December 11th, 2015


Salman Khan acquitted of all charges in 2002 hit&run case which claimed the life of a homeless man

On May 6 2015, Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan was judged guilty in the case and was sentenced to prison for 5 years. Today, the Bombay High Court acquitted him of all charges stating that various shortcomings by the prosecution in conducting the case meant that Salman has not been found guilty of the offence.

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Interview with Jonathan Tucker + Kingdom Mid-Season Finale Promo

- Known from his roles on Justified, Parenthood and Hannibal.
- Currently plays Jay Kulina in DirectTV's Kingdom, ashow about mixed martial artists.
- Joined Boston Ballet Company when he was about 7 years old and danced for some time before making the transition to commercials and finally acting.
- Talks a bit about Bryan Fuller and how he works with actors.

Kingdom Mid-Season finale airs next Wednesday.

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This show is so good tbh.

Little Mix announce Australian tour dates

Thu 12 May - Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, QLD
Fri 13 May - Allphones Arena, Sydney, NSW
Sat 14 May - Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, VIC

These are their first ever live shows in Australia.

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The 1975 release new song, "UGH!" + US Tour Dates!

This is the second song from I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, out February 26th. You can preorder it here or on iTunes. This song is about cocaine and you can stream it at the source.
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Song's OK. I'll be at the Lowell show if I can find a way home.

This Androgynous Model Is Changing The Face Of Victoria’s Secret

Rain Dove is an androgynous model who happens to be the face of multiple campaigns. She’s also walked in New York Fashion Week. Basically, she’s a pro. Because of her strong facial features and short haircut, Dove is often mistaken for a man. And she wants to drop the gender labels. So when this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was making headlines, Dove decided to challenge the beauty standards of the lingerie brand.

She did a photo shoot using the exact poses and clothing as the brand’s holiday catalog, photoshopping the Angels’ faces onto her body. Dove is working to show that even with a body that fits into the standard, the beauty “norms” place value on gender performance and conformity in facial features to determine what’s considered “beautiful.”

Read more and see more images here.

kim k judging

Kim Kardashian Watches TV Once, Decides To Give Away A Thousand Shoes

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Martina Hingis and Roger Federer to Play Mixed Doubles at the 2016 Olympic Games


This likely means Federer is not playing men's doubles, so there will be no Fedrinka next year. Hingis is likely to play women's doubles with Belinda Bencic and hopefully Stan Wawrinka and Timea Bacsinszky will team up for the Suisse romande side.

Roger has the men's record of 17 Grand Slam singles titles plus a silver medal in singles in 2012, and a gold in doubles in 2008 with Stan. Martina has five singles slam titles, 11 in women's doubles, and four in mixed (ESPN link).

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#5H2 Post: Snippets Of Possible New Song

Vinay Vyas (VINΔY), a Canadian producer who worked with Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and David Guetta, posted snippets of a new song he is producing with the caption: "New shit for 5h !!!".
Dinah said about their new sound for #5H2 “This lane we’re going with is kind of reggae-rhythmic and kind of urban. It finally includes our ethnicity — I’m Polynesian, we have a black girl, we’ve got Hispanics. We kind of got that island in us, that little flavor in there. We love including that because that’s what we are.” We can definitely hear some reggae vibes in this snippet.

ngl, I don't hate it

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Color Me Not-Surprised: Bret Easton Ellis Defends James Deen

We all know that Bret Easton Ellis would come to the defense of James Deen and we weren't even waiting for this interview, but here it is. Basically, Ellis wants us all to know that he's friends with James Deen and everyone should be jealous.

Bret probably bought this picture from Getty and framed it

Ellis says the allegations of rape (10 women have come forward so far) is a witchhunt and thinks it's a joke that women are just now coming forward. He also claims that Stoya is jealous and unstable who he allegedly says threatened Deen with rape accusations before.

The two apparently started tweeting each other before eventually meeting at some club. Bret Easton Ellis hasn't even talked to James Deen (only texts) since the allegations, but believes they are the bestest of friends. He even brags about knowing Deen before Stoya.

Bret Easton Ellis wrote the screenplay for The Canyons and persuaded begged director Paul Schrader into casting James Deen. The character Deen poorly portrayed in The Canyons was a sociopath that loves being violent against women. Hmm.

Bret seeks to shame those who support Stoya, a victim of rape, by saying certain evidence is, "going to prove everyone who is #solidaritywithstoya to be ashamed of themselves."

He's never even met Joanna Angel but says her relationship with James was as problematic as his relationship with Stoya.

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Nylon Magazine writes open letter to Tinashe about Chris Brown and R. Kelly.

Sydney Gore, digital editorial assistant of Nylon Magazine, wrote an open letter about Tinashe working with Chris Brown and R. Kelly.

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emily vancamp talks civil war

+ On what side she is: "She’s definitely Team Captain America. That’s who she is within the universe, I mean, she’s always had his back."
+ On one of her fight scenes: "I got to do a small fight sequence with Scarlett [Johansson] which was fun. We’re all just kind of kicking ass in those movies."
+ On romance with Cap: "That’s where it all gets really tricky, because there are die-hard fans that want to see him with different people. There’s all the different camps, so hopefully people are happy with it."


@RitaOra Working at her Day Job at The Tanning Club - CBS Preview

Tanning specialist at day and pop star by night! @RitaOra is seen working her day shift on CBS's "I Get That a Lot" which is set to air on Dec 30th and is hosted by Alex Trebek. Check out an exclusive preview above! Ora is currently putting the finishing touches on her 2nd album, #R2, for a Spring 2016 release! Queen!

ONTD, what's your day job?

megan fox tmnt

Megan Fox goes on obscenity-laced rant about toxic social media & negligent parents

ET caught up with TMNT: Out of the Shadows stars Megan Fox, Jeremy Renner, and Will Arnett on the set of the upcoming film. When asked about social media, The Native Tiger had some choice words about its effects on youth, as well as about "idiot parents" who don't pay attention to what their kids are doing on social media.


ONTD, do you agree with this lunar leo mother goddess? Should teenagers stay off social media? Should their "fucking parents pay attention"?
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Rita Ora "Explains" Why She Worked with Chris Brown

"Honestly, it was so easy. It was unforced. He was next door recording at the same L.A. studio, and I walked in and said, ‘Hey, there's this song I need you to hear, I want you to be involved in.’ It was that simple. It was, like, artist to artist. I didn’t think that far ahead. I'm just a fan of his music and I wanted to work as a musician with another musician, really. All that other stuff has nothing to do with me."


Meth Damon and Adam Driver at Late Night With Seth Meyers - Yummy, Yummy!

Talented Sex SymbolsAdam Driver and Meth Damon (Jesse Plemons) attended the Late Night with Seth Meyers show last night (or the previous one, I'm lazy and not sure) to promote the upcoming Star Wars movies and Fargo Season 2's finale, respectively. Adam talked about comic con's craziness and Star Wars' secrecy while Methy discussed the difference between FNL and Breaking Bad fans and his resemblence to actual Matt Damon. Check the videos and highlights below.
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Do you have any theories over how Seth Meyers didn't succumb to the sexually fluid side of the Force while in the presence of such sensual, Epicurean beings, ONTD? TYFYA!

Ready to Watch Cumberbatch and Freeman on "Sherlock: The Abominable Bride" this Jan 1 ?

Then check out this behind the scene! Warning: there's a troll in it!

"Sherlock: The Abominable Bride" will air on January 1, both on BBC One in the UK and on PBS in the US. It will also get a theatrical release in select venues around the world.


^pfff hahaha!
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Miley Posts Cryptic "I Love U" Text, Fans Think it's from Liam

 photo liam_zpslogxggci.jpg

Miley posted a cryptic screen shot on her instagram, a simply text bubble saying "I love u." No caption, no tags. Naturally, fans have jumped to the most forgone scenario and assumed that the text is from Miley's ex-finace, Liam Hemsworth. Miley recently helped Liam adopt a dog, could that have been an opportunity for them to rekindle their love?

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ONTD, do you have an ex you just can't quit?

Viola Davis - Popcorn/Snowing

Livestream Viewing: #iHeartRadioJingleBall 2015 at Madison Square Garden in NYC

Watch the 2015 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball live from NYC

The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Selena Gomez, 5 Seconds of Summer, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony, Zedd, Shawn Mendes, Tove Lo, Charlie Puth, Hailee Steinfeld, R. City, Conrad Sewell, DNCE and Fetty Wap!

Watch the livestream here

Source: Twitter | Livestream

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Chargers or Raiders Need to Make Decision on LA Move+Baeron Rodgers Loves Star Wars

Olivia Munn and Baeron Rodgers love Star Wars

Also, relevant news:

Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, who is fronting the effort for an LA Stadium says it's time for the Chargers (or Raiders) to decide whether they will move to LA for the 2016 season. When the Chargers played the Broncos on Sunday, an aerial photo of their stadium showed it covered in orange-clad Broncos fans. Stan Kroenke, who owns the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and St. Louis Rams is proposing a rival stadium in Inglewood, CA.


Sofia Coppola Talks Family, Nepotism, Sexism, and What's Ahead

In an interview to promote 'A Very Murray Christmas', Sofia Coppola, the only product of nepotism I will stand for, gets candid about family, growing up in this industry, sexism, and what's next for her (including working with Kirsten Dunst again!!!). Highlights of the interview below.
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More at the SOURCE

Did you benefit from nepotism, ONTD? What did you think of 'A Very Murray Christmas'? Are you here for a Sofia/Kiki combo once again? TYFYA!
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Tinashe: "You never really know why people do what they do. Or their struggle. Or their pain."

Tinashe received an open letter from Nylon Magazine, yesterday, talking about her work with known trash men, Chris Brown and R. Kelly.
The "2 On" chanteuse went to twitter to post how "unbothered" she was with it and fave tweets from stans saying how Nylon was being sexist by "targeting" Tinashe only and not others who featured in their work or even the trash men themselves.

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ONTD, what did you took from all of this? Will you still be bopping to 2 On?

Young Lambs reprimanded at Mariah's Beacon Theater show

mariah carey performs during her second annual a

  • Older fans well telling younger fans to stfu during Mariah's set

  • Some Millennials were unaware that she was going to perform Xmas tracks, they booed her during 'Silent Night'

  • Older lambs were quick to check a bitch if they were out of line, younger fans apologised

  • Some fans decided to upgrade their own seats and went and sat on Mariah's twins' seats (they appeared near the end of the show)

  • She teased 'Fantasy' at the start at the show then reminded everyone "“It’s not that kind of show.”

  • She did perform her #1s We Belong Together, Emotions & Hero

  • Santa also made an appearance and threw presents into the crowd (what a charitable queen, i hope ONTDers that went wished hard and god their wish granted (to be free of student loans))


Reviews have been good and have said that Mariah's was hitting all the right notes.

ONTD, any shitty concert experiences?
Sabrina 103

75 year-old Patrick Stewart posts shirtless beach pic after Golden Globes nomination

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How old is too old (even for someone like Picard), ONTD? Also, how good is Blunt Talk?
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RIP Tuggernuts

Gwyneth's (Unofficial) Gift Guide, from NYT


Fifth Harmony perform an acapella live on stage for the first time

Fifth Harmony performed an acapella version of Silent Night live for the first time at Candies winter bash. Fans were thrilled because their Shazam session last year is their proof that the girls can harmonize.

Dinah was a bit shady and liked this tweet saying that her, Lauren, and Normani were the ones harmonzing well.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

ONTD, do you think all 5 girls can harmonize?
Tim Tebow: 2014 CMA Red Carpet

Nicki Minaj's Boyfriend Fails Drug Test, Blames It On Bodybuilding Protein Shakes

  • Meek Mill is in trouble again! This week he is back in court for violating his parole, on two counts!

  • Meek traveled to the American Music Awards with his famous, rape defending sugarmomma Nicki Minaj without the courts permission.

  • Meek also violated his probation by failing a drug test. He turned in a cup of ice cold water and claimed "he had drank a ton of water that day and the protein shakes he takes makes his urine come out like that"

  • Nicki Minaj, a noted Donald Trump supporter, also testified, under oath, that "her boyfriend is a bodybuilder (op note: bitch where?) and that the protein shakes do make his urine come out like cold water".

  • Meek is facing serious jail time for two violations of his parole. The case will resume next Thursday, December 17th.


ONTD, have you ever failed a drug test and blamed it on something idiotic?
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New War & Peace Trailer. Premieres Jan 18, 2016

Starring (Lavender Blue Dilly) Lily James, Paul ('s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard) Dano, (take me to church) James Norton, and several other pasty white people cos Russia (or UK whatever).


There'll be lots of James Norton on TV next year: this, Grantchester (where he will show off his body again), and Happy Valley S2 (he has a buzz cut now yikes - boy has to survive by his cheekbones). Will you confess your sins to the ugly hot vicar ONTD?
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Directors Guild of America Feature Film Diversity Report

Female directors helmed a mere 6.4% of the 376 movies released in 2013 and 2014, according to a new report by the...

Posted by Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media on Friday, December 11, 2015


- Female directors helmed only 6.4% of the 376 movies released in 2013 and 2014

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the report (last link) is a pretty interesting read
shotgun betty

New York Magazine Profiles R. Kelly

  • He has a team that tells him when the McRib is back b/c it's his fave.

  • He carries around multiple phones and facetimes with a girl who apparently wears makeup to bed

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    So, ONTD, do you separate the man and the music? Do you still sing "I'm a Flirt" at karaoke?


Buzzfeeds 25 hottest sex scenes of 2015

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Did your fave sex scene make the list?