August 20th, 2015

Amanda Bynes lowkeying her way back onto twitter

-She tweeted "Me and the fabulous Michael Costello (I'm wearing one of his beautiful gowns) at the SOAR Los Angeles Gala!"

-"She was 100 percent in good spirits – she's just a sweetheart," the gala's event planner, Kat Minassi, told PEOPLE of Bynes

-Her attorney told PEOPLE that the actress was "doing great."


are u ready for her comeback ?

Chelsea Manning Punished For Having Cait Jenner VF Mag, "I Am Malala" Book and Old Toothpaste

Chelsea is currently serving 35 years for espionage charges related to her distribution of classified documents to Wikileaks.  She was the first transgender woman to receive hormone therapy in prison.  This week a military disciplinary panel found her of the following charges:

- Attempted disrespect (what)
- Possession of prohibited books and magazines while under administrative segregation
- Disorderly conduct
- Medical misuse (aka having old toothpaste)

The following literature was in Chelsea's possession: Cait Jenner's Vanity Fair issue, I Am Malala, an issue of Out Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Transgender Studies Quarterly and more.

The result was 21 days recreational restriction.

Source 1 2

They're trying to drive her to insanity, I guarantee it.

Demi Lovato gets her own Madame Tussaud's wax figure for her birthday

World renowned music superstar, Demi Lovato, unveiled her all new wax figure today in celebration of her 23rd birthday. A little curious on how bad it could look??? Come check it out inside the cut!

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Favorite especially heinous Madame Tussaud figure, ONTD??? Don't Forget (ba dum tis) to buy Cool For The Summer on ITunes, or stream it

Louis Tomlinson's biological father attempted suicide

- Troy was intoxicated and tried to gas himself in a car near his home
- Is currently under medical supervision after continued attempts to harm himself
- Troy has a history of alcohol and substance abuse problems
- Louis views his stepdad, the man who raised him, as his real dad
- Louis has not seen his father in three years even though they renewed contact after X factor fame
- Troy recently reached out to Louis when he found out about the baby Louis is having with Briana Jungwirth, but Louis was uninterested in mending things


Ciara speaks on bringing her son around bf Russell Wilson

-Says she reached out to Future when photos of bb Future hugging RW surfaced but he did not want to speak to her
- She also says it's a double standard bc Future brought his kids around her early in their relationship and no one made a big deal
- Her and RW are still celibate

more at source
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Britney Spears loves Jane the Virgin: "I think the writing is so simple!"

-Britney would love to be a big movie star someday, but she can only book TV roles.

-She will be making a cameo appearance on the CW show Jane the Virgin.

-Britney loves the show because she thinks the writing is simple.

-She started watching the show before it became popular.

Source: The Financial Express

Are you a fan of simple things?

ICON and ONTD fave Jennifer Lynn López mega post: #ElMismoSol, Idol, Vegas, & beauty secrets!

-The SONG OF THE SUMMER El Mismo Sol will be on iTunes TOMORROW.
-This WORLDWIDE SMASH is already receiving airplay in Europe and in the U.S.
-There's a full Spanish version that'll be released soon.

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share your daily affirmations, ontd

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 22 Top 14 Revealed

On last night's episode of America's Next Top Model, the contestants all had to walk on a very high runway suspended mid-air to narrow down the models to the top 14 finalists. Some cracked under the pressure, while others excelled. So, which contestants made it through?

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Who are your faves, ONTD??
elementary - otp

Josh Duggar issues a statement about being a hypocritical cheating dumbass


Josh Duggar has issued a statement re: the revelation that he had a paid account on Ashley Madison.

I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.


The last few years, while publicly stating I was fighting against immorality in our country, I was hiding my own personal failings.

Read the full statement at the source.

No confirmation on whether the OK Cupid account was his, but it was recently deleted. Make of that what you will.

UPDATE: So it looks like the Duggars have been editing the apology as they go. You can follow the revision timeline here.
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👑 Diego Luna 👑 creates new studio to promote Latin American culture

-Teamed up with Pablo Cruz and Eric Bonniot to create, Gloria, a studio based in LA and Mexico City
-Both English and Spanish speaking markets
-Jonas Cuaron, son Alfonso Cuaron, is currently working with Gloria
-Diego previously partnered with Gael García Bernal and Pablo Cruz to form the production company Canana.

#RenewKilljoys and watch the cast try to play their own game

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Source 1 and 2

The amazing Fancy Lee returns for the season finale tomorrow! <3 Anyway I tried playing this game but I was pretty terrible at it. What are your all time favorite games, ONTD?

Jojo Releases Her #Tringle

The wait is over. Nearly a decade since her last album, a battle with her longtime label, and three mixtapes later, JoJo reemerges. Now signed to Atlantic Records (she split with Blackground in 2014), the Boston-bred songstress is readying her third album. After being holed up in the studio, she satisfies hungry fans with a “tringle” of singles, three brand new songs that showcase her versatility.

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pecan pies
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NSFW Trailer for 'Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse'

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is directed by Christopher B. Landon and stars Tye Sheridan, David Koechner, Logan Miller, and Halston Sage.

It will open in theaters October 30th and in historical distribution deal, will arrive on home video and VOD within 17 days of its theatrical run.

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Source: bloody-disgusting

ONTD Original: Best Bollywood Dance Videos of the 2000s

One thing Bollywood is absolutely known for is its memorable dance numbers. Go to any Indian wedding and you'll see at least one dance performance to a hit song! I've tried to compile the Top Ten videos from the last 15 years.

10. Hum Saath Saath Hain - Maiyya Yashoda

I'm a bit of a softie and when it comes to Bollywood, I love the cheesy family dramas. This one was quite the multi-starrer with the likes of Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Tabu and Saif Ali Khan. The song portrays love-stricken ladies pleading to the mother of their Romeos to save them from the men's relentless flirting. Maiyya Yashoda is saccharine sweet like a mango lassi, so just enjoy it guilt-free

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Feel free to disagree with my choices in the comments, ONTD!

Harley DC


- Shah Rukh Khan has been cast to play Alia Bhatt's romantic interest in Gauri Shinde's next film
- she's 22 and he's 49


I REALLY hope this isn't true and he's her dad or something.
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Jennifer Lawrence is the world's highest paid actress


Forbes' annual earnings survey Top 10:

Jennifer Lawrence: $52,000,000
Scarlett Johansson: $35,500,000
Melissa McCarthy: $23,000,000
Bingbing Fan: $21,000,000
Jennifer Aniston: $16,500,000
Julia Roberts: $16,000,000
Angelina Jolie: $15,000,000
Reese Witherspoon: $15,000,000
Anne Hathaway: $12,000,000
Kristen Stewart: $12,000,000
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Frank Ocean cancels on FYF Fest and gets replaced by Kanye West

-Frank Ocean was supposed to headline FYF Fest on Saturday night.

-He unexpectedly cancels his appearance just now.

-FYF Fest announces that Kanye West will be replacing him.

-Revised lineup under the cut:

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So many people are freaking out lmao. Is this an upgrade or a downgrade?

1d is done with zayn after he dissed taylor

- zayn retweeted something about taylor/the spotify situation and got into a twitter fight with calvin
- 1d is done with him after that and would not consider ever reuniting with him
- harry declared zayn's diss towards taylor "not cool"
- he's "too toxic" for them
- they think his rants are not a good sign and aren't good for him profesionally


this fanfic as if they weren't done with him already...#haylor2k15 though
bowen lebowitz

1D Erases Zatanist Znake out of their History!

One Direction posted this #ThrowbackThursday post, cutting Zayn out of the "Steal My Girl" music video, and the Znake's Zatanists were not happy.


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ONTD, who are you pretending doesn't exist?

[ONTD original] Great Brazilian books (you've probably never heard of)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Real Gabinete Português de Leitura (known in English as the Royal Portuguese Reading Room), a 19th-century library in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hello, ONTD! Your friendly (and charitable, and cute, etc) Brazilian ONTDers luvallthis, milfordacademy and hotel have come up with a list of our favourite Brazilian books (that have been translated into English) - most of them are classics although we did include a recent best-seller.

Brazilian literature is sadly underrated abroad, but that doesn't mean it isn't one of the richest and most interesting in the world, and if you're looking to read more diversely and expand your "world literature" horizons beyond the same 4-5 French and Russian books everyone reads, this is for you!!

We worked super hard on this (so hard!!!) so hopefully there's something for everyone here. There's love and jealousy and madness and murder; messy real-life royals; a vengeful romantic heroine; a pact with the Devil; a dog's will; Black Jesus; and stories set in the barren backlands where it's every man for himself. There's poetry, theatre, non-fiction and prose from different literary movements.

While we were writing this post, we ourselves "rediscovered" some of the treasures of Brazilian lit, and while we're hoping that the gringos of ONTD learn that there is more to Latin American lit than Isabel Allende and Jorge Luis Borges, and more to Brazil than (overused) memes, we also hope that our fellow Brazilians will appreciate this post! <3

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SOURCES: Picture above the cut. #1-5 written by milfordacademy; #6-10 written by luvallthis; honorable mentions written by hotel.

Rebloggable post: part 1; part 2
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Mockingbird spin-off, Marvel's Most Wanted, is planned again for ABC

The spin-off about Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter that ABC failed to pick up in May is back on, titled "Marvel's Most Wanted".

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louis vs. the one direction fan

- basically this girl donated money to a charity to win a meet and greet with the band and was given seats through the charity
- she's complaining because she was given floor seats when she wanted catwalk seats
- someone sent the tweets to liam, he saw them, then louis tweeted
- the same girl met liam a few months ago and was saying nasty stuff about him even though he was really nice and came out to take pictures with her
- she apparently got kicked out of the concert

source 1 2


Fox Insider Spills Secrets about X Factor; One cruel setup involving Britney Spears & Don Philip

-Producers don't rig votes but manipulate the viewers to get the results they want

-Out of touch producers got season 2 winner Tate Stevens the win relying heavily on his sob story. Ignoring the act with most potential, Fifth Harmony, by giving them a ditzy edit.

-Britney Spears' old duet partner Don Philip did not simply audition for the show on his own accord. The producers hunted him down to get him on the show to create a dramatic tv moment knowing his voice was gone. Viewers will remember Don Philip's cringe inducing audition where he broke down on stage and was chastised by Simon and LA Reid.

-One contestant got a nice guy edit since he was a fan fave but behind the scenes, he would grope staff, would text producers that he wanted a "taste," along with other disgusting behavior. They kept him on by portraying him as a nice guy to keep audiences happy meanwhile praying he'd get voted off.

sources and more @

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CNN Posts Potentially Misleading Headline, Gene Simmons' House Used for Internet Sex Crimes

-House was searched regarding "crimes against children"
-No one in the Simmons household is suspected
-Believed to be related to a crime that happened while Simmons was on tour
-Simmons family is being cooperative

Sources: CNN, Twitter

ONTD, have you ever logged onto your neighbor's wi-fi?