January 5th, 2016

Jodie Foster is a Cool Mom

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Jodie Foster gave a rare interview in which she was asked about how she raises her two sons, Charlie, 16, and Kit, 13, out of the spotlight.

The very private star says that...

--Her own mom was very cautious, so she allows her own sons the freedom to make lots of mistakes

--She doesn't believe in her own hype, which prevents her from developing a huge ego

--She deliberately tries to live a normal life away from cameras and paparazzi

She is very picky about which projects she does, and rarely acts anymore. She directed two episodes of Orange is the New Black and will soon debut her fourth film as a director, the thriller Money Monster starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

In 2013, Jodie (sort of) publicly came out as gay, and in 2014 married her girlfriend of a year, Alexandra Hedison


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Wish she were a less messy regarding RDJ, Mel Gibson, and Polanski, tbh.
You're Not the One

W's Best Film Performances of 2015

In 2015, the world was in turmoil, and Hollywood was looking for a happy ending. Whether the topic was sexual identity (Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett in the midcentury lesbian love story Carol; Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez exploring L.A.’s transgender underworld in Tangerine) or post­apocalyptic politics (Charlize Theron in the manic epic Mad Max: Fury Road) or immigration (Saoirse Ronan and Domhnall Gleeson in the wonderfully old-fashioned Brooklyn), almost all of the movies last year ended on a positive, romantic note. Wrongs were righted in Spotlight, which took on the abuses in the Catholic Church. And even murkier films like Sicario, which costarred Benicio Del Toro in a story about the unwinnable Mexican drug wars, or The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino’s savage snow Western, celebrated vivid moments of triumph.

And that’s just the beginning. On the following pages, we spotlight performers who achieved an extraordinary mix of the unique and the universal. These portraits, which were shot in Los Angeles, New York, and London, are revealing and evocative character ­studies—movies unto themselves.
Rooney Mara in Carol
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ICON and ONTD unproblematic fave Jennifer López visits Jimmy Kimmel to promote her current 3 gigs!

JenPez is busy at work promoting the last season of American Idol, her soon to be Emmy nominated role as a corrupt cop in Shades of Blue, and All I Have, her Vegas residency. When will anyone? J.Lo sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to revisit QUEEN Lupe winning $2.4 million in Atlantic City ten years ago (such a goddess, she gave the money away to the rest of the family), go over her current gigs & bless us with talent, beauty, grace, personality, and fashion. Stay blessed.

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- QUEEN Lopez made no resolutions
- Works very hard cuz she has to pay for those expensive jumpsuits
- Shops at Marshals


when's the last time u went at bargain shopping, ontd?

South African Chief criticizes Beyoncé's alleged Saartjie Baartman project

In case you missed the post yesterday, Beyoncé is allegedly not only starring in but writing a film about Saartjie Baartman. This is following news in December that she had been taking acting lessons and was "looking for an iconic dramatic role" and that she wanted to "make a film that’s socially relevant to African American rights."

ONTD wasn't alone in questioning this project as last night Chief Jean Burgess, a chief of the Ghonaqua First Peoples, was questioned by News24 in South Africa about the superstar taking on the project.

"She lacks the basic human dignity to be worthy of writing Sarah's story, let alone playing the part," Chief Burgess told News24.

She also questioned if Beyoncé considered how the movie would affect the KhoiKhoi women who are alive today referring to the potential film as "a mistake of great magnitude". She continued questioning why Beyoncé chose Baartman as the subject of the film, claiming that Beyoncé had no right to tell her story.

"I can only see arrogance in her attempt to tell a story that is not her’s to tell," she stated.

Chief Burgess along with Gamtkwa Khoisan Council member Kobus Reichert don't seem to have a problem with a movie about Baartman existing. They expressed that they feel the subject matter needs to be handled with respect and understanding of the culture and that the community of the Eastern Cape should be involved, things they don't necessarily think will happen with Beyoncé taking the lead.

Source 1, 2 and 3

Selena Gomez to make her SNL debut on January 23!

sources: 1, 2

ONTD, which songs do you want her to perform?

The Rock welcomes Kelly Rohrbach as C.J. Parker in #BAYWATCH movie

therock: "A pleasure welcoming @kellyrohrbach to our #BAYWATCH family for the iconic role of "CJ Parker". Yes, she's a walking smoke stack but more importantly... she's smart, tough and funny. Just the way we like 'em. Get ready world, we can't wait to bring you our generation's #BAYWATCH! You'll have fun... 👊🏾🔥💯👙🍆 (last emoji somewhat inappropriate)."

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Source: therock on Instagram

The rest of the #BAYWATCH family so far includes Alexandra Daddario as Summer and Zefron.
ANF (Halsey)2

Fall Out Boy release third video for Irresistible (second one ft. Poot Lovato) with two other cameos

- Directed by Wayne Isham, the same person who directed [SPOILERS!!]NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me"

- Meant to be the Dollar Store Rip off of [SPOILERS!!]NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me"

- Poot Lovato doesn't know how to say/sing "Mon Cherie"


I'm so happy they released this video. They always manage to release music/videos when I need it the most. I just hate that I don't get to show it to my mom this time

Hasbro releases statement explaining why Rey wasn't included in The Force Awakens Monopoly

In case you don't know there is currently a The Force Awakens movie tie in version of Monopoly on the stands. There has been a lot of talk about the game on social media lately due to the fact that Rey, they star of the film, was excluded from the game. The playable pieces include Luke, Finn, Kylo Renn and Darth Vader who interestingly enough isn't even in the movie. After being bombarded with people tweeting #WheresRey Polygon reports that Hasbro finally released a statement as to why she was excluded and that reason is apparently 'because spoilers'.

"The Star Wars: Monopoly game was released in September, months before the movie's release. Rey was not included to avoid revealing a key plot line that she takes on Kylo Ren and joins the Rebel Alliance," Hasbro claimed in a statement released to Entertainment Weekly.

They also claim that they plan on releasing more Rey-centric merchandise in the future.

This could have also been avoided if they included more than four game pieces like, you know, most Monopoly sets. Also the claim that Rey being a good guy being a spoiler seems like a stretch. If only there was some kind of item featured heavily in the promo that Rey carried that they could have given her figure...


Gigi Hadid's Father Shares Family's Past

-Mohamed Hadid, Gigi's dad, posted some images on instagram of his recent trip to Palestine where he shared details of his family history
-He describes how they sheltered a Polish refugee family in Safed who later kicked them out of their own home and forced them into exile
-Two weeks ago, Gigi posted a picture of her henna tattoo with the caption "Half Palestinian and proud of it."

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Evil Gif

Britney got stuck in the "Toxic" Tree

Britney on Platform

Britney on Platform, realizing she's stuck (or, that's what I'm choosing to believe that facial expression is)

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Tweet: @BritneySpears

Text description provided by me.

Poor-quality gif of what didn't happen. For reference, or some shit.

Netflix going Hard for Global Domination, Signed New Deals with DreamWorks and @RealGDT

  • Netflix plans to launch several new series produced by DreamWorks Animation in the coming year, including a children's series, "Trollhunters," from Guillermo del Toro, and a reimagining of the '80s animated series "Voltron."

  • Trollhunters, according to DreamWorks, “will unleash a new, fantastical world wrapped around two best friends who make a startling discovery beneath their hometown.


but the question is: which VOLTRON? Cars or lions?!

Which old cartoons would you like to see again, ONTD?
cait full cheeky smile

‘Teen Mom OG’ Premiere Sparks Twitter Wars

- Amber accused Gary of being the one putting bad ideas about her parenting in Leah's head.
- Amber said Leah told her it was Gary.
- Amber tweeted Gary about telling the truth or "we'll just let it come out in this season".
- Amber says she and Leah are now "in a great place".
- Catelynn said she sided with Farrah's (ex?) boyfriend Simon during the fight they had over lunch in the episode.
- Simon (Farrah's ex) called the series a "puppet show" and accused people of bringing it for the cameras.


What did you think of the premiere? Are you jealous of Butch's flowing, luscious locks?
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Rachel Platten's BA in International Relations helped her understand how to connect with people

The pugnacious chanteuse RACHEL PLATTEN sat down with Justine Magazine to talk about her breakout hit "Fight Song," her new album "Wildfire," and how her BA in International Relations helped her understand how to connect with people. Rachel decided to study International Relations because she always wanted to bring people together and help countries that might not understand each other find common ground. She went on, saying that her degree helped her accomplish this in a way she wasn't intending: through her music.

Rachel also discussed some of her go-tos for 2016. She said that her go-to song for when she's feeling down is Bleachers' "I Wanna Get Better." She also described how her go-to pick-me-up snack would be a smoothie with some kind of vegan protein, or a kombucha drink. Rachel's go-to beauty product is an oxygenating spray from Biologique, and her go-to BFF night would consist of a lot of giggling, wearing onesies on the couch, and doing nothing.

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How has your degree helped you in life?
|| the brave ||

SyFy orders Season 2 for The Expanse

Syfy is closing out the year with good news: their new space opera series, The Expanse, is getting a second season. The show, which stars Thomas Jane and is based on a book series by James S.A. Corey, has been doing very well since its premiere, getting rave reviews, including from us. So this really isn't any surprise.

"The Expanse is firing on all cylinders creatively, building a passionate fan base among viewers and critics alike, and delivering on Syfy’s promise of smart, provocative science fiction entertainment. We can’t wait to see where the story takes us in season two,” said Dave Howe, President, Syfy and Chiller.

Set 200 years in the future, The Expanse follows the case of a missing young woman that brings a hardened detective (Thomas Jane) and a rogue ship’s captain (Steven Strait) together in a race across the solar system that will expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.

The 13-episode second season is expected to air in early 2017.

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So happy to hear this and really hoping this show gets more fans! Again, I highly recommend this to folks around here if you're looking for a good scifi show. Excerpt from another article :

There was a time—a long time—when every new science fiction TV series raised the same question: Is it as good as the first Battlestar Galactica miniseries? And always the answer was no. Until Syfy released the first four episodes of The Expanse, a rewardingly complex new series about interplanetary tensions after humans have colonized the solar system.

Scifi has all four episodes so far available to watch online, as well as being available on On-Demand! Show airs regularly at 10pm PST Tuesdays on Syfy.

Team Bus

Michael Weatherly leaving NCIS at the end of the season

David McCallum accidentally let slip the news during an interview yesterday, and Michael just officially confirmed that he's leaving at the end of the 13th season.

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Celebrities attend White House announcement of gun control actions

Obamas place with 2 wizards and a wale

Back at the house 🔵🌙

President Obama signed some important gun control Executive Orders today and some celebs were in attendance at his speech. Amy Schumer, rapper Wale and Washington Wizards players Bradley Beal and Alan Anderson attended the announcement.

Random fact: Amy Schumer is a second cousin of Sen. Chuck Schumer, and they have been working together to get gun control legislation enacted.

President Obama signed 5 Executive Orders today to try to get some sort of gun control in this country. Among the things he ordered:
- expanded background checks for online purchases of guns,
- hiring additional FBI agents to process background checks,
- increased funding for mental healthcare.
- gun manufacturers have to report guns that get lost or stolen before they are sold,
- Directed DOD, DOJ and Homeland Security to begin researching technology for 'smart' guns with enhanced safety features.

You can read more about it HERE.

Source 1
Source 2

Its about time. Now if only our useless Congress would take this even further. What say you, ONTD?
GagracisPero NO

iPhone 7 Will Not Have a Headphone Jack

-A few weeks ago a Japanese website claimed Apple was going to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of an all-in-one Lightning connector for both connectivity and audio output.

-Yesterday Chinese websites confirmed the controversial move citing supply chain sources


omw. I'll be ditching for droid if this is true. Bluetooth headphones still need improvement. DNW some propriety bs.
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Eddie Redmayne helps pay London drama students' rents

- Eddie Redmayne, currently campaigning for his movie The Danish Girl, occassionaly pays rent for drama school students living in London.

- Last year's Oscar winner says it is "impossibly expensive" to live in the British capital.

- Says he can appreciate what a struggle it can be for those without his credentials, especially in London, where the price of a one-bedroom flat can reach in excess of $4,200 per month.

- Redmayne's parents lived in the capitol, so he didn't have to pay rent when he left university.


What a Surprise! Beyonce Denies Involvement With Saartjie Baartman Biopic

Her rep: "Beyonce is in no way tied to this project. This is an important story that should be told, however."


A certain chief should apologize to her, if they have a shred of basic human dignity...
Drake putting in that work

Draya Michele is pregnant

If you remember this post, you'd know that Draya has a teenaged son. Her partner, Orlando Scandrick, has twin girls.


[It only just started tbh]

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Meghan Trainor officially sells 1 million copies of her debut album

Meghan Trainor surpassed 1 million copies sold in the week ending December 31.

"Title" has been in the Top 30 of the Billboard 200 since its #1 debut in January 2015.

"Like I'm Gonna Lose You" is currently #10 this week on the Billboard Hot 100.

Meghan Trainor is one of the 5 artists nominated for a Best New Artist GRAMMY award.

Source: https://twitter.com/billboard/status/684431681525268480
Harry Potter; DH1

Caitlyn Jenner: 'There's more to being a woman than hair and makeup'

- said she's studying up on what it means to to be a woman and educating herself on the trans community

- currently reading the book How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran.

- biggest fear was coming out to her kids and how it would affect them

- Is aware of her privilege and is proud of her show 'I am Cait'

more pictures and article at the source

I edited some information in to clairfy what she was saying. She honestly can never win, no matter how hard she tries...
haters will say its photoshop

Lady Gaga to reveal sixteen V Magazine covers

Lady Gaga is the guest editor of the new issue of V Magazine and for the covers, she collaborated with her fashion guard. Gaga put her friends Karl Lagerfeld and Hedi Slimane on the first two covers, while the third features Gaga herself, photographed by Steven Klein in archive Alexander McQueen. The new covers feature the late legends Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, as well as Gaga's friend Daphne Guinness, photographed by Steven Klein. 10 more covers will be revealed over the next few weeks an "ode to Gaga's Fashion Guard: the photographers, stylists, designers, artists, & personalities driving creative vision forward."

"For this issue I wanted nothing more than to have one story, just one, that my children and the future of fashion would remember forever," Gaga said.

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Buy your copies here
idea taemin

Preview of Kanye Co-Produced/Co-Written Sia Track "Reaper"

- Single drops on Thursday
- Was originally written for Rihanna, but rejected, so Sia kept it
- Will be on Sia's new album This Is Acting,which is out at the ending of Jan

tweet ew article



YASSSS!!! Moffat is leaving "Doctor Who". BeyonceGodIsReal.gif

- Satan reveals that he's actively searching for his replacement as showrunner.
- He loves the show to much blah blah blah, wouldn't leave it to anyone blah blah blah.
- He's written a lot of Doctor Who and is getting tired.
- He'll stay through season 10, tho...


ONTD, how will you celebrate once Moffat is gone?

Tessa Thompson in Talks to Join Alex Garland's New Sci-Fi Horror Film

-The Wrap is reporting that Alex Garland (writer/director of Ex Machina and writer of Never Let Me Go) has adapted Jeff VanderMeer's 2014 novel Annihilation and is set to direct the film for Paramount.
-The movie is part of VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy, in which a team of scientists composed of an anthropologist, biologist, surveyor, and psychologist are sent to explore a territory called Area X (which has been abandoned and cut off from civilization).
-Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez are already set to star.
-The fourth role has yet to be cast.

S1, S2

ONTD Original: The Ugliest Shit Gwynnie Pal-Pal is Hawking on da Goop

If last year and every year before that were any indication, 2016 will be all about being rich and white. So, to get you ready for the year ahead, I've scoured the website of the bougiest, white bitch alive - Gwyneth Paltrow - to find what you need to spend your trust fund on. So sit back, pop a Xany, and let's get basic!

What's cooler than culottes? If you said everything, you're right! But if you are looking for a pair of pants that make it look like you have a giant fupa even though you are no larger than a size 8, these $550 silk, pleated culottes are for you. These culottes are perfect for dinner parties, being a human parachute, and smuggling an illegal immigrant across the border in your vag.

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(iker) world cup

Mr. Worldwide is having a cruise or something

-Cancel all you spring break plans bc 305 himself can be partying with you!
-Goes from March 10-13, 2017, leaving from Miami to the Bahamas, and features Pitbull and "dozens of other performers to be announced" apparently
-You get a Q&A session with Pitbull so I guess it's justifiable?
-The prices start at $825 per person

source | buy tickets here so you don't miss the party of a lifetime.

he is legit delusional lmfao, but me and arcticmonkeys will be there!!!!!

Series three of "The Fall" now filming, will be the final series

- series three of The Fall has started filming in Belfast, will air sometime in 2016
- will be the final installment in the series
- Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, Colin Morgan, Hohn Lynch, Valene Kane, Stuart Graham, Bronagh Waugh and Aisling Franciosi all return
- new cast members: Krister Henriksson (Wallander), Aidan McArdle (Mr Selfridge), Ruth Bradley (Humans), Aisling Bea (Trollied) and Richard Coyle (Crossbones)

source / source

'Making a Murderer' juror believes Avery is not guilty

The 'Making a Murderer' filmmakers revealed that a juror reached out to them (before the series aired) to express that he believed Steven Avery was not guilty and the juror only entered a guilty verdict because he feared for his own safety.

"One of the things the juror said to us was that if law enforcement could do it to Steven Avery, then law enforcement could do it to me," filmmaker Laura Ricciardi said.

Source Source

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Jon Hamm and January Jones may or may not be hooking up

- A recent report by In Touch suggests Jon Hamm and January Jones have been secretly hooking up and that they “always flirted with each other on set, but never went there because Jon was with Jennifer [Westfeldt].” The magazine claims that they've now “decided to turn their friendship into something more.”
- However, Gossip Cop is debunking the rumor, quoting a rep for Hamm saying it's not true.


Do you ship Betty and Don irl?
TVD Katherine Hmm

Hasbro Feels The Force, Announces Re-Release of TFA Monopoly With Rey

A Hasbro rep told Entertainment Weekly:  "We love the passion fans have for Rey, and are happy to announce that we will be making a running change to include her in the Monopoly: Star Wars game available later this year.”


Damn right, she should have been included from the get-go. Maybe now they can actually start including her in the action figure and other toy sets she's been so blatantly excluded from.