August 25th, 2015

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Tracy Morgan marries fiancee

-Tracy (46) got married to Megan Wollover (28) on Sunday
-The couple were engaged since 2011 and have one daughter, Maven
-The wedding takes place fourteen months after the 6 vehicle crash that had Tracy hospitalized for an extended period of time and resulted in the death of his friend, James McNair
-Tracy says he was determined to be able to walk his wife down the aisle without the use of a cane or wheelchair and is now looking forward to sharing more milestones with her.


What a Surprise: Jared Fogle's Obesity Foundation Was a Sham

- The Jared Fogle Healthy Lifestyle Nationwide School Grant Program was supposed to support schools and communities to fight against obesity. A pledge of $2 million was originally stated by Fogle.

- From 2009 to 2013 the program spent $73,000 a year without a drop of money going towards a grant.

- 60% of the expenditures were filed under executive Russell Taylor's name - the first individual who went down for child porn charges before Fogle.

- The program was actually invalidated by the State of Indiana three years ago but of course the IRS never checked in and still views it as a valid organization.


Wouldn't surprise me if the whole organization was a front for a CP ring.
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Did The Weeknd plagiarize an unreleased Majical Cloudz video?

The Weeknd is being accused of plagiarizing an unreleased Majical Cloudz video. Mitch Moore, the director of the video, posted a clip on Instagram of both clips for comparison. He says that a private upload of the unreleased video was shared by many via email, so it's possible that The Weeknd's camp could have seen it. The Majical Cloudz video was ultimately scrapped because of creative difference.

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Source: Instagram

Do you think The Weeknd ripped off Majical Cloudz?

Daniel Brühl and Jessica Chastain are husband and wife (for a film)

  • Bruhl will play the director of the Warsaw Zoo who is married to Jessica Chastain's character

  • The film is a Holocaust drama about the two who were not Jewish but helped save over 300 Jewish lives

  • Niki Caro (Whale Rider) is directing

  • Focus Features already bought the rights which means they can see that this is potential Oscar bait

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source 1 2

Ugh I am so sick of the trend of naming things the ____'s wife.
So Lonely

Bruce Springsteen's album "Born to Run" turns 40 today

Born to Run and the Decline of the American Dream
Bruce Springsteen’s breakout album embodied the lost ‘70s—the tense, political, working-class rejection of an increasingly unequal society.

article highlights:

- Springsteen's first 2 albums (Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. & The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle) were commercial flops
- In Philadelphia, demand for "Born to Run" title track was so strong that WFIL, the city’s top-40 AM station, aired it multiple times each day
- Springsteen grew up in small, conservative Freehold, NJ
- he was a loner in school who nobody would have remembered if he didn't become a musician
- Springsteen's earlier bands, and then the E Street Band, became popular with blue-collar people along the Jersey Shore
- his music offered escape from the tumultuous 70s
- “I don’t think the American Dream was that everyone was going to make it or that everyone was going to make a billion dollars,” [Springsteen] later said (as captured in the anthology, Bruce Springsteen Talking). “But it was that everyone was going to have an opportunity and the chance to live a life with some decency and a chance for some self-respect.”


what's your favorite Bruce Springsteen song/album, ONTD?

Mariah is not birthing a half troll-being

o MARIAH CAREY 900 jpg?32

Thankfully, Mariah's uterus is not harboring a troll.

Mariah's reps told source that she is not pregnant.

Previously Mimi has stated that she is she done with being preggers after being birth to Moroccan and Monroe aka #dembabies, the father was Nick Cannot. She said that being pregnant with twins was a strain and she would never wants to do it again unless her partner would be willing to birth them #feministqueen

Fun Fact: While the twins were being born, a live recording of 'Fantasy' was played, Mariah said she wanted them to come into this world with applause.

Source: e! onlinee! online

ONTD, would you get preggers and birth twins if the father was a billionaire? yall student loans would be paid

ONTD Original: 10 of Aaliyah's Best Videos [as told by me]!

Today marks the 14th Anniversary of Aaliyah's tragic accident, where she lost her life in a plane crash after filming her "Rock the Boat" music video in the Bahamas. In honor of her memory, here's my original list of her 10 best videos ranked by me.

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ONTD, what are you favorite videos/songs by Aaliyah? Haters, you can seethe...stay out!
lm & 5h & big ang <3
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Little Mix - "Hair" Preview + highest HOT 100 climber this week!

+ Black Magic is this week's highest climbers on the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart! It's at #68, but expect it to fall down next week since they left America already and won't be doing promo anymore. RIP in peace.

Wanda Gasp

ABC News Interviews/Reports on Youtubers Sam & Ashley, I mean Nia.

-ABC interviewed urine stealer Sam & his victim Nia after their "miscarriage" but before the Ashley Madison scandal.
-Sam and Nia say they would never lie to their viewers.
-Sam makes YT videos to shine the light of God on the heathens.
-Their videos "show what a family looks like when Ashley Madison God is in their home". (LOL)
-ABC says the AM scandal has tarnished their image.
-Reports that Sam fought a vlogger who ridiculed his family on twitter.

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Radio 1 announces its september live lounge line up

Line Up by Date
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I hope everyone tunes in on Sept 17th for Canadian pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen!
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Julianne Moore and Bruce Cohen Fight to Change Confederate Name of HS Alma Matter

 photo julianne_zpsiyzyd3bp.jpg

Both attended during 1975-1977 and aim to change the name of J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia, honoring a Confederate general, to Thurgood Marshall, the name of the first African American Supreme Court Justice.

Joint Statement: "When our school was founded in 1959, it was named after Stuart, a Confederate General, to protest the 1954 Brown vs. the Board of Education ruling that ended the segregation of public schools. Today, this school is attended by a diverse group of students who should not have to attend a school that bears the name of a man who fought to keep African Americans enslaved."

Julianne: "We name our buildings, monuments, and parks after exalted and heroic individuals as a way to honor them, and inspire ourselves to do better and reach for more in our own lives. It is reprehensible to me that in this day and age a school should carry and celebrate the name of a person who fought for the enslavement of other human beings. I think the students of this school deserve better than that moniker."

Bruce: "The reason why it was never changed is because students never said it was wrong. Now that's changed . . . finally, there's real momentum."


 photo julianne2_zpsobkkchnw.gif

ONTD, was your high school named after a racist old white dude?

ELLE's #Thisis30: 35 (4) of the world's most accomplished 30-year-old women

To mark ELLE's 30th anniversary, the magazine assembled 35 extraordinary 30-year-old women to talk about being 30. Below are only 4. Please visit the source for the remaining 31.

Olivia Wilde, Actress
"I've embraced aging from both identities, as a woman and as an actress. Honestly, wisdom allows you to have a more fulfilled life. And as an actress, I think it's great when you're too old to play dumb."

Olivia's longer interview: Stopped caring what people thought of her at age 27; that's when she got her divorce and felt like her career was just starting. "Thirties feel like a fertile ground. The twenties are for fucking up, that's what you're supposed to do, and your thirties are for using the knowledge you gained from said fucking up to make something, to put that experience toward something useful. And then I think your forties are an opportunity to enjoy what you've worked for."

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Lily Rose Depp comes out as not straight

Lily Rose Depp has taken part in a photography project by photographer iO Tillett Wright, which has taken pictures of over 10,000 Americans who fall anywhere in the LGBTQIA spectrum.

Tillett Wright posted a picture of the two of them on Instagram with this caption:

"I'm so proud of my baby girl @lilyrose_depp, She decided she wanted to be in @selfevidentproject because she falls somewhere on the vast spectrum, and I couldn't be happier to welcome her to the family. She's a tiny gem of a good human. #prouduncle #weareyou"

how did you come out, ontd?


Great Value™ Chanteuse Rita Ora and Adidas Announce their Fall/Winter Collection!

Rita Ora and Adidas have officially announced their 2015 Fall/Winter collection titled Space Shifter! The unGrateful singer is no stranger to collaborating with the wildly popular sports brand. The two have previously worked on the Dragon Print pack, White Smoke pack, Super pack and the O-Ray pack, which was released this summer! Adidas describes the singer and collection as follows: "Ora, Queen of the Universe, is inspired by the cosmic influence of the changing shape of the moon. Wild light shows and mysterious dark-sides dominate a multi-dimensional collection of lenticular rainbow fabrics against a black base. Classic sports silhouettes compliment unique fashion pieces as blocks of color, all over textural treatments and solid black reflect the lunar cycle in a color rich range."

Check out some of the collection behind the cut. More of the collection is available to view at the source.

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Do you have your own collection with a major sports brand while the general public has no idea who you are, ONTD?


Hot Rumor of the Day: Guess Which Two Heroes Team Up Against Another In a Huge Civil War Fight

[WARNING: THIS SPOILER IS LITERALLY SO SHOCKING TALK ABOUT UNEXPECTED]the aforementioned battle will be Captain America and Bucky vs. Iron Man

What mindblowing scoop do you have about Civil War (or any other upcoming blockbuster)?
I have a friend with a bike who currently works for Marvel and they told me this hot exclusive that you won't hear anywhere else! [take this with a grain of salt]Steve and Bucky will talk to each other in Civil War
[FS] red lips

The Flash Adds Two New Characters

-Violett Beane is female speedster Jesse Quick
-will appear in multiple episodes
-gets caught in crossfire between Barry and Zoom
-gets her powers from a formula

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TV Line's Twitter
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Selena Gomez Wants You To Know Who She Is NOW

Selena Gomez is not happy with the way her interviews have been going lately apparently, as she tweeted last night something about how she cant wait to release her music cause that's who she is now and her interviews sound like her at 16 etc etc.
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She also posted a new selfie on instagram, channeling her inner Kylie Jenner, cause apparently that's who she is...NOW.


who are you now, ontd?

ONTD Original: Top 10 Virgo Faves

Now that we are well into season, let's reflect on some of the awesome human beings born under this sign! Who made the cut? Find out more below!!

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Coming next... Top 10 Messiest Virgos

mods: no source was really used other than their wikipedia entires to grab their birthdates.
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KStew is sorta playing Coco Chanel

-Karl Lagerfield is the writer and director of the short film which is about Coco Chanel. Specifically, it's some weird meta approach where the movie is about the making of/behind the scenes of a Coco Chanel biopic.

-She's playing an actress who's preparing to play Chanel. Geraldine Chapline is also in the short film and has played Chanel in the past.

-She shot for two days last month. “She played it really, really mean. You only see her in tests and she’s complaining about everything. She’s mean with the director; mean with the producer.”

-Lagerfeld’s movie will premiere in December, at Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Arts show in Rome.


Next Blade Movie to Have Female Lead?

-Rumblings that the reasoning behind the delay of the latest Blade comic is because this Blade will be the one featured in the newest Blade movie/television show for the MCU.
-New Blade comic features Fallon Grey, Blade's daughter.
-From Birth Movies Death: "It's Buffy The Vampire Slayer if Buffy were black and her Watcher was her dad." (um sign me up please?)
-Wesley Snipes may be involved.
-Could this be the property John Ridley is developing for Marvel?

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ONTD's Favorite On-Screen Couple Kiss for their New Woody Allen Movie

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart make out for their new WOODY ALLEN movie. Will this movie fair just as well as American Ultra?


I'm uncomfortable.

 photo jessekristen_zpsakxxtzkc.gif
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert First Week of Guests: Scarlett Johansson, George Clooney, & more!

George Clooney
Jeb Bush
Jon Batiste and Stay Human
Scarlett Johansson
Elon Musk
Kendrick Lamar
Travis Kalanick
Toby Keith
Amy Schumer
Stephen King
Troubled Waters

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres Tuesday September 8th on CBS


ONTD, are you ready to crown the new King of Late Night?
Evans Laugh

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chances Media Day!

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CBS - Meet The Cast - Introduction Video

Source: 1 | 2

The 90 minunte season premiere of Survivor Cambodia airs on Wednesday, Sept 23!

If you want to talk about boot-list spoilers, please put it behind an LJ spoiler cut for those of us who don't want to be spoiled!
Taylor being cute

My husband wants to die in my arms': Celine Dion reveals her husband Rene Angelil's request

*For those who don't know Rene has throat cancer
*The title speaks for itself and says she will be there when he dies
*Talks about how Rene wants her work, to do interviews, she didn't want to but is doing it because of his persistence also when she is not there with him he freaks out too.
*For the past year she has been grieving but for now she's handling it
*Says it hasn't hit her that he won't be around but she knows it's gonna hit her but for now she's concentrating on letting him know that she'll take care of their kids while he is looking over them.


'Kong: Skull Island' Now a Mini 'Straight Outta Compton' Reunion

-Jason Mitchell (who portrayed Eazy-E) cast as "an easy going pilot".
-His Compton co star Corey Hawkins (who portrayed Dr. Dre) has already been cast in the film.
-Mitchell is currently shooting Keanu, the New Line comedy from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, and will be seen in the indie Vincent-n-Roxxy with Emile Hirsch and Zoe Kravitz.


Emma Roberts and Evan Peters reunite for dinner in WeHo

-Neither Emma or Evan commented on the break up, but they both appeared to be on good terms

-Evan has joined the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel

- Murphy said "Emma is doing an arc on American Horror Story at the end once Scream Queens is done, but we haven't figured it out totally yet. She loves the show and wanted to keep being a part of it, so she'll probably do two episodes? Not sure,"


Henry Cavill & Armie Hammer Wrap Up Press Tour for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

On Instagram Armie Hammer writes, "And with that... C'est Fini. It's been 5 countries, countless drinks, and so many new friends. I feel blessed to have been a part of #TheManfromUNCLE."

Check out some photos from the premiere on Monday night (August 24th) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Jesus Christ. Henry, why are you not inside me? Choke me with those thunder thighs of yours until I black out. I will not take no for a damn answer!

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

Nike gathered ALL THE TENNIS STARS for street tennis event

Living legends: Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi
Not-so-legendary: Madison Keys, Nick Kyrgios, Eugenie Bouchard, Grigor Dimitrov
Debatable: Maria Sharapova

And everyone wondered why Queen Serena wasn't seated on the throne hood next to King Roger:

And turned it into a Serena vs Maria thing.

More pics at the source

Howie Mandel apologizes for making bulimia joke on America's Got Talent

One of the contestants tonight on America's Got Talent swallowed and regurgitated one of Heidi Klum's rings (worth half a million dollars), a lock, a key and a pool ball. He also did some weird stomach sorcery where he put the ring on the lock. The judging panel was both impressed and slightly horrified by this. When time came for Howie Mandel to voice his opinion he chimed in with, "I mean think about it people, think about it! This is probably going to come out wrong but you sir make bulimia entertaining!".

Needless to say, people did not the comment well and not long after Mandel, who apparently checks twitter during breaks in the live taping according to Gossip Cop, apologized both on air and on his Twitter.

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Source 1, 2 and 3

Snooki denies her husband Jionni had an Ashley Madison account and calls him a "stand-up guy"

Follow-up to this post.

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Apparently, she also called out Anna Duggar for sticking with Josh even after explicit details from her husband's Ashley Madison subscriptions were leaked: "And his wife is still standing by him! It's like, 'What the f--k is wrong with you? Like, what are you doing?' Yep, screw it."

Sources: her instagram, Us Weekly

New casting process causes Real Housewives of Melbourne to compete and fight for their position

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- A new casting process has been implemented, the Housewives of Melbourne were told that ONE housewife will lose their job by the producers and that they would have to compete otherwise they will not make the final cut.

 - This has caused extreme tension (and maybe some desperation) as they are all fighting for a permanent position as a cast memeber. Gamble Breaux says: "Everyone has their claws out & there is a lot of tension because someone is not going to get through"

- In the American Housewives franchise, producers make their demotion/firing decisions behind the scenes and don't notify the girls until they've come to a decision as opposed to this process where they tell the girls before filming as a warning/threat

- Producers have purposely not finalised their contracts to prove how serious they are

this and season 1 of vancouver (and ONLY season 1) are the only good international ones.
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Warner Bros. Putting 'Man of Steel 2' on "Permanent Hold?"

-Man of Steel 2 isn't a high priority for Warner Bros.
-Studio feels Henry Cavill's time between Batman VS Superman and Justice League films will suffice for now
-Warner Bros. probably would rather focus on launching a new trilogy in Batman with Batffleck since those films have been highly successful in the past