July 23rd, 2015


Meek Mill apologizes to Nicki onstage and says she writes her own rhymes & to 'let Drake be great'


As a fan? The fucking audacity. Muhfucka please. You said what you said out of jealousy. If Drake had tweeted out a link to your album, you would've stayed silent lbr. And Nicki girl, DO BETTER.
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Plot Details Revealed for new Millennium series book - The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Written by David Lagercrantz, it is the first in the series not to be authored by creator Stieg Larsson.

idk if anyone considers this a spoiler so...
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Eva Gabrielsson, Larsson's long-term partner, has voiced criticism against this project. She possesses an unfinished fourth manuscript of the Millennium series, which is not included in the upcoming fourth novel. She referred to Lagercrantz as a "completely idiotic choice" to continue the Millenium series.

oh look, another book we will never see Rooney play or Fincher direct. Thanks, Obama.

Brandon "Richard" Flowers - I Can Change {Live From Brixton Academy}

Admist all the drama, BFlow low key dropped a video for "I Can Change" on his official VEVO page. The song samples Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy." The video was filmed on May 21st and 22nd of this year during the European leg of his tour in London at the O2 Academy, Brixton. The single is currently doing well in the UK, peaking at number #50.

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Zoe Kravitz defends #WCW pick Amy Schumer

Actress Zoe Kravitz saw a little push-back from fans after picking Amy Schumer as her #WCW yesterday. I guess enough of her fans said something that she felt the need to defend herself and thus say really stupid shit. It was great.

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She also got a lot of shit for posting younger/skinnier photos of Amy, which I found interesting. Is it too early for this?

APMAs 2015 Recap: Winners, Performances, and Drama

Opening monologue

Though I have no doubt that all of you guys watched the 2015 Alternative Press Music Awards last night, here's a recap for those who didn't. The night, hosted by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat of All Time Low, was full of bands and musicians in and around the pop-punk scene. Awards were given out, a shit load of people performed, and a horse got really angry.

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Alex and Jack were good hosts but the crowd was lackluster as fuck and the sound problems are inexcusable. Trace Cyrus is laughable.

Winners list

all time low Pvris simple plan nfg tbs ptv sum 41 patd

ATL's response to Horse" twitlonger womp womp tweet Rian's tweet
Vinny's tweet
Jeff's tweet Marky's tweet

Today in Why Not? News… the Time for Celebrity Branded Marijuana is Now!

-Celebrities both dead and alive are getting in on Marijuana branded products.
-Jimi Hendrix to be featured on ‘Purple Haze’ medicated candies
-Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, and Wiz Khalifa all have or are developing strains for mass-market audiences in California, Colorado and Washington
-Snoop Dogg has a line of vaporizer pends with Grenco science
-Bethenny Frankel is looking to develop a strain of SkinnyGirl weed that doesn’t give you the munchies
-Nick Lachey is an investor in a series of grow centers across Ohio
-There is a strain of weed named after Connie Chung source here

WEED POST! Do you live in a progressive state, ONTD?

source another source

David Gordon Green to helm upcoming Boston Marathon bombing film

- David Gordon Green (Prince Avalanche, George Washington, Pineapple Express) has signed on to direct Lionsgate's film about the Boston Marathon bombing titled Stronger

- Based on the novel by Jeff Bauman, one of the survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing

- Bauman was waiting and cheering for his girlfriend to cross the finish line on April 15, 2013 when two pressure cooker bombs exploded killing three and wounding 260. Bauman lost both his legs and became a key witness in the ensuing manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (sentenced to death this past May) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

- This is just one of three Boston bombing movies in the works (so far): CBS Films has Mark Wahlberg attached to Patriots' Day, while Fox needs a new director for Boston Strong after Daniel Espinosa left the project. Of the three, Stronger is the only one with a director attached

Source 1, Source 2
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Marc G Tumblr Q&A for Arrow

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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People were angry because the comic book character is a Nazi but Guggenheim says they're really just borrowing the name and his affiliation with Shadowspire. Article explains it a lot more.

Marc's Tumblr + Twitter

5 years later, Camilla Belle responds to Taylor Swift

Camilla Belle, best known for her role in DCOM classic Rip Girls, joins the Taylor/Nicki/Katy feud!

For those who don't know, Camilla dated Joe Jonas after he broke up with tswift. Tswift got pissed and wrote Better Than Revenge, which featured the following feminist, pro-female support lyrics:

"She came along, got him alone, and let's hear the applause / She took him faster than you could say 'sabotage'"

"She's not a saint and she's not what you think / She's an actress / She's better known for the things that she does / On the mattress"

"No amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity"

Looks like Camilla has been waiting these past 5 years for the perfect moment to call out Taylor!

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It's The Week of Feuds: X Factor Reject Goes Off On Cheryl Cole...

It seems Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini has made some enemies in her days as an X Factor Judge...


Some random reject who couldn't sing, named Katie Weasel, went off on a rant about Cheryl, saying some pretty nasty stuff.

She went to Star magazine and said: "I think she's just there for the money. People think that I have this huge grudge against Cheryl. And granted, I do. I'm p***ed off for various reasons. If you ask me, she is fake as sh*t. I just think there's no substance to her. She can be very abrupt and rude. I don't think she's a very nice human. My advice to anyone who's going to be on the show would be to f*****g beg to get someone else as mentor."

Katie even went as far as to warn Rita Ora before she started on the panel, saying "I told her I hung out with Simon [Cowell] and Louis Walsh, and Cheryl sat with her Benson and Hedges in her dressing room staring at her diamonds. Rita, if you ever lose Cheryl, that's where she is!"

If you're wondering why this personal attack is happening now, it's because in her book Cheryl said she let Katie through despite Katie being horrible at singing/messing up because she believed in her. How odd.


James Franco has taken his obsession with Lana Del Rey to another level

- James Franco already wrote a short essay about Lana Del Rey for V Magazine, but he is so infatuated with her that he's now written an entire book about her

- In his essay, Franco revealed the singer refused to be interviewed for a book, telling him, "Just write around me; It's better if it's not my own words. It’s almost better if you don't get me exactly, but try."

- The upcoming 100-page text is entitled Flip-Side: Real And Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey

- It is co-authored by David Shields

- The book cover features photos taken last summer of Franco, Del Rey, her sister Chuck Grant, and MoMA director Klaus Biesenbach at New York's Fort Tilden beach

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- It'll be released March 2016, and you can preorder it here

Source 1, Source 2, Source 3

How Alejandro G. Iñárritu's 'The Revenant' Shoot Became "A Living Hell"

A few disasters from the set:

  • Rapid turnover - people getting fired and quitting

  • Tom Hardy had to drop out of Suicide Squad to accommodate the ever-changing schedule

  • A young actor was dragged across the ground during a battle scene naked. Inarritu says he was considerate, but the crewmembers say the guy was in pain the entire time

  • There was only about a 4.5 hour time window available to shoot in natural light

  • Some dry suits were broken, so actors who were immersed in freezing water were uncomfortable (Inarritu denies this)

  • Production started in September 2014 and was supposed to end in March, but they are STILL shooting into August while going over budget.

  • Inarritu opted to use natural light only and planned to shoot the film entirely in Canada, but now they are headed to Argentina in search of snow

  • Veteran crewmembers acknowledge that the movie is amazing and Oscar worthy, but it was the worst experience of their careers.

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ONTD Original: Rappers talk co-writing, collaboration, and ghostwriting

From the time Big Bank Hank openly rapped the name of his friend and collaborator Grandmaster "Casanova Fly" Caz on 1979's Rapper's Delight, ghostwriting has been an unavoidable but taboo part of hip hop culture. In a genre that values authenticity and personal narrative, it's still largely unacceptable for a rapper to openly accept assists from other MCs. The line between ghostwriter, co-writer and collaborator isn't always clear, though, and is made even murkier by the rules of confidentiality respected by those involved.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of high-profile cases of ghostwriting and collaboration in hip hop history, and plenty of rappers have gotten their industry start penning someone else's rhymes.

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Most of these songs are well-known, but I thought people might be interested to hear the artists involved speak on the process from their own perspective. This might give some context to the Drake situation.

Source: Quotes linked in the post, original writing by OP, videos from YouTube
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Jane Campion giving us second season of 'Top of the Lake'

  • Elisabeth Moss will come back as Robin

  • The new series will move the show to Sydney

  • Jane Campion & Gerald Lee who wrote the first series are back

  • co-director Garth Davis will not direct the new eps but Jane Campion will be back

  • Will start shooting in December.


Yay! The first series was so good. What are your predictions for season 2 ONTD? Do you think anyone aside from Robin will be back for season 2?
Rainbow Quartz [Fuse]

Jon Stewart Tells TDS Writer Wyatt Cenac To "F*ck Off" When Challenged About Race

  • It occured during the summer of 2011 when TDS was covering 2012 presidential hopefuls, including Herman Cain.

  • During his coverage of Herman Cain, Stewart put on a voice that Cenac found ignorant and reminded him of Kingfish from the show Amos 'N' Andy (Kingfish is the man banging on the door)

  • At a writer's meeting when Cenac, the only black writer on the show at the time, tried to bring up his issues with the voice, Stewart got defensive and started to yell at Cenac telling him there was a tone in his voice and to fuck off

  • The fight continued in Stewart's office and was stopped when the office dogs began to paw at them.

  • Cenac was so shaken by the encounter, he went outside to a nearby baseball field where he couldn't stop shaking and began to cry.


MTV's 'White People'

- according to EW, it wasn't uncomfortable enough
- 4 out of 5 young white people feel uncomfortable talking about race but Vargas does a good job of getting them talking
- points out these are college kids, why didn't the doc bring up cultural appropriation or police brutality

What did y'all think? Yikes @ that white privilege tutor's dad.

Jaskier Bomb

Bryan Singer Hints at possibility of X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover

In an interview promoting the Rogue Cut for X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer admitted that there are plans to merge Fantastic Four and the X-Men in the movie realm.

“That would be a natural match-up because they’re both ensemble films and there is a mechanism by which to do it...It deals with time. That's all I'm going to say." He says there's a lot that has to happen before he'll commit to saying it's a go, but that "those ideas are in play."

He also admits that cutting Rogue from the film came down to the pacing of the film. He also confirms that Magneto is Quicksilver's dad in these films. Also passes on the opportunity to drag Brett Ratner and actually defends him.

I know it's a tumblr source, but it's an officially affiliated one
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Jeri Ryan and J.R. Bourne to Guest Star on Arrow S4

-The Star Trek: Voyager actress will guest star in season four's second episode.
-She'll be playing Jessica Danforth, an old friend of Moira's.
-"Her political ambitions will place her in the crosshairs of a menacing antagonist."
-Episode 2 is titled "The Candidate"

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OP's Favorite "Country" "Singer" Cassadee Pope Releases "I Am Invincible"

It's been almost two years since Cassadee Pope released new music but today Rolling Stone Country released her first single (due to hit Apple Music tomorrow) for her next untitled, release-date-less album. "I Am Invincible," which Rolling Stone Country for some reason deemed "Paramore-meets-Carrie Underwood," starts out with a shoutout to "her girls, the fighters, the warriors" making it undoubtedly our next feminist power anthem written by two guys. In an interview, Pope discussed her past, women in country, and the writing process. Highlights below:

-Connected with "I Am Invincible" because she was having a lot of trouble feeling frustrated with not writing a hit every day. She's been writing for months and has "enough songs for three albums" yet is still in the writing/demoing process.
-Hopes to see more women in country soon and says in particular Kacey Musgraves and Kelsey Ballerini are good
-Writing with a bunch of people for the album and may have a duet with Kip Moore but nothing has been finalized
-"I've done a lot of experimenting," she says. "I've gone super-country, and a little more Shania pop-rock. And I want to stick with the empowerment [theme], because that can be something people turn to me for, and I love that direction." lol
-On her pop-punk roots: "That kind of music still has a special place in my heart," she says. "I felt like I was a kid again. I still enjoy that kind of music, and that will never change. But it's a different story doing it. I'm in a different mind frame now than when I was 18 years old. I was definitely more dramatic, definitely more emo." LOL


The queen of screechy barely country mid tempo songs is coming back! We are all unprepared and I am delightfully pressed as per usual. (◡‿◡✿)

Celebrities tweet/instagram about Sandra Bland case

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sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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Grace Kelly's granddaughter looks like Lady Gaga


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- Jazmin lives in New York, where she attended Fordham University and is now embarking on a career as a singer and actress.

- Jazmin's mother, Tamara Rotolo, met Prince Albert in 1991 while vacationing on the Côte d'Azur. The pair had a brief relationship but never married, and after Rotolo became pregnant with Jazmin, she decided to raise her daughter away from the intense spotlight of royal life

- Got closer to her dad and visited Monaco for the first time at age 11 and has been visiting it constantly since then. She says they have a good relationship with him, his wife, their kids and her other half-brother.

"We like to share family meals, have barbecues, go to the beach, everything a normal family does"

- Has a close relationship with her cousin, Pauline, Princess Stephanie's daughter, they both live in NY

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The First 6 Minutes of Disney's Descendants

Prince Ben, son of Beast and Belle, declares that he will offer a chance at redemption to Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay, the teenage sons and daughters of Disney’s most infamous villains -- Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil and Jafar. But are these villainous descendants rotten to the core? Watch the first 6 minutes now and then tune in to Disney Channel on Friday, July 31 at 8p to find out!

Kitten: Play With Me

Movie Adaptation of Anton Chekov's "The Seagull" has begun to film in NYC (Mods: Re-submitted)

 photo Seagull_Hot_zpsq8yshwuu.jpg

Michael Mayer, a TONY-award winning director, is directing a film version of 'The Seagull' by Anton Chekov. The cast includes: Annette Bening, Brian Dennehy, Glen Fleshler, Billy Howle, Elisabeth Moss, Saoirse Ronan, Corey Stoll, Jon Tenney, Mare Winningham, and Michael Zegen.

Filming has recently commenced in New York City.

Broadway.com / Broadwayworld.com

The sources have a summary of what it will be about.

Anyway, posting because I am here for the Zeegs, haha. I follow him on Instagram and he posted a pic about a week ago with the caption "I <3 1896 Russia" as well as a pic of him growing a beard, which is... not my fave look for him, but apparently it is for enough people. I'm also excited since this is starring Saoirse and Elisabeth - both of who is he is re-uniting with :) Elisabeth Moss has been posting some pics on her Instagram too... and apparently they were/are filming at Storm King Arts Center.
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Angelina Jolie to direct 'Cambodia' film for Netflix

- Angelina Jolie is directing an adaption of "First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers" for Netflix
- the film will be based on a memoir of a Cambodian author and human rights activist Loung Ung about surviving the Khmer regime
- Jolie will direct and produce based on a script she co-adapted with Cambodian director and producer Rithy Panh (his documentary film The Missing Picture was nominated for an Oscar and also won the Un Certain Regard at Cannes Film Festival 2013)

- Ung was 5 years old when Khmer regime assumed power in Cambodia and started a genocide for four years, killing almost two million Cambodians
- Ung was later trained as a child soldier, she published her memoir in 2000
- Angelina Jolie is also friends with Ung. Ung said: "“Angelina and I met in 2001 in Cambodia, and immediately, I trusted Angelina’s heart. Through the years, we have become close friends, and my admiration for Angelina as a woman, a mother, a filmmaker, and a humanitarian has only grown.
It is with great honor that I entrust my family’s story to Angelina to adapt into a film.”

- her son Maddox will be involved with the production of the film

source: yahoo

David Fincher’s ‘Strangers on a Train’ Remake Won’t Be Happening Anytime Soon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- Earlier this year, it was announced that the Gone Girl team of David Fincher, author / screenwriter Gillian Flynn and Ben Affleck would be combining their forces once again for a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train.

- Says everyone is overcommitted with other projects... Flynn is currently working with Fincher on the upcoming HBO series Utopia. And I guess Affleck is busy with his divorce.


I like Hitchcock and I love Fincher, but does it really need a remake? rn I'm more interested on his new series
  • kaycry

Sean Penn is in search of a day-old African baby

- Sean Penn is directing a new film called The Last Place, starring Charlize Theron as a doctor in Africa doing humanitarian work admist political unrest, saving the blacks from themselves
- Penn needs a baby by Saturday or Sunday
- Casting call specifically looking for a "pregnant black woman about to give birth"
- California laws prohibit babies under 15 days old to be employed in film or TV, South Africa law says its OK as long as its for entertainment
- Baby will be paid $120 a day


do you hate this movie already?

Breaking News: Multiple Injuries in "Trainwreck" Movie Screening by Shooter in Louisiana

- Older white male shooter stood up during a screening of Trainwreck in Lafayette, Louisiana and opened fire at the audience.

- The shooter killed himself

- At least 6 injuries reported, 1 victim confirmed dead.


Just as Colorado was closing their case. The fucking madness in this country. Thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

Harsh Rating Keeps Teenage Girls From Seeing Diary of a Teenage Girl


- the Sundance hit got a “18 certificate” rating in the UK

- Producer: “The film explores female sexuality with boldness and honesty in an unexploitative manner. In an age where young women are still continually being sexualised and objectified we feel The Diary of a Teenage Girl sends a very positive, reassuring message to young girls about female sexuality and body image.
It is a shame that audience will not be able legally see a film that was made by women for women of all ages.”

- BBFC: “The Diary of a Teenage Girl has been classified 18 for ‘strong sex’. The sex scenes and references are too numerous and sustained for a 15 classification to have been defensible. It is not true that the film has been seen only by men at the BBFC.”

- the plot: A teen artist (15) living in 1970s San Francisco enters into an affair with her mother's boyfriend. (ehhh)