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the white stripes release "conquista"

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Viva Las Rayas Blancas! Viva rock'n'roll! Say hello to "Conquista", the latest single from Las Rayas Blancas, better known to us English-speaking sorts as the White Stripes.

Wait a second. Didn't the Stripes have a single with an awfully similar name not too long ago? Well, yep. But this is different: "Conquista" features Jack crooning the Patti Page classic en español, a muy bien idea if you ask me. The single, in both CD and vinyl form, hits the States February 19 from Third Man/Warner Brothers, though you may have a bit of a time finding it in the usual spots, as the disc will indeed be credited to Las Rayas Blancas. Record store employees of the world, shelf this one responsibly.

The two-track single contains "Conquista" backed by "Conquest (Versión Acústica De Mariachi)", which we're pretty sure means it's acoustic and features a mariachi band.

A Spanish language version of the totally awesome Diane Martel-directed video for the tune will premiere on the music video channel mun2 Thursday, February 7, along with an interview with Jack.

In other news from the Stripes, there's an old sample driving them a bit loco lately, an appearance in alta definición February 22, and a potentially excellente collaboration between Mr. White and Mr. Dylan in the works. Alas, no live dates are in the works appear to be in the works at the moment. Qué malo! Okay, okay, silencio. The Raconteurs are playing Coachella and Bonnaroo, though.

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