October 17th, 2015


Taron Egerton to start shooting Kingsman 2 in April after Robin Hood reboot delayed

- Robin Hood: Origin was supposed to shoot in Jan 2016 but Fox wants Kingsman 2 to start before April, creating a scheduling conflict for Taron

- (Apprently, it might not be the only Robin Hood movies in development)

- However, Fox won the battle as Lionsgate pushed back the Origin movie's production to end of summer next year

- The script is still being written by Matthew Vaughn but it is unsure whether he'll be back as the director


Glad he'll be back with Kingsman but nhf another 12750 Robin Hood movies. Ugh

Teen Vogue '11 Jump

Liam: "A 100% we're gonna come back".

Full video:

Liam and Louis talk about:

-how they will miss touring
-being 100% back after the break, dont know how long exactly it'll be tho
-Zayn leaving the band

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Kim Lip | Doris

Ariana Tweets Support of Selena & Demi!

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What are your favorite songs from #Revival and #Confident, ONTD?
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The Beginner's Guide: A game about depression and anxiety

The Beginner's Guide is a narrative video game by Davey Wreden, also known as the creator of The Stanley Parable. TSP was praised for being an incredibly experimental and though-provoking game by critics. Back to the The Beginner's Guide, however. It lasts about an hour and a half and what makes it so interesting is that it has absolutely zero objectives or goals. Instead it tells us the story of a person struggling to deal with something they do not understand.

The game was released the 1st of October and has managed to render even the loudest LP-ers (i.e. jacksepticeye) speechless.

[Announcement Trailer]

[A full playthrough]
I decided to add this in for anyone who can't buy it right now but would still like to have a look! Though, I do recommend buying it if you're interested. And if so, I think it's best to start the game without any spoilers but that's completely up to you. I should also mention that it can be very hard-hitting for some people.

I picked this LP in particular because he, MrKravin, does a full and clean playthrough of it and gives his thoughts throughout the game and also addresses his own personal struggles at the end. You can tell that the game really calls up a lot of feelings for whoever plays it.

Source @ Steam, Source 2

this is my first post here and it is of a game that came out 16 days ago. yikes. i'm sorry if i did something wrong or if this is too late. ): but i can explain the tardiness!! i actually hadn't heard of the game til a friend told me about it like a week back. so i played it 2 days ago and i haven't had a game get emotions like these out of me in ages. it brought me way back. i thought i'd share it here because it's definitely an experience like no other. and this seems like the perfect opportunity for the next;

so, ONTD, how have you been?
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5 SOS Respond To Bitter Journalist Who Attacked Them Online

5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton responded via interview to a recent Twitter tirade about them by a known music journalist.

- The journalist started a twitter tirade on them,  said the band is destroying the reputation of Australia worldwide
- In an interview Ashton responded to it and said,
It says we’re ‘not cool enough’… I mean, what is that? What is that culture of judgment? I think that’s b***s***. I couldn't give a f*** [ if we're cool enough]"
- Some stats so far: their debut album sold over 3 million, and their last world tour was about 1.2 million tickets sold, their current unreleased [Oct 23] album is #1 in 50 countries.
- Their manager said, "
We’ve got all these amazing statistics we can reel off to make people pay attention, but the figures just don’t hit home with some people. Some listeners are determined not to like the boys.” in regards to some of the unneccessary hate the boys get.


their album leaked... you all should really give it a listen, the songs you heard so far are crap compared to the album
castaway>>>>>>> everything


Gwen Drags Gavin in New Single "Used to Love You"

The best Gwen is a heartbroken Gwen. She used her breakup with bandmate Tony Kanal as inspiration for breakout hit “Don’t Speak.” And, years later, a temporary breakup with Gavin Rossdale fueled the brilliant Return of Saturn. But Gavin and Gwen got back together and made it work for over a decade. Her sugary music during their marriage left a lot to be desired (“Hollaback Girl” will forever be a bop though).

When news broke that Gwen and Gavin filed for divorce, the selfish music fan in me wondered whether the raw emotion from that experience might reinvigorate Gwen’s music. If new single “Used To Love You” is any indication, yes. Yes, it will.

Listen as Gwen yells “I used to love you!” with the same lovelorn passion she had back in the ’90s.

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CBS refuses to air ads for Dan Rather movie 'Truth'


- Sony tried to buy ad spots but CBS turned them down
- CBS is "not comfortable accepting the ads because of inaccuracies and distortions in the movie, and that it would offend longtime CBS News employees."