October 19th, 2015

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Celine Dion Goes To Disneyland With Her Twins! She Also Added Dates To Her Show!

Celine went with her twins Nelson (on the right) and Eddy (on the left) to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA on October 14th along with her sister Linda. The twins celebrate their 5th birthday on October 23rd.

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what's your favorite Disney ride ONTD?

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china's/overseas box office: ant-man takes home the money, crimson peak sinks

- antman has second biggest opening after ultron for disney/marvel coming in at $43.2 million, which bumps up it's gross to $454.8 million globally.
- crimson peak is predicted that it won't even make it's budget back, even ith china
- pan might have a good opening in china, and could stop it from totally hemorrhaging money


at some point i'll make a comprehensive post about china and the u. s. box office/cinematic future. but u should thank china for transformers being continued and same with need for speed and pacific rim (maybe)!
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Demi Lovato Uses Dubious "Charity Action" To Inflate 1st Week Album Sales

- Demi Lovato promoted a shady "charity buyout" for a sick kid hospital: Fans were asked to buy dozens of copies of her new album that is struggling on the charts

- The catch? No money is being donated to the sick children. Instead, fans are asked to give away the albums to the hospital.

- Instead of donating the proceeds from bought albums to sick children, Demi is keeping the money for herself.

- Children in need are left with hundreds of worthless CD's of an album that can be streamed for free on Spotify

- Demi called the charity action "SO unbelievable, SO inspiring" on Twitter

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source 1 source 2 source 3

mods: here is the gofundme page asking for donations to buy even more albums. It says: "Every donation counts and will go straight towards purchasing an album that will be donated to Sick Kids." All money involved is going towards buying Demi Lovato albums.

The Epilogue of Speidi

Six years ago, this super desperate, yet ~famous~ couple was blowing up ONTD with their devastatingly tragic antics. Everyone loved to hate them. What do they have to say for themselves?

- Live in a house owned by Spencer's dad.
- Still insist that LC's sextape with Jason existed.
- Heidi kept ordering margaritas throughout the entire interview.
- MTV (?) paid Heidi's mom and sister $20k to be Team LC back in the day.
- Heidi is estranged, for the most part, from her family.
- Kris Jenner asked Spencer to be Kim's manager, but he laughed her off. Kim used to organize Heidi's closet.
- Ruined Heidi's singing career by whining to Ryan Seacrest to stop playing "Body Language" because they didn't like it, despite the public's approval (lol).
- Spencer dropped $75k on his first crystal, which ignited his spree.
- Regret most of their decisions.
- They now Snapchat their lives away as they fall deeper into obscurity.

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I'm surprised they're still together.

Pierre Bouvier, from Simple Plan, is Real Mad that Nobody likes his Bands Terribly Dull New Music

(sort of follow-up to this post)

"I am proud our new video#SPBed. Link in bio. It is one of my favorite videos we've ever made. Thanks for all the support! For those of you who don't get it, it's just a song. Don't get your panties in a wad. There's plenty of rock and pop punk songs on the record. #SPalbum5"

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(source / source)

Yeah, it's definitely that we don't get it, it couldn't possibly just be a bad song.
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Someone Directly Related to Uncle Terry Will Call Him Daddy for Once in His Life; Assistant Pregnant

I encourage you to click the link in the embedded tweet if you wish to feel forever unclean

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Making a donation to Planned Parenthood in their name. They give out free condoms. Use them.


Future Oscar winner, Cristiano Ronaldo, dropped from Scorsese movie

-Directors feared that Cris would take up too much of the spotlight (v true)
-Earned €10 million in compensation
-The movie is based on the life of Alessandro Proto


Justin Timberlake Gets Inducted into the Memphis Music HOF, Gives a Long Rambling Speech

- Was inducted alongside Scotty Moore, Sam & Dave, Alberta Hunter, Al Jackson, Jr., and Charlie Rich.
- Claims he wrote a speech, but veered from it several times.
- Says several times throughout that he would "take his time," "take the whole night," and was "literally about to become the weird uncle that got drunk at your wedding and took the microphone at the reception."
- Spoke a lot about Memphis, obviously. His speech included several references to various people, places and things in Memphis.
- Thanked Jessica, calling her his "beautiful, loving, and incredibly understanding-of-her-husband’s-shortcomings wife" and saying "she ain't from [Memphis] but she built like she is."
- Believes himself to be funnier than he actually is.

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First official image of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Synopsis of the film:
Look for Patsy and Edina, still living the high life you've come to know and love. They're boozing and shopping their way around town, but when they're blamed for a major incident at big launch party, the two become entangled in a media storm and are hounded by paparazzi. They take off, penniless, to the French Riviera, and plot to make the escape permanent. Look for A-list cameos from actors, musicians and fashion pros.

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Anthony Mackie endorses Donald Trump for President

- Claims it would be the best party ever if Trump won.
- Think Trump came up from nothing and is a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" candidate that people can relate to LMAO.
- "I'm on the bandwagon," he said. "I'm drinking the Kool-Aid!"

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life is strange episode 5 launch trailer

episode 5 "polarized" comes out today or tomorrow depending on where you are and what platform you play on. more details at the source

[spoilery description of the video if you can't watch]max is in the dark room ofc. she narrates that all this started when she got her powers and she has to go back in time. then it shows her taking the selfie from the first episode in front of her photo wall. then she's on a "pac west airlines" plane. going to oregon pre-game, or back to sf? hmmmmMMMM

(i think the "spoilers" in the trailer are obvious if you've played all the episodes, but just in case.)


predictions ontd?? who are ur faves? did you make any choices u regret?
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Ariana Grande + Her Mom Teach Feminism 101, with a #Focus on Gender Labeling

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Who taught you to be a feminist, ONTD?
Source 1, 2
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Amy Schumer Accused of Stealing Jokes from the Late Patrice O'Neal

Amy Schumer's closing joke at her Apollo special is being compared to some bits from Patrice O'Neal, the comedian who passed away in 2011.

Here's a video comparing the two:

Summary: They both describe sex moves, Patrice calling one "The Gorilla" and describing it as ejaculating on a girl's face then sticking pubic hair to her. Amy describes the same scenario, calling it "The Abraham Lincoln," explaining it looks like his beard.
Patrice details "The Houdini," where a guy is having sex with a girl doggy-style, switches places with a friend without her knowing, then sneaks out and waves to the girl from outside of the window. Amy describes "The Houdini" the same way - then rightfully mentions it's rape (which Patrice does not mention).


Amy claims she's never seen the Patrice bit before:

Here's Amy's tweet after Patrice's passing:


stolen anything from the dead lately, ontd?
Until Dawn

People are still mad about ANAD Captain America book.

-Sam Wilson, the current Captain America, fights the Sons of the Serpent, a group of extreme right-wingers who use violence to stop Mexican workers from migrating across the border.
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I love how this book and Batman #44 made conservative fans mad tbh.

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New King of Country Music Sam Hunt Debuts Beardy Video for 'Break Up in a Small Town'

Sam Hunt rocks a thick beard and burns down a house in the video for his latest single "Break Up in a Small Town," the fourth from his hit album Montevallo. With three No. 1 Country songs already under his belt, it's inevitable he'll add a fourth to the tally with this one. Check out the video below.

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Source 3

Keep slaying me, my 6'4" Country King.
Harry Shades

ONTD Original: Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is only 12 days away! Do you have a costume yet? No? Well let's take a look at some of the best celebrity costumes to inspire you!

Already have a costume?? Then just enjoy the post :)

Ed Sheeran
 photo halloween23_zpsfcxetukw.jpg

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 photo meangirlsgif_zpsqbavfqza.gif

ONTD, what are you being for Halloween?

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racists call for star wars boycott over ""white genocide""

- internet trolls/self proclaimed fanboy racists want to boycott the new star wars movie due to the black lead, john boyega
- they say that it promotes "white genocide"
- it's currently the #2 trending topic on twitter, and twitter is going in
- tweets are at the source, as op finds them vile and won't repost 'em

Team Bus

Gilmore Girls revival ordered at Netflix

A revival's in the works at Netflix with Amy Sherman-Palladino, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson. This is just negotiations. It's looking to consist of four 90 minute episodes.


Selena Gomez on Bad Blood, Nick Jonas, Miley/Nicki + Same Old Love breaks the Top 20

Video Summary:
- Disney girls took their own path
- Thought Miley/Nicki was part of the show
- Pleads the fifth on whether or not Bad Blood is about Katy
- Says her friendship with Taylor was NOT the cause of her and Demi's fallout
- Says she doesn't think Nick Jonas is gay because they dated (not proof but okay)
- Did not cause the breakup between Chloe Grace/Brooklyn Beckham
- Celebrity crush is Chris Evans
- Most insane rumor she's heard: She's been pregnant a few times

- Same Old Love rockets from #38 to #18 on the Billboard Hot 100
- SOL is Selena's 3rd straight top 20 single following The Heart Wants What it Wants (Peak #6) & Good For You (peak #5, currently #10)
- I Want You To Know (where she is a feature artists peaked at #17)


the pop song of the year, Perfect, needs to be ha next single
taylor swift

Future Queens of K-pop Debut with "Like OOH-AHH"

TWICE, the latest girl group from JYP Entertainment, released their debut music video today! "Like OOH-AHH" features a zombie concept just in time for Halloween.

The 9 member girl group, featuring members from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, was formed on the Mnet reality show SIXTEEN earlier this year. Sixteen contestants were split into "Major" and "Minor" groups, with the Majors getting treated like stars and the Minors living like trainees. Contestants switched between the two groups depending on their performances, with the final 7 forming TWICE. Tzuyu was added to the group based on online voting and Momo was added based on JYP's personal opinion, creating the full 9 member lineup.


Are TWICE making you feel Like OOH-AHH, ONTD?

John Oliver didn't actually break Canadian law/ FEDERAL ELECTION RESULTS DISCUSSION POST

- The actual rule is that no foreigners are allowed to "induce" voters to vote a certain way. His opinion does not constitute "inducement"

It's finally here! Results start streaming in at 7:00pm ET

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Bubble Gum Duff


Your next Prime Minister of Canada ONTD

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Sources: My TV, My 4-Eyes, & Twitter
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I hope JT goes up to Harper with his majority Government win and says:

Mods I will update the post with more celeb tweets as they come in

Aussie Treasures: Prince Liam the Simple in a cute bit with Adorable Jesters Hamish and Andy

We couldn’t afford Liam Hemsworth to be the face of the Race That Slows Down The Nation. So here’s our solution…

Posted by Hamish & Andy on Sunday, October 18, 2015

From Hamish and Andy's Facebook page

The entire interview is very funny and can be found on their most recent podcast around the 19 minute mark.


Aussie ONTDers, what's your favourite Hamish and Andy bit? I have their compilation CD '50 Glorious Years' and I listen to it all the time.

Hamish can get it any time tbh.

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Lauren Graham & Mae Whitman Teaming Up to Adapt 'The Royal We'


- The story is of an American girl-next-door who moves to England to study at Oxford and falls in love with a fellow student, who happens to be the future King of England. written by GoFugYourself.com creators Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks
- Lauren Graham is writing the script
- Mae Whitman is starring

Star Wars fans crash ticket sites

-Fandango and Movie Tickets both crashed Monday night after Star Wars tickets went on sale
-tickets apparently were released earlier than they were supposed to
-"Something funny is definitely going on. We're getting to the bottom of it" -Fandango


did u get your tickets ontd?
selina kyle

Jane the Virgin 2x03 Promo


[spoilers for tonights episode]omg Alba tonight! My heart!

Also, lmao @ Gina in this episode. Give her an Emmy and another Golden Globe. Bachelorette!Jane was hilarious.

And while Michael might have been too blunt at the end... I think he's right and also he and Jane were BEYOND cute in the flashbacks. And that was only after 2 months together! When will Rafael, tbh?

In other flawless triology news, Topher Grace defends Spider-Man 3

Topher Grace, who portrayed Star Wars Superfan Eric Forman, and I guess Venom, said that Sam Raimi did a "fantastic" job on Spider-Man 3. Arguing that managing a movie of Spidey calibre is no small feat, Grace likened Raimi's job as director to "running a small country". He alluded to the fact that, despite criticism from fans and critics alike, Spider-Man 3 still made a ton of money for Sony, unlike this summer's hot mess of Fant4stic 4.


ONTD, when will you accept Tobey Maguire as the superior spidey?

ALCS Game 3: Royals rally late, but cannot catch the Blue Jays. Series now Royals 2, Blue Jays 1

A 4-run 9th inning wasn't enough to catch the Blue Jays, who scored a commanding 11 runs. Canada wins on this election night!

Blue Jays, let you be the inspiration my Cubbies need to win tomorrow

Daniel Radcliffe fell in love with his current girlfriend while filming a sex scene


-Admits he fell in love with his gf Erin Darke while filming sex scenes with her in Kill Your Darlings

-Says that their sex scene in that movie is "a wonderful record of us flirting for the first time".
"There's no acting going on - not from my end, anyway says Radcliffe.. "There's a moment when she makes me laugh, and I'm laughing as me and not as my character. She was incredibly funny and smart. I knew I was in trouble."


Did you fall in love with your s/o while filming sex scenes with them ONTD?
Spartacus: Gannicus Animated

James Woods tries to come for Bernie on Twitter, remains embarrassing

So that guy who was last relevant as the voice of Hades is continuing to go all "old man yells at cloud" on Twitter about politics. Bernie tweeted that China mandates 14 weeks of paid parental leave so the US needs to get its shit together and do something itself, and Hades wasn't having it. 95% of his Twitter is Faux News-esque trash, but he's especially losing it over Bernie lately and called him a moron and a commie today.

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Source is his Twatter.