December 1st, 2015

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Go get your drug stash, Animal Collective has returned.

-new album is called Painting With and will be out Feb 19th
-album was premiered this weekend in Baltimore Washington International airport
-12 tracks inspired by “art (Cubism, Dadaism, and the distorted way those artists viewed the world) and the human experience, and the meeting of both.”
-Deluxe edition has 3 sleeves, one for each member
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Cosby Sweater
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(Trigger warning) YouTube star Sam Pepper faces outrage over hostage murder prank

- Sam Pepper (who is known for his Big Brother stint and catalogue of line-crossing pranks) has gone viral again for a controversial kidnapping prank
- In the video he agrees to meet up with two fellow internet stars (one of them in on it) and pretends to kidnap one, he then ties him up and fake murders his friend
- Pranked guy claims to be alright w/ it and that it made their friendship stronger
- Has been met with swift backlash from his stans (which is telling given how messy he already is)

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What a mess. That shit was not legal lbr.
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Hello stays at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 + 4 other songs from 25 debut

Other songs from 25 on Hot 100:
When We Were Young - #22
Water Under the Bridge - #70
Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - #79
Remedy - #87

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haters will say its photoshop

Gaga's 'Poker Face' goes diamond

Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" is now diamond! The Recording Industry of America today honored Gaga with a Diamond Award in recognition of the 2008 hit single surpassing the 10 million mark in sales and streams.

This is the second time Gaga has won the prestigious award. Her iconic single "Bad Romance" reached the rare milestone back in 2014, making her the first female artist to score a diamond single, an honour she now shares with fellow pop star Katy Perry, whose songs "Dark Horse" and "Firework" joined the diamond club last month.

"Poker Face" is the second single from Lady Gaga's debut album The Fame. Written by Gaga in collaboration with RedOne, the song is about bisexuality and fantasizing about women while with a man. Fun fact: In the second half of the post-chorus, Gaga replaced the words "poker face" with "f--k her face," and Kiss FM was the only station in the world to notice that and censor the lyric.

"It got played all over the world amidst tens of thousands of radio stations," Gaga revealed. "But Kiss FM is the only one that said I had to censor my lyric because they thought I might be saying something bad. Out of all the radio stations in the world that play this record over and over, Kiss FM is the only one that was right and caught on!"

Where were you when you first bopped to Poker Face ONTD?

Charlie Puth on AMA Kiss with Meghan Trainor

In today's WHO? news, Charlie Puth has put to rest rumors that he's romantically involved with the BASS Queen™ herself - Meghan Trainor - after their scandalous kiss at the American Music Awards. The two locked lips after a performance of "Marvin Gaye" that sent Twitter into a frenzy. Puth goes on to say:

"Meghan and I are good enough friends that we can laugh about it now. At first, we were like, 'Holy shit, what did we just do?' I have a girl kind of in my life right now that I'm not making too public and I don't want people to get the wrong idea. But without Meghan's initial push, I wouldn't really be anywhere. Meghan really helped me by being featured on my first record (Marvin)."

On the following day and preparing for the performance:
"I was very surprised to go on YouTube and find that the video had millions of hits. I didn't know people would care about my lips on my friend's lips so much. When we were doing it live, we were like, 'OK, this is one of the more major live performances. How are we visually going to show this and make it as impactful as the video?' We were like, 'Should we kiss?' Meghan is literally like my best friend, so it was a little weird at first, but it added something to the visual element of the performance, for sure, and that's an important part of it since America was watching."


'The 100' fanfic gets taken seriously by journalists and Reddit bros

A fake text conversation between Clarke and Lexa from The 100 made by Tumblr user clarkegriffintexts attracted attention on Facebook after it was turned into a meme and taken too seriously. Mistaking Clarke and Lexa for a real straight couple having this conversation, people started to debate who was in the right, #ClarkeTheHusband or #LexaTheWife.

Clarke and Lexa are a femslash ship on the CW show The 100, not real heterosexuals.

Then the controversial issue was picked up by The Daily Star, where their esteemed journalists titled the discussion "Mum goes out to buy kids pet fish... but dad couldn't believe what she came home with."

source: original tumblr post | Daily Star | Hypable summary

ONTD, have you ever mistaken fanfiction for reality?

The Killers - "Dirt Sledding" + Perfoming on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tonight

The Killers have officially added the video for their tenth consecutive and latest Christmas (RED) single, "Dirty Sledding" to their official VEVO page. According to (RED) the single has already raised more than $850,000 in the fight against AIDS! In other Killers news, Billboard and other media sources are confirming that The Killers will be performing last years Christmas (RED) single, "Joel the Lump of Coal" tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! As some may remember, Jimmy Kimmel joined Brandon Flowers and the rest of the guys in the studio to compose that Christmas single. The funny clip and video is below and behind the cut!

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ONTD, do you own an ugly Christmas sweater? Ready for that sweaterweather.mp3?

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PSA: Don't Buy Adele Tickets!

BBC: Personal Data Breached In Adele's Ticket Sales Disaster

Adele angers fans as ticket sales for her new tour leave them exposed and potentially broke!

  • Fans buying tickets were shown personal data of other customers, including: name, last name, adress and credit card details!

  • Adele's management messed up by sending the same activation code to multiple customers, thus exposing their private info to random strangers.

  • Fans sent Twitter into frenzy talking about their personal info being stolen: "The website [code] has been written insecurely. It's spitting out other people's information - information which they would expect to have been kept private."

  • Adele's team refuses to take the blame for what happened: "There's no evidence that this included credit card numbers or passwords. We take the privacy of our users very seriously, and we're looking further into the matter to ensure it doesn't happen again."


Kylie Jenner receives backlash over wheelchair pictures, Interview magazine responds

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This afternoon Interview magazine responded to the backlash by releasing a statement to E! News. They stood by the images claiming that they were proud of their work and said that the pictures of Kylie were "exploring her image as an object of vast media scrutiny". They concluded their statement by saying "Our intention was to create a powerful set of pictures that get people thinking about image and creative expression, including the set with the wheelchair... but our intention was certainly not to offend anyone."

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Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Welcome Baby, Announce They Will Donate 99% of Facebook Shares

Their daughter is named Max.

In the birth announcement the couple pledged 99% of their Facebook shares, valued at about $45 billion, to "personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities."


Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio Sings 'N Word' on Periscope, Blocks Fans Who Call Her Out

On Periscope (this is why there are no video receipts) yesterday Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio sang Holy Grail, singing the n word. Fans immediately informed her that she should apologize, which prompted Sampaio to begin blocking fans on twitter.

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Medical experts baffled by Mariah Carey's weight loss

Singer-songwriter appeared trim and svelte Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

  • Charline Ciardiello, trainer and nutritionist, speculates Carey "has lost at least 45 pounds"

  • Dr. Tony Youn, plastic surgeon, suggests Carey has received coolsculpting, a non-invasive procedure that "actually freezes the fat"

  • Dr. Susan Evans, plastic surgeon, believes Carey has undergone a tummy tuck and liposuction


Are you losing weight this holiday season?
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Rachel Platten asks fans to help reveal "Wildfire" album track listing

Rachel Platten posted on Instagram today saying that she had enlisted some fans to help tweet out the song titles from her upcoming album "Wildfire" along with the hashtag #WeAreTheWildfire. Rachel retweeted her fans in the order the songs appear on the album. "Wildfire" is out in early 2016.

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james hmmm

Great news, everyone! There is now a James Franco App!

- keep up with the greatest actor of this generation, DOWNLOAD the new app 'Rando Franco' now!!
- app includes james franco's social feeds (intagram, twitter, myspace, xanga, friendster, etc)
- includes three short clips of franco talking to his fans
- watch never-before-seen videos by james franco
- it's full of killer bunnies and make out sessions, and all kinds of things you won't soon forget



1D Donate Shoes for Charity

-One Direction donated their shoes to Small Steps Project, a UK based charity which delivers shoes and aid to families who live on landfill sites around the world.
- Harry donated a signed pair of Saint Laurent black leather cowboy boots. Size 9. Winning bid was £2,350.
- Niall donated a signed pair of Paul Smith brown suede Chelsea style ankle boots. Size 8.5. Winning bid was £1,220.
- Liam donated a signed pair of Clarks brown lace up brogue boots. Size 8. Winning bid was £1,300.
- Louis donated a signed pair of Adidas blue and white suede lace up Gazelles. Size 8. Winning bid was £830.

Harry remains the most popular member and holds the title of having the biggest feet in 1D.

SOURCE: 1 2 3 4 5 6

ONTD, is it true that big feet  = big diq?
kim k judging

Kylie Jenner for Interview Magazine (NSFW)

(More of the interview at the source, it's really long)
WALLACE: Does anything keep you up? Do you have anxiety?

JENNER: I wake up every morning with the worst anxiety. I don't know why.

JENNER: I have, like, a problem. [laughs] I wake up every morning at, like, seven or eight because I think that there's a bad story about me, and I have to check. My worst fear is waking up and finding something bad about me on the internet.

WALLACE: Well, I want to hear your story. You were bullied?

JENNER: Yeah, pretty much ever since I was 9, since the show started, there's been so much bullying towards me. Like, every single day I see something negative about me. And it's just completely torn me apart. I feel like I've lost so many amazing traits because I've listened to stupid people, ignorant people who are bullies.

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Kristen Stewart Gets Hair Extensions, Attends Premiere of Chanel Short Film

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kristen Stewart showed off some new hair extensions at the premiere of her commercial short film for Chanel.

Just a few days before, Kstew was rocking a choppy bob haircut; she showed up for the premiere with a sleek, boob-length ponytail.

In the long advertisement "short film," Kristen stars as a very bitchy ingenue who plays Coco Chanel, founder of the eponymous Parisian fashion label. The film was directed by Karl Lagerfeld, who is himself a legendary bitch.


You can view Karl and Kstew's cinematic masterpiece here.

Adele is Making Music Execs Scramble

- The music industry is currently a mess. Having initially waged war on online music, the business has increasingly come to rely on streaming for revenue. It is the fastest growing source of revenue. However, many artists complain about the low royalty rates they receive from streaming.

- CD sales fell from 767 million in 2004 to 141 million in 2014
- One music exec said Adele's decision to not stream was "dumb"

- People love Adelegend because of her evocations of grace, nostalgia, safety, and authenticity. haters have no heart tbh
- Writer questions whether music critics are irrelevant



Ta-Nehisi Coates Says Money Has Made Him A Snob

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

National Book Award winner, bestselling author, and all-around brilliant essayist Ta-Nehisi Coates sat down with This American Life to talk about how his newfound wealth has affected his life.

Coates went from being a broke-ass young writer to an international success. He now lives in Paris, goes to a fancy-ass gym, and eats really expensive food. (Get it, bb!)

He doesn't consider himself "bougie," but worries that he can't connect with people anymore.


ONTD, how has money-- or lack of it-- affected your friendships and tastes?
tamera's husband

Sylvester Stallone to return in Rambo TV series in development at FOX

- TV series will "explore the complex relationship between Rambo and his son, J.R., an ex-Navy SEAL"
- Stallone is expected to reprise his role from the movies.

SMT IV-Hikaru

Did Apryl Jones and Omarion Quit ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?’ (VIDEO)

If you tuned into the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion (Part 1) last night, you would have noticed that the "Entourage" chanteur Omarion and Apryl Jones were M.I.A.

Does this mean they're not coming back next season? Not necessarily. VH1 caught up with Apryl at the Big in 2015 red carpet, and she responsed “You know, we’re still thinking about it,” Apryl dished to reporters. “Omari was on tour, he was working, so we really couldn’t go [to the reunion], but I don’t know. We’re still thinking about the next season.”


Did you tune into #LHHHReunion last night? I've been binging on LHHH and ATL lately, and I now I start doing those stupid hand gestures they do in their confessional. HELP ME!
ty: muffintiem

Taylor Swift will allegedly have a quiet birthday

So stoked to be able to take my band and crew on a vacation after a long and wonderful tour. For all their hard work this year, they really deserve it. Thank you to Hamilton Island for taking such great care of 125 of the people who work tirelessly to make sure the 1989 World Tour stage gets built, the lights are on, the costumes get made, the guitars are tuned and the show goes on.

Aussie press, I love your enthusiasm but my birthday isn't for 2 weeks and it'll be a quiet one this year. Let's take it down a notch:)

Any plans for your birthday, ONTD?

source: ha insta
Taeyeon | Flawless

Bieber Continues To Be Manipulative Trash

Caption: Just a throwback calm down

- Photo originally had no caption, but added it after everyone freaked out.
- Photo is from August 2014 where Justin was arrested that afternoon for getting into a fight


Does your shitty on and off ex post photos of you as a "throwback", ONTD?

Adele on meeting hysterical fans: What're you doing? I'm not Britney! + Tree Lighting + Fan Letter

The mutual admiration between Adele and Britney continues

In a recent interview Adele talked about how she deals with meeting overly excited fans:

And I find most people feel quite relaxed around me. I've met a couple, that have been a bit hysterical, like uncontrollable shaking and stuff like that. But I'm like "C'mon, stop it. It's just me. I'm not Britney. What're you doing?"

Love these two humble queens!

Britney did a special a special appearance at Tree Lighting to kick off the Holidays

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