November 26th, 2015

Gaga, Daphne Guiness & Mark Ronson spend 12 hours in studio

Previously, it was reported that Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson were at a recording studio in London.

Today, Gaga was spotted leaving a London recording studio with producer Mark Ronson and artist Daphne Guinness at 6 in the morning after a night of writing music. The hitmakers reportedly spent over 12 hours working on tracks for Gaga's upcoming album, which fans refer to as LG5.

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Men in Black 4 will have a Woman in Black as lead

- We had 30 seconds of a Woman in Black back in 1997 when Linda Fiorentino‘s character, Laurel Weaver, was recruited

- Producer Laurie MacDonald says there will be a "prominent woman in black in the fourth film"

- Will Smith is not expected to return, but "Never count Will out."

Source's message to the sexist nerds out there: Sorry, guys: you’re living in the age of Furiosa now. Your beloved geek properties will no longer ignore the 51% of the world’s population. Move on.


Billboard: 25 would have sold 7.8 Million if released in 2000

It's been an exciting week for the billboard charts. This week, Adele will shatter *NSYNC's US record of 2.4M units sold in week. She's already over 3M, can she make it to 3.5 or even 4M?

In Era adjusted sales from 2000:
-If Taylor Swift would have released in 2000, 1989 would have sold 3.7M. Red would have sold 3.1M.
-Lady Gaga's Born this Way would have sold 2.8M.

Justin Bieber, the White Drake?
-17 'Purpose' songs charted on the Hot 100, more titles than any artist previously held. Drake and the Beatles had previously tied with 14.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Tessa Thompson talks to GQ about Creed, travelling, and being an introvert

  • Met Creed director Ryan Coogler at Sundance while promoting Dear White People and really wanted to work with him. Signed on before she even knew it was a Rocky spin-off.

  • Her character is a musician who is hard of hearing and gradually becoming deaf, Coogler wrote her that way because his fiancée works as a sign-language interpreter and he knows many people in the hard of hearing/deaf community.

  • Loves to travel and usually does it alone "I met this Brit and we traveled a day together and midway through the day, I was like: I just prefer to be alone."


Any travel plans, ONTD?
[actress] Grace Kelly

Captain America : Civil War new synopsis

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” finds Steve Rogers leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps—one led by Steve Rogers and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark’s surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability.


Lena Headey Bends Gender Norms for 'Jocks&Nerds' Cover

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-On gender inequality in the entertainment industry:

“If an actor’s a twat, oh he’s just being a bloke,” Headey states, “but if a woman stands up for herself because something is unfair or she needs some help, she’s being difficult.”
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does she pull this look off ONTD?

Meet the characters of the Shannara Chronicles (MTV)

Allanon played by Manu Bennett (Spartacus alum) - The last remaining Druids.


- the 10 parts first season will premiere on January 5th on MTV.
- Based on the Shannara books by Terry Brooks
- Set thousands of years after the destruction of our civilization, the story follows them, as they embark on a quest to stop a Demon army from destroying the Four Lands.
- Al Gough and Miles Millar (smallville) are the executives producers;

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Adele's Record Breaking Streak Continues with UK First Week Album Sales

After breaking the *NSYNC's record for the fastest selling album in the US, Adele's has also broken the record in her home country. 25 has sold 737k copies in the UK so far, breaking Oasis's record of 696k for their album Be Here Now released in 1997.

Worth mentioning that Be Here Now was released on a Thursday, so only its first 3 days were included in the tracking week. It sold 813k in it's first 7 days (which hopefully Adele will also break).

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Middle America is a goldmine for untapped, potential supermodels

Ashton Kutcher and Karlie Kloss were both discovered by model scouts in the Midwest.

Hazel Crew and Elijah Harrison are two young models who were discovered in the Midwest.

Hazel still lives on a sheep farm, and Elijah is currently being repped by Channing Tatum's agent.

Elijah was discovered working in a gas station, and he quit school and his job to pursue modeling.

Source: YouTube

Are you an undiscovered model living in the Midwest?

Adele Comes For Utada: Sells 3 Millions Copies In The U.S. Alone

- Nielsen Music reports that 25 has just sold over 3 million copies in the U.S.
- still one day of tracking left.
- Hikaru Utada currenttly holds the record for fastest-selling album with a 1st week tally of 3,002,720 copies (Distance, 2001)

CLARIFICATION: the record mentioned is for 1st week single territory sale. Utada achieved hers in Japan, Adele in the U.S. Although I'm 95% sure this is also the record for 1st week wordwide sales, but I cannot find any definitive source on that.

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Yahoo accidentally posts review of Rihanna's "ANTI" with placeholders

Yahoo pulled the equivalent of leaving a "FIRST" comment on an article by accidentally posting a review of Rihanna's "ANTI" album riddled with placeholders. The now-deleted article featured placeholders such as "[DELETE ONE OF THESE ENDINGS TO THE SENTENCE AND KEEP THE OTHER BASED ON FACTS]," "[INCLUDE MEDIA from Rihanna: Instagram, Tweet, Facebook post promoting the album drop]," "[HYPERLINK TO RAP GENIUS]," and "[NAME RELEVANT SONG FROM ANTI THAT MATCHES DESCRIPTION]." Rihanna's "ANTI" still has not dropped yet.

Sidney Prescott

One Direction and 4/5 of Fifth Harmony disappointing me at Premios Telehit

Tonight, One Direction performed 6 songs on a lame awards show here in Mexico called Premios Telehit that literally no one would have watched if the lads hadn't been invited, and once again they, minus Liam, disappointed me with their struggling vocals.

They performed: Drag Me Down, Perfect, Little Things, A.M., Infinity, and Story Of My Life.

This mini-concert confirms that Harry's voice is gone and he will probably need surgery soon because he can't sing anymore. He sounded kind of decent on the ballads, but not that great. Liam sounded great as usual. Niall and Louis were there.

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Ed Sheeran performs and wins at ARIA Awards (+1D!)

Performance of 'Photograph'
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Receiving the award they "made up just to get him there"

Red carpet interview with James Blunt, makes stupid gay jokes and thinks they're funny?

1D acceptance speech

- ARIAs are the top music awards in Australia and are an awkward mess every single year
- Ed won a 'Diamond' award which they totally made up just to get him there (he acknowledges this in his speech)
- Performs 'Photograph', is flawless
- 1D win International Arist for the 4th time in a row, are qt
- Best dressed tbh:

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