January 23rd, 2016


3 Time Divorcee, Stephanie Tanner aka Jodie Sweetin, 34, engaged for 4th time

- Jodie Sweetin, 34, got engaged to Justin Hodak

- She's been married 3 times previously, this will be her fourth marriage

- She filed for divorce from hubby #3 in 2013 citing irreconcilable differences

- Sweetin has 2 children – Zoie, 7 and Beatrix, 5 – from two previous marriages.

Congrats to the couple.


Have you ever made the same mistake over and over again, ontd?

More on the 1st 1D Baby

It's official!!! Credible news agencies, including People, are reporting that Louis and Briana have welcomed a baby boy on Thursday, January 21 in L.A.

This comes after confirmations from Briana's grandma via Instagram and Louis' ex-stepdad on Twitter:
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Meanwhile, 1D fans naturally circulated fake photos online of Briana and baby, even claiming that the baby's name is Jacob.

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One Direction boss Simon Cowell has also confirmed the baby news during auditions for Britain's Got Talent saying that he would be open to become godfather to the Tomlinson baby if asked.

Louis was last spotted on social media 2 days ago posting a selfie on Instagram with the caption: "Can't Sleep..." I guess we now know why.

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#WelcomeBabyTomlinson is trending #1 worldwide.

Is Beyonce Afraid of Adele?

Insiders are claiming that Beyonce has finished her latest  album end of last year, but hasn't released new material because she wants to wait until the hype surrounding Adele's 25 has died down. Source added that Beyonce is following a "code of honour" allowing Adele to have her spotlight first so that their records don't clash. It's now being speculated that new album announcement will take place during Super Bowl. To date, Adele's discography has outsold Beyonce's worldwide to the tune of 53M (3 albums) vs 35M (5 albums).

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Jeffrey Wright on: #OscarsSoWhite, Nepotism, Bias, and Some Messy White People Who 2016 Slayed

In a series of tweets over the last day, (underrated) actor/resource conflict activist Jeffrey Wright commented on #OscarsSoWhite, nepotism in Hollywood, and the recent enraging Total Mess that is 2016 exposing Problematic Pensioners such as Michael Caine and Charlotte Rampling.

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Source: Twitter
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David Gaider leaves Bioware after 17 years

- The decision to leave was made by him.

- served as writer/designer on Baldur's Gate 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, among many games.

- Worked on Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and recently: Dragon Age: Inquisition where he was lead writer for Dorian Pavus.

- No word on what he will be doing yet.

Drake putting in that work

See what your fave celebs have to say about Winter Storm Jonas!


Tian Tian woke up this morning to a lot of snow, and he was pretty excited about it. 🐼🌨 #blizzard2016 pic.twitter.com/GrhI9t1u7j

— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) January 23, 2016

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Unofficial Winter Storm Jonas FFA? How much snow y'all getting and how are you dealing?

Charlotte Rampling Apparently Still Wants That Oscar, Does Damage Control on White Racism Comments

- Charlotte Rampling is doing damage control
- She says she regrets that "my comments could have been misinterpreted."
- "I simply meant to say that in an ideal world every performance will be given equal opportunities for consideration. Diversity in our industry is an important issue that needs to be addressed," she said, "I am highly encouraged by the changes announced today by the Academy to diversify its membership."

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Louis Confirms His TomlinSON

Louis finally broke his silence to confirm the birth of his son. Apart from being healthy, there's no further details from him yet. Congratulations, Louis!

This is cute aw! Did you ever have a baby a short while after your successful boy band went on hiatus, ONTD?


Daniel Radcliffe comments on the Oscars boycott

Daniel Radcliffe was at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday for his new movie Swiss Army Man, which was premiered at the event.

When asked about the Oscars boycott he said, "I suppose in a way it's already been effective because there has been a reaction in terms of the Academy working on changing their policy. It's the start of a conversation that feels like we shouldn't need anymore because particularly in this industry, we think of ourselves as being liberal [and] very progressive. We need to put our money where our mouth is."

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Krysten Ritter, Nahnatchka Khan & More Want to Host Apartment 23 Xmas Party

  • The creator and the cast are interested in continuing the show. It just an idea for now since 20th Century Fox still owns the rights to the show.

  • Khan wants to do a superhero trailer where they show a superhero and then as you pan up, it is Krysten.

  • Another idea is a Christmas special of Don’t Trust the B—, maybe a 90 min thing.

  • Jame Van Der Beek, Liza Lapira and Eric Andre are interested. No word on if Dreama Walker would join.

  • They have to figure out the schedule. FOtB finish filming in March and Krysten has Jessica Jones to film.

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The now suspended UK hackers posted a video of them accessing Camila's trash bff Marielle's twitter account and going through the DMs. The alleged DMs include Camila using the n-word (er too for loser who think the -a ending makes it non offensive *rolls eyes*) and saying that she would like to punch band mate Ally in the face because she's so annoying and is also developing a crush on Harry Styles. Some people still don't believe the alleged content besides all the rares leaked, response from bandmates, and MARIELLE DELETING HER TWITTER.

Lauren followed one of the now suspended hackers tamarashaw_ and is now claiming that it was an accident and she would never support someone invading privacy no matter what cause we are all human. Fans think this means she is confirming that the hacks are real.

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sounds like a trash version of candyman

Source: Instagram, Twitter
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Ready to Have Your Heart Un-Broken, ONTD? The Toni Braxton Lifetime Movie Airs Tonight!

From the network that brought you Aaliyah: Princess of R&B and Whitney Houston (the TV movie, not the legendary singer), comes Toni Braxton: The Movie Event. Unlike those other two movies, this one was made with the involvement of its subject and includes her actual music. Directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall (helmer of the legendary Mariah Carey opus Glitter) and starring newcomer Lex Scott Davis as Toni and All My Children vet Debbi Morgan as Braxton matriarch Evelyn, the movie chronicles the untold measures the wildly talented artist took to make herself and her family whole again, becoming a global inspiration. Check out the preview below.

Toni Braxton: The Movie Event premiers on Lifetime tonight at 8:00 pm.


Hope my fellow east coast peeps are staying warm! This is me right now thinking about shoveling myself out of the D.C. snow.
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13 Incredible WOC Figure Skaters + '16 U.S. Champs Viewing Post

The free skate portion for ladies at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships will air on NBC tonight at 6 p.m Central/7 p.m. EST. The ladies' previously recorded short programs are now being aired on NBC.
EDIT: My bad. The comp starts at 7 EST, but the broadcast starts at 8. Live stream (on now): https://livehouse.in/channel/421020
Top 10 in the short program:

1. Polina Edmunds: 70.19
2. Gracie Gold: 62.50
3. Tyler Pierce: 62.45
4. Ashley Wagner: 62.41
5. Mirai Nagasu: 59.64
6. Mariah Bell: 58.85
7. Bradie Tennell: 58.26
8. Franchesca Chiera: 57.94
9. Hannah Miller: 57.86
10. Angela Wang: 55.23

In no particular order, here's a list of 13 incredible women of color who have fought to move ground on the figure skating circuit despite discrimination from audiences, the media and judges. While some quietly left the amateur arena, others made sure to make their presence and departure known. Also included are current competitors who have already left or have the potential to leave an impressive mark on the sport for years to come.

Country: Japan

Notable achievements: Eight-time consecutive national champion; 3rd place at '79 Worlds
Her impact: First WOC to win a medal at Worlds

While Watanabe had only placed in a world figure skating event once in her eight-year senior-level career, she became a celebrity in Japan and helped popularize the sport among young Japanese women. When she retired from competing after placing 4th at '80 Worlds, Watanabe penned several "muckraking" books about Japanese celebs, figure skaters and athletes.

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Bey Spotted Filming New Music Video Today on Skid Row

Multiple sources/people have confirmed that Bey was spotted filming a new music video today on Skid Row in Los Angeles. This would match up well with the previous report that Bey is gearing up for a new album release that she's announcing during the Super Bowl, and had delayed because she was afraid of Adele following a "code of honor".


Are you excited for Beyonce's return ONTD? Can you believe we may get two Beyonce albums before Rihanna was able to release just one?
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Zayn to release "Pillow talk" song + music video Friday + new interview!

-zayn talks about being mixed and growing up as one of the very few mixed kids in his neighborhood
-he talks about he still cannot dance
-talks about leaving the band because he didn't like the music and what they were doing
-wanted to pursue his own interests
-writer calls his new music "surprisingly good" dirty r&b
-zayn says he got an email from a 1d member after revealing no one has contacted him and even tho he knows they are on hiatus, he hopes the 4 are still friends
-he also talks about the importance of education and how he wants to go get a degree and make sure his future children also go to school

Twitter Twitter Twitter

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry becoming an item ?

They were spotted at The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey, a play at the Kirk Douglas Theatre.

It's their third outing together, earlier this month they were talking during the Golden Globes (and a couple others).

He was also rumored to be dating Selena Gomez (lol)


Do you think they're really becoming a couple ?

Hamilton panel at BroadwayCon

-Lin invited Leslie to join Hamilton by sending him an email titled "Okto-Burr-fest"
-Daveed on how Jefferson was able to coincide being both for freedom and slavery: "you have to be used to being handed everything to not see something like that"
-Renee's rap alter ego is NeNe
-Lin, Renee, Jasmine, and Sydney freestyle during "Right Hand Man"


Bill Maher : The Oscars Are Racist Cause Asians Really Are Racist



"Most movies are made now with an idea of the foreign market... and asians really are racist"
"They don’t want to see black people generally in their movies”
"Hollywood executives are like we are not racist we just have to pretend we're racist because we're capitalist we want to sell our movie in China so they don't like Kevin Hart" (are you fucking kidding me)


Unbelievable. First we find out black women really don't exist and now we learn that Hwood execs aren't actually racist and asians are to blame!!! What a crazy week! 
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Lena Dunham on #OscarSoWhite

Being at Sundance on the narrative jury with some really smart folks, watching a wide range of films with a wide range of perspectives, is a reminder of how necessary diverse representation truly is. The conversation happening around the Oscars is essential and overdue. It is not disrespectful to the current nominees. It is not an indictment of any one actor. It is a call to action for our industry to change the way we work on every single level. As someone who has been on the receiving end of criticism about diversity, the only thing I know for sure is that our job is to listen- not to defend ourselves. What's to defend?

she's a member of the AMPAS writers branch since 2013
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Nick Carter Breaks Silence on Arrest

Source / Source

Original posts here and here for those who missed it

I hope he gets better, and I really hope his wife is holding up. She's probably stressing out hardcore, with their kid on the way :(
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Anna Camp Gave Fiancé Skylar Astin An Engagement Ring

skylarastin It always felt odd to me that men didn't get engagement rings. Thankfully, my fiancé thought so too 👍🏼❤️

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I added a picture for the "who?!" crowd. If you still don't know who they are, IMDB is your friend: his and hers. They were both in Pitch Perfect.

What do you think, ONTD? Did you/would you each get each other an engagement ring, regardless of gender?

Can't wait to see all your dream rings ;)
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Mo'Nique to Will and Jada: "Are we standing up now cause it's in your backyard?"

- Mo'nique claimed last year that she was blacklisted from the industry for not kissing ass for her Oscar for Precious
- Says she doesn't watch the Oscars anyway and when we campaign for a trophy we're not focusing on the bigger issues of equal pay and equal treatment
- Says she loves Will and Jada but they've already won because Will allegedly makes $20 million per film and pretty much implies that they only spoke up because of Will's snub
- When the host says they threw us a bone for 12 Years a Slave she responds by saying we shouldn't be begging for scraps but should create our own welcoming content
- Urges black power players to make the noise and to create our own content so we don’t have to beg and plead to be apart of something that obviously doesn’t want to acknowledge us

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BET continues to drag Stacey Dash, plays videos featuring her on BET Jams

After BET clapped back in response to Ms. Fox and Friendless, BET Jams has been airing music videos featuring Stacey all evening and posting tweets using the hashtag #NeverForgetStacey.

So far they've played Rick Ross' "Super High":

Kanye's "All Falls Down":

and MJG's "That Girl":

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Daisy Ridley to Exec Produce “The Eagle Huntress”, also featuring music by Sia

 photo huntressmain_zpslcoywoda.png

Daisy Ridley, CrossFit Queen, star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and darling of good & noble Light Side ONTDers everywhere, is set to expand her IMDB resumé to include Executive Producer.

On Friday it was announced that she had signed up to join Morgan Spurlock as co-Exec Producer of upcoming film ”The Eagle Huntress” (dir. Otto Bell), currently screening at Sundance as the first documentary to premier in their ‘Kids Section’.

"The Eagle Huntress", set in a remote community in the Altai Mountains of Northwestern Mongolia, is the tale of Aisholpan, a real-life 13 year old Mongolian girl who longs to break gender norms and become the first female Golden Eagle Hunter in over 2000 male dominated years.

The documentary is set to follow Aisholpan as her supportive father and grandfather tutor her in the ancient traditional techniques of taming and training her very own eaglet (which have an adult wingspan of up to 7.5 feet, omfg), which before now was an activity reserved for men.
Aisholpan’s dream is to compete against 70 other (male) Eagle Hunters in the annual ‘Golden Eagle Festival, and one day hunt in the snowy Mongolian winters with her eagle, and prove that girls can do anything that boys can.

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Celebrity Big Brother's Jeremy caught snorting white powder in sex tape

A video of Jeremy McConnell from this season of Celebrity Big Brother has made the rounds on social media in which he is depicted snorting an unidentified white powder with an unidentified woman.

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Celebs' "gender neutral" baby names reflect "the newest PC trend"

-Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard's daughter is called Lincoln; Mila & Ashton have daughter Wyatt; Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have daughter James; Mark Zuckerberg's daughter is called Max; and Leighton Meester & Adam Brody have 5 month-old daughter Arlo. Writer doesn't use examples of boys with girls' names (shock!).
-The writer laments the trend and asks, Has the political correctness pendulum swung so far that calling a girl Emma — the most popular name in 2014, reports the Social Security Administration — is now seen as a mild form of abuse? As is calling a boy Noah?
-Writer cites a study that suggests women with masculine names are more successful in male-dominated fields (SHOCK!), another that says people with more common names are most hire-able, and another which says children with uncommon names are more prone to delinquency.
-Writer's name is Reed.