October 1st, 2015

HIMYM reunion: Cobie Smulders on Best Time Ever with NPH

-Same segment as the one Britney did last week called Voices in your Head.
-Also featured in this episode Tyler Perry, Jay Leno, Sister Sledge, Ceelo Green, and some others i can't remember.
-Performances by Sister Sledge and Ceelo

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Am i the only one watching this show?its lots of fun. I'm a game show addict tbh
they all just want one thing from a girl
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Get ready to be rated in real life, ONTD!

There will soon be a Yelp for people — and it sounds truly awful.

It’s called Peeple.

Mad at your ex? Well, with a new app, you’ll soon be able to rate him or her for everyone to see. The app, called Peeple, is expected to launch in late November, according to the Washington Post.

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as a private person this is AWFUL i hope it crashes and burns. this is like an elmofire.gif waiting to happen.

Pope Francis blesses Kim Davis, reminds progressives that he's still head of the Catholic church

- Pope seeked her out and met her privately to thank her for her "courage",said he'd pray for her and told her to stay strong
-Pope avoided  taking any political sides in his speeches, but progressives have been loving him since he was basically preaching tenants of the New Testament of Love and Kindness like the first Hippie on record Jesus would have wanted.
He has confirmed that the meeting took place but will not discuss what was said there, Kim Davis has already done that on his behalf though
-People forget that when you pick and choose nicely, the Bible can be the most progressive book ever.
- Now that its out there you can hear the collective groans of progressives everywhere, although they should really know better, he is the head of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, opponents of contraceptions and general female reproductive health outside of popping babies, what were you expecting?
-Also its gay marriage!!The day the church allows it officially we can all then just float on to planet Kolab cause it be the end of the world y'all.
-Cue multiple articles on "how disappointing this is"...ummmm what? they share the same view on this issue
-Don't act all surprised when a Catholic acts Catholic.

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What are your feelings on the Pope ONTD? Personally i like him on a lot of stuff, he's never gonna be some shining progessive beacon. Take what you can and leave all the crazy out, like most Christians do.
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Brian Austin Green Seeks Spousal Support From Queen Megan Fox


Brian Austin Green officially filed documents to seek spousal support from Megan Fox.

Paperwork was filed on Tuesday with Green asking for spousal support from Megan Fox. Green hasn’t worked since the car accident in December while Megan continues to get roles and make bank.

He claims he can't work because of dizziness and Vertigo from the car wreck.

A source said of the former couple, “Things had been rocky. They’re on friendly terms for the sake of their kids. They just want to do their own things.”


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Taylor Swift and Haim Perform "Hot In Herre" With Nelly

Swift's 1989 Tour descended on St. Louis Tuesday night, and as is tradition, Nelly was on hand at the Scottrade Arena to perform to his hometown crowd. The rapper delivered his 2002 smash "Hot in Herre" with Swift and the Haim sisters serving as Nelly's dancers and backup singers. Source

Chet Haze talks about time in rehab, drug use and his use of the n-word

Basically he's sorry to anyone he offended when he was doing cocaine and saying he could say the n-word. He was also dealing drugs and smoking crack but is doing better since he spent time in rehab. He also encourages people to get help if they need it and to go to a meeting or just send him a DM and he'll talk to them about their struggles.

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Kris Jenner is struggling, y'all

- Hasn't been the same since Caitlyn's coming out/transition, and is in total shambles behind the scenes
- “She never smiles anymore,” points out one pal. “Before she would always be the life and soul of any gathering, bringing people out of their shells, smoothing over any arguments among her kids and adding a real sparkle to any occasion.” Now, however, “She can barely summon up the energy to lift up her martini glass.”
- Seems to no longer care about what's going on around her, as evidenced by letting Kylie and Kourtney be on their phones the whole time while they got dinner (which was apparently a no-no previously)
- "
Poor Kris is a shadow of her former self and it seems she’ll never recover from this.”


Candace Cameron Bure relates online backlash to rape

In Wednesday's episode of the View, when discussing the reactions to Lena Dunham's underwear photo, Candace Cameron Bure one-upped Lena's comparison to domestic violence by likening harsh online comments to rape. She is quoted as saying, "“I’ve never been more verbally abused in my life than on Twitter, and specifically in the last few months, having come on this show. A lot of people don’t agree with me. That’s fine, don’t agree with me. But you don’t have to verbally abuse me and rape me. That’s what they do to me on Twitter.

the outsiders: ponyboy
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more bill cosby victims step forward

- three more women have stepped forward to accuse cosby of sexual assault.
- one is a former ms. america, one aspired to be in playboy, and the last was a cocktail server.
- details of assaults are at the source.
- there are now more than fifty known accusers. gloria allred says that there will be even more coming forward.

the outsiders: ponyboy
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guess who: donald trump edition

the hunger games cast was recently interviewed on the subject of who they would be voting for in the 2016 election, and one member said this:

“I was watching him on the campaign trail and one guy said, ‘I love Donald Trump because he’s saying everything I’m thinking and I just can’t say it because of the PC factor.’ And I’m thinking, ‘You are absolutely right. That’s who I want representing my country, somebody politically incorrect. That will just be perfect.’”

can you, ONTD, guess who said it?

[got ur ballots ready?][did u say josh hutcherson?][what about jennifer lawerence?][u sure u know who it is?][its not liam, thats for sure]IT'S JENNIFER LAWRENCE.

She went on to say:
“If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world.” and “I genuinely believe that reality television has reached the ultimate place where now even things like this might just be for entertainment,” she says. “It’s either that or it’s Hillary’s brilliant idea.”

For those of you who care what her co-stars had to say:
Josh Hutcherson: “It’s a publicity stunt,” he says. “It can’t be real.”
Liam Hemsworth backed her up on the statement that election Trump would be the end of the world.

Taeyeon | Stunning

Selena Gomez for Flare Magazine

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On her album:
- She executive-produced so she could have more control over it.
- Came up with album title in Mexico after she was body shamed for her weight gain.
- Thinks her strength is translating emotion through her singing.
- Her album is about vulnerability and empowerment.
- "I wanted to make an album—I didn’t want to make just a million singles—and I wanted it to be rich with emotion. The titles of the songs speak to where I am in my life: One is called ;Kill Em With Kindness'; another one is called 'Rise,' which is about life, about everything I’ve been through; another one is called 'Survivors.'"

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If she wasn't famous?
"I would go to culinary school and learn how to be a chef. I was around food my whole life. I’m from the South. My mom’s side did the casseroles, the chicken, the squash, and then my dad’s side was full on, like hours of cooking tamales and rice and beans and homemade salsa, and I’d be like, 'Can we just buy the salsa?'"

Read the full interview at the SOURCE
[OUAT] Emma & Hook kiss

Once Upon A Time 5x02 stills

In an effort to protect Emma, Regina steps up in a surprising way that will test her mettle as a force for good. King Arthur and Queen Guinevere throw a royal ball to welcome the heroes to Camelot, but when the celebration takes a deadly turn, David and Robin must leap into action or lose a crucial asset in the fight to save Emma. Back in Storybrooke, Hook deploys a tried-and-true technique in hopes of bringing Emma back to the light while the heroes discover that some unexpected baggage has followed them home from Camelot.

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Rowan Blanchard continues to slay, shuts down sexist question about teen diet tips

Rowan Blanchard, star of Girl Meets World and 13-year-old genius, was on the red carpet when she got asked if she 'Did she have any dieting tips for teen girls?'

Her answer? “Try and reverse that,” she said. “‘Do you have any dieting tips for other teenage boys?’ I mean, come on.”

Since ONTD doesn't like to read here is another quote from her cool ELLE.com interview.

"It’s inappropriate on so many levels. That makes other girls hate themselves or have eating disorders. We have to change all this. Girls tweeted me after [the] Christopher Kane [fashion show] being like, “Rowan, I liked the clothes, but all the models were this one way.” And I have to be like, “You don’t have to be that one way! You be you.” And again, I’m 13. The designer, the fashion industry — you’re the adults, the ones who can be telling girls, “You don’t have to be one way.” Magazines are starting to address it, which is smart. But we can all do more. I thought we’d see more plus-size models on the runway this season. We didn’t. That was a disappointment."

She is flawless.
ONTD, how aware were you when you were 13?

sulli omg
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10 dead and over 20 injuried at shooting at college in Oregon - suspect in custody.

source: @CNNSitRoom, @cnnbrk.

RIP to the victims, hoping the injuried will recover soon.
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Buffy actor Nicholas Brendon arrested for domestic dispute


Buffy actor Nicholas Brendon was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly getting into a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at a hotel in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

This was his fourth arrest this year.

“Last night after 11 p.m., we responded to a call to a local hotel on the south end of town,” investigations lieutenant Bob Gillson tells source. “We got there [and] found a 33-year-old female in the room by herself …She had come down to give [Brendon] some of his personal property he was looking for. When she gets there she was going to leave, [but] he didn’t want her to leave, so he forcibly took her car keys from her.”

Per source, the actor also grabbed his girlfriend’s phone and threw it into the road.

“In New York we’ve got a pro-domestic violence charge for criminal mischief if you damage someone’s phone to prevent them from calling 911,” he explains, adding that Brendon also allegedly “grabbed [his girlfriend] by the throat and choked her.”

Gillson adds that “alcohol was involved” in the incident. Brendon is charged with third-degree robbery, a felony, two counts of criminal mischief, and one count of obstruction of breathing.

Police called to the scene found Brendon a few blocks away from the hotel, and the actor was taken into custody without resistance.

Full story at Source
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Mira Sorvino Talks About Cult Classic Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Mira Sorvino

The film is officially 18 years old and Mira talked about her experience on the cult classic film.

"That was probably the most fun I ever had on a set. That was so much fun. We were cracking each other up and trying hard not to laugh between scenes because [our characters] were such object idiots but then there was a lot of love between us," Sorvino said Wednesday. "We were so self-assured that we were so smart but we were so dumb."

"I was a nerd in high school. That's why I did this movie. I was such a geek. They called me 'Mira Queera' and the only boys that liked me were the Dungeons and Dragons guys," the Falling Skies star explained. "People wrote mean things on my locker or on my books. Teachers liked me but I had like two or three best friends and the mean girls hated me for some reason - perhaps because I spoke back at them."

"That's why I did Romy and Michele. I wanted to show people who are suffering through that horrible moment of high school of unpopularity and geekdom that it's going to get better and that you have the strength within you to not give a crap about what anyone else thinks."

In the video at source, she also speaks with and apologizes to the creator of Post-its, Art Fry.


It's been a tough day, what's your guilty pleasure comedy fav's?

grace gloat pink

Rihanna caught LYING about record ratings!

Rihanna brags about fake statistics:

Pop singer Rihanna was hoping 2015 would be her year, but after several singles underperforming - her album got indefinitely pushed back.

In order to appear more successful, Rihanna took to Instagram to brag about high ratings of her Rock In Rio festival appearance and shade MTV VMA's for having low ratings.

Sadly, the stats she posted were completely fake.

  • Rihanna claimed her Rock In Rio appearance had 7.5 million viewers and bragged about it being more than the VMAs.

  • Looking into the detailed report of the event ratings, we can see the number is completely false.

  • ""With 2.1 points higher than the second place Adam Lambert and Queen, Rihanna had the show with the highest audience of RIR. In third place was Katy Perry, also a pop artist, with 4.7 rating points.", the report says.

  • 1 rating point is equivalent to 67.000 people watching.

  • This means Rihanna only had 502,000 people watching.

  • MTV VMA's has about 5 million people watching just on their main channel, and close to 10 million people watching all together.

In short:
Rihanna "Rock In Rio" 2015 views: 0,5 million
MTV VMA 2015 views: 10 million

Not a good look for Rihanna!

source 1 (Rihanna's original post)
source 2 (RIR official ratings)
source 3 (MTV VMA 2015 ratings)

Megan Trainor Reaches Xtina Levels of Fame: She's One of the New X factor (Guest) Judges!

If you didn't know before, actual success Mark Ronson is joining The X Factor UK as a judge!

Nick Grimshaw, who jumped to fame thanks to an intense and torrid affair with 1D member Harry Styles (But couldn't break TRUE LOVE, tbh!! #larry4eva), is also joining the panel.

Not only that, but in an obvious sign that the producers ran out of budget after hiring Mark Ronson, Meghan Trainor is joining Rita Ora as a guest judge of the unwatchable acclaimed show!

Read a the whole thing at the SOURCE!

Sorry mod, fixed it!

BBC Confirms new 'Doctor Who' TV spin-off called 'Class'.

- The show will be aimed to young adults.
- It will be run by Patrick Ness. So no Moffat! YAY!
- It's still unclear how it'll be linked to the Who universe. More clues will appear this season.
- It'll have 8 episodes (45 minutes each) and it'll premiere in 2016 in BBC3.
- No sight of new episodes of Torchwood, K9 Adventures or The Sarah Jane Adventures (RIP Liz)


I'd rather have more Torchwood tbh.
jo bae
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Whisper Queen Selena Gomez Seductively Whispers Her Way Through Good 4 U

A beautiful Selena Gomez performed her hit single Good For You on Le Grand Journal. & She did an interview.

- only worried about fans safety when shes mobbed, not ha self...selfless queen
- is planning a tour after revival, the revival tour ..2016 y'all!
- doesn't want to talk politics cause she doesn't want any more headlines about herself
- doesnt know why people are mean


Britney Spears Queen of Celebrity Perfumes + Visits Universal Studios theme park + Candids

- Celebrity fragrance sales dropped a little in 2013 due to oversaturation in the market
- However brands launched during the heyday of celeb perfumes early 2000s tend to do better than newcomers like One Direction

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what's your fav fragrance, celeb or otherwise, ontd?

celeb perfume source / bs source / bs source / candids source / candids source / candids source / candids source

HTGAWM Viewing Post: Sherri Saum cast for season 2

Sherri Saum from "The Fosters" is confirmed to have a guest role on season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder this fall. Details of her character have not been released.


HTGAWM airing 10 PM EST tonight! Viewing post?
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Was the real Avril Lavigne killed and replaced by an impersonator?

-Brazilian Avril Lavigne fans think that she was killed and replaced by an impersonator.

-Her fans think that Avril Lavigne died and was replaced after her first album became a global hit.

-Fans aren't convinced that the Avril who has been releasing music since her second album is really her because all of her stuff after her first album has sucked.

-Fans believe that there are hints in Avril's albums and videos that prove that she has been replaced by an impersonator.

Source: https://twitter.com/noiseymusic/status/649629960085213184

Do you believe that the real Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by an impersonator?

Meth Damon Climbing His Way Towards That Potato Throne

Jesse Plemons AKA Meth Damon is interviewed by The Program co-star and french citizen Denis Ménochet for Interview Magazine in order to promote Black Mass, FX's Fargo season 2, and obviously, The Program. He's photographed by Brian Higbee and this interview is one of the most boring things I've ever read.

  • He says he doesn't know exactly when he decided that he wanted to be an actor. Did a Coke (why not meth?) commercial when he was 2 years old. He and his family were also extras in a bunch Western movies.

  • Worked on a ranch while 16.

  • Is really into music, that's all they talk about this whole interview.

  • Ménochet's life motto is "Not on my watch!".

  • Meth thinks it would be fun to walk around Bill Murray's mind.

  • He seems legit nice and low-key.

Check two more photos under the cut.
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Are you ready for him to replace current Potato King Channing Tatum, ONTD? TYFYA!

It's *NSYNC's 20th anniversary today!!

To celebrate, here they are singing Happy Birthday to some lady:


Which flawless *NSYNC song and/or outfit changed your life for the better, ONTD?

Padres Pitcher Bud Norris Channels His Inner Donald Trump

-blames non-Americans for fights, citing a meaningless study
-ignores the fact that fights have always existed and have never been limited to foreign players
-forgets that international players are giving the sport some global relevance
-is probably just salty about how many home runs Dominicans have hit off of him lbr
-specifically calls out the Astros' Carlos Gomez, probably because Gomez is on a team in contention and the Padres suck
-Gomez says he plays the game passionately and should be allowed to show emotion

here's a pic of Jonathan Papelbon choking Bryce Harper because he's American and respects the game

here's your baseball post, ONTD
Dev Patel: The Green Knight: FOX TALKS

Heroes Reborn 1x04

"The Needs of the Many"

In search of someone from his past, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) breaks in to Renautas for answers. Miko (Kiki Sukezane) continues her rescue mission and travels in search of her sword. Elsewhere, Tommy (Robbie Kay) must use his ability to save the life of someone close to him. Meanwhile, Luke (Zachary Levi) comes up against unexpected obstacles in his relationship with his wife, Joanne (Judi Shekoni), while Carlos (Ryan Guzman) takes major steps forward in his heroic journey.


still don't care about Carlos

Today's Laughable News About Kelly Rutherford

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- Kelly says she fears her ex could one day disappear into the night into [horrible] Monaco.

- Claims the fact that they lived on a boat is the reasoning behind that thought.

- Doesn't get why she is labeled as a kidnapper and an abductor.

- Still pissed that the law was on his side when the kids were told to be on the plane after she did not return them on time.

- The most outlandish quote was from her lawyer, saying "It was a Kafka-esque ambush proceeding that left the public in shock."

- It's gonna be a long few weeks before the Oct 26th court date.

tv3 source

Selena Gomez Confronts Fan

Do not mess with Selena Gomez and her sunglasses!

While in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, Selena Gomez had her sunglasses stolen by a “fan”. This fan then blasted Selena on social media saying she would only return the sunglasses if Selena gave her concert tickets.

The fan then returned to a radio station where Selena was exiting and returned her sunglasses. The side-eye Selena gives her is priceless! Selena then confronts the fan and calls her “immature.”

*Fast forward to the 3:08 mark & the 5:09 mark*


ONTD: Have you ever stolen something from a celeb?

Stars Are Just Like Us!: Rihtiree Shuffles Through Airport Looking Terrible

Where else would the Rob Kardashian Chanteuse be other than Paris Fashion Week? Hmmm maybe rihcording her album? Idk I'm not a music exec, just a supermodel. The 2015 Teen Choice Nominee for Choice Selfie Taker was photographed bumbling around Charles De Gaulle airport wearing what looked to be a stained sweatsuit she stole from Bubba Sparxxx in 2005. When will your faves constantly disappoint you in such an unstylish manner?

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Jaden Smith's GF wears her mugshot on a t-shirt to court

56 nights

Jaden's girlfriend of about a year, Sarah Snyder, wore her mugshot on a t-shirt to court Wednesday. She was arrested for stealing a $15,995 Hermes bag, although she says she will not accept pleas or offers because she swears she's innocent.

"The only thing we are interested in is an exoneration and an apology," her attorney said.

And what did he think about her court get-up? "My clients are free to express themselves in any way that they choose, and I do not advise them one way or the other on availing themselves of their first Amendment privileges."


How did your court day go, ONTD?