October 4th, 2015

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A Great British Bake Off Post! Week 9: Chocolate

Week 9's theme was chocolate, where the 4 semi-finalists had to create chocolate-based desserts. The signature bake was a chocolate tart, the technical was a chocolate souffle and the showstopper was to make a 3D chocolate centrepiece.

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Next Week's Theme is a secret bc it's the FINALS~
Soggy Bottom, Store Bought Fondant, Granular Icing, Baking Royal Icing
and me (+ my friend with a bike).

Who do you think is gonna win, y'all? Who do you want to win?

tove lo

Miley Doing a Limited Club Tour of her "Dead Petz" Album


Thursday, November 19, 2015
Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre

Saturday, November 21, 2015
Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore

Friday, November 27, 2015
Washington, DC @ Echostage

Saturday, November 28, 2015
New York, NY @ Terminal 5

Saturday, December 5, 2015
Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory

Sunday, December 6, 2015
Boston, MA @ House of Blues

Tickets are $70 & go on sale Wednesday 10/7 @ 4pm

One of my flop friends better reply to my text about going! This will definitely sell out fast.


ONTD Original: Top 10(5) Teen Movies

1. Mean Girls

Honestly, there's not much to say. One of the most iconic teen movies of our day - way past being over-referenced - starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert and Lizzy Caplan, screenplay by Tina Fey. What made it so iconic when it got mediocre reviews when it premiered ? Good script, good casting, good timing ? No one really has a solid answer, but the movie's longevity is unarguable at this point. With quotes that are still (over)used, screen caps and gifs still being all over the place, it preserves its popularity even after a decade.

2. Clueless

Based on Jane Austen's Emma, Clueless is still deemed one of the most popular teen movies, rivalling Mean Girls. Whatever ! Perhaps it was because the movie focused on female friendship while breaking stereotypes. The movie received some criticism upon being labeled as a feminist movie with regards to Cher being into fashion and make up, but c'mon, it's a chick flick, and even so, portrays the characters in a very positive light in contrast to some others *cough* Mean Girls *cough*. All in all, the movie is still considered iconic in all its fashion loving, female empowering glory.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You

Based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, 10 Things I Hate About You made quite an impact. It features your classic troubled teen, who hasn't made anyone cry yet, but it's only 4:30. It stars Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon Lewitt and Julia Stiles, with a killer soundtrack. It also unexpectedly makes you emotional, who didn't tear up when Kat says "and mostly i hate the way i don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all". It's one of those films you can watch over and over and no matter what decade you're in, it'll still be relevant.

4. Not Another Teen Movie

Based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, 10 Things I Hate About You made quite an impact. It features your classic troubled teen, who hasn't made anyone cry yet, but it's only 4:30. It stars Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon Lewitt and Julia Stiles, with a killer soundtrack. It also unexpectedly makes you emotional, who didn't tear up when Kat says "and mostly i hate the way i don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all". It's one of those films you can watch over and over and no matter what decade you're in, it'll still be relevant.

5. Cruel Intentions

Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair, Cruel Intentions is considered to be iconic due to SMG's flawless 90's fashion, that one kissing scene which precedented Not Another Teen Movie, the fact that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipphe were together girl and of course the soundtrack. Did you ever snort coke from your cross necklace ontd ? Didn't think so.

Honorary mentions to: Easy A, Legally Blonde, Breakfast Club, American Pie, Heathers.

src: 1 2 3 4 5

Well Ontd, it's Oct. 3rd
Odin's Demon

Premier Webisode of DC's Superhero Girls!

"It’s the start of a brand new year at Super Hero High School!!! Follow your favorite DC Super Hero Girls as they experience the ups, downs and all arounds on their first day of school."

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(source / source / source)

Gotta say, pretty pleased that I have yet to see any comic dudebros outraged over this yet. Seems to be flying under the radar and it totally deserves more attention. 
Team Bus

Hayley Atwell and Clark Gregg to appear on Lip Sync Battle

Hayley teased an announcement on Twitter yesterday regarding the Dubsmash War and then late last night, people belonging to a free ticket site were e-mailed about her and Clark appearing on Lip Sync Battle, set to tape today in LA. An airdate is unknown.


Kingsman 2 post

- Director Matthew Vaughn is planning to shoot the sequel next April even though there's no final script yet
- However, Taron Egerton who plays Eggsy in the first movie had nabbed a lead role in Robin Hood: Origin which starts shooting in February
- Usually the actor's rep could manage the scheduling problem but it'll be up to the studios. Insiders do believe it'll work out for Taron, though

Kingsman 2 Could See the Return of Colin Firth

- Mark Millar, writer of the original comic book:

“That's the conversation everyone's having right now, because part of what made that movie work is Colin. Colin's fantastic, it was a two-hander, that film. You also want to have the integrity of the story, so if you are bringing him back, it has to make sense. That's where it is at at the moment. Beats of the story have been done. [Screenplay co-writers] Matthew [Vaughn] and Jane [Goldman] are working on it at the moment. Some things have to be worked out, some decisions have still to be made and everything, so it's all fairly amorphous, but all going well.”

- back in February, Vaughn hinted that Firth only died in a wide-angle shot and audience never saw his funeral.

- he said people are upset that Firth might not be in the sequel but he's coming up with ideas at the moment and will figure out how to have him back.

Source: 1, 2

I hope Taron would stick to the sequel tbh. Aaaaand I hope Vaughn sticks to his word in making Merlin gay in the sequel
Creepy Post

ONTD Original: The 30 Year old ONTD'ers life, a music retrospective. Part 3!

Music was an important aspect of my life growing up, so I decided to make a definitive list of iconic songs/artists that helped define specific time periods of my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. This is the third and final in my 3 part series of posts. Each time period will contain 10 highlights, in no particular order, that I felt best fit my experience. This last one was a little difficult as it is the most fresh in my mind. It was hard to choose just 10 things, so some of your faves I have tried to incorporate into other categories. So sit back, relax, and relive your youth.

This post goes out to the middle 80's babies (84-86).

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Video Sources: 3334353637383940414243444546474849

Info Sources: my memory & 6789

Image Sources: 12

What are some of your musical memories, ONTD? Part 1 posted HERE Part 2 posted HERE


Teens React to Fifth Harmony

-Most of the teens know 5H and like "Worth It"

-Teens think "Worth It" and it's video are some feminism statement...

-Some guy thought this might be Little Mix before guessing 5H

-Favorite Member Ratings:

1. Camila- 6 Votes

2. Ally- 4 Votes (Go Ally!)

3. Lauren/Normani- 2 Votes

4. Dinah... 0 Votes (this is kind of sad cause her verse owns the song)

Source: YouTube

— Médine

Paddy Considine joins the cast of Peaky Blinders + other S3 things

- Paddy Considine will join the cast of Peaky Plinders for season three.

- Obviously not much is known of his character yet but he'll be playing a representative of a force that Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) must reckon with.

- Considine joins regulars Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Joe Cole and returning guest star Tom Hardy.

- The third series will see Shelby get caught in a more international conflict that puts his organisation and his family at risk.

- The filming of the new season starts tomorrow.



ONTD Original: Top 5 Bad Acting Scenes in Films

image host

Whether it be from bad acting, bad writing, or just bad everything, there are some scenes in films where you're not supposed to laugh out loud, but do, because you just can't take it seriously. These second-hand-embarrassment-scenes can come from all genres, and all types of characters. Now, let's take a look down memory lane and watch these very iconic cringe inducing scenes together:

(*These scenes may or may not reflect the director's/actor's overall ability to direct/act, but you of course are the judge of that.)

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Source: 1,2,3,4,5,6

Do you agree with me, ONTD? If not, share your favorite cringeworthy scenes.

First 'Triple 9' Trailer (NSFW)

Director John Hillcoat returns with an action-packed drama centering around a group of corrupt cops who are blackmailed by the Russian mob to pull off an impossible heist.
Contains explicit images and graphic violence.

Opens February 19th, 2016.

Source 1, 2

You Can Now Dress Like Fetty Wap!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

-PacSun and the Young & Reckless clothing company are releasing a clothing collection inspired by Fetty.

-Currently available on PacSun.com. Prices range from $28 to $55.

-Young & Reckless on their new brand ambassador: “Fetty is the natural choice to represent the “Still Runnin'” pack. He’s been on the move since we met him and months later there’s still no sign of slowing down. If we’ve learned anything from Fetty, when you’re on top you should be working just as hard as you were when you were grinding in the early days. That’s the true key to lasting success.”
♪ ♫ No_Days_Off.mp3

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The MLB regular season ends today! Here's your postseason preview.

biased postseason graphic because I'm making the post

Today was the final day of the regular season in Major League Baseball! Some things were decided today, including playoff spots and home field advantages, so here's a preview of the postseason to come!

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End of season baseball post! Did your team make it? What were the highlights of the season for you?
Seulgi | Eye Candy

Preview of Demi Lovato's Confident M/V

The music video comes out on October 9th , which is the same date as Selena's album release (#PreorderRevivalNow).

13 seconds of Demi standing.

Demi talking about #Confident.


This is a "Hemsworths Being Australian" Post

On Saturday, most of Australia (well...all of Victoria and like some of the rest of Australia) was caught up in Grand Final Fever. For those of you who don't know, this was the day that the Australian Football final was held between the Hawthorn Hawks and the West Coast Eagles.

Reminding us that they are, at heart, just a couple of Aussie blokes, the Hemsworth brothers had tickets front and centre! Prince Liam the Simple posted this on his Facebook:

King Chris the Thunder Down-Under a.k.a T-Hammer also had a political run-in, as evidenced by this post from Prime Minister and Rains of Castamere fan Malcolm Turnbull:

Good to meet Chris Hemsworth today - talked about the contribution of the creative sector to our economy. But a bit weird he insisted on me calling him Thor

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull on Friday, October 2, 2015

Thank you for your time.

Liam's Facebook
Malcolm Turnbull's Facebook

Liam looks GOOD but Chris is serving me some reeeaaalll Shane Warne feelings in that pic with the PM. And YEEESSS they barracked for the Hawks! Didn't know I could love them more but I do.

Aussie ONTDers, did you watch the GF or did you enjoy the sun?

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman's Daughter Is Married

  • Cruise and Kidman's 22 year old daughter Isabella got married September 18th to a British IT consultant in London, according to Woman's Day. Her husband is NOT a Scientologist.

  • Neither Tom, Nicole, or their son Connor attended the wedding, according to RadarOnline, although Nicole is in London currently. According to our fellow members, Nicole WAS at the wedding, Tom and their son Connor were not. The wedding was for the couple's close friends. This is allegedly due to the private Isabella not wanting the press to show up due to her famous parents' attendance.

  • According to an insider, Isabella has already changed her name to Isabella Parker.

  • Neither Cruise or Kidman have met their new son-in-law, but Kidman is apparently "overjoyed."

Sources: Woman's Day, RadarOnline, DailyMail

Congrats, Isabella!
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Gigi Hadid explains Taylor's #ffffffeminist squad

"We want to be the generation and the group of friends known for supporting each other. 'Squad goals' is a big social media thing right now, and that's what we want to inspire in other groups of friends — to be proud of the power you all have when you're together, which can be amplified so much by each person.

That's what has been cool about everyone's willingness to be there for each other, and we don't want to be like other generations who are infamous for their cattiness. That was cool, and it worked for them and they were great. We just want to be the new generation."

Did she just lowkey admit they're using each other for social media exposure then?


ONTD Original- 4 Nasty Custody Battles

Thanks to Kelly Rutherford, ONTD is slowly becoming more versed in International Law. Goes well with all the other expert fields we know so much about. Let's look back at some messy custody cases, this will either be new to you or old news if you've been on ONTD and reading the tabloids growing up, like my old self.

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My memories as well as: Kelly's Wiki, Usher's Wiki, Halle's Wiki, Burt and Loni Divorce timeline

ONTD Original: Fancasting the new Power Rangers

As you may know by now, Hollywood is rebooting the Power Rangers, and a new movie is scheduled to hit theaters on January 13, 2017. Because of this, I decided that it would be cool to fancast the new heroes of Angel Grove, even though rumor has it that they're planning on getting unknowns to play the main characters, just like they did with the original American series back in 1993.

Yes, it has been that long.

Here are the official descriptions of the characters, and who I think could play them if they went with known, or kind of known, actors.

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source + my words

ONTD, who do you want to play the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?