October 29th, 2015

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Phil Collins un-retires

-Phil's first new music since 2002 after announcing that he was going to retire to focus on his children in 2011.
-He's coming back because his children want to hear his music and he wants to take them on tour.
-Recently underwent major back surgery to fix problems stemming from a dislocated neck vertebra which resulted in nerve damage.
-He's going to reissue his old work before releasing his new album so he can gauge the public's interest
-Reissues will feature new photographs and unreleased demos and alternate versions of his music
-Depending on how the reissues are received he will either begin with a short tour or release his new album
-He's going to start recording his new album in a month since he's still recovering from surgery, but is ready to focus on simply writing and seeing what comes of it.
-Genesis reunion is highly unlikely due to Phil no longer being able to play drums and Peter Gabriel not being interested in singing some of their biggest hits
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Russell exposes Katy, drags her for "vapid" lifestyle

- British Jesus spills candid deets about his 2012 divorce in the trailer for his new doco "Brand: A Second Coming"
- "Oh my f**king god. I'm living, like, this life of the very thing I detest: vapid, vacuous celebrity"
- Brand also admits to a friend that his marriage was "not a resolution to anything spiritual" and that "at some point, to be happy, I'm going to have to walk away"


I lowkey stan for Russell so I applaud his shade tbh. And yes I know I'm working w/ very little but all the news sources are interpreting it as a drag so Ima do that too.
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Gymnastics: USA wins 3rd straight team title at World Champs, team GB make history, Komova flops.

Faultless USA grab gymnastics gold and set the standard for Rio

- The Americans put together a total of 181.338, well clear of China and far ahead of surprising Great Britain during two hours that felt like little more than a two-hour exhibition of US dominance.

- Led by 2-time Worlds AA champion Simone Biles, with Olympic AA Champion Gabby Douglas, and Olympic FX Champ Aly Raisman, Maggie Nichols (the only gymnast to do full AA today), and Madison Kocian (Brenna Dowell and Mykayla Skinner alternates).

- China was bad at qualifying but got better (they're actually getting stronger on vault and floor!) and their only mistake was a fall on beam.

- Komova fell off the bars and then she and Paseka and Spiridonova fell off the beam.

- GB overtook Russia in dramatic fashion, after Ellie Downie drilled her vault and then the whole stadium lost its mind.

- What is a Romania, even.

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Simone Biles, Guardian, ciciginastica: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, wogymnast

Komova ain't shit tbh. Aliya Mustafina put the Russian program on her back for the past four years and always guaranteed them at least 1-2 medala despite not having a proper coach and having the Rodienkos breathing down her back, and the only slightly negative thing she's had to say about the Americans is her criticism of the COP and the FIG. She's never made it personal. Anyway it's Simone vs. Gabby for the AA!

Lady Gaga Teaming Up with Monster High to "Empower Youth"

Lady Gaga's, Born This Way Foundation has signed a three-year contract with Mattel's Monster High "to use events, content, product and social media to support the well-being of young people."

(source / source)

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Gay porn star Jarec Wentworth sentenced to six years in prison for extorting a gay Republican tycoon

-Jarec Wentworth will be spending six years in prison for extorting a gay Republican millionaire.

-Jarec Wentworth (real name Teofil Brank) extorted $500,000 and a luxury car from Donald Burns.

-Wentworth tried to get an additional $1.5 million out of Burns, but Burns went to the FBI.

-Wentworth got money from Burns for referring him to other Sean Cody actors working as prostitutes.

Source: https://twitter.com/PinkNews/status/659431869126197249

Justin Bieber reveals tracklist for his album "Purpose" via graffiti

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1. Mark My Words
2. I'll Show You
3. What Do You Mean?
4. Sorry
5. Love Yourself
6. Company
7. No Pressure (ft. Big Sean)
8. No Sense (ft. Travis Scott)
9. The Feeling (ft. Halsey)
10. Life Is Worth Living
11. Where Are Ü Now
12. Children
13. Purpose
14. Been You
15. Get Used To Me
16. We Are (ft. Nas)
17. Trust
18. All In It

Tila Tequila posts a picture of her daughter as "Baby Hitler"

Gasps!!! Isabella!!!!! What in the holy??? One day when you grow up, you're going to have to apologize for this picture, young lady!!! It will come back to haunt you! This way you'll know all the struggles your Mama has been through, but I remained strong! Just for you my #Princess!! I'm only posting this because #BabyHitler was trending on Twitter today! Lmao! Don't worry! I shall punish her for being a silly child who meant no harm to anyone! She gon learn today!!! 😂😂😂

Earlier this summer Tila was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house due to past blog posts where she stated that she sympathized with Hitler. She claimed everywhere people would listen that she was not a neo-Nazi or a Hitler sympathizer in order to get back on the show (which didn't work).

Source 1 and 2
This is a few days old but I didn't see it anywhere on the tags.
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Demi performs "Confident" on GMA + #1 on the Global Album Charts

Demi Lovato performs "Confident" on Good Morning America with live band.

Confident is No.1 on Global Album Charts

Demetria Devonne 'Demi' Lovato's fifth studio album Confident, debuted at #1 on the Global Chart Album with 186,000 sales. The biggest part of it comes from the USA with 76,600 copies, but the set sold also extraordinarily in Latin America, especially (Come to) Brazil and Mexico. Her last self-titled album landed at no.2 with 139,000 in the week 22, 2013.

American a cappella group, Pentatonix landed no.2 on the charts with 118,000 units sold.

Source: Youtube | Global Album Charts / Media Traffic

Cracker Barrel, who?
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Rooney Mara interviewed by St. Vincent

- Apparently they've been friends for three years when Annie gave her guitar lessons
- Talks about shooting a Terrence Malick movie with Patti Smith
- Got really drunk to play with the Black Lips at a festival
- Talks about stage fright vs. acting and picking up people's energy
- How she prepared for 'Carol', working with Cate and Annie visiting the set
- [micro] abandonment issues

MARA: She doesn't even need a last name. Just Cate with a C.
CLARK: Such a better spelling of Cate.
MARA: Well, my sister's name is Kate, and she spells it with a K.
CLARK: Oh, I'm so sorry.

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Solo Zayn is coming!

- is recording his new album in a tent in a forest an hour and a half from LA.
- makes references to the interview where Perrie calling him a bellend when asked about the song Hair from the upcoming album Get Weird. (Lyrics: 'Cause he was just a d*ck and I knew it)
- a friend of Zayn's says “The set-up may be basic but it sounds like a mix between THE WEEKND and FRANK OCEAN. He’s really excited about releasing it and has said how he can’t wait to take on his former bandmates in the charts."
- Apparently Zayn has big plans about how he's going to release his #realmusic to the world: "His plans for launching his new music include visiting several major US cities, playing just one song in each, to showcase his work."

ONTD, if Zayn records his album in the forest and no one cares, does it make a sound?

This post is dedicated to tellmeimawreck and Zatan's #1 worshipper denby20
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Dianna Agron Gives Interview With BUST For Ucoming Film Bare + Cute Instagram Pics

-She's tried to pick different characters who aren't the same
-Thinks that director Natalia Leite and Alexandra Leite (producer of Bare) are very talented
-When asked if she feels close to the LGBT community she says she feels like people should be represented and tell their stories

Bare trailer in case ya missed it

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Selena Gomez to produce “13 Reasons Why” series on Netflix

  • Netflix ordered the show straight to series.

  • Selena Gomez and her mom, Mandy Teefey, will be executive producers of the show.

  • 13 Reasons Why is a 2007 book that follows a young teen, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide and left behind thirteen cassette tapes that reveal the reasons she decided to end her life.

  • Gomez was supposed to play Baker when it was first rumored years ago that the book would be adapted into a movie because the author thought she was perfect for the role.

  • This time, according to her rep, Selena will only produce the series and someone else will play the lead character.

sources: 1, 2
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Meghan Trainor is releasing a special edition of her smash #1 album "Title" with four bonus tracks

-The special edition will include a DVD and four bonus tracks. and will only be released internationally on November 20. The DVD will feature four music videos, including a music video for "Title."

-Her album, released back in January, has so far sold 868,000 copies in the U.S. and is expected to surpass a million by the end of the year. All four of her singles have gone platinum.

-Her only new song is called "Good To Be Alive" (taken from the Target Edition of The Peanuts Soundtrack).

Sources: Twitter + YouTube

What's your favorite song on this classic album?
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When Queen Bey met King George

Glee and Looking star Jonathan Groff got the thrill of his life when Beyoncé came up to him after his performance as King George III in Hamilton and complimented his character's regally sassy walk. Hamilton's writer, composer, and star Lin-Manuel Miranda told the backstage story through a series of tweets:

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@Vulture's TWEET
LMM's Tweets: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9
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Lexi Alexander on Why More Women Aren’t Directing Superhero Franchises

It's a short interview, so I would definitely read. A great standout:

A lot of talk has surrounded Effie Brown and the current season of Project Greenlight — what should viewers take away from this show when it comes to the treatment of women in Hollywood?
It’s a case study of how Hollywood functions: The passive-aggressive punishment from the mighty and powerful when someone disrupts their fake PR liberalism. I mean, you have to have some nerve to quit the show, like the Farrelly brothers, or shut someone up right on camera, like Matt Damon did to Effie merely because someone questions their rather ambiguous commitment to diversity and inclusion. Effie is a successful, black female producer, a fact that seemed to fly right over their heads.

[tv] richie gecko

Female-Centric Movies Make a Ton of Money

From the article:
"In ten years of filmmaking, films with male leads grossed an average of $80.6 million, while top-grossing films within the same time frame starring female leads grossed an average of $126.1 million."

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Jared Fogle: Ex-Subway Pitchman Allegedly Wanted to Fly to Thailand for Child-Sex Fantasies

Rochelle Herman-Walrond will appear on “Dr. Phil” Thursday afternoon to discuss tapes she secretly recorded of the former Subway Sandwich pitchman. In the tapes, Fogle describes his alleged crimes, including sexual encounters he had with minors and how he groomed young girls and boys.

source= https://twitter.com/THR?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

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Singer Mica Paris accuses Beyonce of skin whitening

In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, singer Mica Paris has claimed that stars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Janet Jackson and Iman have been whitening their skin for years (duh). Beyonce recently debuted what the DM calls her palest shade yet at an event last week (seen above).

“The moment I saw the photos, I thought Beyonce looked different somehow...Closer inspection confirmed the reason — not only was her skin paler than ever, but her features seemed more refined. Whether down to clever contoured make-up or a skillful surgeon’s knife, the bridge of her nose seemed slimmer, giving her face a more pointed appearance. And the overall result? Let’s not beat around the bush here: what with the tumbling blonde hair and all, the world’s highest-paid black music star of all time looked more, well, Caucasian.”


is it just the lighting??
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Lena Dunham does podcast with Emma Stone: Stonefield fans 90% sure that Emma and Andrew are married

lenadunham: Another preview of my podcast Women Of The Hour is up now, featuring my beloved Emma Stone who, shock of your life, is utterly charming over the radio as well. Link in bio! Thank you, Em, for lending your wit and wisdom. Ya smell nice.

ONTD Fave, Lena Dunham has started a new podcast series called "Woman of the Hour," which will feature such guests as Emma Stone, Amy Sedaris, and Janet Mock discussing various topics. Today, a preview clip was released featuring Woody Allen muse, Emma Stone. The two discuss the issue of sexist names they'd been called on set, and offer alternatives they'd like to be called instead. Aloha star, Emma Stone, would henceforth, like to be called "Dragon."

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ONTD, Have you ever had a hard time accepting a breakup? Do your friends smell nice?


Justin Bieber Abandons the Stage in the Middle of the Show UPDATE: Justin Cries More on Instagram!

According to a fan at the concert who caught it on video Justin left in the middle of a show after some girls wouldn't let him clean up some water on stage. He never came back on stage and everyone left.

UPDATE: Justin responds!
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Netflix Renews Club de Cuervos!

- Luis Gerardo Mendez (who acts as the main character, Chava) will be the executive producer of S2 (he was alr one of the producer in S1 btw)
- 25 % of the viewers are US citizens
- I forgot to say : It will air in 2016

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Source : Hollywood Reporter

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buy #FOCUS on itunes

EDIT: SCREAMING AND CRYING! our humanitarian queen gave it to us a couple of mintues early! #FOCUS is now on itunes and headed to #1 on radio stations and countdowns across the world! we are #TRULYBLESSED!

after literally MANY MONTHS of waiting, platinum-selling superstar ariana grande is slated to release what will surely be a chart-stopping super success tonight in the form of her new single — #FOCUS! counting down, ariana has been releasing new snippets of the video on instagram.

haven't seen them? come get #BLESSED under the cut!

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article (incl. image) composed by jfk for ontd

mega breaking story, updating as story develops
are you #READY for #FOCUSTONIGHT ontd?

ONTD Original: 10 Unsolved Mysteries cases that remain unsolved

As Halloween approaches, everyone is looking for something to give them a good scare by making their way through the horror films on Netflix. However, fiction can't match up to reality, as evidenced in the popular American TV series "Unsolved Mysteries", which ran originally on NBC from 1988 to 1997. The series explored real life missing peoples cases, murder cases, unexplained deaths, and various other unexplained events. In the years since the show has been on the air, several cases featured have been solved. Many more remain unsolved still.

Here are ten disturbing and scary cases that remain unsolved.

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So what happened to these people, ONTD? And what are some other unsolved true crime stories (from Unsolved Mysteries or otherwise) that still haunt you? Do you think any of these cases will ever be solved?
romy and michele's high school reunion
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Updated Oscar Predictions

Scott Feinberg edition


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more weird predictions @ hollywoodreporter

Brie needs a tag!

Carly Rae Jepsen announces coast to coast Canadian tour!

Perched for more Carly Rae Jepsen tour dates? Well, if you're Canadian, you're in luck! Carly has just announced a coast to coast tour in her own home and native land, Canada!

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By the way, Carly is also performing this Sunday at Cornell University so if you're in or near Ithaca, New York that day, go see her live and give her some of your coins! Tickets on sale here

Source: Carly's Twitter

I wanted to see you live Carly, but not like this. Never like this. :(

Rumor: All-woman "Ocean's Eleven" reboot in the works with Sandra Bullock set to star

Give me all the women in all the films, tbh. I just wish a woman was slated to direct this. Who would you want to star in this (possible) reboot, ONTD?