January 22nd, 2016

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J-Pop Boyband SMAP Decides To Not Break Up After All

* SMAP made a special live announcement on “SMAP x SMAP” to address their supposed disbandment. The group will not be disbanding and will remain under Johnny & Associates.
* The members offered their apologies for all the drama that has taken place for nearly the past week.
* The reason for the live statement Johnny's wanted the public to hear what was happening with SMAP from the mouths of the members themselves.
* Evil prevails.

ONTD, have you ever told the rest of ONTD a lie?
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Squidward voice actor arrested for DUI

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Rodger Bumpass, the actor who has been voicing the character of Squidward on Spongebob Squarepants for nearly 200 episodes, was arrested for DUI on Friday.

Since his arrest Bumpass has been in meetings with Nickelodeon executives, and insiders are saying it's not looking good for his future on the show.

According to reports, police found Bumpass in the middle of the road outside of his PT Cruiser (OP's note: lol) and in talking with him he admitted to driving under the influence. He failed a field sobriety test.

henry i

Grant Gustin Speaks Out About Ezra Miller Taking On 'The Flash' Role

-Grant Gustin is speaking out about WB’s decision to cast Ezra Miller as The Flash in their DC movie universe.

-Grant was not cast in the film series and some fans are upset by the decision.
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Marilyn Manson to Guest Star on Salem season 3


Marilyn Manson, who does the opening song, will be a 'special guest star' on S3 (they didn't say if recurring or not).

From the press release: "Manson will portray Thomas Dinley, a barber and surgeon who is the go-to man in Salem, from a shave and a haircut to being leeched, bled, sliced open or sewn up."

They also said about season 3:

"Continuing its bloody, sexy, and fantastical reimagining of Colonial America, “Salem’s” third season dawns with the triumph of the witches’ plan to remake the New World by bringing the devil to earth and making Salem his capital. But the devil is a liar, and instead of a New World free from murderous Puritan hypocrisy, his own plan will bring nothing but death and slavery with the ultimate aim of leading humanity to destroy itself. And there’s only one person on earth who can beat the devil — the very witch that birthed him, his mother, Mary Sibley. The only problem is — she’s dead. Or is she?"

Sources: #1, #2

How long will Mary stay dead and how will she be brought back? Will Isaac and Mercy ever have a purpose? Will Tituba ever get justice? Will the witches ever run out of rituals to complete? What do you guys think?

Blind Item - Are a long-term couple about to break-up because of her cheating ways?

My guess: Joshua Jackson/Diane Kruger.

- The mention of "an affair" (Joshua's show).
- Actress is about to hit a milestone birthday (Diane's about to turn 40).
- Diane was just rumored to have had an affair with Norman Reedus.


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Macklemore calls out Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea in his new song "White Privilege II"

"You're Miley, you're Elvis, you're Iggy Azalea, fake and so plastic, you've heisted the magic" raps Macklemore in his newly released song "White Privilege II." The YouTube video links to the website http://www.whiteprivilege2.com/, which features a stream and free download link of the song.

On the website, the following message can be found: "This song is the outcome of an ongoing dialogue with musicians, activists, and teachers within our community in Seattle and beyond. Their work and engagement was essential to the creative process."

Further on, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis describe their support of black-led organizations:

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Source: YouTube + White Privilege II Website

"It is Racist to Whites" Says Critic Darling and Oscar Nominee Charlotte Rampling

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2016 exposing your geriatric British/French faves. Maggie Smith would neva.

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'Avatar 2' Won't Be Ready for Christmas 2017


- no new date set
- no filming date set
- “James Cameron has his own pace.”

Mark Harris@MarkHarrisNYC
For those keeping track:
Oct 2010: Avatar 2 will open Dec 2014
Jan 2012: It'll open Dec 2015
Aug 2013: I mean Dec 2016
Jan 2015: Dec 2017

Aaaaand just following up. Jan 2016: December 2017 release cancelled, no new date set. What an unforeseeable twist! (Will update annually.)
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Oscar Winner and Academy Member, Reese Witherspoon, weighs in on #OscarsSoWhite

Her statement: "I really appreciated this article in TIME on the lack of racial and gender diversity in this year's Oscar nominations. So disappointed that some of 2015's best films, filmmakers and performances were not recognized. Nothing can diminish the quality of their work, but these filmmakers deserve recognition. As an Academy member, I would love to see a more diverse voting membership."


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Mariah Carey's Ring Ya'll

Apparently worth 7.5 million a a whole ring itself.
James Packer (billionaire 4 times over) proposed in front of close friends last night.

Edited to add in the video, didn't see it til after I posted oops.

You know what to do ONTD, lemme see your rings you want!
Captain Boomerang

Marc Ruffalo Clarifies, he WILL be at the Oscars this Year

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Celine Dion Says Thank You

  • Last night at her late husband Rene's wake, she said that the support she has been given is a blessing.

  • The wake and funeral are a state funeral so that's why everything is being televised.

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Everyone who went to the wake were given a pamphlet about René's life and this was on the back.


Music Video: Chris Young ft. Cassadee Pope "Think of You"

Chris Young released his video for his latest single, Think of You, featuring season 3 winner of The Voice Cassadee Pope. Young's last single I'm Comin' Over came out last year and peaked at #2 on the country charts. Pope's single, I Am Invincible, failed to chart. Chris is currently on tour with Cassadee as his opener.


Aww, she finally learned how to do a country accent. This song might actually do well but her career is still on life support. And if you have any doubts on that, let BMG Head Scott Borchetta clear the air!
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Elementary 4x10 "Alma Matters" Promo + CBS officially orders "diverse" Nancy Drew pilot

Holmes’ tentative reconciliation with his father suffers a setback when Holmes and Watson discover Morland has been keeping a secret that threatens all of their safety. Also, Holmes and Watson investigate two murders connected to a for-profit college and its illegal recruitment practices.

- My Time/Your Time (based on Avital Ash’s 7P/10E web series, adapted by the creators of HIMYM and HIMY Dad): a young couple dating long distance via Skype.

- Drew: non-Caucasian Nancy Drew in her 30s and a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.

Source 1 + 2
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Disney's "The Finest Hours" extended trailer and cast interviews

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- The Finest Hours is based on a screenplay, which is based on a book by Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman
- Tells the true story of Coast Guard Captain Bernie Webber (Pine) and his crew
- Some bigass storm/nor'easter in 1952 smashes up their boat and a three-man team attempts to rescue the other bros in a wooden lifeboat
- Stars Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Casey Affleck, Holliday Grainger, John Ortiz and Eric Bana
- Released January 29th
- 80 million budget


lol poor flop Chris gets another January release. What do you predict, ONTD? Flop or nah
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People Are Digging up Old Instagram Nudes of Kate Hudson's Claiming It Was to Make Nick Jealous.mp3

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A "close source" tells the Us Weekly that Kate had her stylist, Sophie Lopez, post this pic of her on Instagram to make Nick Jonas jealous.

The pair has been "hooking up" since pictures of them were spotted at Disneyland in October. Apparently that means Kate needs to make him jealous?

Nick is in fact following Kate on instagram, but she isn't tagged in this pic, so I'm not exactly sure how this would work out according to plan. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


ONTD, what's the craziest thing you've done to get a romantic interest's attention?
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Ellie Goulding kicks off her Delirium World Tour

British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding has started her latest tour in support of her Delirium album last night in Hamburg, Germany.

The Delirium World Tour will take Ellie across Europe and North America while also being part of several music festivals, as well as more dates are to be announced later on.

This is Ellie's first world tour in arenas and the set showcased a bigger stage production including dancers and a setlist made up of her biggest hits such as Love Me Like You Do and On My Mind and several tracks off her latest album.

Check out this playlist with some moments of the show.


Also, here's the setlist for the concert.





Buzzfeed thinks that The 100 is one of TV's most "radically queer" shows. Nnnnnn


[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Showrunner Jason Rothenberg deliberately chose to have Clarke hook up with a girl and not a guy in the premiere to address speculation that Clarke wasn't really bisexual.

* Says that Clarke will not explicitly label her sexuality bc it doesn't make sense in the show's world.

* Pulls a Jeff Davis and says how the world in The 100 is an LGB utopia where homophobia doesn't exist bc it's just not on anyone's radar.

* Buzzfeed writer asserts that LGBT representation on The 100 is "one of the most unique and progressive on television."


Finn is still dead tho, let's celebrate.

John Boyega talks about his Bafta nom, future projects and more

- Says that Finn and Poe's romance exists in Oscar's head (I feel u, Oscar.)
- Says he hasn't met many famous people outside of Star Wars because he hasn't been doing much "industry stuff."
- Already knows everything that's happening in the next film.
- Talks about his next projects: "The Circle" with Emma Watson, where he plays a tech guru, and "Imperial Dreams."
- Talks a bit about being nominated for the Bafta Rising Star Award.

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Tessa Thompson, Joshua Jackson Photo Call for their New Play, "Smart People"

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The quest for love, achievement and identity is universal, but what role does race play in the story of our lives? On the eve of Obama’s first election, four Harvard intellectuals find themselves entangled in a complex web of social and sexual politics in this provocative and funny new play by Lydia R. Diamond (Stick Fly), helmed by Kenny Leon (The Wiz Live!), the Tony Award®-winning director of the 2014 revival of A Raisin in the Sun.

"Smart People" stars Tessa Thompson, Joshua Jackson, Mahershala Ali, and Anne Song.

It will begin previews on Tuesday, January 26th for a strictly limited engagement through Sunday, March 6th.

You can purchase discounted tickets for "Smart People" via Second Stage's "30 under 30" project, which supplies $30 ($39.50 with fees and tax) tickets for audience members under 30. Just call the box office!


I just bought my ticket. I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE QUEEN TESSA LIVE.

Tyga spotted with kylie lookalike, is Kyga finally done?

Tyga has been pictured hanging out with some girl he has been flirting with on instagram.

People have been saying that the woman (Val Mercado) looks a lot like Kylie.

Kylie is still mad about Tyga going to a strip club in a totally out of character move. Hopefully 2016, you know the year of "realizing things," will make this break up stick.

Val is 23 years-old.
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ONTD, do you have a specific type?

Nothing Has Changed since 1993: Gillian Anderson was Offered Half of Duchovny’s Pay for TXF Revival


  • Fox Network's executives still think they can do this shit again and get away with it.

  • "I’m surprised that more [interviewers] haven’t brought that up because it’s the truth. Especially in this climate of women talking about the reality of [unequal pay] in this business, I think it’s important that it gets heard and voiced. It was shocking to me, given all the work that I had done in the past to get us to be paid fairly. I worked really hard toward that and finally got somewhere with it. Even in interviews in the last few years, people have said to me, “I can’t believe that happened, how did you feel about it, that is insane.” And my response always was, “That was then, this is now.” And then it happened again! I don’t even know what to say about it."

i hate to use internet slang/memes but: i can't even...

also wanted to use 'this bitch' tag but i didn't want to look like i was calling the Queen a bitch u.u
nyan cattt

Deepika Padukone for Filmfare

She talked about her Hollywood role in XXX with Vin Diesel and how nervous she was: "But most importantly I feel proud to be a part of a film where I get to flaunt my ethnicity. The reason they are roping me is because of my ethnicity. I really hope that I do well in the movie and people go and watch it."

i still haven't watched bajirao mastani :(
source: filmfare + design indian
Michiko to Hatchin | Hehe

Cara Delevingne Wore Creepers to the White House and Some Folks are UpsetT

- Cara Delevingne visited the White House for a roundtable talk on climate change
- Pretty much talks about the fact she was wearing creepers to the White House lol.
- Marissa Mitrovich, a former government-affairs exec, says that sneakers are not appropriate footwear when visiting the White House
- It's all about respect. If you're at the White House, you shouldn't wear sneakers.

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i got a new src

Do you agree? Did Cara Delevingne break dress code by wearing runners to the White House?
rohan x abhi
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Sony remaking flawless french movie 'Un Prophete', Sam Raimi to direct

-Un Prophete follows an arab man in a french prison who becomes a Mafia kingpin among the prisoners. (it's really good, i highly recommend it!)
- Dennis Lehane adapted the script, the author of Shutter Island, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone (the novels not the movies!), he also wrote some episodes of The Wire
-The studio is looking for it's star and they hope to go into production later this year


ONTD, what do you think are the chances they'll actually cast an arab actor??????
haters will say its photoshop

Vegas Showgirl, J.Lo, praises Gaga

Lady Gaga made friends with Jennifer Lopez at this year's Golden Globes. In a new interview with Extra, J.Lo gushed over Gaga.

"Let me tell you something about Gaga, she is such a sweetheart," Jennifer said of meeting Gaga at the Golden Globes after-party. "She sent me flowers after that, just saying, 'It was great hanging out with you.' She's a nice girl, she's a New York girl like myself. She was overwhelmed with the fact she won, it was very well-deserved; it was gracious, there is a graciousness about her. I really like her, I really like what she stands for, kind of like coloring out the lines and being outside the box, being accepted. She's a nice person and I'm really happy for her success."

Last week, Lady Gaga shared a picture of her with J.Lo and Kate Hudson, saying: "There's no one better than these two ladies right here. Made me laugh and filled me with love all night."

The pop stars first crossed paths when Lady Gaga co-wrote two songs – "Hypnotico" and "Invading My Mind" – for J.Lo's 2011 album Love?.

stan a bit jenny!

DC to relaunch all their titles with new #1's

-Titans has been confirmed to be part of the relaunch
-Scott Snyder will be leaving Batman after the relaunch and writing Detective Comics
-Several titles will be relaunching as bi-weekly

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Bye bye New52

Will Smith's ex wife, Sheree Fletcher claps back at Alexis Arquette!

- Will Smith's first wife and mother of his eldest son
- Alexis made some wild accusations (based on gossip) that Sheree allegedly caught Will Smith in bed with infamous manager Benny Medina and that led to a divorce
- Says she had to check Alexis
- Will did not cheat on her, nor did she catch him in bed with anybody else
- The marriage ended because they were young and didn't have the tools to make their marriage work as his fame grew

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Tinashe gets her 1st top 10 in the UK + is working with Diplo, Miguel and others on unknown project.

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source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

australians, new zealanders and british people on ONTD, is All My Friends your jam?

ONTD Original: Celeb NFL Fans (AFC Edition)

Denver Broncos

Don Cheadle went to high school in Denver and is a huge Broncos fan. His birthday happened to be during the Broncos-Patriots game in November, and he tweeted his frustrations and relief when Denver ultimately won. He also filmed a series of advertisements for the NFL.

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louis tomlinson, 1d

Rainbow Bear Tells Larries To Chill!

The Rainbow Bondage Bear strikes again! Following the rumours and news surrounding Louis' baby possibly being born Larry fans have unsurprisingly been very confused and upset. Not to fear however, as the bear let everyone know it was all OK and told Larries to calm down. Has the baby been born? Is it actually a Larry lovechild? Whatever the case, fans can rest easy now that RBB has broken his silence.

If you're confused feel free to consult my previous post where I broke the news of RBB's "larry ok" declaration, and the following ONTD Investigation.

Do you wish you had a Rainbow Bondage Bear to validate your choices in real life, ONTD?


Boris - Slingshot. LITERALLY WTF IS THIS SONG?!?!?!?!?

some lines-

  • some girls they like it ghetto, some girls they like it hot


  • ko-nichi-nichi-wa

  • hey chica, gunna want ya, buenas noche, gunna take you to the top


apparently inspiried by kpop but....idk what he is talking about coz literally none of this is kpop-ish
the dude is apparently a big vine celebrity



ONTD, do you like it ghetto or do you like it hot?

I feel sorry for this generation's music quality tbh. I mean we had crazy frog but at least he wasnt a god damn idiot

Fox gives pilot order to series based on 'The Exorcist'

DreadCentral is currently reporting that Fox has given a pilot order to a new drama series based on William Blatty's book The Exorcist. Yes that same The Exorcist that that was adapted by Blatty himself (earning him an Academy Award) into the 1973 film of the same name.

The plot, for at least the first season, seems to follow the movie since it is described as a "propulsive, serialized psychological thriller following two very different men tackling one family’s case of horrifying demonic possession and confronting the face of true evil".

It's also being not just written but executive produced by Jeremy Slater who is best known for writing the Fantastic Four reboot. Yes that Fantastic Four that came out last year with the terrible wigs and the potato...

This movie is so good. Just why?
who 11 river spin me right round baby

Doctor Who: Moffat's Timey Wimey is DONE! Chris Chibnall Takes Over!

Source: RT Twitter

Time to crack open the bubbly, ONTD Gallifreyans!

 photo wediditkids_zpstnraokoi.png

Simon is excited for Zayn's #RealMusic

-Zayn will be appearing on the Graham Norton Show next week, and when asked about whether or not Simon was worried about what he might say about 1D, he replied: I’m not interested in a single word he says, but I am interested in what he sings.

-Apparently he's heard some of Zayn's music: "I’ve heard it, it’s good, he’s going to do well."

-He felt emotional (lol) seeing the band's last mv History: "I just saw the video last night and, God, it makes you feel emotional. When that drops you’re going to see another lease of life for that record. I did get emotional watching it"

Meanwhile Zayn will be on the cover of The Sunday Times Culture

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src: 1 2 3

Setting trends :)

Julie Delpy: ‘I Sometimes Wish I Were African American’

- says there’s “nothing worse than being a woman in this business.”
- says ''women can’t talk. I sometimes wish I were African American because people don’t bash them afterward.”
- also mentions she feels that people hate feminists ''above all''

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