November 22nd, 2015

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FOX has decided live viewer numbers aren't important anymore.

  • FOX will only acknowledge Live +3 and Live +7 ratings for their shows.

  • FOX wants to consider DVR/On Demand viewers and people who stream from their website.

  • [This isn't all that surprising considering how abysmal most of FOX's live ratings have become.]


Mariah Carey is everywhere!

Mariah Carey has been preparing for another busy holiday season. She was recently spotted outside of NYC's Greenwich Hotel.

nyc17nov15 1 large

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Mariah also briefly appeared on Periscope to advertise her new MAC lipstick. She served you a smokey eye and nude lip.

macpresentation15 1 large

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Mariah also appeared for a full-length interview on the Steve Harvey show to promote her new children's book.

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Water War
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Chris Hemsworth Twitter Q&A + New In the Heart of the Sea Clips and Stills

Nothing too scandalous. Mostly favorite food dishes and media questions. More at the source

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Cillia Murphy as Second Mate Matthew Joy with Chris Hemsworth as First Mate Owen Chase

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Watch Benjamin Walker give Hemsworth lots of bitchface, try to figure out Hemsworth's accent, and root for Monstroso as it fucks up their ship

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celine on jimmy

Someone Who Is Not Me Got To Meet Celine Dion

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Demi's excited to meet Celine tonight!

The superior Grande has yet to meet Celine so hopefully some selfies tonight!

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Who are you excited to see perform ONTD?

Frankie's Twitter
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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Weekend Box Office: The Hunger Games series has a disappointing finish despite opening over 100 mil

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Still a good number for THG, even if it is below estimates. Very good numbers for Carol, Room and Brooklyn too.

What did you see, ONTD?

‘Jessica Jones’ Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg Talks About Her Tough Heroine: DISCUSSION POST!

-Jessica Jones was originally going an ABC Show but it never came to pass

-On casting Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones: "It was a lengthy process, but Krysten Ritter was on our lists from the very beginning. We needed to do our due diligence, but she was one of very first people we saw, and she set the bar so high that every person was compared to her."

[Some Spoilerish parts of the interview]-On making Jessica a rape survivor an integral part of the story without showing the the actual act: "I know. [Showing rape to be "edgy and dark"] is just so tired. It’s lazy and dull storytelling, if nothing else. We have this rich, complex female lead and we are looking at what happened to her from her perspective. We were not going to do that thing where it’s about how the hero’s wife and child were killed and how his wife was raped — and it’s all about how he has to get revenge because that was “his woman.” We are not doing that. We are looking at the aftermath of what happened to her from her viewpoint."

-Marvel is currently working out the possibility of making a second season before "The Defenders" air

For everyone that finished the first season or currently watching what do you think about it so far?

Adele’s 25 is on fire: 1.9m sold in just two days in the US

  • Sold 1.9m copies in its first two days on sale in the US.(about 800,000 more than Taylor's entire first week. heh.)

  • 1.18m were digital downloads. (Whoa)

  • 900,000 copies sold on US iTunes in its first day.

  • It is currently No.1 on 106 of the 119 iTunes charts around the world.

  • Senior-level music biz execs are saying that a 700k+ UK week one is on the cards.

  • She slays at life.

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Rihanna's #ANTIdiaRYy: Room 1 is now unlocked

For those who are following the ANTIdiaRy, which is the mysterious journey Rihanna is taking us on before her 8th album releases, the first room "R1"(which fans think symbols her first album) is now unlocked. For those who don't want to experience this amazing visual, this is Rihanna taking us on a journey of her life. The room 1 shows her as a little girl(a girly girl and a tomboy are inside the room) in Barbados. The little girl is singing with a hairbrush(Rihanna has mentioned before that her father caught her singing with a hairbrush as a child) and the tomboy is drawing pictures like the map of America and an airplane. There is also a diary on the bed that says "Dearest Robyn, theres gold in your voice. follow it. With Love, X.". Both kids then go under the covers and come out as an older girl who leaves the room. This is really cute and the visuals are STUNNING. I'm finally excited about this era and what she's going to share with her fans. This is definitely for the fans. There are more rooms to come soon(maybe within the week): Room 2 the "Studio", Room 3 the "Closet", Room 4 the "Tattoo Parlor"(fans are thinking this will be the darkest one for obvious reasons), Room 5 the "Gallary", Room 6 the "Shell", Room 7 the "Office", and the final one, the Room 8 the "ANTI Bedroom".

Go to on your mobile phone to experience it. Also, don't forget to tune into the AMAs tonight at 8 PM EST where Rihanna and Samsung will have something to share.

The Navy has been trying to figure out what Room 1 symbolizes. For those who care and likes riddles, what are your theories?


The Wiz Live Round-Up: New promo feat. Queen Latifah + Mary J. Blige in costume

NBC has released an all new promo for The Wiz Live! featuring Queen Latifah as the Wiz and Shanice Williams as Dorothy, singing from one of the show's most well known songs, 'Home.'

New promotional photos of Mary J. Blige in costume as Evilene, the Wicked Witch of the West, have also been released by NBC along with a promo clip featuring Evilene's song, 'No Bad News. '

[credit: Paul Gilmore/NBC]

More photos + video promo below the cut!

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The Wiz Live! wll premiere live on December 3rd at 8:00 pm EST on NBC.

source: youtube, broadway world


Kfed must not want to live, attacks Beyonce

Unemployed, father of six, Kevin Federline apparently has a lot free time and a lot of thoughts about women's faces. This morning he zeroed in on Beyonce:

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rip Kfed
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Justin Bieber's "Purpose" Snatches the Billboard 200 #1 with over 600k sold

Justin had his highest opening week ever, with over 600k copies sold
One Direction gets the #2 with only 459k sold

Twitter Twitter

1 racist white devil with bops > 4 racist white devils with 0 bops. sorry is the song of the century!

Jenna Jameson hates refugees, loves Trump and Fox News... also claims to be Native American

So it all started when she retweeted these
[Cut for graphic image]

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Is she trying to mother fuck us right now?