October 27th, 2015

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"Holland's Next Top Model's" Loiza is the First Transgender Winner in NTM History

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Loiza Lamers (20) has become the first transgender woman to win the modeling contest in any of the Next Top Model series. On Monday night, Loiza was crowned the winner of the 10th edition of Holland's Next Top Model.
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I have to admit I didn't watch the series (just some scenes here and there, partly because I'm living abroad atm), but the reactions have been so incredibly positive all over (Dutch) internet! Translations by me, it's late, forgive me for any weird sentences.

Eminem prefers his philanthropy to be done quietly and privately

I love this. My philanthropy king!

I summarized the sourced article below:

According to Howard Hertz who is secretary to Em's foundation called the Marshall Mathers Foundation Em ""doesn't personally believe in publicizing philanthropy," Hertz said. "His reasons for giving are to help, not to in any way make himself look better."

So grants from Eminem personally and his foundation are given on the condition that it remains private with the no public knowledge. The article also says the bulk of the money that the Marshall Mathers foundation has comes from Eminem himself but he also teams up with other organizations to get more donations such as Mosaic Youth Center of Detroit and Elton Johns aids foundation. Additionally Em also backed a Wolverine Human Services crowdfunding campaign held on Giving Tuesday in 2013, raising about $120,000, including a matching grant from the Marshall Mathers Foundation.

Em will use his name sometimes in order to get people involved with events or charities. For instance he partnered with Title Boxing in conjunction with producing the soundtrack to SouthPaw for downtown boxing youth program. Anyone who donated to the cause had a chance to win signed boxing gloves from Em and one special winner won a letter from him. The committee declined to say how much was earned but they said Em made a matching donation.

Also the article explains that the chrysler commercial Em was in back in 2011 for the super bowl Em only did because chrysler made a 250,000 dollar donation to the Marshall Mathers Foundation.

I love that he does so much philanthropy without making it into a show. I remember this year he also visited a sick kid but did it as secretly as possible-he told the family that was his only condition. I also think I remember reading a while back that someone said that Em believes that if you tell people about your good deeds it becomes selfish or something to that effect

source: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20151026/NEWS/310259977/eminem-prefers-his-philanthropy-to-be-done-quietly-and-privately
Blondie ::DemiLovato::

Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Perform LIVE to Promote Their Upcoming Tour!

As was reported earlier today, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato will embark on a joint tour next year, The Future Now Tour (I don't really get the name either).

To help promote their world arena tour, which kicks off June 24 in Sunrise, FL, the king & queen of pop themselves performed tonight at Irving Plaza in NYC. Nick performed "Chains," "Levels," and "Jealous," while Demi performed "Cool for the Summer," "For You" (next single?) & "Confident."

+BONUS Demi dressed as a "Trap Queen" for a Halloween episode of MTV's Girl Code...

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Clover II

The Cast Of SUICIDE SQUAD Reveal New Character Details

Jai Courtney on Captain Boomerang:

"He's an absolute bogan, in the purest sense. Dave's first instruction was, 'Find your inner shitbag.'"

[Bogan?]Australian slang for a lower class person without sophistication or refinement.

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Source: @ComicBook_Movie - darkhorizons.com

For a look at the Empire feature check this post:
Suicide Squad for Empire Magazine pics

Amber Rose is the worst guest on Watch What Happens Live

- Amber Rose refused to play Plead The Fifth properly which is a common game for new guests on WWHL. There are 3 questions and you're allowed to plead the fifth only once in which she plead the fifth to all of them.
- She was asked to rank the Kardashians from least to most interesting but plead the fifth
- To elaborate on the situation where celebrities would charge money to appear at her Slut Walk which she plead the fifth again
- Andy's final question started with "As we know, Kanye - " Amber cuts him off and pleads the fifth
- Refused to talk about Blac Chyna's new "Future" tattoo
- Refused to take off her sunglasses

UPDATE - Andy responds by posting his reaction to the episode.
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ONTD, are you a nobody diva?
Tyler Posey Beer

Supergirl becomes the fall's top new series


The new show premiered on CBS with 12.9 million viewers in a special 8:30 ET/PT according to preliminary Nielsen figures, making it this fall's biggest new-series opener.

And it brought in 3.2% of adults ages 18 to 49, winning its first half-hour and narrowly behind NBC's The Voice in the second.

Supergirl held onto 81% of Big Bang's 15.9 million viewers, and 76% of its young-adult lead-in.
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Pretty impressive since the pilot leaked months ago.

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Listen to a preview of Pharrell and Missy Elliott's new collab "WTF"

A snippet of Pharrell and Missy Elliott's upcoming single "WTF" (that's "Where They From," to be clear) premiered during Monday Night Football last night as a part of an NBA promo.


Secret Life Of The American Teenager Cast Reunites

The cast of Secret Life Of The American Teenager reunited for the wedding of Grace Bowman and.... CHRIS KELLER?!?

Megan Park and Tyler Hilton got married last week in a small venue and the cast of Secret Life of the American Teenager were there!

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I love how Daren got a photo with all the girls Ricky dated on the show!
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Netflix Reveals Viewership Numbers for 'Beasts of No Nation'

- It has been streamed 3 millions times in the US alone since Oct. 16

"This was No. 1 in really diverse places in the world — Japan, Brazil, Mexico, places where these films typically never even open," said Sarandos (Netflix's head of content acquisition)

- As for the box office: $50,699 in its opening weekend (in 31 theaters)

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Boy Scouts vs Britney Stan

There's only one thing to do when forced to face a hungry, undead Britney Stan, lest she eat thee-- sing to it

A waitress and three members of the boy scouts must use their survival skills to save their town from a zombie invasion in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

The clip features comedian Drew Droege (of I'm Chloe Sevigny fame) as the zombie. The film stars Tye Sheridan, David Koechner, Cloris Leachman¸ Halston Sage, Logan Miller, Joey Morgan and Sarah Dumont. It opens October 30th in the US.

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Source: BLOODY-DISGUSTING | For more clips from the movie: YOUTUBE

90210's Tristan Mack Wilds: "Anyone with a heart will love Adele's 25"

- Grammy nominee Mack™ Wilds and "Hello" director Xavier Dolan were fans of each other before he got cast via Skype.
- For a self-proclaimed non-actress, Adele "killed it. She killed it. Her emotion was on point."
- He may or may not have listened to other songs from 25.

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Suicide Squad Love Triangle

Pulled the important quotes from the article:

The Good:
Asked how the movie is going to tell Harley's story, director David Ayer explained: "It's about her breaking free of The Joker and becoming this fully actualized, independent person. That really is a metaphor for everyone's journey here."

The Bad:
Based on comments from star Will Smith, that could involve Deadshot and Harley hooking up. "Harley is the biggest troublemaker, but Deadshot's actually eyeballing her a little bit. There's a pretty ragged romantic triangle there."

The Aww:
"As the movie opens, he has a really big career score," the actor reveals. "He's looking to turn over a new leaf with his daughter after the hit, but it goes wrong. It goes terribly, terribly wrong. And it lands him in Belle Reve for life."


ugh. i'd be about this if ANYONE but Will Smith was playing Deadshot. not here for Focus 2.0 and their snooze worthy chemistry. Margot deserves better.

but then again i'm also a weirdo and am crack shipping Rick and Harley. so whatevs.


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The new NBA season has got me like

How do you think your team will do this year? I have the Warriors winning 58 games (Get well soon Steve Kerr). Who are your favorite nerds that just happen to be professional athletes? Have you accepted Steph Curry as your Khaleesi yet?

Fall Out Boy: "The Kids Aren't Alright (ft. Azealia Banks)"

Fall Out Boy released the remix of "The Kids Aren't Alright ft. Azealia Banks" off their upcoming remix album Make America Psycho Again, due out this Friday.


So they picked her of all people on this remix and it isn't even good?

heroin bae

Naomie Harris is a Bond WOMAN and other Spectre news

Naomie Harris says the term "Bond Girl" is sexist and derogatory
She says that Bond rescues no woman in the films and that the appropriate term should be "Bond Woman", especially considering Monica Bellucci is his own age. Also mentions that maybe someday she could see Bond being a woman.

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Stan this self-aware cast TODAY!!!

ONTD Original: Top 15 Messiest Scorpios

So you may have been wondering dangerbuffalo where are all my scorpio faves? Well this is the post you have been waiting for. The truth is that it was really hard to find non messy Scorpio faves!! Scorpios are passionate and notorious, so that's why this list is so stacked. I hope you enjoy!

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Thanks everyone!

help from biography.com's famous scorpios list

The Joker and Enchantress on the Cover of Empire

I feel like I should hate these looks, but I kind of love them.

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USWNT visits the White House bc they're World Cup champions

-The US Women's National Team were honored by the White House Tuesday for their World Cup win this summer
-They've been on their 'victory tour' and beat Brazil in a friendly match on Sunday, 3-1.

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what sport is your country world champion at, ontd?
Aigis P3M2

Get your tissues ready, here's the trailer for Persona 3 The Movie: Winter of Rebirth

Winter of Rebirth PV1 by crimsonfist101

The trailer for the fourth Persona 3 movie is out. Apparently this is supposed to wrap up "The Journey" (it has been suggested that "The Answer" will get its own movie), which means you get relive that gut-wrenching ending (this is really going to fuck OP up!). There's no subs for this, and it's likely that the english subbed version won't come out till 2017 :(


Video Games Post?
- For those of you who finished Persona 3, did you cry? (Please use spoilers where appropriate)
- What's the most depressing video game you have ever played?
Muhdonna blink

Is Terror Squint's team deleting posts about Godele breaking ha records?

More receipts
Angels Arrow

World Series Game 1 Lineups announced


Pregame post! Who are you supporting this World Series, ONTD? Stawpoll here. I am Team Mets. Will the possibility of rain push things in favor of KC's bullpen? Or will Daniel Murphy slay three-headed monsters just as easily as Kershaw-Greinke-Arrieta?!
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Joanna Newsom's video for title track "Divers"

the video was first released in theaters, and now it's up on YouTube. directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, it takes place inside the photos of Kim Keever (who did the album's cover - the photos are these landscapes he built into an aquarium full of water which he then drops different dyes into)

i know she gets mixed reactions from ONTD but this new album is FANTASTIC. I can't stop listening to it over and over. favorite tracks?


Janet Jackson Cancels Four Shows of the Unbreakable Tour

-The performer said on Twitter that she will not be performing in Salt Lake City or Denver because of 'doctor's orders'.
-She then tweeted that 2 additional shows taking place today and Thursday in Kansas City and St. Louis have to be cancelled due to vocal strain.

-A few weeks ago she also cancelled her last Vegas show, and her performing slot at the iheartRadio music festival. But none of the 5 shows have been rescheduled.

-She will resume the tour in Omaha on Friday.

jo bae
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British Justin Timberlake Covers Adele

Conor Maynard, known for his hits "Vegas Girl", "Can't Say No" and "R U Crazy", is back. While preparing his sophomore record, took the time out to cover Adele's Hello on his youtube channel. Listen to the flawless version here.

Conor revealed in a new interview he's focusing on recording singles before putting out an album, as streaming is key now in music.
He also revealed he ran into Zayn the day he shaved his head/after he left 1D and didn't wanna ask him about it so he asked about cats.

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Nicholas Hoult and Rooney Mara to star in sci-fi love story

-The film is a love story set one year after the existence of the afterlife has been scientifically proven
-Nicholas will play the son of the man who did the discovery and Rooney will be the woman with the tragic past he falls in love with
-The film will be directed by Charlie McDowell (Rooney's boyfriend and Malcolm McDowell's son),  this will be his second movie. He previously directed "The one I love" (80% on RT), starring Mark Duplass and Elisabet Moss.
-Charlie also co-wrote this film with Justin Lader (they also wrote "TOIL" together)
-Production will begin in January in Rhode Island

King K

Kylie talks about being one of TIME's most influential

Along with Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai, TIME Magazine has yet again named Kylie Jenner one of the most influential teens of the year. The magazine stood by their decision, claiming she is arguably the most-watched teenager in the world.

"Everything I do, I always start these huge trends,” Kylie told Time, referring to viral situations like the #KylieJennerLipChallenge. “[But] I just want to inspire my fans to be whoever they want to be, because that’s what I’ve always done."

Thanks to Jenner's public feuds & relationships, other celebrities were placed on the list such as Amandla Stenberg and Jaden Smith.

the outsiders: dallas winston
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vox pulls out of sxsw over gamergate panels

- following buzzfeed in protests over pulled anti-harassment panels being pulled
- “Harassment is an issue Vox Media takes extremely seriously. As a digital media company, our journalists often face online harassment and find themselves on the receiving end of threats. We support our staff when they encounter this kind of abuse while continuing to do the work that can result in it, and want to continue an open dialogue about how best to do so.

By approving the panels in question, SXSW assumed responsibility for related controversies and security threats. By canceling the panels, they have cut off an opportunity to discuss a real and urgent problem in media and technology today. [...] We will work to find an alternative forum for this conversation and invite others who feel the same to join us.”

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Katy Perry celebrated her birthday at seminal Italian eatery Olive Garden

No pretentiousness here! Global superstar Katy Perry decided to have a very budget birthday this year, celebrating at Olive Garden. Katy, who turned 31 on October 25, took to Instagram today to post a picture of her and her #squad posing in front of the Olive Garden sign. She captioned her photo: When you could go anywhere for your bday dinner but you're so OG that you go to OG with all your OG's. 📷 by @ronyalwin #thosebreadstickstho. I wonder if she's a fan of Olive Garden's famous alfredo sauce!

Source: Instagram

Where do you like to celebrate your birthday?

Rihanna Dyes Her Hair Blue

-Has kept a rihlatively low profile since Kanye's her ANTI artwork was revealed.
-Performed this past Saturday over the weekend for CBS Radio's third annual We Can Survive concert where she debuted the blue hair.
-No new album news.

ONTD, do you like it? What color is you hair for your current album era?

Cintia cute smile

Allie X is Coming for the UK! Releases Lyric Video for Catch

Apparently she is officially releasing her EP in the UK (Nov 13) which will include a new song called 'Never Enough' & a remix of Catch!

From Allie X: “I am pleased to be ‘officially’ releasing my first body of work in the UK. The lyric video for ‘Catch’ is a direct look inside the protagonist’s mind. It Xplores the revenge aspect of the lyric more so than any other visual that I have created for the song.”

ontd have you listened to the pop perfection that is CollXtion I yet?

jo bae
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Your Fave Band Hard At Work Promoting Their #1 Album

5 Seconds of Summer have been working hard, promoting their #1 sophmore album Sounds Good. Feels Good. They were in New York on a variety of shows including Elvis Duran & did a cute interview and some performances acoustically. They talked about being a band, their new music, and answered fan questions.

- They're hard to make friends with cause they're so close as a band & they feel awkward around other celebs.
- If one of them meets a celeb/band on their own they feel awkward cause they feel like they're missing limbs (other band members) awww
- Wrote the new album for the fans, wanted them to feel good about themselves & to use their position to help them
- If one member does/says something dumb or inappropriate, then they all "gotta go down with the ship"

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Blac Chyna takes another L, Future Clarifies that He's Single

Future shuts down Blac Chyna dating rumors days after she gets his name inked on her hand

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Have you ever claimed somebody prematurely only to end up with egg on your face, ontd?


Is Dylan O'Bae Leaving Teen Wolf

The "Rumoured" departure of Dylan O'Brien
-Jeff Davis apparently told Forbes magazine at the New York Comic Con that O'Brien would not be back as Stiles after the 5th season
-They're saying that he's ready to leave the show
-He wants to leave to have more time to film his movies

The article also contains spoilers for what to expect in Season 5B
-There is a scene between Stiles and Lydia that fans have been waiting for
- Episodes 15 and 16 have an epic moment
- A Producer stated that 5B will be a satisfaction for some fans

I honestly hope it's not true, the only reason I started watching Teen Wolf was because of Dylan

Alexander Hamilton (Hamilton)

"Hamilton" to become the best field trip ever for 20,000 NYC HS juniors (and other cast news)

This morning, Lin-Manuel Miranda announced a educational program that will allow 20,000 New York City 11th-graders to see "Hamilton" for only $10! The Rockefeller Foundation is giving nearly $1.5 million to subsidize the student tickets at matinees and develop accompanying educational materials. All the participating students will be from schools with high percentages of students from low-income families.

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Are you still listening to the broadway cast recording "Non-Stop," ONTD? I am on week 4...


New music from Kelendria Rowland: "Dumb"

Two years after her last album, Destiny's Child second lead vocalist just randomly released a brand new song called Dumb on her SoundCloud. You can listen to it right below and decide whether you like it or not. OP thinks it's pretty harmless fun. Not sure if it will be part of KR5 but while we wait for the album y'all can catch her playing BabyWipes mother on "Empire".

source: http://www.missinfo.tv/index.php/kelly-rowland-dumb/

'Baby Daddy' Star Badly Burned During Halloween Party.

-Accidentally back into a tiki torch.
-Was wearing a diy "alpaca" ensemble that consisted of a Lycra suit with cotton balls glued onto it.
-Suffered burns to his arms and legs.
-Expected to make a full recovery.


Remember to be careful, Halloween costumes and makeup can be extremely dangerous and flammable.