July 31st, 2015


Brazzers & Whataburger + Toronto politician aren't impressed with Meek Mill's Drake diss track


The disrespect my goodness. Norm has no chill.

models attempt to defend taylor swift against edward droste

source 2
are they lying?? could it be that a random dude that probably met taylor swift once in his life is not the best judge of character?? is taylor swift paying her friends™ to say nice things about her?? whar does karlie think about this? so what's the truth.gif
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TLC cancels "Gypsy Sisters" following puppy tossing incident

TLC has cancelled "Gypsy Sisters" after four seasons. The cancellation comes after reports that Mellie Stanley's husband Skott Vuncannon killed her puppy. Skott is facing a felony charge of animal cruelty resulting in death after he tossed Mellie's puppy. Mellie took to Facebook to deny that the show was cancelled because of the puppy toss. She said that TLC felt the show had reached its end.

First off the show did not get canceled over me & skott it didn't help with all the drama that came alone with it but it...

Posted by Mellie Stanley on Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Sources: Twitter + The Journal + Facebook 1 + Facebook 2

Comrade Jewbear

Beijing selected as the host city for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games

  • Beijing was chosen over Almaty, Kazakhstan, the only other city bidding (after 4 European cities dropped out).

  • Beijing will be the first city to host both a Summer and Winter Olympics.

  • Criticisms of Beijing as a host are mainly focused on the lack of snow, distance to mountains (farthest skiing venue will be 90 miles outside the city), and human rights concerns.

  • Originally the IOC was planning to vote with electronic ballots, but changed to paper ballots at the last minute. According to an IOC official, there were “interferences with changes of tablets” and scrutineers were "not comfortable with the integrity of the vote.”

  • Also, Lausanne, Switzerland was selected as the host for the 2020 Youth Olympic Winter Games.

Sources: IOC & NYT

ONTD, what are your favorite Olympic moments?

Dita Von Teese explains why the only thing she won't take off is red lipstick.

"I’m reluctant to talk about a lot of stuff because when I mentioned it, a lot of people were kind of really outraged about it and I was like, “This book is full of beauty secrets, and you’re going to have to buy it if you want to [know] all of them.” But I don’t hold back any punches. It’s like, “Oh, my God, I don’t want to read another boring book.” I want to be really forthcoming and honest and have a real, straight talk with people. I talk about everything. There’s a whole section on cosmetic surgery and the history of it, because the history goes way back and there are so many taboos attached to it even now."

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Read the rest at the source.
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Ass Cream Queen Kylie Jenner insists the Ring doesn't Mean a Thing!

Kim's kontroversial kid sister Kylie, klaims she isn't planning on marrying her broke as fuck, multi-scrap selling, pedo boyfriend: Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson anytime soon. For now she's peddling ass cream on her Instagram and planning to get shit face in canada for her 18th birthday.


The original Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, is NHF Spock/Uhura

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

During her r/IAmA on Reddit, Nichelle Nichols answered a series of questions about her life, career, and, of course, Star Trek.

One of the most notable questions related to the controversial decision to make Spock and Uhura into a couple in the JJ Abram's Star Trek fan fiction production. When asked about her opinion, this was her reply:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

During the her IAmA session, Nichelle Nichols also shared a poignant story about Martin Luther King Jr. encouraging to not leave the original Star Trek series after being offered a role in Broadway. Read about this under the cut:

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She's right. Uhura in the JJ Abrams films was essentially made into a love interest and a concoction of every single Zoe Saldana character ever. Justice for Uhura! And Spock, too, tbh, but I feel like Quinto's already gotten enough grief for his awful portrayal of Spock whereas Saldana's Uhura gets a pass.
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ONTD's dream 2016 ballot is becoming a reality...

- Trump called Palin "strong" and "special," also hired Palin's PAC chief of staff as his campaign's national political director.

- Palin fans are excited about a Trump/Palin ticket, and have been posting about it on Palin's Facebook page. However, some Palin fans would prefer Palin running for President, with Trump as her VP candidate.

- Palin joked about running with Trump during SNL's 40th Anniversary show, and Jerry Seinfeld was like, don't tease us!!


Who is your dream Republican ballot, ONTD?

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross welcome a daughter

Ashlee Simpson gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. As of this morning she and husband Evan Ross have not publicly revealed the baby's name. Ashlee also has a six year old son Bronx Mowgli with ex-husband Pete Wentz.

Congrats to them! Who ever would have thought that the girl who ho-downed her way off of the SNL stage would give birth to Diana Ross' grandchild.

drag me down is now the fastest song to reach #1 on itunes

- they released the song at 1 a.m. with no promo
- the song is now #1 in 80 countries
- they'll be performing it august 4th on good morning america for the summer concert series
- the release date on itunes is august 7th so they released it early possibly because of zayn
- listen on spotify or buy on itunes :)



Azealia Banks is not impressed with the new wave of industry activism

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Idt she started the discussion like she says but she definitely did do it even when it wasn't en vogue to do so.
Will Graham shifty eyes
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Agents of SHIELD: Constance Zimmer to recur, Blair Underwood to return

constance_zimmer2 blair2

Constance Zimmer (UnREAL) will recur on Agents of SHIELD season 3, starting from the premiere as the head of a government agency that is hunting down Inhumans. Her character is described as 'more than a match'for Coulson.

Blair Underwood will reprise his role as Dr. Andrew Garner , a neurologist and forensic psychologist and also Melinda May's ex-husband (possibly in multiple episodes).

Source #1, #2, #3

So Drake really got pissed on in a movie theatre? Lil Duval kinda confirms


MLB TRADE DEADLINE IS OVER! Did your team make any moves?

The Mets make a much needed trade minutes before the deadline is over

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We needed this SOOOO bad y'all and we didn't lose much in the trade! I love Yoenis and appreciate his strong eyebrow game. LESSGOOO!

Will a white kid become Hokage? Live-action Naruto film announced

-Lionsgate announced it would make a live-action Naruto movie
-To be directed by Michael Gracey, who is currently doing the PT Barnum biopic, The Greatest Showman on Earth


not much info yet. ontd, who would you cast as japanese ninjas? emma stone?
Panthers p

Taylor Kitsch addresses those Rachel McAdams dating rumors

There have been rumors circulating that Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are not only co-stars but also an item off screen. Rachel addressed the rumors by calling the fascination over her love life, "weird", adding, "I guess you just have to laugh at it at a certain point," not exactly denying or confirming the rumors.

Now Taylor asked to set the record straight said, "There is no record. There is nothing to set straight, she's an amazing actress and a great gal," the 34-year-old actor told ET Canada.

On July 18th the pair were spotted having a morning after brunch in Marina Del Rey.

Source, Source, Source
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Final Chance for Voting in ONTD's Sexiest Men Alive 2K15

Voting has been extended! Now is the last chance you may vote in ONTD'S Sexiest Men Alive 2K15.
Voting closes at 12:00 AM US Eastern Time.


1. If you think a male celebrity just oozes sex appeal, reply to his thread with a simple "+1".
2. To reply to a thread, click on a name from the list below, click reply (located on the bottom of the original thread), and type "+1", then click "Post Comment". DO NOT CLICK "LEAVE A COMMENT" OR SO HELP ME GOD.
3. Only one vote per nominee, please.
4. However, you can vote for as many nominees as you want.
5. Posting your thirst gifs and pics is still A-OK.

If you vote outside the thread of a male celebrity, the vote will NOT be counted.

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dont be shy ontd!


Will Descendants become the Disney Channel's next big franchise? [LIVE VIEWING POST]

-Director Kenny Ortega tells the banned source "So would I like to do Descendants 2? Sure. I think -- were you to ask the cast and the crew -- they'd agree that we'd all love to come back and play here again. The Descendants world really is a wonderful place to play in. More to the point, there are so many characters from Disney animated films that we could draw upon, pull in. There are so many more stories we could tell."
-He wanted to do a fresh twist with Maleficent with the Angelina Jolie film being released last year
-There are a lot of hits and nods to the original animated movies like the huntsman's box from Snow White and the Fairy Godmother's wand from Cinderella

The movie will start 8PM EST on the Disney channel! are you rotten to the core ontd?
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#RenewKilljoys , Sneak Peak + Social Media Pics

I caught the bouquet

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Source 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
New episode starts in 15 minutes, Pawter remains the worst psychiatrist in the galaxy and don't forget to tweet #RenewKilljoys with why you need to see more!
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Idiot Radio Hosts Interview Fantastic Four Cast

The two hosts of an Atlanta rock station, Jason Bailey and Southside Steve, interviewed Jamie Bell, Kate Mara, and Michael B Jordan for the new Fantastic Four film.

Right off the bat, they pick at the Storm siblings. Mara gives him a simple, "Sue Storm was adopted" but the host just can't let it go and keeps trying to repackage his question. Jordan gave a longer answer about different family dynamics.

Then the the interview takes more of a nose dive when a "compliment" about Mara's hair becomes a constant lament about her having to cut it.

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The awkward interview comes to an abrupt end after the publicist FINALLY intervenes after this gem.

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The station made the YouTube version of the video private after some backlash, but the hosts don't give a shit about their behavior.

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Video is at the first source which I know is tumblr but is the only video source available
Halloween | Lucy

True Crime Author Ann Rule Passes Away

- died on July 26 at the age of 83. She had been in declining health.

- "Bundy, she recalled, was "kind, empathetic, sincere, and always insisted on walking me to my car." Only her dog distrusted him.

- Never became jaded. "I am not a cynic because I find at least three dozen heroes for every bad guy or gal I have to write about," she said. "The good in humanity always comes out wayyyyy ahead!"

Not crazy about that headline. They worked together while she was writing a book about an unknown serial killer. It wasn't until later she discovered it was Bundy. I've only read "Small Sacrifices" by her but it was really engrossing although very sad.


Is Emily Blunt our Carol Danvers?

  • Heroic Hollywood’s El Mayimbe was a guest co-host on Meet The Movie Press and was dropping some scoops.

  • It was revealed by the other co-host from Schmoes Know that indeed Emily Blunt has been cast as Captain Marvel, stating they’ve heard it’s a “done-deal”, while in the same breath stating it was only “speculation”.

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ONTD, who do you want to play Captain Marvel? I still think that the fact that Emily keeps getting blonder and blonder is a sign, tbh.
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DEBUNKED: undead character spotted on GOT set?

now there's a reason why there's no #kitsnowwatch and that's because lo and behold, this isn't about him.

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so, with three more seasons lined up, what do you think? Is there a chance LS could actually make an appearance now that everyone is more focused on Jon Targaryen?
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Naomi Campbell Sentenced to Six Months in Prison for Assault on Paparazzo in Sicily

- She scratched a paparazzi's eye when she swung a bag at him in 2009.
- a Sicilian court has now convicted her of assault.
- She's facing up to six months of jail time.
- Her attorney says they're appealing the ruling.


Miley Cyrus Promotes Her Latest Viva Glam Shade

-a bright hot pink punchy, bright red Lipstick and coordinating Lipglass with sparkling pearl shimmer.
-in stores starting in September 2015.

Makeup or Miley post, you guys can decide...

Carly Rae Jepsen debuts new song, WARM BLOOD!

Warm Blood.jpg

Underrated Queen of Pop Carly Rae Jepsen has just released a new song from her highly anticipated new album, E•MO•TION. The song is called "Warm Blood" and is a collobration between Ms.Jepsen and Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend. The song has so far received mostly favorable reviews. One website has gone as far as saying it's indisputable, unfuckwithable pop genius.

Leading up to the album's release on August 21st, she will be releasing a new song every Friday:  "Making the Most of the Night" on August 7th and "Your Type" on August 14th.

Pre-order E•MO•TION today!

Not Carly delivering this underground smash

Source: link, link link

One Direction performs 'Drag Me Down' for the first time live in Indianapolis

One Direction surprised fans by performing their brand new single, 'Drag Me Down' tonight. Well, we all wanted to know how they would sound performing this live. Spoiler: It sounds great.

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Source: 1 2 3

How do you think they sound, ONTD?
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Starz: Renews 'Black Sails' for S4, is developing “Havana Quartet” starring Antonio Banderas

black1 antonio1

Starz has renewed their hit pirate show 'Black Sails' for a fourth season, S3's 10 episodes will air sometime in 2016.

They're also developing “Havana Quartet”, based on the four book detective series by Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, executive produced by Eduardo Machado (who will also write the Pilot) and starring Antonio Banderas (who is also producing it). The main character is Mario Conde, a hard-drinking, romantic Cuban Police Detective who longs to be a writer but settled for a job as a detective.

Sources #1, #2

I haven't checked out Black Sails yet, but I know people here have been singing season 2's praise. I love Antonio Banderas, but this doesn't sound that interesting, anyone know the book series- are they any good?