November 23rd, 2015

Aaron Carter claims that Michael Jackson passed the torch to him

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Kenneth Branagh Casts Himself as Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express Movie

-He's directing and starring with Ridley Scott as a producer

-No other cast members have been announced

-Hercule Poirot has been portrayed by Albert Finney and Peter Ustinov on the big screen in the past. But neither can compare to Davis Suchet.

-Summary: While traveling from Istanbul to London, an American passenger using a false name is murdered while the train is stuck in a snow drift. Poirot discovers everyone on the train had some connection to the murder victim and are all therefore under suspicion.

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Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie has 'Daniel Radcliffe' contracting HIV & trying to infect the Queen...

So, apparently in Sacha Baron Cohen upcoming movie The Brothers Grimsby, he'll have an actor 'play' Daniel Radcliffe, who apparently contracts HIV and then tries to infect the Queen........

In the movie, apparently, while there's an actor who looks like Dan spitting up blood, a TV report shown about this will have an actual photo of Dan to tie in with this 'story'. Mess.

A source close to Dan allegedly says that it's outrageous and that they'll talk to Sony Pictures about removing the stuff with 'Dan'. The film comes out this March.

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Tom Hiddleston says that he's really good at not being problematic

Tom Hiddleston recently wrote an essay for the Financial Times describing his experience in the film industry doing promotional tours for films, as well as talking about how technology is changing movies.

He explains that actors have the duty of promoting a film and representing all of those who worked hard to create a movie whenever they go on promotional tours.

He goes on, saying that actors have to work hard in keeping their personal dignity intact during these promotional tours since journalists and reporters don't play fair, choosing to focus on negativity and an actor's shortcomings for page views.

Tom Hiddleston hints that he'll never say or do anything problematic, since he is very skilled at "dodging headline-chasing hot potatoes: those questions designed to elicit a sensationalist answer more likely to drive traffic to a given website."

Source: Financial Times

we'll see about that!

Harry Styles' Rumored Girlfriend Pictured in St. Barts

• Her name is Georgia Fowler. She's 23, from New Zealand, and apparently she and Harry have been dating for a few weeks.

• She was photographed modeling for Victoria's Secret's Pink collection.

•The Sun says Harry took her to an exclusive spa for romance away from "prying eyes."


The Musketeers is Basically Cancelled, BBC Continues to Not Bother Promoting It

For the last week or so, the cast and crew of BBC's redheaded stepchild of a TV show, The Musketeers, have been tweeting their tearful goodbyes and yet the BBC has still made no formal announcement about the fact that it's clearly been cancelled:Collapse )

Are you sad the show is ending, or glad that it won't have time to Merlin itself?


5H on Camila's Solo Single, Camila shades Austin Mahone + girls attend Bieber's party with Shawn

-Lauren is excited about their Billboard Women in Music award because she'll get to see Lana Del Rey for the first time
-They talk about working with Stargate and Max Martin
-There is no date for the album yet because they aren't finished and don't want to disappoint like they did with Reflection
-At 2:05 they are asked about Camila's single with Shawn
-Dinah seems excited and says she knows what Camila did last summer
-Camila says they were touring with Austin Mahone (her ex) last summer
-Lauren gives standard answer about how supportive they are of each other
-When asked if the other girls will also have solo singles, Normani says that they are in the studio working on 5H2 and Ally says that they are focused on the group

-5H attended Justin Bieber's AMAs after party
-Camila arrived in a seperate car with Shawn, while 4H were together

-Camila was with an Island Records Rep and 2 of their artists, Shawn and Nick
PoA - trio backs

The Revenant first reviews are in, and it's Oscar love for EVERYONE, including Leo DiCaprio


Book post! Hemingway's Parisian memoir, "A Moveable Feast", sees surge in sales

Ernest Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast" (French title: "Paris est une fête"), published in 1964, is set in the 1920s, as Paris recovered from World War I.

The book celebrates Paris and is currently #1 on France's Amazon website after re-entering its Top 100 list just four days ago.

Paperback versions are being deposited, along with flowers and candles, in front of the sites of the attacks.

The book includes Hemingway's famous line, "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast."

The book's French publisher, folio, has received more orders for the book in the past week than what they usually get in a whole year  for the title (~8,000).

Source: tweet, article

Have you read A Moveable Feast, ONTD? Do you have any favourite books about/set in Paris?
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Mariah Carey on the "I don't know her" meme: "I was just being honest"

-Mariah Carey was asked about some of the interesting gifts she has received from her fans.

-She says that she doesn't know, yawns, and proceeds to say that she's having a "sleep" moment.

-She then tells of meeting a fan who was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a famous quote of hers.

-Although not revealing the quote, she says she wasn't trying to be funny and she was just being honest.


Favorite shady pop star moments?

Meghan Trainor makes out on stage at AMAs

I guess abc hasn't changed at all since the year they banned a gay man from performing because he was being sexual on stage:

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Lionsgate Stock Down Slightly After Final 'Hunger Games' Debut, Analysts Weigh In


- the Lionsgate stock droppes by 3.5% after the underwhelming Mockingjay - Part 2 opening
- Analysts cite "short-term security concerns in the wake of the Paris attacks"
- Lionsgate's releases for next year: Divergent, Now You See Me 2 and Gods of Egypt
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THR's Actor Roundtable



Michael Caine (Youth), 82; Will Smith (Concussion), 47; Benicio Del Toro (Sicario), 48; Joel Edgerton (Black Mass), 41; Samuel L. Jackson (The Hateful Eight), 66; and Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight), 47.

The Women Of Hollywood Speak Out

This is that exposé that Meryl Streep tweeted about. Maureen Dowd talked to more than 100 women (and men, but some of they would say shit like "call some chicks") about the pervasive sexism that keep women from directing movies and runing studios. This article is lenghty so behind the cut there will only be direct quotes and some highlights that may interest ONTD like Amazing Amy Pascal's Tragic Villain Backstory. Your good sis here would still recommend you to read it in full.
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How do you feel about this, ONTD? Be aware that this article can be rage-inducing because rich white men ain't shit, etc. TYFYA!
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Zizi lives!

Follow up to this post

Turns out UsWeekly ran the story too early.

- Eonline and UsWeekly Banned sources both pretty much said they're not officially boyfriend and girlfriend but are dating and spending time together. And that he picked her up from Justin Bieber's AMA afterparty (where the pics are from)

Read more about their new romance at UsMagazine

Young hollywood continue to be 1 degree separated from each other

Rita Ora on Alan Carr: Chatty Man

-Discusses joining Madonna on stage in Berlin, Germany. Says she would have sex with Madonna. (girl...)
-Working with Prince on material for her album and his album as well.
-Prince had doves in his studio, would shit everywhere. Didn't shit on her tho.
-Alan Carr goes in and asks Rita what is up with her second album and when is it finally coming out.
-Rita hesitantly confirms a January 2016 release for #R2. (what kind of AUNTIE delay realness).
-Rita talks about recording an album with someone that she loved personally (Calvin Harris) but it fell through, says she had to ditch all that material because it just didn't relate to her anymore after the break up. Goes on to say it didn't make sense to release that material because she would be pretending and it wouldn't be nice to pretend to her fans. (now sis....)
-Talks XFactor UK and mentoring the girls.

ONTD, have you ever recorded an album with your significant other but broke up and had to scrap all the material and start anew? #JusticeForIWillNeverLetYouDown


Melissa Rosenburg Discusses the Heavy Subject Matter and Feminism of Jessica Jones.

Melissa Rosenburg, the EP of Marvel's Jessica Jones, has been making the rounds talking about all things JJ including feminism and how to write rape into a show without being gross about it.

[tw: discussion of rape]- On rape as a plot point she said: "We're very conscious to treat that aspect of the story with sensitivity and responsibility. For me, if I never see an actual rape on a screen again it'll be too soon. It's becoming ubiquitous, it's become lazy storytelling and it's always about the impact it has on the men around them...It's damaging. It's just hideous messaging, and so coming into this, the events have already happened and this is really about the impact of rape on a person and about healing, survival, trauma and facing demons."

On feminism and Jessicas character: "I'm a pretty out and proud feminist, so that's always very forefront in my consciousness, but really the focus in writing her and breaking story with the other writers, the focus was just on doing a fascinating character. She's not defined by her gender, she is simply a character. When you're writing a white male, you don't approach it as, "Well, what would this white male do?" You just approach it as a character, and I find so many times when people are writing either a female character or a person of color, the character gets limited to that one aspect of who they are and I think that's part of why we see so few of them on our screens"

interview part 1
interview part 2

tl;dr: Melissa Rosenburg is an amazing person and the best possible choice there ever could have been for Jessica Jones. I highly recommend reading both parts to the interview because there's a lot of great things including more elaboration on the quotes I pulled out here.