October 10th, 2015

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Kanye West hates when North buys stuff on his iPad

lmao. what are you favorite apps?

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Kelly Rutherford's PR Team Strikes Again

Kelly continues her PR game of lies again regarding her custody battle, this time conning a Vanity Fair journalist into printing an article full of lies and half-truths. Daniel and his lawyer declined to comment or be interviewed for the article, which the "journalist" apparently took as license to print Kelly's version of events, without even bothering to fact-check it against the publicly available court record.

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Christina Aguilera to Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser + Performing with the New York Philharmonic

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Christina Aguilera

One of the most accomplished performers of the last decade, Christina Aguilera has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, achieved four No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and won six Grammy awards.  She has also received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has had the prestigious honor of being named the only artist under the age of 30 included in Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the 100 greatest singers of all time. In 2011 she entered the world of TV as a coach on NBC’s Emmy Award winning show The Voice. Christina continues to use her voice for good. She has served as global spokesperson for Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief effort since 2009 where her participation has helped raised $115 million for WFP and others, providing 460 million meals and saving millions of lives.

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Another live-action coming soon

- will be produced by Brian Glazer, Ron Howard, Sandy Climan, Annmarie Bailey, and Masayuki Ozaki (who produced the anime series)

- Imagine Entertainment will partnered with All Nippon Entertainment Works and Namco Bandai

- Tiger & Bunny is a post-modern take on superheroes, treading gournd similar to Powers and Watchmen, but with a lighter tone. The series takes place 45 years after powered humans, called NEXTs, began appearing on Earth. These NEXTs are broadcast on a reality show called Hero TV, where they are ranked based on their deeds and compete to be crowned each seasons’ “King of Heroes.”

The story follows Wild Tiger, a veteran hero with old school values and no knack for showmanship. He teams with a younger hero with the same powers and a bit more flair. They take on the challenges of the day and clash over their different philosophies on heroism along the way, and eventually must take on a homicidal vigilante NEXT named Lunatic.


Who you'll like to see playing the characters, ONTD? Hiroyuki Sanada as Kotetsu pls.
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ONTD ORIGINAL: 3 Times 5SOS Ripped Off Another Band

Some people have noticed that ONTD's Favorite Band5 Seconds of Summer's new single "Hey Everybody" sounds remarkably similar to Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf", but this is not the only 5SOS song that comes a little too close (i.e. exactly the same) to the songs of other popular bands.
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Have you ever ripped off your favorite bands' most popular songs, ONTD?

Khloe shares her and her sisters' pubic hair situation

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Because we were all dying to know amirite?

-Khloe says she's all about the landing strip. thinks it's weird when it's completely bare "especially if you have tits and ass"
-Reveals Kim is completely bare since she lasered hers off. Sometimes wishes she still had a little something
-Kourtney has a landing strip sometimes
-Thinks vajazzling is stupid

feel free to share pubic hair stories ontd

Taylor Gang Or Die

James Blake ft. Justin Vernon — The Sound Of Silence

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"One New Years Eve I had a friend of mine sadly pass away, and previous to that the things that he'd been saying to me sounded like an attempt to reach out to people. And I thought that after that happened, this seemed to be the only song that could represent how I felt at the time." -James Blake during his BBC Radio 1 Residency


Project Runway 14x10 - Crew's All In

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This week the budget is tightened even further, as the 'real woman' challenge gets a spin by using crew members from the show. They are assigned to the designers, and some are apprehensive as they've been seeing the designers' work every week. Should be a fun ride!

Two days for a challenge, and shopping at mood!

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What are your thoughts ONTD? Also, for anyone that wants to see them, final collections are posted on Blogging Project Runway for all the designers up to tonight's 6.

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Creepy Post

ONTD Original: A forgotten childhood movie retrospective. Halloween Edition!

I have compiled a list of movies from my childhood that I feel don't get the recognition or respect that they deserve. Since we are in the month of October, I felt that it was a perfect time to shine the light on horror movies. They run the gamut from campy kids movies to adult thrillers that I used to secretly watch when my parents weren't at home. Most of these movies can be found on netflix, youtube, cable channels or other streaming sites online. These are some classics in my book! Note: there are some mild spoilers in the descriptions.

Little Monsters - 1989

Starring: Fred Savage, Howie Mandel, and a baby Ben Savage
Plot: Brian (Fred Savage) discovers a monster world under his bed with no parents and no rules, thanks to his new wacky monster friend Maurice (Howie Mandel). The fun and games take a serious turn when Brian's little brother, Eric (Ben Savage), is kidnapped by the evil monsters. Brian and his friends have one night to get Eric back before they too turn into monsters and are forced to stay in the world under the bed.
Moment that messed me up: none.
Message conveyed: It's fun to rebel from your parents, but eventually you have to grow up.

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Info Sources: my memory & 1234567891011

Image Sources: 1

Any scary movies you feel have been forgotten, ONTD?

Honorable Mention to 1987's Monster Squad.
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Shia LaBeouf arrested again

-Tried to get into a bar, but was denied for being too drunk
-He then started running down the road and then jaywalked across the street
-Cops arrested him for public intoxication following the jaywalking
-Shia was booked for misdemeanor public intoxication
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Postseason Day 4 Recap: Rangers, Royals, Cardinals, Mets win. Day 5 Preview.

The ALDS had their game 2s, and game 1s in the NLDS happened, the day ending with a Mets victory over the Dodgers

Kershaw pitched well, but can't break his postseason jinx with a loss to the Mets.

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★☆This is a The Walking Dead Post!★☆

Some of cast on the red carpet for the S6 premiere in Madison Square Garden:

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Fellow Walking Dead fans, who do you think isn't going to make it to season 7? Start placing your bets now!
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Box Office: ‘Pan' bombs, 'The Martian' still going very strong


- The Martian is on track for a $34 million second weekend
- Pan is predicted to make $20 million at most. the movie has a $130 million(!!!) budget
- Steve Jobs is on track for the biggest limited launch of the year with $561,476 from four theaters
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Elias Rønnenfelt of Iceage talks books, looks pretty

- lead singer of Danish punk band Iceage talks about some of his favorite books & his earliest memory of a book
- says he tends not to own his favorite books because he forgets them on the road or gives them away as birthay presents
- prefers 'Story of the Eye' to 'The Story of O' is right
- jokes that Disney has a weird thing for killing off parents, says children's stories shouldn't be sugar coated because they help teach about loss & the harsher realities of life is right again

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full interview + more pics @ the source

book post!
what are your favorite children's books, ONTD? do you think kids' stories should be all sugar and rainbows, or do agree with Elias?

also @Iceage: come back to Switzerland bc i want to see you again, kthnxbye.

Holy shit! Power Rangers Movie NOT A REBOOT!!! + a shitload of spoilers!!

[A SHITLOAD OF SPOILERS!!!]- The main villains are not Rita or Lord Zedd, since they became good people after Zordon's death, but SCORPINA! who was presumed to be death. (Here's hoping Goldar -and Rito- return as well tbh.)

- Apparently it won't be a direct reboot, but a follow-up to the events of the current show: Power Rangers Dino Charge.

- The opening scene is said to be a huge battle that involves Scorpina and her team VS the Dino Charge rangers (cameo! yay!) and their zords, who are protecting the Morphin Grid, an energy field that provides power to every generation of Rangers, and was mentioned by Zordon way back in MMPR.

- It's still unclear if the new cast will be parallel versions of the original rangers or something like that, since they share the same names, but apparently the Morphin grid lets you access the power of past and future rangers.

More spoilers @ the source.

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Mariah will return to Beacon Theatre for Christmas show

Mariah Carey Rockafeller Center Christmas Tree L

Queen of christmas will return to Beacon Theatre for the second time to perform a festive Christmas show

Tour dates include Dec. 8, 9, 14, 15, and 17 and tickets will go on sale on October 17th at 10am.

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Source: mtv
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Mariah this christmas season: A book, a movie and a concert, Yas kween, collect that xmas cheque!

Egyptian Mermaid Rami Malek @ Mr Robot Q&A Panel at New York Comic Con 2015

Beautiul Tropical Fish RAMI Malek attended the Mr Robot Q&A panel at New York Comic Con on October 9, 2015

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Source: http://www.ramimalekonline.com/home/rami-malek-attended-the-mr-robot-qa-panel-at-new-york-comic-con-2015

ok I have not posted in ages, hopefully this went well, I've beeen on a Rami craze lately I mean I even watched AND laughed at all of his parts in that stupid sitcom, also watched the same 20 minutes of Need for Speed he's in waiting for his HOTTEST moment, he is just SO pefect,Rami tag? y/y?