October 6th, 2015

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Noted Instagram Model, Rihanna, Praises Rachel Dolezal; "She Was A Bit Of A Hero"

In her latest Vanity Fair cover story, Rihanna is asked for her thoughts on Rachel Dolezal. Her response? “I think she was a bit of a hero, because she kind of flipped on society a little bit,”...“Is it such a horrible thing that she pretended to be black? Black is a great thing, and I think she legit changed people’s perspective a bit and woke people up.”

Damn, 2015....do you agree that Rachel Dolezal was a hero ONTD?
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This white woman that raps wants to collab with Tinashe again.

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I don't remember Tinashe saying she wanted to work with Iggy again, tho lol Don't do this to me, girl. I already have to deal with C**** B****... (even tho I've been bopping to his version oop).

haters will say its photoshop

Grace Jones: Gaga doesn't have a soul

Jones basically rips Gaga to shreds (a skill she’s apparently aiming to perfect). Evidently, Jones had Gaga pegged from the moment the two musicians met.

“Gaga came to me, and I just could not find a soul. I come from church—maybe that has something to do with it. I like to get to the soul of a person. I just didn’t feel a soul."

“She might have been freaked out with meeting me. It’s okay, but then we met three times after, and…boy, I got so angry.”

Jones goes on to say that during one run-in, Gaga was wearing a piece by Philip Treacy—a designer Jones had already been very publicly sporting on tour.“I know Philip needed to make some money, but you know what, can you just wait until I finish my tour before you repeat what we are working on?”


Jessa Seewald doesn't pay it forward, uses bible to justify being an asshole

Jessa Duggar Seewald had her useless husband Ben's drink order paid for by the car in front of them. On Instagram, she noted that she didn't have to "pay a dime" (later removed). 95% of her comments were criticizing her for not paying it forward.

Later she posted a bible verse that says only through grace will you be saved not through good works. So apparently the bible tells you that you should only do nice stuff if it benefits you somehow or saves your soul or something, not because it's nice to be nice for no reason at all.

ONTD, has anyone ever paid for your food order in a drive-thru and did you pay it forward?

Harry Shades

DWTS Allison Holker Expecting First Child with Future DILF Twitch!

allisonholker WE ARE HAVING A BABY @sir_twitch_alot !!!!!!!!

Allison has a 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship. This will be her and Twitch's first child together. The couple was married in December 2013.

[Spoiler (click to open)] photo twitchgif_zpscgfp8e0v.gif

Congratulations to this cute family, that's going to be one talented baby


Burger King's Black Halloween Burger Comes With An Extra Spooky Surprise

Burger King is known for their delicious fries and creepy mascot. But the burger chain has been trending across social media all day because their new black Halloween Whopper apparently turns people's poo green!

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Paraphrased from @Seventeen. @WomensHealthMag.

ONTD: What's for lunch?

ONTD Original: Streaming Halloween Films For People Who Hate Scary Movies

Witching & Bitching (2014) | Streaming on: Netflix
After screwing up the tail end of a jewelry heist, a father is on the run with his young son and his ragtag group of fellow heist men and hostage. On their way to France, they "happen" across a village that houses a coven of witches. This foreign language film balances slapstick comedy with an over the top, hyperbolic gender war in a rather amusing way.

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Killjoys stars Hannah John-Kamen and Aaron Ashmore at MIPCOM in Cannes

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Hannah <3 Also I feel Luke never goes to anything.

Rita Ora's Underwater Photoshoot for New Restaraunt Sexy Fish!

Current and relevant Pop sensation Rita Ora has a wide array of deals with big brands such as Rimmel, Adidas, Tezeni and now a new restaraunt launching in Berkeley Square, London! Ora shot an exclusive campaign for the new eaterie underwater (so brave)! Before the shoot, Rita had this to say: "I’m excited to shoot underwater, I’m a bit nervous, I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m kinda just gonna go with the flow. So we’ll see if I’m a strong underwater poser, you know I have seen The Little Mermaid.”

The "I Will Never Let You Down" singer will be exclusively performing at the launch event for Sexy Fish in Berkeley Square, London on October 8th (London based ONTD'ers now is your chance to see the Queen)!

ONTD, has your fave ever shot an exclusive campaign/commercial for your favorite eaterie?

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Kanye West thinks the Kardashians should have Emmys

In a SHOWstudio interview, Kanye West can be heard saying, "I feel proud to be in a family that has, you know, so many people breaking ground for the generations to come. I just feel it's like, 'Woah.' It's like reality show; that's so fucking new of an art form. To the point where, my wife and my family should’ve had plenty of Emmys by now. Reality shows are considered to be like rap was when the Mondrian wouldn’t let Run DMC and motherfucking Will Smith stay there because they were rappers or the idea of a reality star not being allowed into a fashion show or not being nominated for their show, even if it’s the longest running and the most popular and everybody I know watches it.”

Harry Shades

ONTD Original: Best Songs Written About Other Musicians

Everyone wishes that they were able to write a really killer song either to show another person how much they love them, hate them, miss them, want to fuck them, etc. But what happens when these talented people write songs about the other select few with this talent? MUSIC GOLD THAT'S WHAT.

Style - Taylor Swift

Subject: Harry Styles of One Direction

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 photo stevie_zpshdlyj9di.gif

ONTD, what are your favorite songs written about other musicians?

jas tookes
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Kanye West think he's discriminated against in the fashion industry for not being gay

During his 2 hour interview with Showstudio he said: "I feel like I got discriminated in fashion for not being gay. In music, you definitely get discriminated in music if you are gay. It takes amazing talents to break down barriers. Everyone thought that when Frank Ocean dropped that it was going to be bad for his career. I feel like it’s so cliché to speak about him as it relates to this subject, but there are people who broke the ground and he broke the ground. The people that break the stereotypes make history."

— Chalky

The Last Kingdom post

Teaser trailer + Inside features + Images

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Inside The Last Kingdom: Wessex

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Synopsis: Set in the 9th century AD, The Last Kingdom combines real historical figures and events with fiction, re-telling the history of King Alfred the Great (David Dawson) and his desire to unite the many separate kingdoms into what would become England.

Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), a boy taken from his birthright, raised by Vikings and later fighting for King Alfred the Great and his son Edward, must tread a dangerous path between both sides if he is to play his part in the birth of a new nation and, ultimately, recapture his ancestral lands.

Premieres this Saturday on October 10th.

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BBC's youtube channel, Image sources: 1 2 3 + The Official BBC America site

We found R8 in a hopeless place: Rihanna will reveal R8 artwork in LA; the album is near

It hasn't been a good year for Rihanna fans to say the least(and I'm being nice), but these past two months in particular have been messy. From the stupid Vanity Fair comment she made about Rachel Dolezal, to all those PDA pictures with that 23 year old tryhard homophobic goblin. And on top of that there was no sign of R8. But just as the Rihanna Navy ship was about to sink to the bottom of the ocean, God said "That's it--they've suffered enough." and stopped the bleeding. According to an LA Times writer(who often gets invited to music events, including Rihanna's BBHMM release event), Rihanna is about to reveal the R8 album artwork at an art gallery in LA(more than likely sometime this week) and is inviting the media and possibly fans. Although this art stuff is all very over the top and pretentious(blame Kanye), this basically means the album could in fact be coming in November, which is usually when Rihanna releases her albums.

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This album better be full of bops, all this mess she put this fan base through since last November.

Ashley Judd Reveals Sexual Harassment by Studio Mogul

- Talks about being harassed in the late 90's, by a powerful studio head
- Has heard stories from several other women that went through the same with him;
- Mentions 'retaliation and ridicule' as methods he and others use to keep their victims silenced in the industry;
- doesn't name names, but most people can guess who the mogul is

- I have a feeling if this is online and people have the opportunity to post comments, a lot of the people will say, “Why didn’t you leave the room?”, which is victim-blaming. When I kept saying no to everything, there was a huge asymmetry of power and control in that room.

source, Full Article
adventure time
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valentino s/s 2016 show inspired by ‘wild Africa’ sparks controversy

The maison faces accusations of cultural appropriation following a show featuring bongo drums and a cast of mostly white models wearing cornrows. Some were not too happy about the language used to describe the African inspiration ("wild" and "primitive"), as well as the lack of black models.

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Isabella Cruise Wedding: Parents Allegedly Can't Get Along: Celebrities- They're Just Like Us!

  • According to the Daily Mail, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's 22 year old daughter Isabella got married in a secret wedding last month. Her parents, along with her brother, were "banned" to keep the event as private and low-key as possible.

  • Tom understood and respected his daughter's wishes and paid for the wedding, suites and party.

  • The wedding was a mix of Scientology and Christianity rituals, however, Isabella's husband is not and will not be a Scientologist.

  • While Nicole didn't attend the wedding, she allegedly had dinner with Isabella and her new husband the night before the wedding, and she was also involved in the wedding preparations (although according to the always inaccurate NY Post, Nicole had no idea about the wedding).

  • While both parents approved of the union, it's believed Isabella's parents ban also had to do with her parents' continued (alleged) animosity. Tom. Nicole. It's been fifteen years and two marriages later. Move on.

  • Cruise and Kidman's reps have ignored requests for comment.

Isabella and her husband, more pics at the source:

Daily Mail
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Sanaa Lathan and Gina Prince-Bythewood are working together again!

  • Prince-Bythewood directed Lathan in the now iconic Love & Basketball

  • The TV show will be about a black cop who shoots a white teen in Tennessee (okay...)

  • Prince-Bythewood will direct at least the pilot, maybe the rest of the series

  • Lathan will play an investigator

nick and jess

Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara Campaigns Fuel Category Fraud Debate

- “Category fraud” refers to the practice of campaigning a leading performance in a supporting category to increase an actor’s chances of a nomination or win.
- Casey Affleck in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” or Hailee Steinfeld in “True Grit”, and Tatum O'Neal are examples of active leads being campaigned as supporting
- Since Vikander and Mara were announced to be campaining as supporting, critics have been questioning: "two seemingly heavyweight contenders in this year’s fledgling Best Supporting Actress race are pushing the limits of what might be considered reasonable category-fudging"
- "But this kind of gamesmanship is damaging to the race in the long run, limiting opportunities for the sterling character actors for whom the supporting awards were devised in 1936 — after complaints that having just one acting award per gender left their contributions largely unacknowledged"
- Kate Winslet in “The Reader” and Keisha Castle-Hughes in “Whale Rider” are recent examples of being campaigned for one category and getting a nomination in another.
- Suggests eliminating category specifications from campaign materials

What do you think about 'category fraud' ONTD? Excited for awards season?


Ms. Lovato Goes to Washington

Demi was at the National Council Hill's day, an annual two-day event in which behavioral health professionals and advocates meet with members of Congress to fight for better mental health care resources and treatments.

Demi was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and suffered with eating disorders, substance abuse, self harm, mania, and depression. She noted that her father had bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She has been speaking out about mental health reform to multiple news outlet. Basically wants treatment to be more affordable + spread awareness about the issue.
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US News | MSNBC | Pics

Are you suffering from any mental health disorder, ontd?
Shirley Animated

Fall of the House of Duggar '15: their church even says Dillards are full of shit, unqualified

-The hits just keep on coming for the rapidly-spawning trash-heap that is the Duggar clan. We all know Jill and Dehydrated Aaron Rodgers have been trumpeting their "mission work" (aka pray-cation) in Central America (why) but people have been calling bullshit for a while now, wondering where the donations they've solicited are actually going, and why they keep dragging their unfortunately-named baby back and forth to the US for weddings. Turns out they're not even "real" missionaries at all, and have not been endorsed even by their own creepy megachurch.

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Source again.

ONTD, have you ever lied about doing something "important" with your life in order to scam vacation money out of gullible religious fundamentalists who think your contribution to overpopulation is cute, inspiring, and moral?
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Madonna cracks jokes about molestation

Pop singer Madonna took to Instagram to promote her Rebel Heart Tour by making innapropriate "jokes".

"I believe this man is molesting me!", she captioned a photo of a dancer grinding up to her and followed it with a laughing emoji and a heart.

Madonna previously used Instagram to drop the N-word, call Japanese people "ninjas", use the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack to promote her album and compare the leak of the same album to rape and terrorism, amongst other things.

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Rooney Mara 'Felt Really Bad' about the Pan whitewashing


"It wasn't great, I felt really bad about it. It was something that I thought about before I met with Joe. When I met with Joe and heard what his plans for it were, it was something I really wanted to be a part of. But I totally sympathize with why people were upset and feel really bad about it."

Bieber is still pressed 1D dropping their album on the same date

-During his interview with the New Zealand station The Edge, Bieber expressed that he thinks 1D was trying to steal his thunder by dropping their album on the same date as him.

-When asked about the subject, he said "'[They're] not really going on the road much, but we're talking about them now, so it gives them some promo, right? But, whatever. It's whatever. It's gonna be fun. I'm excited to see what happens," he went on to add "So, that's probably why they did it. I think it was strategy on their part because my release date was first."

*There's a video at the src if you're interested.



BTS secrets of various casting decisions on TheCW

Some of the interesting tidbits:
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best/worst casting decisions?

Trailer for Versailles

- Versailles is a French tv show shot in English about King Louis XIV. In 1667, the 28-year-old monarch is on the cusp of greatness. A ruthless leader, he will stop at nothing to achieve his vision of creating the most beautiful palace in Europe and seizing absolute control of France and his enemies.

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Emma Watson: "I'm okay with (real) leather as long as no animals are seriously hurt in the process"

Emma Watson ftr
New Interview

On it being 15 years since she started playing Hermione:

"It's so weird! It was really kind of like one of those nice full circle moments because I did my last day on Beauty and the Beast, as Belle, and as I was driving home, I saw all of these stuff reminding me that it had been 15 years since the day I was cast as Hermione. Most than half of my life".

Interviewer asks her if he could gift her a leather bag:

"As long as no one's in tons of awful, horrible pain. As long as no animals are seriously hurt in the process, then that's fine with me".
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full interview at SOURCE

Yankees lose to Astros in Wild Card game, eliminated. Jessica Mendoza makes history again.



Yankees fans are so spoiled, I can't believe how many people left early, smh. I am now currently 100% accurate on my 2015 postseason predictions. Tomorrow: Jake Arrieta Show

also I can't believe the shit I saw on twitter about Jessica Mendoza. I guess the postseason is bringing in the mouth-breathers, most people were very positive on her when she first replaced Schilling.


Tom Hiddleston becomes the first official British Film Institute Ambassador

BFI announced that Hiddles will become the first official BFI ambassador. His new role as the BFI ambassador will help encourage BFI's work in building up the new generation of talent and film lovers in the UK, as well as being an advocate for British film industry.

Hiddleston accomplished a lot both under and over the radar with his career, starring in Hollywood blockbusters such as Thor, The Avengers, War Horse, Midnight in Paris while also starring in British films that held more of an artistic POV compared to Hollywood productions, working with British filmmakers like Joanna Hogg in Archipelago, Terence Davies in The Deep Blue Sea and Ben Wheatley, where his upcoming film High-Rise will be premiering at the BFI London Film Festival on Friday 9 October.

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this non problematic prince now 2015 can wish tbh