls advise
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Hollywood completely fails the Bechdel test

To pass the Bechdel test, the film needs to fit three requirements:

#1 It has at least two women in it
#2 Who talk to each other, about
#3 Something besides a man

Seems like a low bar, but movies like ONTD’s favorite Avatar, Toy Story and Mr. and Mrs. Smith don’t pass the test.

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Could This Be Lyrics to Zayn's 1st Single?

Zayn posted on Twitter a shirtless photo of himself to promote his first solo single, Pillowtalk.

Anticipation has been building on the release of Zayn's  #realmusic on Friday with alleged lyrics from Pillowtalk being leaked online.

Here's the promo schedule of Zayn on Friday.


StarWars is one of the Worst Passwords of 2015 + Tom Brady is Darth Vader in Austria

Austrian channel Puls4 has created this Star Wars themed promo for Championship Sunday featuring Captain Newton, Master Palmer, Commander Manning, and Lord Brady as Darth Brader.

The Most Commonly Used Passwords of 2015 (from over 2 million leaked passwords)
#25: starwars (new entry)
#23: solo (new entry)
#21: princess (new entry)
#2: password (also #2 last year)
#1: 123456 (also #1 last year)

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Bossip wins headline of the year with their tweet on Kelly Price's new romance

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[🎂Type to wanna suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you🍰]

The 'baller' is former NFL (Baltimore Ravens) player Bryant McKinnie.

He is worth $3. 5 million

ONTD, have your cakes ever been smashed to smithereens? If so, how long was the recovery time for you?
If you've never had your cakes crumbled, who would you let smash your cakes to smithereens for the first time?


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Lindsay posts a cryptic photo about abuse, deletes it in minutes

She posted the photo and deleted it rather quickly, but the caption was: Don’t stay with the wrong guy, there goes something that I thought was good. Be true to yourself and NEVER let a man hit you.”

She was dating an Italian businessman Mathia Milani, but they haven't been seen together since 2015, and there's nothing indicating she was referring to him.

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